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There’s a good reason dogs are known as man’s best friend. Even the smallest breeds can be fiercely loyal and protective of the families they own. And if you live in a place like New York (or Canada) where the powers that be prefer that the criminals are the only ones who are armed, a pugnacious pooch may be one of the few effective means of home defense available. That’s no doubt what Justin Becker is thinking today after a failed home invasion attempt . . .

The drama unfolded at around 5 p.m. Saturday when the fake deliveryman pushed his way into the apartment on Lambert Street in Graniteville after claiming he had a package.
Justin Becker, 32, shoved the thug to the ground, and pushed the door into his body — jamming the gunman as he lay halfway inside the apartment.

That’s when Kilo sprang into action.

“My dog stuck his head out the door, and then [the thug] shot him in the head,” Becker said. The coward then ran off.

Becker’s girlfriend thought poor Kilo was a goner, or so says. Fortunately, the bullet only grazed off of his skull and exited through his neck without hitting anything vital.

“This is like, one in a million,” said Dr. Greg Panarello, whose veterinary clinic operated on Kilo. “He’s very lucky.”

The hospital’s staff was so impressed, they put a little “S” on his bandage — for “superhero.” Panarello called him “a really sweet dog.”

And while any dog is always better than no dog, the story might have turned out much worse if Becker’s pal had been a Pekingese rather than a pit bull.

Kilo’s probably in line for a 24 oz. medium rare Peter Luger Porterhouse once he’s made a full recovery and we know he’ll enjoy it. Let’s just hope Mayor Mike doesn’t hear what happened and make dog control the next item on his citizen control agenda.

[h/t Allen V.]

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  1. “Becker’s girlfriend thought poor Kilo was a goner”.

    She’s possibly expressing subconscious jealously of their old friendship and wants the dog gone so she can have Justin’s full attention.

    • Awe, man, Aharon, please. Please. Wash that bitter taste out with the beverage of your choice.

  2. aawww poor pooch, hope he gets well soon! And yeah he deserves porterhouse for a month at least!

  3. Look at that poor dog! He’s probably thinking, “hey, Becker, from now on you answer your own f^cking door. I’ll be on the sofa.”

  4. If you ever doubt the loyalty of your dog, lock your dog and your spouse in your car trunk for 15 minutes and see which one is happy to see you when you open it up.

  5. Being a pit lover, all I can say about that a$%&*-+’s decision to run is, smart move. Because once Kilo figured out he wasn’t dead, it was gonna be ON. Wish I could tell him what a good boy he is, but I have a feeling its covered.

    • I concur. Maybe there was a reason that el thuggo targeted their apartment….

      On a side note, this is the second pitbull that I’ve seen a story on that survived gunshots to the head because the bullet couldnt penetrate the skull. That’s just incredible. Maybe my next dog will be a pit instead of a puggle.

      • Might have been a rescue. Mine came with a name I probably wouldn’t have chosen for sorta similar reasons, but he already answered to it.

  6. As a pitbull owner, I am not the least surprised that the bullet bounced off his skull, they have got heads made of granite!

  7. A more loyal friend you will never find. People talk bad about Pits all the time but I have had three, they are fiercely loyal.

  8. My buddys pit ran into his car door while chasing a ball and left a hugh dent and then picked up the ball and came back for more. Most of my dogs would have tried to kill this fool expect for one shepard I had who would have helped him clean the place out.

    • expect for one shepard I had who would have helped him clean the place out.

      Sounds like my dog.
      Actually my dog would have jumped on the perp, knocked him over, licked him in the face, and would want to be petted.

  9. And this is why it pays to have dogs around the house. They’ll give alarm before you hear something and if they’re a decent breed, they’ll defend you as well when the chips are down and the [FLAME DELETED] hits the fan.

    Few things in life are as good as a dog’s loyalty.

  10. I have two Pits, and one looks like it would rip your face off for looking at it wrong, but is the biggest wimp in the world ( rescue that was not treated well). The other is slimmer and smaller, but has shown that she will get between the family and danger. I would not be surprised by either of them risking there life to save ours, I know I would for there’s.

    As for the hard skull, they are solid. My boy put his through a sinderblock going for the Kong. Wife wants me to replace it. I painted his name over it.

  11. Unfortunately Kilo control is alive and well all across America. When we adopted Nigel, a pit bull, basset hound mix in Kansas the first question the rescue lady asked was if we lived in Overland Park. We didn’t and asked why. She informed us of the breed ban. One of the reasons I live off post (besides having to register my guns, put up with stupid regulations, and be surrounded by people who dress just like me and go to work at the same time) is because Nigel is banned on Fort Hood, as he was banned at Fort Riley, and many other US Army installations.

    • As a former K-9 handler in the MP’s, I fully appreciate the fact this dog was willing to give it’s life, in order that the owner could be protected. I have three dogs. God help the SOB, that ever tries to harm one them. No man hath greater love than the dog that loves him.

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