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After CNN talk show host Piers “Machine Gun” Morgan called Gun Owners of America President Larry Prattt “an unbelievably stupid man” a Texas gun guy posted the following petition on the White House website: “British Citizen and CNN television host Piers Morgan is engaged in a hostile attack against the U.S. Constitution by targeting the Second Amendment. We demand that Mr. Morgan be deported immediately for his effort to undermine the Bill of Rights and for exploiting his position as a national network television host to stage attacks against the rights of American citizens.” As of 16:31 EST on Christmas day, the petition has 65,725 signatures, well past the 25k “threshold.” Morgan’s not a naturalized U.S. citizen; he’s probably here on an H1 visa. The CNNer hasn’t been arrested for a crime and the Obama administration LOVES him (check out his Twitter pic). So the petition is a statement. An important one. Maybe even some kind of turning point.

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  1. It always amazes me when people will bail on their sh*thole 3rd world countries and come to America. Here they have everything they couldn’t have in their own failed countries. And what do they want to do? Turn America into a backwards failed state like the one they left.

    It’s time once again to throw the inbred british out of our country.

  2. In response to the petition, Jeremy Clarkson, the British Top Gear presenter, added on Twitter: ‘Americans. It took us 40 years to get rid of Piers Morgan. Pleease don’t send him back.’

  3. There supposedly is a Supreme Court decision that would uphold him being deported.

    The asshat tweeted when this first started about 1st Amendment rights…

    However, according to that Supreme Court decision, 1st Amendment doesn’t apply to those who are NOT U.S. citizens!

    Would be nice to see his ass packed up!

      • He got hauled back to the U.K. during Parlimentary hearings on the phone hacking scandal, but he didn’t appear to get charged with anything, just associated somehow.

      • He has done lots of things in his country that could get him into trouble. The Top Gear wasn’t kidding when he says it took them a long time to get rid of him. He was not liked much in that country. Jeremy even punched him in the face at the British Press Awards. Seeing as CNN and liberals welcome him here with open arms speaks volumes about the liberals in our country. Here is al link for all the info you probably didn’t know about this scumbag Piers Morgan.

  4. Although not the moral high ground, I do support the statement. The 2nd A is a foundational part of American government, culture, and way of life, even for those who do not own guns. Mr Morgan does not get the US, and we do not care for his judgemental opinions on our media networks.

  5. I really think PM is basically a troll and everyone should ignore him. He’s a textbook button-pushing, sensationalist, glorified entertainment “journalist”. We should all ignore him. Stop feeding the troll. Nothing positive can come for us out of an interaction with this guy.

    • The problem is that someone from our side has to engage him, if only to show how wrong he is. Letting him bloviate unmolested is dangerous because he’s on CNN, a “trusted name in news” and he has a British accent, which many people think makes him smarter by default.

  6. I will just post this story here. Im in the Bay Area right now and i just went to the airport to pick up my mom at SFO from JFK. So i am standing at the baggage claim waiting for her bags and this older man is standing right next to me, i take a quick glance at him and think to myself this guy looks very familiar. I walk over to my wife who standing 10 feet away and ask her if she recognizes him and before she answers, it hits me. Its Chucky Schumer. He was on the same flight as my mother. I go back to look for her bag and another couple start talking to him saying hes doing a great job and they are very proud of him. I see my moms bag grab it and as i walk away i look him in the eye and tell him that when the time comes dont forget to vote pro-2A for the people. He didnt answer me in anyway but his facial expression changed and it looked like he had to poop or something. Just thought I would share that. By the way he did not have security or even a driver and he got his bags himself, he also mentioned to the other couple that he was visiting his daughter here.

  7. populism aside, is there any law under which he actually could be deported? just wondering.

    i’m sure there is some DHS law that says something about ‘threat to national security’, but who determines that?

    Lawyers? Thx-

  8. As a defender of human rights–all human rights–it would be hypocritical of me to want Morgan deported. He’s a blowhard and a pompous tosser, but he has the right to his opinion and the right to express it. He is being a bad guest by coming to this country and calling for some of our rights to be taken away, but I’ll leave that to Zeus.

    We are correct to point out the irony in his use of one right to demand infringement on another, and we’re correct to point out the idiocy in his position.

    • He’s a blowhard and a pompous tosser, but he has the right to his opinion and the right to express it.

      The problem is that on his show, he flat out lies about facts to try and convince people to vote for our rights to be stripped away – and that makes him a threat to every American.

  9. Aaaand finally, a petition worth signing up at the site for.
    Good people of Britain, I’ve always held you in high regard. Your fighting men are some of the meanest, toughest, best spirited men on the planet, and I’ve been honored to work and drink with them on too few occasions.

    But please take this sniveling little prick back. We’ve got enough of our own to deal with as it is.

  10. Well, I finally saw a petition that was worthy of me signing it. So now, my name is probably now on some list in a gubmint ‘puter, and I might be turned away the next time I try to board an airplane. But the sniveling little twit really needs to see just how many folks want him to go back from whence he came.

  11. Can’t he be sent somewhere else? How about Antarctica? The penguins I’m sure would be a great passive audience for him. I can only apologize on behalf of the UK that he has come over here to the US, I think it’s because people in the UK stopped listening to him and his opinions. Britain used to be a country very similar to the US, independent people with little government regulation (at least after the Civil war when parliament was established and the royalty became figureheads). However, 2 world wars allowed big government, liberal ideals etc to take hold and now the country is stuck with a bunch of useless politicians with next to no accountability and definitely no idea about the real world outside of their bubble. It looks like the US is slowly going down that same path, which is a crying shame.

  12. The funniest tweet I’ve seen on this issue was Jeremy Clarkson addressing all us Americans that it took England 40 years to get rid of Piers Morgan and please don’t send him back.


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