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“I would love to know if someone next to me had guns. It makes me safer to know so I can deal with that. I might not choose to live there.” – John Thompson quoted in The gun owner next door: What you don’t know about the weaps in your neighborhood [via]

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  1. O, so gun scared liberals would move out if they knew gun owners were all around?

    Why, I think we NEED the data on all FOID card holders in Illinois published forthwith! Ditto for DROS entries in California. The lefties should be given full disclosure after all, and then they’ll move somewhere safe far away from the backwards hillbillies with guns. London , England is my suggestion.

  2. On the other hand I helped the single mom next door choose her home defense guns cause she caught me on the way to the range one day and sense then I’ve given her 13 yo the same firearms training I’ve given my nieces so in a way I do feel good about my neighbors knowing what guns I have and even better that they are now more prepared for a bad day then before

  3. Liberal definition of dealing with something: run
    American definition of dealing with something: stand
    I’m beginning to get it, had the been in charge years ago we would be paying with loonies, instead of just debating with them

    • No, Liberal definition to deal with it is find a way to screw people so they can’t do what they use to.

  4. UGH! This guy is a giant ARSE and more likely a fraud.

    Using his logic, Sandy Hook could have been prevented if the school board and city didn’t rely on someone with an education degree and classroom background to provide security.

    The reason they are coming for our gun rights is that Government failed to protect those children.

  5. Yep. He’s right.
    If some sort of AWB is passed, it will embolden criminals to steal guns from homes to profit from them on the enlarged Black Market it will create.

      • Well the map existed for three reasons – 1) So people know who to shun / verbally attack 2) So that those who are so inclined can physically attack gun owners or vandalize their homes 3) So that thugs know where to steal guns, thus allowing the media to say “See, look at all these guns being stolen! The only solution is to punish gun owners some more!”

  6. Luckily all of my Southern hillbilly redneck neighbors own various types of guns!!
    Even the ones that moved down here from the Northern States and converted to a more laid back lifestyle.

  7. The guy on the video is old enough to remember walking into houses where people had their guns in a rack on the wall. Possibly, the rack had drawers to contain ammunition.

    40 years later and unsecured guns all of a sudden are a problem?

    • Yea, there is a real potential problem with unsecured guns. Trigger and chamber locks are a joke. I’ve seen you tube’s of wafer type to bio type locks picked in under a minute in some cases. If you want to help the cause, get a safe for your guns and ammo. If this killer in Connecticut’s Mom (RIP) had locked her guns up and not allowed her “troubled” son access to them things would not be as f’d up as they are. I agree 100% with the video. We have an obligation, without being forced by more unnecessary laws, to use common sense and keep our weapons as secure as we want A2 to be. Consider it insurance.

  8. More importantly, how many unsavory characters would like to know who does not own guns?
    Be careful what you wish for.

    • In my personal experience Liberals want to know who has guns so they can steal them, by force if necessary.
      PS why does this guy look like Paul Krugman?

  9. I just assume that my neighbors are armed. Isn’t everybody? He would never admit it but I’m willing to bet that even mikeyb is armed.

    • You know Mikey B is a complete hypocrite. When SHTF, you know he will be making a beeline for the closest gun. That’s the problem with these idiots, they think that they are morally and intellectually superior than us. The fact is that they are typically ignorant, and full of emotion without using rationale thought.

      • Casey T.

        That reminds me of a breif first and last date I went on recently. She said she dosnt like guns and dosnt want them. But then said she wants to at least learn to make head shots for the zombie apocolypse.

        Normaly I try to converse with someone who is a potential fence sitter. I politley paid for her coffee and then left.

        But yea in the event of an SHTF the grabbers will whistle a different tune. Ever see that episode of Family Guy when the Y2K Bug happened? Hillarious.

  10. Oh hell, where I live, if you want to know which of your neighbors own guns, you just have to sit in your back yard and listen on a Sunday afternoon.

  11. The published lists for public viewing can be made endless:

    A list of all people taking anti-depressants (they might go mad crazy violent).
    A list of everyone’s driving records (speeding, accidents, drunk driving, etc).
    A list of everyone’s STD status (for protection when hooking up with neighbors).
    A list of all juvenile delinquents and the crimes they have committed and even been accused of doing.
    A list of all false rape accusers.
    A list of all pet owner’s dogs that have bitten innocent people.
    And most important of all for anyone to review; a list of all homes that do not have a gun.

  12. With respect to some of my neighbors, if I thought they’d move away I’d put up a huge sign on my front door. “Scary Assault Weapons Here! Run for Your Lives! Go Have Your All Night Parties Someplace Else, You Noisy B@stards!”

    It’s not that I object to an all night party next door. It’s just that people ought to be considerate of their neighbors and invite them over, dontcha think?

    • “Scary Assault Weapons Here! Run for Your Lives! Go Have Your All Night Parties Someplace Else, You Noisy B@stards!”

      Heh. 😉 I’m moving in next to you.

  13. The gun grabbers keep saying how paranoid and fearful we are for having guns for self-defense; to me, he sounds like the one who is paranoid and fearful.

  14. He killed his mother to get or keep the gun or guns he had to stolen from her, If she had a safe he may have even would have known the combination to it. All speculation of course. This crap is going to happen because of a severe lack of morals in certain AH people, thats why we have a Constitutional and moral right to be able to defend ourselves all the time whether from criminal attacks or even from are over bearing at times criminal Government.

  15. Yes, I see it now. Require all firearms owners to have a safe, sounds reasonable. Mandatory inspection of the safe to make sure its lawfull(& by the way gun numbers & types are written down at this time) sounds reasonable, thats exactly what the UK did & the next step was confiscation, Randy

    • In NYC, you have to furnish the PD with the details of your safe. No home inspection, though, ’cause all the cops are busy stopping and frisking black people.

  16. I think you should have a gun safe, keep the key around your neck ( get a real safe) and keep homedefense guns right next to you while you sleep (bedstand or leaned toward the wall)

    Thenyou can keep your guns ready for HD and secure your other guns from theft.

    • In MA, every gun must be locked (safe or trigger lock) or carried. Wall leaners and nightstand guns won’t cut it, and yes, there have been prosecutions.

      • Hence the introduction of corner safes like the Sentry HDC11. Where laws go, marketing droids follow.

  17. I can see the government deciding what type of safe is “safe” by dictating it has to be one of those monsters that weighs 1000 lbs, is as big as a small closet & cost $5,000. Don’t buy the one we tell you and you don’t get to keep your toys.

  18. Another cop says the same thing AWBs dont work only gun matter to come from this crime. MAKE SURE YOUR GUNS ARE SECURE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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