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I’m not sure why Vermonters trading stuff for guns merits a video. But then I’ve read the Second Amendment. Anyway, the clip (not magazine) above features some great machine gun bang-bang footage — without mention of the Olympic hurdles required to possess one. And the usual anti-gun miesgos. They’re trading stuff for high-powered semi-automatic weapons! No background checks! 

According to the FBI, Vermont’s violent crime rate was 114.9 violent crimes per 100k inhabitants in 2013. In the gun control paradise of New Jersey, it’s 285.6 per 100k. Anti-gun California clocks in at 396.2 per 100k. I guess Garden and Golden State bad guys head to the wilds of Vermont to buy guns. Or private gun sales have nothing to do with anything. Yeah, like that.

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  1. I had never heard of the channel that put that video together so I checked them out. Biggest whiny SJW millennial bait bullshit I’ve ever seen. They could teach Huffington Post how to be more liberal.

  2. It’s because Vermont exports its gun crime to states that try to maintain reasonable restrictions on gun violence…


  3. I’m sure that all the Crips and MS-13 ‘bangers from LA and Chiraq buy their Ravens and Cobras in Vermont. Also some maple syrup, because every gangsta gots a sweet tooth.

  4. They even denigrate bartering in a general sense. Like there is something wrong with avoiding the cash/credit economy. How dare he trade something to fix his car, he should pay the bill with a credit card like a civilized person. Its not until the end that they focus the sermon on background checks.

  5. “I’m not sure why Vermonters trading stuff for guns merits a video. “

    Brah. It’s AJ+. They’re funded out of Qatar and they’re hardcore anti 2A SJW’s. They’ve posted videos about Orlando where it’s “gay Muslims” whining about how oppressed they are IN THE UNITED STATES.

    Kraut & Tea rips these guys a new one almost monthly.

  6. Why are we talking about videos by the Terrorist News Network? AJ+ (aka Al Jazeera) is no more credible than an ISIS recruitment video.

  7. They equate any medium they can’t control (think Saul Alinsky’s rules) as suspect it is about control.They know better than us children we need supervision.The thing they fear the most is uncontrolled exchange of any kind by free men.

  8. I’m somewhat surprised anti-gunners would run this article on Vermont. Northern New England is ‘Exhibit A’ for the argument that more guns does not equal more crime. A very inconvenient truth for gun grabbers. I would think that the less attention drawn to ME-NH-VT the better for the anti-gun crowd.

    These are obviously amateur grabbers…

  9. dont get it…was this supposed to appear to show that evil or “gray” transactions were happening? one guy trades his possession for another guys possession….that is bad? how did this group sucker these guys into appearing on this silly video?


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