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First of all, I’d like props for not posting a picture of Texas-born lingerie and swimsuit model Hannah Ferguson in lingerie or a bikini. I refrained from doing so out of deference to our policy of keeping TTAG female-friendly. In the sense that we want our male readers to be able to show our content to their female friends, and keep it cool for our women readers. Not to mention protecting cubicle dwellers from embarrassment or a sexual harassment suit.

Where was I? Oh yes, guns. From

The Texas native also spoke about what it was like growing up with two parents in the Marines.

“My parents never had to go to war, thankfully, but my dad trained to be a sniper. Both of my parents were on the shooting team, which is actually how they met. My mom was a drill instructor — that’s something that kind of stays with  you and had an effect on our childhood.”

It also affected Ferguson’s views on the Second Amendment. She told the magazine “gun knowledge is important.”

“My point of view, from being a Texan and having two Marines as parents—I just think having gun knowledge is so important. Whether you want to have a gun or you think people should be allowed to have guns or not, I think that at least knowing how to handle and operate one and knowing how it works and not being afraid of it is pretty crucial.”

Common sense gun control from a famous swimsuit model. If that’s not winning — culture war-wise — I don’t know what is. Oh, and Ms. Ferguson is hereby invited to the 2016 Texas Firearms Festival. Because guns. I swear.

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  1. Wow! That is hawt. Have nothing gun related to add. Except, if the anti ‘s looked like her… they’d win.

    • Not exactly sure why it is, but anti gun females never look like that! Perhaps it is because the left has such an ugly attitude about nearly anything I can name, and the looks just seem to follow the unhappy attitude.

    • So if you’re not from Texas and your parents are not jarheads, you have no business with guns. You just can’t understand you see, and you also won’t be so purty.

      • Bollocks is right. I’ve read a couple of your posts – you seem to be a very angry person. What can we do to help?

        • Nope, Troy ain’t from here. When you’re from somewhere else, you have to blog about guns because any other interaction with firearms is criminal.

  2. That’s why I moved to Texas, they get it here. So much ignorance, misinformation and lies by the left about guns and so-called gun violence. The media spews it especially in the north like New York City and places like commiefornia.

    • IN-N-OUT


      (If you’re old enough to remember what everyone did to the bumperstickers…)

  3. The real question is how much time RF spent looking at Hannah Ferguson photos before finally proceeding with writing this post 😉

  4. @RF — so will she be invited to the Texas Firearm Festival in Austin, TX to shoot some pictures and some guns?

    • She’s an SI caliber model, but hardly a known “super model”. Her daily is likely in the $1.5-$2K range, plus expenses – which means 1st class air, hotel, chauffeured transport.

      If she’s just making a brief appearance. somewhere in the $250 an hour range (4 hour minimum), with the aforementioned overhead still in play.

      Likely not in the budget.

        • Sorry, I was pretty sure you weren’t really serious about it, but I thought it would be an opportunity to inform those unfamiliar with the expenses of bringing in the skin trade.

    • Paraphrasing Rodney Carrington: I’d like to shake her daddy’s hands. Thank you sir for providing such a service to this county.

  5. Speaking as a female reader….I would’ve preferred either lingerie or bikini pics. But thanks. :V

    Actually, while I’m thinking about it… i’m a security guard for an armored car, and I’m getting ready to buy an EDC for work, and replacing the Charter Arms .38 I have right now through the job. Thinking about getting a glock 40 gen 4. Anyone who’s a lot more knowledgeable then I (rank novice) have opinions or advice? I’m fully comfortable shooting as large as .44 magnum, so I don’t know how the recoil is compared to that.

    • Is your job to be security against bears? If so the 10mm is an excellent choice. What are your reasons for choosing the 10mm over say 9mm or 45acp? In my opinion, if you’re defending against 2 legged predators, I would take the increased mag capacity and quick follow up shots of a 9mm like the G17.

      • Smallish city, but I transport large quantities of cash, and there’s only two of us, and company policy is one person stays in the truck at all times. We used to have a guard who carried an 870, but…gone are those days. Reason for the 10mm, is because i’m paranoid about someone attacking who’s wearing body armor of some kind. And this will start a war, i’m sure, but I’ve never really found a .45 I like.

        • I swear by the G20, but it’s a big gun. Realistically, any of the Glocks will be just fine, and I’d go with the 19 or 23 on account of ease of carry. As for the concern about body armor…..Mozambique drill.


        • If they’re wearing body armor the caliber of the handgun you’re carrying won’t much matter unless you go with something shooting a light, fast projectile like the FN 5.7 x 28 or maybe the 22 TCM. 10 mm won’t penetrate body armor any better than the other common duty caliber rounds.

        • Really? I thought the 10mm defeated type IIIA armor. Hmm. Well, maybe a Five seveN then…but that’s a lot more pricey. :/ And I’ve never heard of the 22 TCM.

          And what’s the Mozambique Drill?

        • Silphy. 2 in the chest. 1 in the head. But if there’s more than one attacker you can get dead concentrating on that first one.

          If there’s more than 1 attacker everybody gets firsts before anybody gets seconds.

          Good luck.

        • 10mm won’t penetrate IIIA. It’s rated for .44 mag, which is more powerful. Smaller diameter and higher speed is the ticket there. I’ll shoot some IIIA with a few 10mm loads for you this Sunday and post next week w/ video results. You could covert a G20 (or G40) to 9×25 Dillon, and I bet there are available projectiles for that caliber that would zip through IIIA.

          But yeah, Mozambique, two chest one head. Much easier to do it accurately and quickly shooting 9mm…

        • I’d say you can’t really go wrong with a Glock, their reputation for reliability is well deserved. The 10mm is an excellent man stopper, but to take advantage of that you’d need to make sure you got the full house 10mm loads. However, I have to agree with most that quick follow up shots are more important unless you’re shooting at bears, so I would go with a 9, .40, or .45.

          I am a big advocate of 9mm because your follow up shots are extremely quick. I carry 9mm for my off duty edc and home defense pistol. For duty carry you might want to look at a Glock 22 in .40 with bonded ammunition, as it will fare a bit better shooting through hard material a subject intent on taking your truck may be behind. It’s snappier than a 9, but still manageable in a full size gun.

      • Any gun is better than no gun. If she’s a woman with smaller hands, a large frame Glock might be harder to operate (even the Small Frame SF version).

        A 10mm G20 recoils more than a 9mm, but that’s because it’s 50% more powerful. I have found .45s to shoot easier (like a gentle push) but that is because they are weaker than a 9mm. With a .45, you once again run into frame size/ammo capacity issues.

        If you can shoot .40 well, you can get used police Glock .40s with night sights for $300, so they’re a good value.

    • Guns are personal. What one likes the other does not. Personal preference is everything because if it’s not comfortable you’ll very likely have problems putting rounds where you want them and shot placement is what really counts.

      When asked to help someone pick a gun I advise people to answer the following:

      1) Can you afford it? The best gun in the world doesn’t mean crap to you sitting in a dealer’s case.

      2) Is it comfortable in your hand and with your style of shooting? That is, does it work well for you Again, shot placement is what really matters here. If the ergonomics of that gun don’t fit you then it’s not a gun for you other than maybe as a range toy.

      3) Does the ammo you’ve chosen A) feed reliably in the gun and 2) have the desired effect on target. Shot placement matters, a .22LR pistol will kill people, but it wouldn’t be my first suggestion as a carry gun if you’re working for an armored car company. Similarly a gun that won’t digest the ammo you give it isn’t useful.

      4) Is ammo for this thing available and available at a price point where you’re going to practice enough with it? Sure you may LOVE that Star B but if the one you’ve found is chambered in 9mm Largo that’s not a round you’re generally gonna stop by the local sporting goods store and pick up on your way to the range. Same thing with 5.7×28. A great round, and the FiveSeven is a great pistol, but depending on your locality it could be hard to find or may not be legal. If you’re reduced to ordering online you’ll need to be careful about maintaining enough practice ammo.

      5) How easy is this gun to repair if it does have a problem? Can your local gunsmith fix it in a matter of days? Do you have to send it off? Can parts even be reliably procured. Again with the Star B; I like it. However, if one breaks that gun is likely down for a month or more while I figure out how to get parts for it. If this is your go-to pistol, that’s unacceptable.

      6) Finally, are you planning on doing anything to this gun and if so how easy is it? For example, you’re not going to be very likely to get a full sized USP .45, walk into your local Sportsman’s Warehouse and walk out with a Kydex holster that takes the gun and the specific light/laser combo you put on it with the kind of retention you want. You also need to understand that the USP won’t simply accept your light. You’ll need something like a GG&G or a ProMag rail adapter. They’re different sizes so that may affect whether or not your holster will accept the gun with the light and the rail adapter.

      Modifications take some thought, especially in terms a holster to carry the gun in and this area can get expensive rather quickly.

      So… Find something that’s reliable, you shoot well and are comfortable with for daily carry, for which ammo is easy enough to get, repairs are fairly easy, for which a holster is available in your preferred setup and when it’s all said and done doesn’t break the bank. The easiest way to do all of this is to go shoot a bunch of pistols (rent and/or borrow) and see what you like. After you have a list start pricing the ones you like and thinking about how you’d carry it (leg drop vs belt holster for example) and if your job is one where you’d want a light on the gun etc. If you find one you like that for sale used, check it out and see if she’s in good condition. If it’s beat up, pass, if it’s in good condition, consider it.

      • I like the Star B, however I own a coupla 30Ms.

        It’s as reliable as a brick. I’m sure after the next couple of tens of thousands of rounds something will break. Then I’ll move on to number 2.

        Your advice is spot-on, and is what I tell people who ask me such questions.

        • I’m not trashing the B or the BM I own both. They are rock solid.

          I’m merely positing that if this is your daily carry gun (as the BM was for me for awhile) and it breaks you can’t usually just go running to your local Star Bonifacio Echeverria certified gunsmith and get it fixed in the next few days. You will have to procure one or more fairly rare parts since the company went out of business in 1997 and outside of Spain was never a super popular company.

        • I have no argument with your posit, I’m merely stating that when my 30M finally needs attention, I’ll switch to the backup. Which will provide more tens of thousands of rounds down the pipe with nothing more than cleaning required.

          By then, I can fab whatever it needs with no pressure…

      • I would also add something to my last sentence here.

        Many gun stores will not let you disassemble and inspect a used firearm. If you’re examining it, consider asking if you may disassemble it (provided you know how of course). If the answer is “No.” then tell them you won’t pay a penny for it until you’ve seen it disassembled either by yourself or by a staff member. If they refuse to allow this you should assume that there is likely something wrong with the gun that they don’t want you to see. If you know how to take the gun apart, and I do mean REALLY KNOW how to take it apart, then if you’re serious about buying it: don’t bother asking and just take it apart. What are they gonna do to stop you, shoot you?

        In a case where they will not, under any circumstances, allow the gun to be disassembled, especially if a manual for it can be produced (that smart phone is your friend), tell them “No thank you” in as kindly a manner as possible. I usually pronounce this as “Fuck off then”. Never return and do business with them. They’re a shady operation and not worth your dollars.

      • In other words strych9 buy a Glock. They are not perfect but fits the idea of a totally functional accurate enough carry handgun that you will not worry about if confiscated because of a SD shooting.

        • Again, personal preference.

          Some people don’t like Glocks for various reasons. Personally, I’m not opposed to them and my wife has/carries a G27 and a G21. I only own a G30. However, some people don’t like the grips and some people don’t like the “Safe Action” system, some people don’t like the trigger and some people just don’t like Glocks. Whatever. That’s why there’s a ton brands out there to choose from.

          If you’re comfortable with it then go with it. If you’re not then don’t. Personally I can shoot the G21 just fine but I prefer my USP .45 or my 941 Jericho in .40 for carry because I like SA/DA pistols more than I like striker fired pistols. I’ll carry the G30 in some circumstances but it’s not my go to gun the same way I’ll carry a .38 snubbie in certain situations even though I generally don’t like revolvers and consider revolvers to be comparatively unsafe to the user in a gunfight given the modern advances in semi-auto guns.

          It’s all up to the user and what they like/can shoot well/can afford. If someone wants to carry an S&W 586 or 929 or even an M1895 Nagant because they like it and are confident with it then that’s their business, not mine.

  6. Alright. Thank you everyone for your input. There’s a lot to respond to, and for me to think about and review. I appreciate your time and effort put in to answer my questions. ANd I’m looking forward to those videos too. 🙂 Thanks again, everyone.

    • She’s a grown woman excelling in her chosen profession, which does have a sexual element to it. If she’s cool with trading on her looks and their effect on viewers to move product, then I have no compunction whatsoever taking a look and even entertaining some passing thoughts.

      Now, I don’t want the place to turn into some raunchy high school locker room, either, but a bit of risqué banter occasionally fine. I file that under the category of men being men, which women readers of TTAG are smart enough and mature enough to differentiate from objectification.

      • My point was that the generalization that males look at people as pieces of meat is pretty insulting, a knife that you twisted with your “men being men” comment. It is not manly to reduce other human beings to objects for sexual gratification. It is juvenile.

        • You can’t please everyone, and in the case of the Libbi-Nazis, you can’t ever please them at all, so it is what it is.


        • Looking at an attractive woman and thinking about having sex with her is, wait for it, human. That’s what men do. That’s what we are genetically hardwired to do. We have long-since evolved to not just club them and rape them (most of us anyway and we prosecute the rest).

          As Jonathan noted, she’s a person, exercising her rights to pursue her profession. What else exactly is the skin trade supposed to be about? It’s selling a dream, a fantasy, an image. That you don’t like it, or far more likely, aren’t attractive enough to play in the pool, doesn’t give you the right to judge others.

          That you think she’s a piece of meat is the real issue here. I have been close enough to the biz over the years to know she’s just a woman, making good money by getting her picture taken. She knows she’s selling a picture, not baring her soul. She knows she’s not writing poetry or publishing white papers.

        • Everyone, male or female and whatever age, is both a person and a piece of meat, as you so quaintly put it. I have no idea what the person pictured is like, and since that is what she does for a living I’d guess she likes it that way. I can, however, see and appreciate the lines of that piece of meat, and since that is what she does for a living, I’d guess she is at minimum alright with that. You, OTOH, are doing your best to be a buzzkill. For some reason.

        • “males look at people as pieces of meat”…If there’s one thing that being a medic taught me it’s this, we’re all just meat.

  7. This is gender differences meets marketing all day. Any entity that is gun related could try to court women by taking a good-looking guy, give him a non-offensive script to read from, and put a gun in his hand but it would not work. David Beckham (supposedly the “sexiest man alive”) could be seen in the wild (or in a commercial) shooting a Beretta and sales of Berettas in any flavor would stay about the same. Heck, Sean Connery was supposedly the definition of manly, sexy and chicks did not go out and buy Walthers. Heck if anything it drove guys to buy them.

    And it ain’t just guns. Guys not only have more disposable income but they are more willing to part with it. That is why young adult males are such a sought after demographic. If you don’t wear it, guys buy more even though there are proportionally fewer males as one climbs the age ladder.

    Not only are females stimulated less by visuals they are stimulated less by everything. Except there are thousands of women everyday dialing phone sex numbers (sarc).Not only are guys hornier, they are more prone to gluttony and drug/alcohol addiction. Women don’t conquer tribes with weird languages or dream of going to Mars. They didn’t write a single Psalm and their heresies tend to be mild. My inner nine year old wants to know what it is they do exactly . . . Girls just won’t hunt.

  8. “I refrained from doing so out of deference to our policy of keeping TTAG female-friendly.”

    So, in other words, in addition to having an anti-male bias, you’re also anti-lesbian?


  9. All these comments, and not one on the concept of having a Marine DI for a mother, or even a mother-in-law.

    That’s kind of a trip.

    • Having a Marine D.I. for a mom means it kinda goes without saying she likely had to keep her room ready for inspection…

  10. “First of all, I’d like props for not posting a picture of Texas-born lingerie and swimsuit model Hannah Ferguson in lingerie or a bikini.”

    I stopped reading after this.

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