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I find the idea of a Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) offensive. In this supposedly post-racial era, when a black man is President of the United States, why is it OK for African-American politicians to separate themselves from their Congressional colleagues purely on the basis of skin color? Anyone who suggested a White Congressional Caucus would be vilified, ostracized and deep fried. The CBC’s justification: African-Americans face separate (but equal?) challenges, and approach issues from a shared cultural and, thus, political perspective. Gun control, for example. As reps for communities ravaged by gun crime, they are, to a man, for it. Well, they were, before Rep. Allen West joined the CBC . . .

Some are “leery” of West, according to a CBC member who requested anonymity.

West raised some eyebrows in a CBC meeting soon after the assassination attempt of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.).

After members expressed concern for their safety, West, a two-decade plus Army veteran, said members should consider carrying a concealed weapon.

In an interview with The Hill this week, West said, “They were talking about getting detailed security and I said, ‘Well you just look in your state as far as getting a concealed weapons licensing,’ which is something that I have. I think personal protection starts with yourself, but you just coordinate with local law enforcement to make sure you have collateral security at your events.”

CBC member Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-Ill.) said West’s suggestion didn’t go over well, adding it was “frowned” on by other lawmakers.

Thank God West didn’t have to face an arched eyebrow. Still, it’s nice to read (via that a gun rights pol has infiltrated the CBC. I’ve long believed that America’s minorities have faced firearms discrimination. Perhaps this is the beginning of the end. I may not get there with them, but I believe that all Americans should have equal access to armed self-defense. Share America’s Firearms Equally. Safe!

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  1. I was going to jump all over the white version of this caucus, but you beat me to it. I hope Mr. West has a long successful career and he may even be president someday.

  2. “I find the idea of a Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) offensive.”
    Damn right it’s offensive! I’m tired of this “separate but equal” BS. We’re all Americans, lets start acting like it.

  3. I am bi-racial, my mother is white, my father is black, and they both have very different opinions about guns. Despite the fact that my father served 20 years in the Army he never had a gun in the house and was a little shocked when I bought one for myself at the age of 21. Most of the family on my father’s side is anti-gun, while guns were every where on my mothers side. The CBC is offensive and we need to get over that kind of stuff, I agree with Jamie we are all Americans and to add anything to that, ie.Italian-American, Asain-American, African-American takes away from the meaning.

      • Why my Dad’s side of the family feels that way, I don’t know. I hear things like ” Why would you buy a gun?” The general attitude is that only bads guys have guns.

  4. Anyone who suggested a White Congressional Caucus would be vilified, ostracized and deep fried.

    Heh. Deep fried…oh. Wait. Was that a racist thing? Just because I’m white and I like fried chicken. Sheesh…

  5. I’m so strongly supportive of African-American rights that the thought of the CBC doesn’t offend me, even though I think it’s an anacronysm at best and political bullshit at worst. What does bother me is that the members are “leery” of West. Either West isn’t black enough, or they don’t want him in their august organization because he’s a (gasp) Republican. If so, I suggest that the members just call it the Congressional Democrat Black Caucus so everyone can see their true colors. Pun intended. And what are the odds that at least some other members of the CDC aren’t strapped? I’m guessing zero.

  6. The CBC’s racism goes further than just being a caucus only about black people. The heads of it have said straight-out you can’t join if you’re not black.

  7. There already is a “Congressional White Caucus.” It’s called the House of Representatives. The Congressional Black Caucus was formed in reaction to this historic domination, to address long-standing grievances inflicted upon their constituents by the Congress and others.

    While you wish to believe that the CBC no longer has any such grievances to address, they’re going to be the judge of that, not you. It’s not really any of your business to decide whether it should exist or not. You might want to examine the mechanism by which you believe that it is.

  8. Gun control laws in the U.S. are notable in this way: for much of our history, many of the regulations were directed specifically against black people.

    • +1.
      Throughout the south and many northern areas, the restrictions were meant to keep black people unarmed. In New York, the Sullivan Law was intended to disarm Italian immigrants. Gun control laws are never about controlling guns; they’re about controlling people, especially people that those in power either fear or just don’t like.

      • Absolutely! Gun control is not about guns, it’s about “control”! And control of the people is the ultimate goal of the gun grabbers. They know that as long as we are armed, they won’t be able to completely control us. So hang on to your weapons! With the trash that keeps showing up in congress, the Allen West’s of this world are a welcome relief!

  9. I’m an American first and foremost and I get that something like the CBC may be outwardly offensive to some folks because of it’s exclusionary premise. But like most people, we’re all multi-faceted and have different backgrounds and experiences. That blacks have faced a particulary difficult current in the American social mainstream is undeniable. Whether it’s the CBC or the Congressional Hibernian Caucus or the Congressional Mason’s Caucus or whatever the C(fill in the blank)C may be, we all have the freedom of association, as it should be. My main gripe about all of these groups is that they often are merely uncritical, unreflective echo chambers. Perhaps Mr. West will be able to change the acoustics for the better.

  10. Allen West, despite his pro-Constitution rhetoric, is a traitor. He just recently voted to re-authorize the so-called Patriot Act which directly violates 5 Amendments contained in the Bill of Rights.

    His pro-gun stance is a contradiction because he supports anti-Constitutional legislation.

    • I never said that he was perfect, or even that he was good, or that I even liked him. The world is full of all sorts of people. Ya work with what ya got.


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