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It’s one thing for a city to ban concealed carry permit holders from public buildings. It’s stupid in the extreme, creating gun-free zones or, to be slightly less circumspect, spree killers’ meat lockers. But at least it applies to everyone. Well, OK, not the legislators creating the regulation, obviously. Or their security guards, as the case may be. But Iowa City’s taken the whole “you have the right to bear arms except in the places where the government that acknowledges that right does business or teaches children or keeps library books” to the next level. Busses. reports that Iowa City is going to ban concealed carry on busses. So poor people who can’t afford a car can’t carry their gun to work. Or from one part of the city to another. Of the people, by the people but not for the poor people. Once again, gun control is revealed as a classist and (I’m betting) racist defilement of the Constitution of the United States of America.

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  1. Banning guns with kissing?
    Or do you mean buses?
    Somebody get a dictionary.

    Kissing and bussing,
    Differ in this,
    Our wantons we buss,
    Our wives we kiss.

    • From Merriam-Webster:
      bus noun, often attributive \ˈbəs\
      plural bus·es also bus·ses
      Definition of BUS
      1a : a large motor vehicle designed to carry passengers usually along a fixed route according to a schedule

  2. Real nice, kind of like DC making the cost of getting a handgun so prohibitive that only “well to do” people can get one. I ride the bus everyday. We only have one car to save money, if they banned CC on busses here, they’d alienate a lot more people than just the ones who are “poor”.

  3. Welcome to reality. This is the actual point of licensing concealed carry, to price the poor out of the self defense market. Did you actually think that our rulers would allow the little people to have guns?

    For a wonderful expose on this sort of retrograde thinking I recommend that you read “Rise of the Anti-Media: In-forming America’s Concealed Weapon Carry Movement.” He gives chapter and verse on the elitist anti-gun attitude. With specific examples in law and in judicial decisions. Judges used to come straight out and say that gun laws were only for minorities, not for whites.

  4. No different if your arrested for a crime. Innocent until proven guilty, unless your poor!!! The judge sets bail, but most of the time only the rich can post bail and walk out, while the rest of us sits behind bars even though we have not been tried or found guilty of any crime.

  5. This is how real life works, the people with money get rewarded and the poor get screwed. If you’ve got money you can pay for a good lawyer, if your poor you get a public defender and a jail sentence. I know plenty of people with CCW permits, and not one of them is on welfare.


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