Trump FBI
Police direct traffic outside an entrance to former President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate, Monday, Aug. 8, 2022, in Palm Beach, Fla. Trump said in a lengthy statement that the FBI was conducting a search of his Mar-a-Lago estate and asserted that agents had broken open a safe. (AP Photo/Terry Renna)
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By Lee Williams

The FBI raid on President Donald Trump’s Florida home came as little surprise to the gun rights community. After all, the Department of Justice was weaponized against us the second the current occupants of the White House began measuring the drapes.

Their agents have been running and gunning without any adult supervision ever since. So it was only a matter of time before they became emboldened enough to execute a raid on a former President’s home – armed with weapons of war, no less.

To be clear, in the pre-Biden years when we actually had civil rights, if a federal law enforcement agency sought documents for an inquiry – as they say they wanted from President Trump – they would issue a subpoena, not execute a search warrant. That’s the way the DOJ worked before it was hired out as armed muscle for the DNC. Nowadays, if they’re investigating a Republican – even a former president – they send teams of kitted out agents instead of a fax.

According to news actors on cable TV, Tuesday’s FBI raid seems to fall somewhere between Julius Caesar crossing the Rubicon and the firing on Fort Sumter. While the precedent and ramifications are extremely troubling, they’re certainly nothing new, especially to us.

Trump FBI
A Secret Service agent outside Mar-A-Lago Tuesday morning after FBI agents raided the home of former President Donald Trump. (AP Photo/Terry Renna)

America’s lawful gun owners have grown accustomed to civil rights abuses from the so-called Justice Department. We’ve been documenting their misdeeds since Joe Biden took his oath of office, which he seemingly violates nearly every day.

A few examples . . .

If you see something, say something

There’s an old adage: sunlight is the best disinfectant. This is certainly true with federal agents’ misdeeds. The best way to stop federal overreach and lawbreaking is by exposing it, each and every time.

This approach works. To the best of our knowledge, ATF has not conducted another warrantless home inspection in Delaware since a video of their actions went viral. Nearly everyone in the gun rights community helped the word get out.

Ours is a close community with numerous lines of communication. It is one of our strengths. When something bad happens to one of us, we can get the world out quickly. We need to ramp this up.

The FBI’s raid is just the latest example of how little the Biden-Harris administration values our civil rights – especially our Second Amendment rights. If they would do this to a former President – a man with Secret Service protection – what wouldn’t they do to one of us?

If you see something, say something.


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  1. And yet, “pro-gun” Trump banned bump stocks, which even Obama felt he lacked the authority to do.

    I don’t understand why so many on the right support an Autocrat who obviously has no regard for individual rights, including 2nd amendment rights.

    You are only safe when your government is small and constrained.

    • Reagan and the Republicans ended open carry in California. He signed the 1986 law banning sales of automatic weapons. Reagan was no conservative saint.

        • Our system does not allow a “no confidence” vote. You get the opportunity to change the president every 4 years, and some of congress every 2. Your choices are, for the most part, limited to candidates from the 2 corrupt major parties. If you don’t elect the one that tells the lies you like then others will elect the one that tells the lies you don’t like.

        • Well, they blatantly and openly stole the last election, so I don’t really know what you think voting accomplishes? Go ahead and vote for the lesser evil if it makes you feel better but the democraps will just install whichever evil they want.

        • “A vote of no confidence in the system is still a vote.”

          That’s baloney, since there’s no real way to do that. Write it in on a ballot? Like anyone would read it and give a damn?

          Grow up, get involved, vote either for or against someone and if your chosen candidate is elected, get to know him/her/it, make sure they also know you, and continue to both hold their feet to the proverbial fire. This means trying to influence them when you don’t agree in a civilized manner, educate them by offering real, substantive options to what ever they are being asked to support or reject, and thank them when they do the right thing. Show a modicum of respect for their position, even if you don’t respect them. After all, they were put inot office by your fellow voters.]

          And if you’re too tapped out (or cheap) to give a campaign contibution when they are in sync with you and your issues, volunteer to help in their election/reelection campaign. There you may learn something, even that a bright person like you can also run for office. If you know so much, prove it to the voters.

          There are some damn good people out there in office and running. Find one and help them along.

    • If you never Trumpers really think that people appreciate Trump because of how he fares on a purity test then you’re even more delusional than it seemed

      • Yeah so if you had to choose between Hitler and Stalin, go ahead and pick the lesser of two evils. Either choice results in millions dead.

        3rd choice is either to do what free Swiss did in the Sonderbund War (kick the whole mess of goons out) or what the non-registered Cossacks did vs all of the seats of power around them, turn away from it all and go their own way.

        • “…so if you had to choose between Hitler and Stalin…”

          Only a crified idiot (or democrat, which is usually the same thing) would make tha comparison between DJT and Hitler/Stalin. It isn’t ever cute or snarky to make such statements. Who would believe anything you’d write after something like that?

          Or worse yet, wonder about those voices in your head that cause you to make them. Such comments go far beyond having an opinion.

        • Three years of easy peace and prosperity versus the misery brought on by the Puppet Administration. Neither is perfection, but one is extremely different from the other. You’re still voting, whether you choose to show up or not.

        • “It isn’t ever cute or snarky to make such statements. Who would believe anything you’d write after something like that?”

          Reggy is the troll that has to hide behind fake names, he has gone by PG2 in days gone by…

        • Not enough there to identify his ‘style’. I remember seeing that at the time and saying to myself it wasn’t the real Dirk.

          The real Dirk tended to never capitalize the first word in his comments, for example. And be extremely brief…

    • Trump banning bump stocks was a political move to remove bump stocks from the political environment because the democrats had planned to use it to push for a total ban of all semi-auto firearms. Its not because he was anti-gun in some way.

      It started in a scheme hatched by the Obama Administration based upon the manifesto by Josh Sugarmann, Executive Director and Founder of the VPC (Violence Policy Center) and mastermind of the “Assault Weapon” term issue. In his 1988 manifesto entitled “Assault Weapons and Accessories in America” he wrote

      “Assault weapons’ menacing looks, coupled with the public’s confusion over fully-automatic machine guns versus semi-automatic assault weapons –anything that looks like a machine gun is assumed to be a machine gun — can only increase the chance of public support for restrictions on these weapons.”

      The Obama administration and fellow democrats dusted that off and panned a series of TV commercials during the campaign showing bump stocks being use to generate what they would call “machine gun” fire and in which they would frighten the public into supporting a ban on the ‘machine gun’ semi-auto firearm. It was intended to frighten the public into confusing semi-automatics with full automatic machine guns, thus drive up public outcry for, and support of, a ban on all semi-automatic firearms because ‘they were really machine guns or could be made into machine guns’.

      That threat came back during Trumps administration with the elections looming in the future and Joe Biden waiting to pounce so Trump banned bump stocks and it killed one aspect of anti-gun starting their new administration, during the campaign, with the false “machine gun” claim to be used to dupe the public into supporting what if it had succeeded would have been an almost immediate ban of all semi-autos by ATF ‘rule making’ response to an executive order by Biden declaring semi-autos to be machine guns under the NFA (if he won the election) and if that happened then manufacturers could no longer make semi-auto firearms because they were then ‘machine guns’. In one swoop with the stroke of a pen, no congress involved, no bills to introduce, on his first day in office Joe Biden would have been able to enact a complete 100% ban on all semi-auto firearms all because of the bump stock. But since bump stocks were banned by Trump, there was no longer the democrat false connection between semi-autos and actual ‘assault weapon’ machine guns they had planned to dupe the public with.

      • Obama was critical of Trump for doing it because it has spoiled the democrat plan so wanted to generate the idea that Trump was anti-gun to start to distance him from gun owners for the election. And indeed that worked somewhat because a lot of gun owners thought Trump had gone anti-gun and simply didn’t vote because they thought Trump as ‘anti-gun’ because he banned bump stocks.

        • “Obama was critical of Trump for doing it because it has spoiled the democrat plan so wanted to generate the idea that Trump was anti-gun to start to distance him from gun owners for the election“

          Meaningless word salad.

        • Can always rely on Miner49er to take things out of context and not understand anything.

        • Yes, MajorStupidity, every post you make IS “meaningless word salad”. And yet you keep making them. I guess you enjoy meaningless word salad. So, that being the case, what is your SUBSTANTIVE issue with .40 cal’s comment? (As if you were intelligent enough to have one!!) Your drive-by, low-rent wanna-be snark got old DECADES ago. Do better . . . or, just go do yourself. Somewhere else. Far away, if possible.

      • But although it did not work, on Joe Bidens web site you could see that he had planned to do it…on his web site it read ….

        “Regulate possession of existing assault weapons under the National Firearms Act. Currently, the National Firearms Act requires individuals possessing machine-guns, silencers, and short-barreled rifles to undergo a background check and register those weapons with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF).”

        Bump stocks were not the first Obama Administration scheme to ban semi-automatics, he has a documented history of trying to ban and it started with dacians favorite fairy tale the ‘iron pipeline’ and that plan failed too.

        So came the Obama operation “Fast and Furious”, which was intended originally to feed semi-autos guns into the iron pipeline by sending semi-autos to mexico then they would be sent from mexico into the ‘iron pipeline’ in the U.S. and because of this all semi-autos could be banned under a national security pretense but Obama got caught. The death of Agent Terry from an Obama-supplied firearm killed that plan when it became a scandal. So this brings us back to Obama trying to ban all semi-autos with the ‘bump stock’ thing.

        Obama also required multiple rifle reporting by boarder state FFL Dealers, with no legal backing at all as there was no such law but that’s not all because it was also racially motivated. Obama changed the 4473 (Firearm Transaction Record form) to ask whether one was Hispanic or not. This was the only race that firearm purchasers are subjected to affirmatively admit or deny.

        • Obama’s required multiple rifle reporting by boarder state FFL Dealers racial debacle was also part of the “Fast and Furious” operation.

      • “…the democrats had planned to use it to push for a total ban of all semi-auto firearms.”

        They can’t anyways. The SCotus ruled weapons in common use were expressly-protected, and semi-auto magazine fed are the most common type of rifle…

      • “Anyone being investigated by the FBI is not qualified to be the president of the United States”
        -Donald Trump August 2015

        • @Miner48er

          Bill Clinton, democrat. 42nd President of the United States, and his wife Hillary Clinton, democrat, were investigated by the FBI in relation to the Whitewater scandal.

          In fact:

          In the last 10 years …

          432 prominent democrat politicians and their campaign money sources, have been investigated by the FBI.

          Counting Trump, 37 prominent republican politicians and campaign money sources, have been investigated by the FBI.

          In the presidential elections since 1964 every democrat president, or at least one family or ‘campaign money’ source of that president, has been investigated by the FBI for something.

        • Cool, MajorStupidity!! Now do Billy Zipperpants and his “wife” Shrillary, and Slow Joe Biden.

          Or, just shut the f*** up, go away, and leave the adults to have a discussion. Both options work.

          Query: Do you ever tire of being a predictable, brainless, Leftist/fascist troll??? Consider making an effort not to be one.

        • But DID Braindead say at the Oct. 22, 2020, debate against then-President Donald Trump, “anyone who is responsible for 220,000 deaths from COVID should not be president”?
          Why YES, yes, he DID say that on national television in front of the WHOLE fucking world. How many have died since Braindead, and his Marxist regime moved into the Oval Office? Hmmmmmmm…


          True, when boy lover J Edgar was in charge, they spent most of their time secretly gathering information and blackmailing both sides. Now they work strictly for the Left.

    • It kinda of started when Ted Kennedy got away with negligent homicide. Witch hunting democRats have been getting away with their slime for a long time and have gotten away with trying to undermine a duly elected POTUS. No doubt democRats stole the election from POTUS DJT and their schemes go unchecked because the swamp runs the show.
      Best thing to do is get ready today to go vote in Nov. If someone you know won’t register to vote or vote during this crisis situation then unfriend them permanently.

      • NO The best way to make the change that needs to happen is to do whatever necessary to cause the SHTF. Voting at this point is part of the control the masses protocol.

    • I’m not even convinced there’s any legitimate Constitutional provision that allows for a federalized police force.

      It’s nowhere to be found in the delineated executive powers within the Constitution to form or maintain a federal police force, so then falling upon the wording of the 10th Amendment:

      “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

  2. Well it looks like the U.S. Government, Republicans included, are getting serious about putting Herr Drumpf in prison where he belongs. Even Dick Cheney now has a video out blasting Trump as a coward and dangerous dictator. Trumps rotten house of cards is collapsing and his former Republican rats are deserting his sinking ship by the hundreds.

    • (chuckle, snort)

      Yes, of course…Dick Cheney…because he’s always been a patriotic friend of America and a source worth quoting. [/sarc]

    • You would have been just as quick to tell us about how he was a big lier when under Bush. I wasn’t here then But I’ll bet you did.

    • Well it looks like the U.S. Government, Democrats included, are getting serious about putting Herr Biden back in his own basement where he belongs. Even Democrats are looking for a different POTUS candidate for 2024 because We The People know Biden is a greedy treasonist coward and dangerous puppet dictator controlled by Putin and China. Biden, Kamala’s, Nancy’s and Chuck’s Socialist Progressive Marxist Nazi Communist Democrat Party is corrupt, un-American, unconstitutional, dirty rotten house of cards is collapsing and Kamala’s staff rats have already deserted this sinking ship by the hundreds.

      FIFY Dacian ROFL

      • “Biden is a greedy treasonist coward and dangerous puppet dictator controlled by Putin and China“


        Wait a minute, isn’t Biden leading the charge to send billions in modern US weapons to Ukraine to kill Russian soldiers?

        Didn’t the Democrats just send Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan to reinforce the current US support of Taiwanese independence?

        • Well, the Puppet did say inflation was Putin’s price hike.

          “Today’s inflation report confirms what Americans already know. Putin’s price hike is hitting America hard.” -senile puppet reading words

        • “Didn’t the Democrats just send Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan to reinforce the current US support of Taiwanese independence?”

          Haha, nope.

          Puppet Administration August 1, 2022: “We have said that we do not support Taiwan independence.” “Nothing has changed.” (Regarding Pelosi’s personal trip)

        • isn’t Biden leading the charge to send billions in modern US weapons to Ukraine

          Yeah, wonder how much of kickback the Braindead Crime Family is getting from those weapons manufacturers.

          Didn’t the Democrats just send Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan

          No, no they did not send Nancy to Taiwan. Nancy needed to divert attention from hubby’s indiscretions and it needed to be LOUD. She did NOT have the backing of the Whitehouse or the Congressional Dems, only after the Chinese threatened the US did anyone say that she HAD to go because…. China.

        • “Wait a minute, isn’t Biden leading the charge to send billions in modern US weapons to Ukraine to kill Russian soldiers?

          Didn’t the Democrats just send Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan to reinforce the current US support of Taiwanese independence?”

          All money based.

          Billions in modern US weapons to Ukraine to kill Russian soldiers stimulates the economy in the U.S. because it ramps up manufacturing for those things and secures $$$ billions more in financial and other concessions from other countries in the region who don’t want Russia on their door step. Right now its helping control inflation and let Biden pay for other ‘things’.

          Taiwan is a major manufacturing and product hub and supply point for various things for U.S. corporations and for most of the world. For example, aside from other products almost 90% of U.S. electronics originate in some manner in Taiwan in the form of complete assemblies either part of other products or as complete products. For example, in the gun world ALL popular name brand red dot optics sold (e.g. vortex, aimpoint, eotech, sightmark, you name it) have some components in them that originate in Taiwan and without those components the red dot market would be completely controlled by China in terms of components. And other components too in products in the gun world, for example, you know that ‘click adjustment’ for windage and elevation on a lot of scopes and red dots well those component assemblies originate in Taiwan. Taiwan affects most products sold in the U.S. and the rest of the world in some manner – that ‘entertainment console’ in all cars made in the world is about 80% made in Taiwan components. Without the U.S. influence in Taiwan to counter China, China would completely control, in some aspect, our electronics and other products market in the U.S. and a very large part of the world, by being able to exert their military dominance over Taiwan. So yeah, Nancy Pelosi went to Taiwan to reinforce the current US support of Taiwanese independence.

        • Just to note also…. not defending Joe Biden or his witch crone political mistress dominatrix Nancy Pelosi. But these things are not really unique in any way. Every U.S. president administration, republican or democrat, has done the same thing since WWII in some aspect and most the country didn’t know about.

      • Democrats included, are getting serious about putting Herr Biden back in his own basement where he belongs

        Funny thing, the Democrat running for Gov in Arizona has adopted the “Braindead Method of Basement Campaigning”

    • Cheney, the guy that started two wars AND shot a friend in face, top notch citizen RINO extraordinaire… Oh yeah and daddy to ANOTHER POS RINO. Your NEW hero no doubt.

        • How many people with any inclination towards constitutional rights do you think have any positive thoughts about Cheney, Bush, or any rino after the patriot act? As far as I am concerned same group as Clinton Obama and Biden.

        • No actually Cheney got the US involved in BOTH “Persian Gulf Wars” First with Bush 41 and then with 43 (probably forgot about his weapons of mass destruction)

    • I must have missed it as I’ve been fully engaged at work for last several days….

      But what did the warrant authorize and more importantly what did the FBI agents find in regards to the warrant?

      • You are correct in discussing the particulars of the warrant. As always, the DOJ has not released the search warrant so we don’t know the details.

        But you know, when the FBI agents served the warrant, they provided a copy to Trump.

        So why hasn’t Trump released the details of the search warrant, one would think he would be all too willing to show the flawed and abusive nature of the warrant, so what’s the problem?

        In other news, a federal judge has ruled that the house of representatives taxation and oversight committee may receive trumps taxes for their examination.

        And I’m feeling a great sense of gratitude to Mitch McConnell, for doing everything in his power to ensure that Merrick Garland was available to assume the position of Attorney General of the United States of America.

        • But you know, when the FBI agents served the warrant, they provided a copy to Trump.

          Trump was in NY and had not been in FL since June.
          His lawyer stated: “They did not give me a copy of it (the warrant) right away, but they did let me see it. It was very, I would say, thin. And as you can tell from public records, the affidavit, the supporting documentation of what the probable cause was to obtain the warrant, has been sealed,” she said.

          “They also said that they were looking for classified documents, evidence of a crime as far as classified documents go. So they were looking for both classified information that they think should not have been removed from the White House as well as presidential records.” “The irony of both, if you want to call it that, is that it is the president himself who gets to decide what is a presidential record. So why they get to redefine that is unclear. And why they get to search, why that’s even in a warrant, it doesn’t really even make any sense,” she said.

          Trump had already turned over 15 boxes of documents to the National Archives in Jan, there was never a request OR a subpoena for the remaining documents, just 30 ARMED FBI agents with a SEALED warrant on national TV RAIDING the home of the 45th POTUS (and potentially the 47th) while Braindead is failing, the Dems have NO viable answer to a Trump (or even a ham sandwich) run in 24 and their LAST hope (the Jan 6th hearings) is falling on its ass due to the inept leadership of Dem politics… But no way this was a POLITICAL hit job? Right, the only person in the Whitehouse that can claim NO knowledge is Braindead himself (the guy that can’t remember who he is, where he is, how to ride a fucking bicycle or put on a jacket, doesn’t know the difference between his wife and his sister AND forgets who he shook hands with FOUR SECONDS after shaking their hand, because… well… Braindead. Enjoy this brief foray into 3rd Worldism, we will survive and this year we will put a buffer between Obama/Soros (and their puppet Braindead) and the country then in 24 all will be set right again…

      • The warrant was looking for classified information, its part of the investigation into whether Trump took classified documents from the White House when he left office.

        But not to be outdone … The GOP is readying a probe into Hunter Biden which will snag Joe Biden too.

        Republicans who blast FBI’s Trump search are prepping to snag Joe in a Hunter Biden probe >

        “The House GOP is openly readying a 2023 inquiry into the First Son that will touch on his father.”

    • Lol, you’re claiming that being on the side of Dick Cheney is proof you are on right side of history?

      You are a literal clown

    • dacian the demented dips***,

      If that comment had been posted by a human who enjoyed the presumption of SOME degree of intellect, I would be astounded at the obtuse idiocy of it. Since it came from you? Just more male bovine excrement to add to your already huge pile.

      Go micturate up a cable, dacian. Whatsamatta, did MajorStupidity and our nameless, brainless troll exclude you from the daily circle jerk??

  3. If Trump runs I WILL vote for him again.

    With that said, If Trump does not not run and Desantis gets the nomination then I WILL vote for Desantis. I’m NOT so tied to the idea of Trump that it’s him or nothing. I do absolutely believe that the Democrats in power NEED to be removed regardless. The problem IS the Democrat left. It is the Democrats responsible for the chaotic lawlessness that we see. They are turning this nation inside out. I whole heartedly believe that the ONLY reason they are going after Trump is that he absolutely IS a threat to the Democrat party in their efforts to remake this country into a socialistic nightmare. He is NOT a threat to the country. He IS a threat to the Washington Democrats.

    As Democrats have declared war on this nations people, removing them from power becomes critical.

    • Desantis needs to keep being a governor. He’s showing how to fight the neocommies at the state level. It’s time to bring power back to the states. He wouldn’t be as effective at the federal level. The bureaucracy would fight and derail him. The deep state won’t go away without a massive defund and purge operation. That’s easier said than done. It will take time. Notice they’re doubling the size of the IRS…

  4. You can’t make a pariah from somebody who embraces the status and you’re not going to convince a bunch of misfit outcasts that they’ll be even greater misfit outcasts when they all embrace that role as well.

    All their doing is proving Trump awesome and reinforcing the belief of the misfit outcasts that there will be no going along to get along.

    Nuke the swamp.

        • From September 15, 2020 at 21:50

          Late at night when I was tucked in my bed.
          While I’m trying to lie sleeping, I hear thumping overhead.
          There’s noise in my back yard, why is it happening at night ?
          Cause it wakes me from my slumber and cuts short my respite.
          I should be fast asleep but now I am wide awake;
          My eyes are staring at the roof and then I start to shake.
          I hear a sound that startles me, it’s a loud thump then a bang,
          I know who’s making all the noise, the local possum gang!
          They’re swinging on vines from the oak tree next door
          They skip and dance across the roof and then return for more.
          They tap dance on the porch roof, stomp across the tin;
          Those furry possum hoodlums are causing quite a din.
          They ride a bike through a flaming hoop and walk on their paws as they as they juggle and clown;
          They balance on the tightrope and they never quieten down!
          I shout out be quiet you beast I’m as tired as a man can be—
          But those creatures just don’t care about what’s happening to me!
          I can hear them hiss, I hear them screech and then I hear them squeal;
          They’re doing druggy sex I suppose for them that is a thrill.
          Then suddenly it’s quiet and my eyes begin to close;
          The dawn is peeping through the blinds as I begin to doze.
          The possums quickly leave as they must be off to bed;
          They jump upon the neighbor’s fence then clomp across their shed.
          They’ll be back again of course tonight as that is just their way.
          To possums running wild all night is what they do for play.

          And with this poem done I too will head on off to bed
          No Poet will hope this remains unread.
          No spell check was done, it rhymes he hopes, perhaps it should have remained unpublished.
          But alas to late, the button was pressed and so I posted this rubbish.

          Some of you are really tempting me to create new drivel.
          I start then remember that most are you are just corrivals.
          So I cease my typing,
          vow to ignore the griping.
          And instead toil away on Reddit.
          Where Karma is all you get for credit.

  5. A former Clinton WH attorney openly stated earlier today that the raid was specifically to search for any documents the Trump team may have taken from the White House upon leaving office. There’s a section of the U.S. Title that states a Federal official may be barred from holding office if convicted of such an act.

    This is nothing more than the next phase of the same fishing expedition. Russia collusion failed…January 6 is failing…but the Midterms are coming up, so let’s go raid Trump’s residence and break into his safe…

    The Swamp rats know their 2020 cheating was uncovered, the Dems have no chance of retaining their congressional seats, and they’re losing voters in droves to conservatives. So they’re pulling out all the stops to prevent Trump from being a candidate for 2024, because in his second term he’ll ride into the White House on a big elephant and yell to his supporters, “See?…I told you there was a swamp…now that the roaches are exposed, let’s flush out all we can this second time around.”

    • Haz:
      You’re dreaming. Donald Trump is no saint (to put it mildly). I only voted for him (both times) because the alternative was/is unthinkable. After his display of totally undisciplined ego on January the Sixth, there is no way I (for one) will ever vote for him again. And… I think the Republican Party as a group has finally gotten that message and is desperately looking for a way to dump him. I hope they succeed in dumping him and win in 2024 anyway.

      • You’re correct. Trump is no saint, and he would not be the one-size-fits-all best option for any period in history. But certainly now, yes.

        Washington was excellent for his time period.
        Lincoln was excellent for his time period.
        Teddy Roosevelt was excellent for his time period.
        Churchill (England) was excellent for his time period.
        Ronald Reagan was excellent for his time period.
        Donald Trump was/is excellent for his time period.

        Churchill was rejected before his term in favor of Chamberlain, but was exactly what Britain needed during the War. He was, of course, a rude person and was no longer wanted by his country after the War ended, but he was the best one for the job at that time. Same with pretty much anyone else in our history, and Trump is no different.

        Yes, he’s unpolished, and yes, he’s a bit of a blowhard in a way that entertains his followers and pisses off the Left (which further entertains his followers). Donaldus Magnus is the Great Disruptor, and forcefully speaks what his supporters wish they themselves could say. They believe he best represents their frustration with the orchestrated “Uniparty” power circus that is today’s Swamp.

        Trump is not perfect, and nobody will ever be. But for now, for this upcoming term, he is arguably the best man for the job of pushing back against the Left and is paving the way for a similar successor afterward who shares that level of courage. Maybe DeSantis. And maybe one day, Kari Lake.

        • maybe one day, Kari Lake. ???

          There is a whole lot of folks on THAT list that are WAY ahead of her… She is trying to make the leap from a News Anchor (teleprompter reader) to the Governor of Arizona, so I’d wait and see how (if she can get elected) she handles THAT before we put her in the Whitehouse…

    • raid Trump’s residence and break into his safe

      And rummage through Melania’s underwear drawer, yeah that’s where he hid it…

  6. The article says, “in the pre-Biden years when we actually had civil rights…”

    Oh PLEASE. We haven’t had civil rights in America since the so-called “PATRIOT Act” was passed after 9/11.

    Ever since 9/11, warrantless searches are allowed, our social media posts are scrutinized by the government, the NSA records every American’s phone calls and text messages, and Americans are considered guilty until proven innocent by being labeled “persons of interest” when the government can’t find any evidence to make an arrest. NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, with the help of pro-freedom journalist Julian Assange, revealed that the US government records every Americans’ phone calls and text messages, and for telling the truth, the government treated them as America’s Most Wanted fugitives, just for telling the truth about our government’s unconstitutional spying on American citizens!

  7. “The FBI’s raid is just the latest example of how little the Biden-Harris administration Ruling Class values our civil rights.”

    There, fixed that.

  8. Ironically, I posted a comment pointing out that freedom of speech is dead, and my comment was labeled with the message,
    “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”
    That’s what I get for pointing out that freedom of speech is dead — proof that I was right!

    • Stuck in NJ,

      Whatever you do, do NOT type the word which describes a certain kind of political worldview and sounds exactly like “social-list”–that is guaranteed to put your comment in the moderation jail.

  9. Personally, I find it astonishing that people that break the law and don’t have consequences are constantly getting off, Teflon Don.
    First of all the law is the law. If you break it you should pay, I don’t care what party you’re from.

    This isn’t the first time HE was given to return those 14-15 boxes of documents he knew he had no right to possess. Remember last month when the missing documents/boxes were discovered by insiders that they were being stored at the residence?
    Get a grip folks. He’s not for US. Keep the shinny side up.
    Oh, I’m NRA paid. And 2A also. And voted for the guy, too.
    Sad huh?

    • “Personally, I find it astonishing that people that break the law and don’t have consequences are constantly getting off …”

      What’s the penalty for a former President retaining documents that were once classified?

      What penalty did every other President who kept documents receive?

      “Sad, huh?”

      Your mind is a terrible thing to waste. Well, maybe not so much, in your case.

      • A POTUS has the right to declassify documents. Maybe you didn’t know that. After the other continuous dem lead/anti Trump witch hunts the left did previously on Trump I suspect this is yet just another one.
        I also wonder if Trump might have documents that would be/are devasting to corrupt democrat polis.
        Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

        • “A POTUS has the right to declassify document“

          He wasn’t president anymore.

          And the presidential records act makes it unlawful for him to destroy or otherwise dispose of records associated with the acts of his presidency.

          The national archives had been attempting for months to have Trump return the documents, he refused to do so, ergo a search warrant.

          The search warrant was approved by the Director of the FBI, Chris Wray, a Trump appointee (confirmed by a Republican majority Senate) and then approved by federal judge.

          It seems Republicans are all about the ‘rule of law’, right up until a republican is suspected of wrongdoing… Then it’s all somehow different.

          Hey, Hillary Clinton testified under oath for nine hours in public when called to do so by a congressional investigation, but Donald Trump runs and hides. Sad.

        • Hillary Clinton testified under oath for nine hours in public

          You mean she LIED and stalled for nine hours, you probably forgot that “public” includes “everybody” including me.

          He wasn’t president anymore.

          You have no idea of the status of ANY of those documents and IF or WHEN they might have been declassified…

          Republican majority Senate) and then approved by federal judge.

          Your FEDERAL judge made it possible for Jeffery Epstein to get a slap on the wrist for diddling children and then went on to defend a number of his associates, just another corrupt scumbag in the glorious US judicial system. Wray is as bad as Comey who has done NOTHING to bring any of the real swamp creatures to justice because he is one himself.

        • “You have no idea of the status of ANY of those documents and IF or WHEN they might have been declassified… “

          Neither do you. But I tell you who does, FBI Director Christopher Wray, appointed by Donald Trump and approved by Republican majority Senate.

          DOJ had already subpoenaed the documents and Trump had refused to produce them.

          “That FEDERAL judge was actually just a local MAGISTRATE“

          And what is that magistrates name?

        • And what is that magistrates name?

          A magistrate in Florida who signed the search warrant to allow the FBI to raid former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate had represented several of convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s employees in connection to a sex trafficking investigation, according to a report.
          Judge Bruce Reinhardt approved the warrant on the South Florida estate, the New York Post reported, citing sources.
          Reinhardt spent 10 years at a private practice before becoming a magistrate judge in 2018, according to his career history via Bloomberg. He previously worked as an assistant U.S. attorney for the Southern District of Florida.

          Next time look it up, since YOU are the undisputed of copy/paste it should be a breeze for you.

        • I was hoping you would look a little deeper with the prompt and learn exactly how he was involved with Epstein’s case.

          “Reinhart would go on to represent Epstein’s pilot, scheduler, and alleged “sex slave,” all of whom received immunity from federal prosecution.”

          He was the attorney for Epstein‘s employees who turn states evidence, setting up their immunity deal in return for their testimony.

          So he wasn’t helping cover up Epstein’s crimes, he represented cooperating witnesses who testified against Epstein.

        • Reinhart reportedly resigned from the South Florida U.S. Attorney’s Office on January 1, 2008, and the next day went to represent the Epstein employees. He told the Miami Herald that he represented Epstein’s pilots, Epstein’s scheduler Sarah Kellen, and Epstein’s reported “Yugoslavian sex slave” Nadia Marcinkova.

          Anti-Trump Facebook Posts: “Thank you, Robert Reich, for saying what many of us feel, ‘John Lewis is the conscience of America. Donald Trump doesn’t have the moral stature to kiss John Lewis’s feet,’” Reinhart added. “Or, as Joseph Welch said to Joseph McCarthy, ‘At long last, have you left no sense of decency?’”

          Donated thousands to Obama in 2008.

          “He was the attorney for Epstein‘s employees who turn states evidence, setting up their immunity deal in return for their testimony.”
          REAL impartial jurist (who just happens to HATE Trump)… AND he made those plea deals AFTER Epstein got his little slap on the wrist. In fact Epstein never went to trial, he plead guilty to reduced state charges yes, HE himself “cut a deal”…

    • What it all means is we are ALL on a list. Geez the Clinton’s n Odumbo’s didn’t take chit from the white house??!? BTW both “couples” got rich from their residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Unlike DJT…

        • “Trump’s Business Hauled In $2.4 Billion During Four Years He Served As President“

          Under the guidance of his eldest son Eric. So what’s your point? the Clintons and the Obamas came in broke and are now multi-multi-millionaires. Trump actually lost money while in office AND donated ALL of his Government salary to charities.
          Overall, however, Trump appears to be less wealthy today than when he took office. In fall 2020, Forbes said the ex-president was now the 352nd richest person in America — down from 275 the year before, reflecting a drop in net worth from $3.1 billion to $2.5 billion.

        • @Miner

          If Trump was president and in the white house, you just verified that he literally got rich’er from his residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

          I used to think you were a moron sometimes, now I’m convinced you are a complete moron all the time. Like always you forget the context and reading comprehension thing by taking partial things out of their context to satisfy your confirmation bias.

    • Guess you missed the part where the POTUS has the authority to declassify ANY document at any time as well as removing anyone’s security clearance.

      • “Guess you missed the part where the POTUS has the authority to declassify ANY document at any time“

        He wasn’t the president at the time that he took the documents, and he’s not the president now. He has no power to declassify documents after leaving office. If he takes classified documents before leaving office but didn’t tell anyone, then he didn’t declassify them.

        Of the many criminal and civil investigations moving forward against Trump, I’m hoping the Georgia DA’s case goes to trial first, I’d rather see Trump in the Georgia state pen as opposed to Club Fed.

        • I’m curious. How do you know when Trump took the documents? Did he break into the WH or the National Archives last week or something? In fact, I see you saying “If he takes classified documents before leaving office but didn’t tell anyone”…..

          You don’t know whether these were declassified. You don’t know when or even IF Trump took these documents. All you are doing is speculating trying making excuses for Banana Republic Biden to use the FBI to chase after political opposition. Sad.

      • @Miner49er

        Biden did not become president officially and constitutionally when he got elected by vote.

        Trump was officially president until, as the Twentieth Amendment states, “the terms of the President and Vice President shall end at noon on the 20th day of January … and the terms of their successors shall then begin.”

        so up until noon on Jan 20th Trump still had the official authority as president to declassify if that’s what he did.

      • Biden did not become president officially, legally, and constitutionally when he got elected by vote. He became ‘president elect’ (which is just an invented official sounding way to say gonna be officially president) until noon on Jan 20th when he officially and constitutionally became president.

        Trump was officially, legally, and constitutionally president until, as the Twentieth Amendment states, “the terms of the President and Vice President shall end at noon on the 20th day of January … and the terms of their successors shall then begin.”

        so up until noon on Jan 20th Trump still had the official, legal, and constitutional authority as president to declassify if that’s what he did.

    • Mr. Harrison,
      “Oh, I’m NRA paid. And 2A also. And voted for the guy, too.”

      More than likely most of us here are “the fish rots from the head” NRA- members. Me, life member, but I support GOA, NAGR, SAF, CRPA CGR, etc. as they seem to not have the infighting and wasteful extravagant lifestyles as W LePew.
      You know the Dims will do ANYTHING to get rid of President Trump, especially after all the sh*t they have pulled since taking over. And he will come back with a vengeance I’m hoping.

    • “And voted for the guy”

      Yeah right troll. You voted for Hillary who destroyed subpoenaed evidence. The FBI admitted she broke the law but said she shouldn’t be prosecuted. I bet you were torn up.

    • Cool, John Harrison!! Now do Hillary and her deleted (POST-subpoena) emails, Andrew Cuomo and his myriad crimes, and Slow Joe Biden, the Serial Child-molester.

      Or just shut the f*** up, you DNC troll. “Rules for thee, but not for me.” Go consume a baglike container of dicks.

    • The wide hips are a giveaway. Also, from my days working with federal regulators, it is always wise to assume the contact with whom you are dealing is a woman or a minority. White males are no longer encouraged to work with the government, at any level.

    • Definitely female but weather she identifies as such is another story I guess. And isn’t that one of those weapons of war she sporting? What war is she fighting?

    • That’s only because your comments are always awesome. I always read them and think (along with your name) “by God, that’s one of my people” 😂

    • You betcha. Why do you think they’re doubling the IRS? Why are they raising the salary of 300 agents to the level of the vice president? The ATF can only interact with so many people. The IRS on the other hand…

      • Maybe the IRS agents will find out that the plebes out in the country will react as the Chinese plebes did with their tax agents out in the country. I hear that pigs love human flesh. Since the feds can create all the money they want out of thin air, why do they need the IRS?

        • To punish you and justify they’re extravagant, wasteful spending sprees they use to pay their donors, friends and family.

  10. Yet NOTHING on Hunter and the “Laptop from Hell”, the “Big Guy” and the rest of the Biden crime family. And what of Hellary and the personal servers, the “bleach pit” destruction of computers, Bubba on the “Lolita Express”? T man has been harassed at least twice as much as all the other presidents combined. I do wish he “stood down” in the primary for the good of the country so that Desantis can easily stroll into the White House after a general election blow out. He has all of Trumps positives and NONE of the negatives.

  11. theBiden just about has America fixed, look how he’s gotten the price of fuel dropped, when that other theBiden was in office we had high gas prices, bare shelves, coronavirus, and wars.
    Cant have Trump getting elected , he’ll fck everything up.

  12. When home is a bleeding ulcer/
    Everything you ever stood up for is keeling over.

    Ah well, “adventavit asinus…”

  13. I’m still not convinced Kari Lake ain’t a RINO. We’ll see what she does after she stuffs that pinchy-faced whiner Katie Hobbs head into a nearby cactus.

  14. And the real traitor, Hilldebeast still walkin around free as a hippo. There must be around 200 traitors in government that should be swinging from a rope. And they pull this stunt.

    • Butter + salt + caramel or toffee + roasted peanuts.

      Salty sweet goodness to watch the fireworks by.


    • I agree with you. It’s a good thing that Biden is using the FBI to go after political opposition. Everyone that we disagree with should be hung. You are spot on the money NTexas.

    • NTexas,


      Go fornicate yourself, NTexas, vigorously, with a barb wire wrapped Louisville Slugger, lubricated with battery acid and habanero juice. Oh, and . . . LEARN TO USE YOUR FREAKIN’ CAPS LOCK, YOU DEMENTED DIPS***!!!!!!!

  16. You really should broaden your spectrum of news sources, too much Clinton News Network and MSDNC has really rotted your brain. Bet YOU think Braindead is the greatest POTUS EVER!

  17. Well instead of everyone running around yelling the sky is falling start pushing back. Call your elected Dem representatives if you have them and chew their butts off and remind them they are not immune from a nationwide insurrection. They will continue this lawlessness unless people fight back. If they come to your home without a valid warrant send them packing, and if they try to force their way in invoke your state’s Make MY Day or Castle Domain laws and defend yourself, family, home and property. You either choose to fight or live as a slave. Your choice. There are far more of us than them and we can create not only an administrative nightmare for them we can create a serious threat to how long they themselves can survive.

  18. For those of you waiting for a Hunter Biden thing to happen…

    Not to be outdone … The GOP is readying a probe into Hunter Biden which will snag Joe Biden into the probe as well.

    Republicans who blast FBI’s Trump search are prepping to snag Joe in a Hunter Biden probe >

    “The House GOP is openly readying a 2023 inquiry into the First Son that will touch on his father.”

  19. This search warrant is linked to an investigation about classified documents. The National Archives, which is responsible for collecting and sorting presidential records, has previously said at least 15 boxes of White House documents were recovered from Mar-a-Lago, including some that were classified. Members of Trump’s former White House team have frequently said that he was careless or contemptuous of the legal requirement to archive all presidential documents and cavalier with classified information.

    Monday, photos were revealed that shows notes supposedly in Trump’s handwriting that he allegedly tried to flush down the toilet. it’s not clear and no one knows what the notes are in reference to or who actually wrote them but allegedly they appear to be written in Trump’s handwriting in black marker. Allegedly one pic is from a White House toilet and the other one is from an overseas trip that was provided by a Trump White House source.

    • Takes a sick fuk to follow someone around and take pictures of stuff in their toilet. Makes one wonder, “what were they REALLY looking for?”…

    • BREAKING: Judge Orders DOJ To Respond To Requests For Trump Raid Warrant

      Federal Magistrate Judge Bruce Reinhart ordered the DOJ to “file a Response to the Motion to Unseal” the warrant Wednesday following requests made by the Times Union, a news outlet located in Albany, New York, and the conservative legal action group Judicial Watch. Reinhart said the DOJ must respond no later than August 15.

      “Trump declassified whole sets of materials in anticipation of leaving government that he thought the American public should have the right to read themselves,” Kash Patel, a former top Trump administration official, told Breitbart News in a phone interview in May. According to Patel, the classification markings just had not been updated.

      “The White House counsel failed to generate the paperwork to change the classification markings, but that doesn’t mean the information wasn’t declassified,” Patel added. “I was there with President Trump when he said ‘We are declassifying this information.’”

      • The POTUS is the ultimate owner of all government classified information. All classifying authority is ultimately derived from the POTUS. The POTUS can do with the information as they please, and can declassify it simply by saying so. The paper work is just a formality at the POTUS level. Trump was still officially, legally, and constitutionally the POUTS when he declassified the documents.

        Trump did not commit any crime or offense in having documents he may have declassified even though they may have still been marked as classified at some level.

        • correction:

          “Trump was still officially, legally, and constitutionally the POUTS when he declassified the documents.”

          POUTS should have been POTUS

        • POUTS

          Yeah “POUTS” is what Braindead does if he doesn’t get his pudding cup before he takes his nap.

  20. I cannot think that the FBI which by the way is part of the INDEPENDENT [of government] JUDICIARY did not have cause here Let’s wait and see.

    Personally I’d be of the opinion that the FBI and not just the FBI have files a yard thick on the Great Orange ephelump.

    Either than or they were deliberately set up by the TRUMP organisation in some way as a RE-ELECTION booster. I personally don’t think that Trump has a chance in hell of a seond broken term but who know’s with the American public being what it is?

    • @Albert L J Hall

      “I cannot think that the FBI which by the way is part of the INDEPENDENT [of government] JUDICIARY did not have cause here Let’s wait and see.”


      The FBI … IS NOT “part of the INDEPENDENT [of government] JUDICIARY”

      Why don’t you keep out of discussions for which you have no knowledge or even the most basic understanding, and go back to dreaming about the day you will be Queen of that modern day tyranny you live in.

    • Say, Albert — tell us all about your “civilized” nation that’s so much better than the US:

      “All children aged one to nine and living in Greater London will be offered a polio vaccine after the virus was detected in sewage.”

      Hey, you can always toss a couple of those kids in the fireplace to stay warm this winter:

      “Energy bills for a typical household could hit £4,266 next year, consultancy Cornwall Insight has warned. The higher estimate means the average household would be paying £355 a month, instead of £164 a month currently.”

    • Albert L J Hall
      August 10, 2022 At 07:01
      “I cannot think…….”

      Well All Hail, admitting it is the first step.

      Trip of 1000 miles begins with one step.
      Wind at your back, sun in your face, road rising to meet your feet and all that. 👍

    • “Let’s wait and see” ?

      I thought you were a Brit herr Hall? Who the hell is “let’s”?


    • Albert the Poncey Fake-Limey, Fake-military Subject,

      No, you absolute cretin, the FBI is NOT part of the judiciary. Are you completely stupid, or just a liar (but embrace the healing power of “and”)??? The FBI is part of the Department of Justice, an EXECUTIVE Department (meaning, you clueless anal sphincter, DIRECTLY UNDER the control of the sitting President).

      As for your “opinion”? We do not give a shart. Take your opinion, fold it ’til it’s all corners, and FIRMLY stick it where the sun don’t shine. Bet you’ll enjoy that, won’t you??

  21. I know of a few answers to this crap. One is the power of the jury which needs to be understood, htt:// The other is to get Constitutional Sheriffs voted in everywhere see and the other is to get the State Militias back in force and effect. See my post at Lew Rockwell. The forgotten 13 words.

  22. We don’t need no stinkin’ Sheriffs of Knottingham. We are not a Kingdom. We just need to keep politicians accountable, be it Trump or Biden. Bring on investigations of Trump. Lock up Hunter if guilty. Repubs already looked into Hillary, impeach Bill.

    What thin blue line?

  23. As the old political aphorism goes, our rights are protected by four boxes – the soap box, the ballot box, the jury box, and the cartridge box. Time to evaluate which box is appropriate to this incident. As his former boss said, “Never underestimate Joe’s ability to f*** things up!” He just got his “victory” in the Senate, we just got treated to NEW Hunter Biden revelations, and Joe decides to pull THIS s***????

    Yeah, Senile Joe, just keep f***in’ that chicken.

  24. There has been a long running FBI investigation on Hunter Biden for a while. Its just now being known. Its for for tax fraud, money laundering and unregistered lobbying. Somewhere in that mix is Joe Biden because Joe was involved with Hunter in foreign business deals involved in the investigation.

    Since December 2019, the FBI has had a computer hard drive that formerly belonged to Hunter Biden. Documents on the device detail his overseas business income and contradict Joe Biden’s September 2019 claim that “I’ve never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings.”

    Joe is a liar, we have already seen a lot of that from him, but he just out and out lied about his involvement with Hunters business dealings.

    There is evidence from the laptop hard drive that Hunter Biden introduced his (then) vice-president father to an executive from a Ukrainian gas company named ‘Burisma’. This company paid Hunter as much as $1 million per year to serve on its board – and emails about a proposed Chinese business deal that Joe was involved in with Hunter that said the “big guy” would get a 10% stake “held by H.”

    In the Chinese deal, Joe was involved with his son’s dealings with CEFC China Energy, which paid Hunter Biden and his uncle Jim Biden $4.8 million in 2017 and 2018.

    Emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop hard drive show that Joe Biden, then as vice president, attended a 2015 DC dinner with a group of Hunters associates from Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan. A photo shows Joe Biden posing with the Kazakhstani group and one day after the dinner, Vadym Pozharskyi, an executive at Burisma, emailed Hunter to thank him for the opportunity to meet his father.

    Former Hunter Biden business partner Tony Bobulinski says that he spoke with Joe Biden in May 2017 about the CEFC deal and a May 13, 2017, email says that the “big guy” would get a 10% stake in a new corporate entity. Bobulinski and that email’s author, James Gilliar, identified Joe Biden as the “big guy.” (in the emails I previously mentioned)

    Also in China, Hunter co-founded an investment firm called BHR Partners in 2013 less than two weeks after flying with his father to Beijing aboard Air Force Two (Joe Biden was still vice president). Hunter even introduced Joe Biden to BHR CEO Jonathan Li in the lobby of a hotel in China’s capital.

    Photos and emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop indicate that Joe Biden in 2015 hosted his son and a group of Mexican business associates at the vice president’s official residence. The elder Biden posed for a photo with Hunter and a group that included Mexican billionaires Carlos Slim and Miguel Alemán Velasco. (this influence might be why the border wall was stopped by Biden and the immigrant flood is happening).

    In 2016, Hunter Biden emailed one of his Mexican associates while aboard Air Force Two (which was supposedly on an official visit to Mexico – appears that Air Force Two was used for personal shady business dealing by Hunter and Joe), complaining that he hadn’t received reciprocal business favors after “I have brought every single person you have ever asked me to bring to the F’ing White House and the Vice President’s house and the inauguration.”

    Visitor logs show that Hunter’s business partner Eric Schwerin visited the White House and vice president’s residence at least 19 times while Joe Biden was vice president.

    yeah, Joe knew about it and was a participant and lied about it and he’s as dirty and has the stink of criminality and impropriety and lie all over him. Also, not to forget the unlawful use of Air Force Two and the office of Vice President for the Hunter Biden (and Joe Biden) personal shady business dealings and the Amercian Tax payer dollars basically spent to finance these business dealing meetings and arrangements.

    Republicans say they will launch an investigation of various Biden family enterprises and the president’s link to them if they retake power following the November midterm elections.

    • Some whistle blowers have also come forward and say there is a “pattern of active public partisanship” at the agencies (FBI and DOJ) pertaining to investigations into the Trump campaign and suppression of information on the Hunter Biden investigation. These whistle blowers also claim “a scheme in place among certain FBI officials to undermine derogatory information connected to Hunter Biden by falsely suggesting it was disinformation.”

      The whistle blowers are being referred to as “highly credible whistleblowers” at the Justice Department and FBI – they came forward and provided information to Sen. Chuck Grassley.

      Some senators have been conducting an ‘investigation’ into the Hunter and Joe Biden shady business dealings since 2019.

      • Hunter & Slow Joe are clearly corrupt…orders of magnitude beyond anything Trump was accused of…oh, the hypocrisy. Trump would have indeed swung key battleground states and won the election, had certain govt. agencies (and the leftist dominated media) DONE THEIR JOB and not remained silent, a nakedly partisan tactic.

  25. The fact that Trump rolled over and didn’t have a wall of armed Patriots to repel such a transgression leaves me wondering why I would want to vote for him again. To me he appears to continue to think he should play by “the rules” when it’s painfully obvious it’s time for us all to dig our heels in put an end to this clown show.

    • Hmmmmm, maybe he wants to run for POTUS again. The clown show orchestrated by the FBI was just another shot in the foot for Braindead and his handlers and all they succeeded in doing was strengthen Trumps resolve and bolster his support base. At this point there are not only never-Trumpers defending him but even Democrats are starting to realize what’s going on and many of them are not happy with the totalitarian actions being played out in this country for what is obviously an unprecedented political assault. You don’t want to vote for Trump because he didn’t do something stupid that could have possibly sparked that “civil war” that so many of you THINK you want, then don’t vote for Trump but be damn careful what you wish for you just might get it and war ain’t no fucking party…


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