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Feels racist


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        • There’s a reason to be pissed, and property destruction… 🙁

      • While they have the right to be upset, they don’t have the right to destroy property.

        The whole situation is fubar. I don’t know what the cops were thinking.

      • Ya wont see Miner49er or dacian ranting in spit spewing BS saying anything about five black cops beating a black man severely enough to kill him. But you will see Miner49er scream “Trumpppp!” and ‘religion’ because Trump is white and dacian will call all law abiding gun owners white supremacists despite ~30% of them being black, and for some reason in dacians delusional mind this all happens in an imaginary place called ‘Capitalvania’, while both of them conveniently ignore that 80% of violent crime against black victims is conducted by black perpetrators.

        • CNN published an article yesterday, within hours of the video release, by Van Jones about how five black cops beating a black man to death is white supremacy.

          “Internalized white supremacy” is exactly how you get Larry Elder being called the “black face of white supremacy”.

          It’s really well past time that people start actually studying the enemy here. This “black face of white supremacy” is actually entirely predictable if you’ve paid attention to race hustlers and CRT activists at all in the past 10 years. Why? Because it’s a standard argument of theirs, particularly in regards to those who “assisted with colonialism”.

          Ibram X. Kendi, Nikole Hannah-Jones (1619 Project), Ntokozo Qwabe (Rhodes Must Fall campaign) and many, many others like Roland Martin have used this sort of sophistry.

          And that’s entirely unsurprising considering that these modern people draw from the works of Edward Said, Jean-Paul Sartre and Franz Fanon, the last of whom (Said) died in 2006 and all of whom used exactly this sort of argumentative structure about race, racism, colonialism etc.

          Out of those listed, Said is probably the most widely known (mostly because he was Palestinian and happened to write extensively during the time when the Palestinians got so much press via non-violent aircraft hijackings), but Fanon’s work is also extremely widely read on the Left and he wrote it all before he died in 1961.

          This shit ain’t new. You’re just seeing the most recent iteration of it unveiled in public. These books have been popular in Leftist academic/intellectual circles for a very, very long time.

          This is why I constantly harp on the Right for being ignorant of the Left. They, quite obviously, don’t read the Left’s intellectual publications. If the Right ever did read this stuff they’d find very little of what the Left does to be surprising because in most cases they wrote and published the game plan decades ago. They’ve simply arrived at good opportunities to deploy the plan in recent years.

          This is why back in 2017 I pointed out that much of the Left’s street-behavior wasn’t particularly concerning unless race got injected into it. (see link below).

          The reason I said that is because I’ve known for a long time that the Left has tried to inject race into everything for years. Strains of racism (antiracism), colonialism (anticolonialism) and unequal treatment of individuals (equity, seeing a pattern here?) have run through much of their writing for over a century.

          With regard to oversensitivity to “racism” in most cases they actually kinda failed except in places where PC was enforced by a group of “properly educated” people we generally know as “HR”.

          But enough attempts and they’d finally find a good spot to put the tip-o-the-wedge. Well, St. Floyd was that spot to some extent.

    • Illinois just did that to me! The best part of this nonsense?
      My dad gave bought me the one on top when I was 12.
      We got it at Service Merchandise. I still have it, my first rifle.
      I also have a couple of 100 plastic box mini-mags with $1.99 price tags.
      It was the reward for achieving Sharpshooter at summer camp when the NRA was about shooting.
      The range that my dad took me to on Sundays stopped that program a couple years later.
      Which sucks but at 13 the hormones started kicking in so girls became more important.
      Different times but at camp I had the range masters rifle with peep sights on it.
      I never told my dad that but even though he passed 25 years ago I wish I had.
      Now Illinois wants me to register it and yet in 40 years I never shot anyone with it.
      It’s going to a friends house out of state if this BS law stands until I can GTFO of Illinois.

    • TBH one of the things I love about *most* Rugers is that they’re pre-uglied so there never has to be a pampering phase.

      • Word. They’re cheap enough to not sweat the minor abuses. Surprisingly functional for all that. I’m a Ruger fan.

      • I actually do have a purty Ruger. Its not a 10/22, its an M77 but it is purty. It is plenty rugged though, I have no qualms about taking it out for elk. (which is its primary purpose in life) I guess I do have a Ruger revolver also. It is pretty in the way that bog-standard revolvers are pretty but it also has a fairly narrow function in life that I’m happy to use it for as well.

      • Had a 70s era 10/22 come into the back a couple months ago. For a 50 year old gun, it was in remarkably good condition. No rust, lightly used wood and just a thin layer of grime on the inside. I took it all the way down, hand-cleaned each part, and massaged the stock with some linseed for good measure. It was snapped up only a few days after going on the shelf.

  1. Gun bans based on accessories that alter appearance or make them more comfortable is like banning cars with adjustable seats or saying it’s too dangerous because it’s red.

    • Mark, unfortunately primarying may be fruitless, as the GOPe will rig the game so that their preferred establishment candidates will win. They’ll run third-party candidates to split the vote so that conservative candidates can’t garner a majority, which will either move the contest to a similarly-rigged runoff or just outright give the Donk candidate the win.

      Conservatives once again find ourselves on the outside looking in, while the party that needs our votes, tries to keep us on the plantation by promising miracles that they cannot deliver due to being in a permanent minority.

      I left the (R)s over a decade ago because of similar game-playing and failure to use the majority that we handed them back when they were promising to rescind the Donk policies that, once they were in power, refused to derail. NPA, all the way!

      • “failure to use the majority that we handed them”

        They did use the majority to accomplish their goals, enriching their wealthy donors and multinational corporate contributors:

        “Cutting corporate taxes. The 2017 tax law cuts the corporate tax rate from 35 to 21 percent and shifts toward a territorial tax system, in which multinational corporations’ foreign profits will largely no longer face U.S. tax. Fully one-third of the benefits from cutting corporate rates ultimately flow to the top 1 percent, TPC estimates.“

        And the top tier of wealthy Americans also enjoyed a massive tax cut, helping those poor destitute millionaires:

        “Cutting the top individual income tax rate to 37 percent. The law cuts the top individual income tax rate from 39.6 percent to 37 percent for married couples with over $600,000 in taxable income. By itself, this will give a couple with $2 million in taxable income a $36,400 tax cut. The law also weakens the Alternative Minimum Tax.“

        You can count on the Republicans to bow before their corporate masters, who can forget both George W. Bush and Donald Trump (and the CEO of Exxon) prancing about in the Muslim Sword Dance of Loyalty with the Saudi royals.

        Gee, do you think that has anything to do with the price of gas?

        ‘Conservatives’ are such suckers.

        • “Three years after the passage of the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, partisan mischaracterizations have left the law deeply misunderstood. The tax cuts benefited typical American workers through direct tax cuts and higher wages. The changes did not raise taxes on the middle class, did not devastate home prices, and did not reduce charitable giving. Businesses have created domestic jobs, and the new 21 percent corporate tax rate still leaves American employers paying rates higher than most competitors. As the law begins to expire in the coming years, lawmakers will be better able to assess the merits of keeping the tax cuts if they understand 12 common myths.”

          “The tax cuts’ most important legacy is their benefits for American workers at every income level. In the years after the reform, the labor market improved, resulting in annual wages of more than $1,400 above trend, business investment increased, and the economy expanded. The individual tax cuts benefited more than 80 percent of Americans, and some of the largest reductions in tax bills accrued to the lowest-income Americans. Changes to the state and local tax (SALT) deduction and mortgage interest deductions (MID) did not negatively affect middle-class taxpayers, devastate the housing market, or reduce trends in charitable giving.

          “The lowered 21 percent corporate income tax rate and other reforms made American businesses and the millions of American workers they employ more competitive. However, the U.S. corporate tax rate is still higher than most of the United States’ largest trading partners. The law was not expected to pay for itself over the 10-year budget window, but tax cuts are also not the cause of the systemic budget deficit. Mandatory spending growth for Social Security and health care entitlements drives budget unsustainability.”

        • Yeah, bullshit.

          Fact is, Donald Trump used his position to trash the economy.

          Watch it right here on your own Fox News, they admit Donald Trump raise the national debt by 30% all on his own, and so far Joe Biden has lowered the national debt by over $1 trillion.

          Remember when Trump said he was gonna cut the national debt, yeah well that was all bullshit:

          “That’s not how it played out. When Trump took office in January 2017, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office was projecting that federal budget deficits would be 2% to 3% of our gross domestic product during Trump’s term. Instead, the deficit reached nearly 4% of gross domestic product in 2018 and 4.6% in 2019.“

          Here’s the real Numbers, not some bullshit propaganda piece from so-called “heritage”:

        • Liar49er, staying true to your name.

          You bitched about tax cuts. I proved you wrong. Now you pivot to the deficit.

          You call my source “bullshit propaganda.” Then you quote from your own bullshit propaganda source, ProPublica, because you can’t argue against the points made in the Heritage analysis.

          ProPublica is the left’s biggest muckraker you never heard of

          “That’s the muckraking brainchild of Herb and Marion Sandler, billionaire former mortgage bankers whose Golden West Financial Corp. allegedly targeted subprime borrowers with “pick-a-pay” mortgages that left negative-amortization dupes owing more after each payment.”

          “… and so far Joe Biden has lowered the national debt by over $1 trillion.”

          Another of your bullshit lies:

          Biden falsely says he cut national debt by $1.7T — after increasing it $3.7T

          “President Biden wrongly claimed Tuesday that he lowered the national debt by $1.7 trillion — when in fact the debt grew by nearly $3.7 trillion during his first 23 months in office.

          “Biden made the error while using the terms “deficit” and “debt” interchangeably during remarks touting the slight decline in the annual inflation rate to 7.1% in November.”

          Credibility — it’s what’s for breakfast. Unfortunately, you’ll starve, liar.

        • Florida voter designation: No Party Affiliation. (AKA “Independent”)

          I can’t vote in a closed primary; only for offices that are non-partisan (i.e. Soil & Water Commission, State and Circuit Judges). I can vote for anyone in the general election.

  2. I so confused now and I feel left out. I have a custom Ruger 10/22 that is black, red, white, blue with a splash of yellow with a sight on it with a green dot. Is this a scary rifle too?

      • well, actually the gun is a ‘flag theme’ (red white blue, stars n’ stripes theme). The optic has a green dot instead of a red dot.

        The splash of yellow is actually a small smiley face engraving thing my wife put on it because its one of her favorites. She always puts something on her favorite guns, her favorite shotgun has an engraved green four leaf clover on it, her favorite EDC glock has an engraved blood red rose on it.

        • I asked my wife for a new gunm as my birthday gift.

          It’s a pink-framed Kel Tec with “Hello Kitty” logos.

          I think she’s trying to tell me something.

      • NTTAWWT, amirite?

        It might have something to do with swiping the 709 that I bought for her.

        It could also be an advanced psychological ploy — if I am caught using the pistol in a self-defense situation, well … hilarity ensues?

        • You’re not going to miss a “Hello Kitty” pistol, the family of the deceased is embarrassed to admit it into court records and the Police evidence guy / gal has to bear the humiliation of it in THEIR storeroom…the perfect “throw down” firearm!

  3. One thing all those different variants have in common are they are SEMI-Automatic Self Loading Riffles.
    Remember Charlton Heston holding up the flintlock, ” Not. One. More. Inch.? Well there it is way back then.
    Dont say Moses didnt Warn Us.

  4. Another thing to keep in mind, when these Gun Grabbers start screaming about weapons of war being on the streets. All sporting firearms began life as a Military issue arm. Military arms have the durability and accuracy that both the military and sportspersons in the field demand from their arms because they are both being exposed to rugged environments. The prime example today is the A.R. Series Arms. They are the 94 Winchester and 336 Marlin of the 21st Century and the natural evolution of the new generation sporting arms. They are one of the most flexible arms systems in the last 50 years because they can be tailored to be used by anyone in the family and are the 21st Century Family Utility Arm when considering the collapsible stocked carbine in 5.56 or 350 legend. I would dare say there are way more being sold everyday for such use than lever guns. Having spent some time back in the firearms industry after retiring from law enforcement I know they have to be the most popular long gun today, just by following daily sales for awhile.


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