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That should help clear things up.


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    • There appears to be some really dumb people in North Carolina.

      Here’s another MC Republican politician pleading guilty to election fraud.

      “NC candidate backed by Mark Meadows facing federal charge over campaign donation

      “Lynda Bennett, of Haywood County, is accused of knowingly taking more than $25,000 from a relative, far exceeding a $2,800-per-election limit set by federal law, and doing so in another person’s name, according to federal court documents filed Friday.

      On Monday, prosecutors made a formal request in court documents for a hearing on Bennett’s plea agreement.“

        • OK, Donald Trump‘s Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of investigation investigated the Bidens for four years and yet no indictment, no charges much less trials, convictions or sentences.

          On the other hand, looks like Donald Trump will soon be charged for his tax fraud directly related to his whore mongering and fornication with stormy Daniels.

          Actual whoremongering and fornication, and then bearing false witness claiming the $130,000 hush money was a ‘business expense’.

          Wow, violating three of the 10 Commandments in one single transaction, a ‘True Christian’, right boys?

          “In my opinion, Donald Trump lives a life of loving and helping others as Jesus taught in the great commandment. He cannot be bought; he’s not a puppet on a string like many other candidates… who have wealthy donors as their puppet masters.”

          Jerry Falwell, Jr.

          Hypocrisy, thy name is Republican.

        • possum I’m ashamed of the whole mess we call our government.
          Did you notice I said let’s talk about bidum and the first thing minor said was TRUMP
          TRUMP TRUMP
          we know who lives in minors head. rent free

        • “I said let’s talk about bidum and the first thing minor said was TRUMP
          TRUMP TRUMP“

          Now why would you tell a fib, you know that’s wrong, here’s the first line of my response:

          “OK, Donald Trump‘s Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of investigation investigated the Bidens for four years and yet no indictment, no charges much less trials, convictions or sentences.“

          We’ve already seen convictions of Donald Trump‘s campaign manager, Donald Trump‘s deputy campaign manager, Donald Trump’s National Security Adviser, Donald Trump‘s personal attorney, the CFO of Donald Trump‘s company, and many more.

          But no convictions in the Obama/Biden White House, and no charges, indictments or prosecutions of the Bidens, much less trial, conviction or sentencing.

          Opossum, I don’t love Biden, he’s an old dude and he doesn’t always get it right. But who does?

          And he has miles more integrity and ability than Donald Trump.

          Just take the midterm elections.
          Trump lost badly in 2018, as is the general trend.

          But Biden and the Democrats kicked ass in the 2022 midterms, outperforming Trump.

          Not surprising, during just four years Donald Trump increased the national debt by 25%, very ‘strongly’.

          “According to U.S. Treasury data, the national debt level rose by $7.8 trillion during Trump’s four years as president, which is about 25% of the current $31 trillion in national debt”

        • Context — it’s what’s for dinner. And again, Liar49er is going hungry. From the quoted article:

          “The surge in debt was largely due to the $3.7 trillion in pandemic relief offered to Americans … “most of the $31 trillion [of total debt] were accumulated within the last two decades alone.

          “During (D) President Barack Obama’s eight years in office, his administration was responsible for 29% of the national debt …”

          Liar49er apparently doesn’t believe that pandemic relief was necessary; perhaps it would have been better to allow the economy to crash and throw more millions out of work than were rendered jobless due to the Wuhan Flu. Three years later, we’ve just now recovered those jobs that were lost; however the job participation rate is still below the high mark achieved during the Trump presidency, indicating that we’re still far behind the number of jobs needed to achieve full employment despite the misleading unemployment rate.

          “Although comparatively, it may seem like Trump’s administration was responsible for a larger portion of the national debt, it is important to take in the impact of the pandemic when viewing these statistics. … the national debt level has historically increased by large amounts during times of uncertainty in the country and the economy.

          “For example, (D) Franklin D. Roosevelt is responsible for the largest increase in the national debt in presidential history, increasing the debt level from $22.5 billion to $236 billion.”

        • minor
          still all you have done is talk about Trump.
          what about 10% for the big guy and crackheads artwork for starters?
          Fuck You

        • “But Biden and the Democrats kicked ass in the 2022 midterms, outperforming Trump.”

          Neither President Trump nor Zhou BiDeng were on the ballot in 2022.

          And if you call (D)s losing the House “kick(ing) ass,” you’ve got the kicker and the kickee reversed.

      • Exactly What The Flying Feck does your pontificating have to do with the Meme? You’re so far off base here, that you obviously don’t understand the purpose of a comment section.
        We get it. You Hate Trump, and Love McSniffy Schitz-His-Pants.
        You despise the Right and think that the Loony Left is a fun bunch of guys and gals (though most are still questioning their gender), who think that sexual relations with children is Normal.
        You are nothing but a Fecking Troll, along with your Butt Buddies Dacian and Albert.

    • “ Wow, violating three of the 10 Commandments in one single transaction, a ‘True Christian’, right boys?”

      I always chuckle when people who likely have not regularly darkened the doorway of a house of worship attempt to use faith as a cudgel against those who do.

      Bless your heart, minor.

  1. LOL. TBF, I once lived in AR and the number of times people confused it with AK was astounding. More irritating, however, was the frequency with which it was conflated with NC. What, why North Carolina, you ask? Fayetteville, that’s why. I’ve never been to Fayetteville, NC but my luggage has been there twice. I left NWA shortly after the spiffy new regional airport was built and, since it has a different name, I presume that such issues are no longer all that significant.

  2. Thanks, that made me laugh! Something I have needed a lot every time I look at the political mess this country has become.

    I think I may just sell off most all my crap and buy a boat and go off exploring without AM, FM, TV, Cable, or Internet. I have fought the part of the fight I can, spent my money, bitched at all my political representatives ’till I am blue in the face (most of which have supported the destruction of this country) and it feels like it has done no good at all. The bastards just do what they want or what corrupt corporations line their pockets to do.

    • The only truly free in America are the homeless. Sell your stuff. Buy a boat or a van and be free.

      Life is too short to worry about what the other f*cker thinks.

        • You don’t have to be a junkie, that’s a personal choice. However, there is an attraction to sell everything, buy a camper/van, travel the world free of responsibilities.

        • So actually, all this time, living in a van down by the river, could have been a good thing. I’d want an RV with a bathroom.

        • “…sell everything, buy a camper/van…”

          My folks did this. Dad retired from union construction work in his mid 50s. They sold the farm, bought a 5th wheel rig, and followed the sun for 10 years before alighting. They visited every state except HI and CA. The only reason they didn’t see HI was because Mom doesn’t fly and there ain’t no bridge, and if there was a bridge, it would have connected to CA. Dad caught all kinds of fish, and Mom ate all kinds of food. They had a blast, with no regrets.

      • In my university days there was a homeless guy who lived in and/or under his small boat. One day we bumped into him downtown, which was extremely rare, and headed for the courthouse, which was astounding.
        Turned out he’d just inherited nearly $200k and had to appear before a judge before he could actually get it.
        Next time I saw him was on the river: he’d spent a chunk on a really nice boat with an actual cabin that had two beds; the rest he’d socked away in an account that paid 7.25%, giving him over $10k/yr in income. People thought he was crazy, but he said the boat was big enough he could go downstream to the ocean and then go back up a different river instead of being stuck with just one river to live along. He figured he’d take his time and explore every navigable river in the Pacific Northwest.

  3. When I was working everyone wanted to know if my Galil was an Uzi. I was issued an Uzi. On the rare occasion that I stepped out with it everyone wanted to know if it was an AK-47. Jesus wept.

      • I don’t know about Stoner. He meant well. It was just a poor design. The problem was that no one would admit the Emperor had no clothes. Mr. Browning, however…

        • Of course the government cutting corners using inferior chrome plating methods and the wrong powder in the ammo had nothing to do with any of the problems. FYI I don’t currently nor have I ever owned an AR-15 just a student of history.

        • CWT, I like to think I’m a student of history also. Everything you said is true. However, I believe hands on experience trumps reading about it in books. Every time. That said, the government issued me an AR from October, 1979 until April 2014. I’ve owned them, off and on, all my adult life. Own two now. The real problem is the gas impingement system. I don’t care what kind of powder you use.

        • Yeah, the idea of piping hot waste gas directly into the bolt carrier seems a little wacky.

          I’m more of a fan of the gas piston as pioneered by John C. Garand, his design was the basis for the M1 Garand, the M 14 and the M1 carbine.

        • Minor, your ignorance is showing. Again. Garand had nothing to do with the gas/piston system. He also had nothing to do with designing the M-14 or the M-1 carbine. Didn’t you see the Jimmy Stewart movie? Minor, why don’t you stick to other things you know nothing about. You know. Global warming, plastic straws, etc. Things that don’t really matter.

        • “Didn’t you see the Jimmy Stewart movie?“

          While I am a Jimmy Stewart fan, I don’t really look to Hollywood movies for my history lessons.

          “Garand had nothing to do with the gas/piston system“

          Perhaps you would be kind enough to tell me what was the first successful production gas piston operated semi automatic rifle fielded by any countries’ military?

    • I’ve fired 5.56 in an AK chambered for 7.62×39. The extractor is strong enough to hold the 5.56 case, the 5.56 fireforms about 1/3 the way back. You’ll need a ramrod to get the stuck case to come out.

    • @fatman

      “1 runs 5.56mm and the other runs 7.62mm
      Don’t get them mixed up.”

      5.56mm refers to the trigger travel distance on the AR rifle made in Arkansas, not how far the rifle can run.

      7.62mm refers to the trigger travel distance on the AK rifle made in Alaska, not how far the rifle can run.


      • and besides, according to anti-gun an AR or AK doesn’t need to run or walk or even move as they all have this strange mystic mind control ability to force people to pick them up and take them places to only shoot people 24 hours a day.


  4. Wait , I thought the AR stood for Another Rifle, like throw this one down and get another rifle. And AK was for anti aircraft, ak ak ak ak

    • +5 I can picture you Possum on top of Snoopy’s dog house, arms stretched together gunning down all the Leftist Nazi’s in a dogfight !

  5. … and they get the numbers because Arkansas was the 15th state to become a state, and Alaska was the 47th, of course.

    (hey, if they’ll believe the first part…)

    • We bought Alaska from the Russians for $7m, remember ‘Seward’s Icebox’?

      At one point Russia owned AK, Washington State, Oregon and most of California.

      • and apparently, judging by the communist type tyranny trend of some of their politicians, Washington State, Oregon and most of California want to belong to Russia again.

        • Is that all y’all got?


          And you might as well face the facts, the Russians are already here:

          “Only the modern inhabitants of southern Siberia matched this genetic profile, a finding that strongly indicates that the ancestors of the first Americans came from an East Asian homeland.“

          There’s just so many hilarious anecdotes of history, John Smith and the Mormons all swore that the Native Americans were Jewish, they were the 10 lost tribes of Israel.

          Maybe they were Jewish like Republican illegal immigrant George Santos was “Jew-ish”

          Turns out the 10 lost tribes of Israel probably ended up in Ethiopia and now there’s a whole bunch of black Jews.

          History is just so fascinating, but all you guys have are childish attacks and same-sex insults. It seems some of you folks are always thinking about that nasty same sex them people must be having…

      • Would they (ruskies) take ’em back Miner???? I mean it! They can get a REALLY great deal , but YOU have to go with them! (I’ll even pay the airfare for you and your Lil butt-buddy Dacian.

      • Wow thanx for the info Minor49, Never in a million years would I have thought Russia once owned Alaska.
        Gee your smart.

      • And Russia want to declare the deal null-and-void and get their land back.

        And will China find another ancient map to try to claim Siberia as theirs? Even though they built the Great Wall to keep the northern barbarians out.

  6. Never underestimate the ignorance of anti-gun people.

    The same people who want to make more laws.

    • It’s not ignorance. It’s a ruse, they’ve got use looking what the Queens going to do when the Knight hops in and takes the King

  7. So THAT’S what all the AR fuss is about! All this time I couldn’t figure out why people go so upset and wanted to ban Japanese Arisaka!

  8. This Meme is incorrect.
    AR = Armalite Rifle
    AK = Avtomat Kalashnikova (named after Russian who invented it)
    I can’t believe you made this mistake. (AR – Arkansas and AK – Alaska?!?)

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