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FYI the ruling still hasn’t been published to the Federal Register, and a slew of lawsuits are being filed. Plus there’s even some decent Congressional attention. I expect we’ll see an injunction on the ruling quite soon.


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    • To flush Gun Control you first have to define Gun Control like its sidekicks slavery, lynching, genocide, etc. were defined.

      Because Gun Control has not been singled out and defined by its history of rot the majority of people have an obvious knee jerk favorable opinion of Gun Control. That favorable opinion is the result of those who are supposed to be on point defending The Constitution clearly have failed miserbly to define Gun Control. Every history illiterate in America should know by now what Gun Control really is and which political party owns it lock, stock and barrel.

      It’s cut and dry…Gun Control in any shape, matter or form is an agenda rooted in racism and genocide…History Confirms It.

    • … you get an SBR, and YOU get an SBR, and YOU get an SBR.
      Might be a good time to remember what happened to Pontiac shortly after Orca’s ” you get a car, and you get a car, and ” …

  1. …while I hope the GCA is overturned, I’m not going to say ‘no’ to a discounted* tax stamp in the meantime.

    *the stamp might be free, hiring a lawyer to set up the trust won’t be.

      • They already know about it. In the state I live in, it’s automatically registered at purchase and private sales are illegal. Once a gun is in the system, what difference does it make if it gets registered again? I don’t like it, but I don’t see how it being in two databases instead of just one makes a bit of difference.

        • Except to get the free stamp, you have to submit photos of your illegal weapon. And if they don’t approve your stamp within 88 days, it’ll be automatically rejected, and the ATF has already said they’ll begin enforcement action. So you gave them proof of your felony and now they can drop the hammer on you.

        • The next time you buy a gunm come see me first. Theres no need to get .gov involved in purchasing things.

    • Also, are you okay with sending a “mother may I” to the ATF just because you want to take your formerly a pistol but now an SBR out of state? Unlike a silencer, current ATF rules (subject to arbitrary and capricious changes at the whim of ATF and its agents) require you to ask permission before you are allowed to take an SBR across state lines.

      • I was just going to write about that. I live 10 miles from the Idaho border with Washington and I do travel and I’m not filling out some fu—-ing ATF form and asking those assholes for permission.

        It’s simple as hell, take the brace and buffer tube off, put a standard buffer tube that will not accept an brace and have it remain a pistol.

        Good luck getting a tube though. Everybody seems to be Sold Out!

        Imagine that!

  2. I think you ought to be able to own a rifle of any barrel length without government interference. However, it’s a rifle. If the barrel is too short, and it can be, all you have is a lot of muzzle blast and not so much ballistics. About 18″+ is good for me. Depending on what I want the rifle to do. 16″ is absolutely shortest. Not because it’s shortest legal barrel, but because it’s the shortest barrel I believe delivers decent ballistics at any real range. CQB is a little different. My favorite 5.56 is a 16″ Galil ARM. I carried that thing on duty for 25 years. Hell of a carbine.

  3. I suspect in a couple years the IRS will be tasked with retrieving the lost tax revenue from individuals who took the opportunity to utilize the SBR amensty. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

  4. Maybe this is some sick fucken joke and the ATF is like “we know we are gonna lose this one so lets just rip the band-aid off and waste money doing it lol fuck you taxpayers”.

    • I was wondering if they created this cluster fk just to shut up Biden and the AG knowing full well it’s a total flop in the first place.

  5. SBR’s are no good for me, I need a long barrel, a real long barrel, 24 yards of a long barrel, one hole groups all day long.
    Easy Peasy keep her Greasy

  6. Not me. I have a tax stamped SBR. All these pistol braces or whatever and short bbl’d shotguns that “aren’t” short bbl’d shotguns…thats just rubbing their noses in it. I dont need the headaches or forfeiture of my assets. I agree that none of this crap should have ever been made law but we gave up those rights long ago. Don’t poke the bear.


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