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Poor guy lost his way and his senses.


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      • They have an “open marriage”, she grew up in a home with parents and relatives that had a almost brothel like ‘open relationship’ with mom and dads frequent ‘new friends’, she grew up- ‘undisciplined’ he grew up in a home raised strict baptist and went to private catholic school and grew up disciplined with parents in a monogamous relationship, shes getting older and sleeps with younger and younger men, hes getting older and keeps sleeping with his ex-wife and makes sure she knows it, she parades her new ‘partner of the night’ in front of him to make sure he knows it, each thinks their fame ‘entitles’ them, shes got common temporary ‘alopecia’ and thinks that makes her a ‘victim of disease akin to terminal cancer patients’ hes got common temporary case of ‘dumbass’ and thinks that makes he a ‘victim needing to be understood”, and neither one can deal with the fact that they are not really ‘compatible’ and their relationship to each other is in the crapper and has been because each is living the lie they tell them selves that they are somehow ‘special’.

        • In other words, it’s complicated, yet simple.

          Their kids’ lives will be spectacular train wrecks in slow motion…

        • his son starred in the worst movie i’ve ever encountered.
          and .40cal, that’s more people magazine content than i’ve ever seen.

    • I don’t know jwm, I’ve always thought the dude is kind of a liberal woman himself (he certainly hits like one) and I suspect Tim just below is prob right.

  1. Isn’t it ironic just a couple of years ago Chris Rock was a pariah for his offensive to Liberal/Progressive Democrat Offendials and Hollywood Elites humor and Willie was a Hollywood All Star. Now Look how far Willie has fallen and now Chris is considered the Savior of the Oscars and Hollywood itself.

    • Blue smoke and mirrors. Gets the attention away from child trafficking, Hillary’s spying, Ukrainian corruption, etc., etc.

      • Oh, I Never forget about the important stuff or the irony of idiots and fools. Because they are often intertwined.


    • Larger population, diminishing food supply, polluted water and air, fossil fuels usage contributing to a climatic change cycle, and adding to that ,minutely, but with extreme regularity is the gravitational shifts in the earth’s orbit when a vehicle leaves the earth.
      This planet can absorb the changes humans make, disregarding nuclear weapons, of a population of no greater then 150 billion, its reaching 9.

      • One day we will be gone like a noisy, smelly fart in the wind and no trace shall remain save the concrete and steel of our vanities and hubris which shall also eventually and relatively quickly erode away as well. Possums and other like critters I predict will continue to exist if not thrive. Even better news is that all these damn politicians will die off as well. Hopefully in great agony.

        • “This is the way the world ends. Not with a bang but a whimper.” T. S. Elliot.
          The only thing more ridiculous than believing humans can cause climate change is believing humans can stop climate change, On a planet that’s climate has been changing for 4.5 billion years. The Real climate change wack’s are the people who believe the climate shouldn’t be changing. Adapt or Die. It’s called evolution and has been happening, ever since the first organisms inhabited the Earth.

        • imagine the tremendous maggot heaves as the corpse eaters devour the second greatest carrion feast to occur. it’ll be something like following a bull moose out of a boundary waters pond.

        • Darkman, totally in agreement. Buncha pandering alarmist idiots.
          Tsbhoa, eeeww. (Not gonna bring up, pun intended, the “dark heavy ones” on the far side of the gracht again. Still traumatized…)

    • Are YOU aware that China, India, Russia, Vietnam and others are planning & building large numbers of New Coal Fired Power Plants to help supersize their industries ? Their future Greenhouse Gas Emissions will completely dwarf any efforts the west makes to reduce our emissions. You are wasting your time. Sorry.

    • Now we know you are a troll. Sometimes you could seem like a confused old man. Definitely a troll.

  3. Did anyone notice micro seconds after Chris Rock got slapped his fist clenched for a haymaker upper cut.

  4. This is only news because Will and Chris are famous and this slap was caught on camera. The bigger story to me is all the people out there defending violence over jokes. Emotionally weak and physically violent people who think that disliking words is justification for violence.

    cHrIs MaDe FuN oF hIs WiFe’S dEbIlItAtInG dEsEaSe…. No, Alopecia is not debilitating. The only thing it does is cause patchwork hairloss and about a third of women suffer from it. Calm down sparky, it ain’t cancer.

    i NeeD mY mAn To gO sTaNd Up FoR mE lIkE tHaT…. You want a husband who uses his fists when things don’t go his way? Unless he’s a rich celebrity, that kind of thing tends to land him in prison. That’s the best case scenario. Worst case is he hits you too.

    I’ll never understand why people like Miner advocate for violence over words. Truly disgusting.

    • No, she wants a husband who uses his fists when she gives him The Eye, which is exactly what happened.

      • Using his fists when she gives him the eye? That sounds kinda kinky, I don’t think I’ve ever used more than 3 fingers. Alas, what that couple does in the privacy of their own bedroom isn’t any of my business.

        • Ha! My bad on the choice of word/sentence structure! Of course it could all be in the mind of the reader too 😉😄.

    • A lot of people went with the “defending his wife’s honor” canard. Way to go, folks, but I’m of the mind that if your wife openly fools around on you and browbeats you into tolerating it, she has no honor to defend.

  5. Will Smith is not your friend and none of you grew up with him. Learn to distinguish fantasy from reality. He’s a degenerate actor, not a fighter pilot or a Man in Black.

    • I mean, obviously when Will moved out of his Uncle’s house in Bel Aire, he went into acting. I think everyone knows this.

  6. I’m thinking an actual assault on live TV might be viewed as a domestic and disqualify Smith from passing a NICS check…

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