Frank R. James
Courtesy NYPD
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This is the wrong sort of lunatic for the mainstream media’s taste. He doesn’t help them politically. A guy who looks like that is supposed to be a victim, not an aggressor. So they’ll find a way to either excuse it or dismiss it, and then they’ll get back to maligning their preferred enemies.

Remember when that maniac in an SUV plowed down a bunch of old ladies and children at a Christmas parade in Wisconsin last year? It might as well have been 100 years ago. The libs couldn’t blame it on Trump or his supporters, so they’ve all moved on. And they’ll move on from this attack as well.

If a black person hurts or kills a bunch of people, you’d better just get over it or you’re a racist. Don’t you know there are parents yelling at school board members? Haven’t you heard those rednecks chanting, “Let’s go, Brandon”? Don’t you know Kid Rock is a right-winger?

What are you, some sort of Nazi?

— Jim Treacher in Frank R. James Is a Victim of Society, Presumably

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  1. The NRA made him do it. A ghost gun possessed him and actually did the killing. It’s because of smoke grenades, why do Republicans and the NRA let you buy smoke grenades? It’s easier to buy smoke grenades than a healthy kale salad or organic smoothie. No one needs smoke grenades to kill a deer. Etc, etc.

      • I’m not familiar with that joke. Didn’t he have that one bit where he’s in a tree stand with his wife, and when they spot a deer, she says “aww, he looks just like Bambi’s dad!”?

        • “Didn’t he have that one bit where he’s in a tree stand with his wife, and when they spot a deer, she says “aww, he looks just like Bambi’s dad!”?”

          And then she pulled the trigger, sending the 6.5 CM slug right into the heart-lung area.

          If I were an edible critter, I’d fear a human female far more than a male…

        • lol, not my wife. She has told me on several occasions she doesn’t care what I do but she better not see any meat before it is wrapped in plastic or butcher paper. I get to take HER guns to the range, so I defer on the meat issue 😉

          Then again, she would never be in the stand with me anyway.

      • A guy I know bought a half a dozen M18’s in our school colors thinking they’d be slightly bigger versions of the smoke pellets fireworks stores sell around July 4 and planning to throw them into a field during homecoming week.

        I attempted to explain to him that what he had was not what he thought he had but he wouldn’t listen. So, I just cracked a beer, sat on my buddy’s porch and watched.

        As you’d imagine, the cops didn’t think it was funny at all but all the alums visiting the university were trashed and thought it was the start of a fireworks show.

        He didn’t get caught and nothing happened other than filling the field with smoke and some singed grass, so no biggie, but he about shit himself when he realized that tossing three of each color might have been a bit excessive. Watching him run away in terror was the highlight of my day.

        Cool way to waste $200, I guess.

      • I grew up with the Eglin reservation literally across from my mailbox. About a half mile from the Rangers beach access across 98. I loved going out after each class and collecting all the blanks, magazines, C-rats (yes before MRE’s) and M-18’s. My brother and I would fill Michael Ave with yellow or purple smoke pretty often.

  2. White supremacy made him do it, obviously.
    Then we have the evil gun companies with their mind altering, brainwashing ad campaigns all over the TV, radio and with giant billboards all over the US.
    If anything we should be apologizing to this man for making him do what he did.

      • 8 across the political spectrum. If you go to church next time you go get down on your knees and ask god why she made you a pathetic, ignorant asshole.

        • If God was a woman the entire universe would consist of nothing more than “The View” and endless bottles of Chablis.

        • I don’t think you understand what is being said here…

          The point is, the story will disappear because it does not fit the left wing anti-gun narrative.

          And god is gender neutral…

        • God gave humans gender just to see how depraved some members of the species could behave. At some point, God will pull the plug.

          While there is no “Proof” God exists, neither is there any “Proof” he doesn’t exist.

        • “At some point, God will pull the plug.”

          The universe as a whole will probably benefit from it.

          Most likely, our star the Sun will go red giant and swell so large it engulfs Earth and we spiral into it, eventually cooling into just another stellar cinder of a white dwarf, nothing more than a navigation hazard to be avoided by the truly intelligent species that master interstellar travel still left.

          Voyagers 1 and 2 will be the only traces left of the apes that learned to talk and share naked images of themselves electronically… 😉

        • lol at the religious freak comments… I knew that would trigger someone in this crowd.

          There is no god. There is 10x more proof that god doesn’t exist if you are paying attention. Every single aspect of religion is man made.

        • Montana Actual If you truly think there is no God, I expect you have never opened your eyes.

        • We live in a fallen world. We were never promised an easy life. Plus, you’d never appreciate the good without the bad.

        • “While there is no “Proof” God exists… “

          Those who make the claim a particular god or goddess exists, have the burden of proof to substantiate their claim.

          There’s as much evidence for the existence of Bigfoot and universe farting unicorns as there is for the existence of any god or goddess.

          And there is much more evidence for the claim of alien abduction, quite literally hundreds of living eyewitnesses who have testified to the reality of their experience.

          You could perform a simple experiment to verify the reality of any deity, pray to your deity in one hand and shit in the other, then see which fills first.

        • Minor Miner49er You have just proven just how minor you really are. Apparently you think the wonders of the world just happened? That is just “magically” materialized?

          If you were not so minor, I would pity you.

        • Brilliant analysis, MinorIQ . . . NOT.

          By those “standards”, I will simply ask you . . . why are you such a Leftist/fascist/authoritarian??? WHEN has Leftism ever been successful? Shit in one hand, and have your “perfect” Leftist/fascist utopia in the other, and see which one fills up faster, amirite???

          There is an ironic underlayer to your pathetic effort to usurp that OLD joke, MinorIQ – the original version is “wish in one hand, shit in the other, and see which one fills up faster” – a perfect analogy to your Leftist/fascist beliefs, since your “perfect Leftist utopia” has never been anything BUT a (stupid) wish/dream. NEVER successful, anywhere, EVER. But still, you Leftist/fascists keep f***in’ that chicken. What did that poor chicken ever do to you???

        • “There’s as much evidence for the existence of Bigfoot and universe farting unicorns as there is for the existence of any god or goddess.”

          Show me a creation without a creator. Show me a more amazing and complex creation than our planet and the life on it.

          Many people get the idea of prayer wrong, including Christians. It isn’t about giving your wish list. It’s about giving thanks, asking for forgiveness, and establishing and keeping a relationship with God.

          Speaking of eyewitnesses, I’ve personally experienced a supernatural intervention. I don’t remember praying for it either. Maybe it was Bigfoot?

    • They also covered Afghanistan for a couple of week because they were forced to. Then they dropped it like a hot potato, unlike the many stories while Trump was in office that ended up being lies. They’d rather cover lies than the truth because all that matters is the narrative and political power.

      • Yes, trump’s retreat from Afghanistan, a ‘deal’ he negotiated with terrorists. And it was Trump who released 5000 convicted Taliban fighters directly into Afghanistan to destabilize the situation, good job Comrade Trump!

        Not to mention the terms he negotiated including the United States leaving behind billions of dollars in weapons to arm the 5000 Taliban fighters he’s so graciously released into the population.

        • Minor Miner49er ROFLMAOBT! Trump’s “retreat”? I guess you figure the debacle Sleepy Joe calls our evacuation to be what?

          It was your buddy Sleepy Sleezy Joe who left all those weapons behind. Nice try and thanks for playing.

        • Oh Sweet Baby Jebus on a f***ing nuclear-powered pogo stick, MajorStupidity, that is some GALAXY-class gaslighting, even for a Leftist/fascist warmonger like yourself. Trump WISELY wanted to extract us from that clusterf*** we NEVER should have gotten involved in in the first place. He did reduce troop levels, and was trying to negotiate a peaceful withdrawal.

          Now, tell us about the part where he bent over, grabbed his ankles, and invited the Taliba to roger us vigorously up the @$$, leaving American citizens in harm’s way, abandoning those Afghanis who HAD been loyal allies, and armed the Taliban with literally BILLIONS of dollars of US-taxpayer financed arms. Oh, wait, that wasn’t Trump, was it, you lying tw*t . . . it was your “hero”, Senile Joe, the serial child-molester, wasn’t it, MajorStupidity????

          Just f*** the hell off, MinorIQ; your RIDICULOUS partisan lies and wishcasting are so absurd and buffoonish that you have lost ALL credibility. Restore your credibility, MinorIQ . . . go back to telling us how Article I, Section 8 authorizes universal gun control. What a pathetic caricature of homo sapiens you are.

        • “Yes, trump’s retreat from Afghanistan”

          If people actually believed it was Trump’s retreat, then the media would still be covering it daily. They would ride it all the way to the midterms, just like they rode the Russia Conspiracy Theory to midterm victories in 2018. It’s funny how they can only win with lies.

          They were so insecure about 2020, that they, not only censored major conservative voices, but they censored verified stories about the Bidens because it was “Russian disinformation.” Big shocker, more lies. Don’t you grow weary of constantly lying?

    • Now now dear boy (identifies as girl) it seems as if you’ve been triggered. Cuddle up with some soy latte and let your man-bun “friend” satisfy you on *his* knees. You’ll feel a might bit better!

  3. Where can I send a check to assuage my guilt (and privilege) over the fact that my Great Great Great’s never owned any of his Great Great Great’s?

    (note: most of my family Hx can be traced back to indentured servants immigrating (legally) during the time of the Irish Potato Famine)

      • There’s only white and POC, excuse me, BIPOC. One is the oppressor and one is the oppressed. Nothing else matters.

    • My great-great-grandpa was a Grand Dragon. I had another ancestor who smuggled in slaves after importing them was made illegal. I’m not apologizing for either of them 100 years after they’re dead.

      • And I had ancestors who fought AND DIED on both sides in the Civil War. If I only claim the ones who fought for the North, do I still have to pay reparations? And, of the best information we have, none of my ancestors ever OWNED slaves . . . we were too poor. One of the tragedies of the Civil War was that most Southern soldiers were from poor, white families . . . who were economically disadvantaged by slavery.

  4. Remember when a literal black nationalist killed one Capitol police officer (and tried to kill others) in early 2021? He said the the US government was the “#1 enemy of black people.”

    What sort of coverage did that get in the press? Compare and contrast this coverage with the press coverage lying about Capitol police being killed in the riot. Now imagine what the coverage would be if the black nationalist was a white nationalist or a Trump supporter. As usual, the DC police immediately said this wasn’t terrorism. I love how they rule that out before the investigation. Move along!

    • Was he wrong, though? (not the shooting, of course that was wrong, I’m talking about what he said in the quote above)

      • Statistically, most black people who meet an untimely end do so at the hands of, um, well, hmm, let’s see, ahh, OTHER BLACK PEOPLE. :ducks:

      • Yes, he was wrong. He should have said that ‘the number one enemy of black people in America are the democratic party.’

        • Well, if you correct for criminal behavior, the number one enemy of black people in America appears to be the same as it is for all the other people – cardiovascular disease, followed by cars and trucks…yet, other than Lil Bloomy, a few assorted food nannie’s and anti-ICE weirdos, nobody’s calling out tasty burgers and/or Buicks…

      • He was certainly onto something there, but that isn’t the point. Imagine the media and twitter world reaction had it been someone with a lighter skin tone who said #1 enemy of white people, especially given the context of other recent events and media spin. They probably would have tied it to the Jan 6 conversation, and they’d still be talking about it today. I bet more people believe at least one Capitol police officer was killed on Jan 6, than are even aware of this story.

    • “a literal black nationalist killed one Capitol police officer“

      False equivalence, you attempt to compare one mentally ill person’s assault on a police officer with an armed insurrection and attack on our United States Capitol during a joint session of Congress certifying our constitutionally mandated presidential election, an assault involving literally thousands of perpetrators.

      And now the depths of the conspiracy are being revealed, the Trump family’s direct involvement in the planning and attempted execution of a seditious conspiracy to block the certification of a duly elected president.

      • Minor Miner49er Nice try. It seems that what you are calling an “armed insurrection” was a protest that turned into a riot. Should the rioters be punished, you bet, but so should your ANTIFA instigators who instigated this riot and the riots of the summer of 2020.

        Conspiracy? ROFLMAOBT! There was no “conspiracy” or “direct involvement” of the Trump family. Nice try.

  5. Most every bit of what’s wrong with America stems from demoCrap. Take one mental case and insert years of demoCrap between their ears and add a gun, hatchet, smoke bombs, gasoline and out pops a poop for brains terrorist named frank james who had a field day in Gun Control NYC.

    Unfortunately demoCrap is everywhere including this forum. I.E. Those who trip over themselves to wager on whether a perp is Black or not according to the makeup of a populace, etc. Such individuals are so history illiterate they do not realize making such wagers shows they are infected by the same cheap shot racist demoCrap from years gone by. Sad part is there are more frank james out there and there are more wagering azzhats and other useful idiots out there helping to keep demoCrap alive…To say nothing is to condone it.

  6. Time for Rich White Liberals and Marxist Teacher’s Union Leaders to get over it, and recognize there’s a reason that Blacks are over represented in crimes and jails. The War on Poverty made the Black Family and Fathers a roadblock to Government assistance. It gave a financial incentive to Chuck the man right out o the house. Don’t believe? Track the War on Poverty vs. the Rise of Single Mother Households. Lack of a father figure lead to the rise in black male crime! Attack the source instead of the Symptoms. Make Two Parent Families The thing to aspire to. Make out of wedlock pregnancies shameful again!

    • Tracks with every stat I had to track and was told to ignore, also applies to whites both hispanic and non.

  7. I’ll bet you won’t have to worry about him on subways anymore… with his oppressed history and experiences I’m pretty sure will have a limo and personal chauffeur assigned to him along with an apologetic get out of jail free letter in his pocket. Ghost Victim, anyone?

  8. Ironic that this very scenario was the reason why the US Attorney General used to justify gun control measures in NY. By removing gun control measures, the subway would be shooting galleries, she argued

    • Yeah how dare they. Dones’t he know that the hurt feelings of some leftoid twat are more important than the fact that some nut job wanna be black nationalists started shooting people.

    • In an article about a mass shooting, you tell us to focus our “moral outrage” on jokes?!?

      You often try to inflate “gun deaths” by including the suicide rate. As long as you’re still stealing decent people’s oxygen, it isn’t nearly high enough.

      • You often try to inflate “gun deaths” by including the suicide rate“

        So you think if a person dies by a self-inflicted gunshot wound it’s not a ‘gun death’?

        Fascinating… Once again, the right wing is attempting to redefine words.

        • Minor Miner49er No a suicide committed with a gun is not a “gun death”. If the person wanted to commit suicide and did not have a gun, he/she would have found another means to do the deed.

          What is fascinating is you blatant attempt to inflate and conflate the matter.

        • “a suicide committed with a gun is not a “gun death”

          So dying from a gunshot wound is not a “gun death”?

          So ‘death by gun’ is not a “gun death”, fascinating…

        • Did I “redefine” a made-up leftist scare term? Maybe next I’ll go after such core facts as “ghost gun” or “assault weapon”. Is there no objective truth anymore?!?

        • Minor MINER49ER NO, dying from a “gunshot wound” is NOT a “gun death.” Guns can’t kill. Only a person can kill another.

          What is fascinating is your fixation on blaming an inanimate object for a death.

        • Walter,

          His fixation is quite understandable – he is more able to empathize with an inanimate object since, like him, it lacks the ability of ratiocination. A cold drink and a new thought would kill MinorIQ stone dead.

    • Seems unrelated to this story. But sure, IF true (it is MSN, who posts no shortage of fake/deceptive “news”), that is surely distasteful and something that should be condemned. Probably not as much as when Democrat governors all over the country intentionally murdered tens of thousands of Americans (many minorities) by intentionally seeding COVID into nursing homes. Name a Democrat governor (other than Newsom I believe), and they murdered people with COVID.

      That too is unrelated to this story, but if you’re looking for things to be bent out of shape about, a bad joke is weak in comparison to mass-murder. My unrelated two-cents anyway.

      • Actually, I guess my example isn’t unrelated or off-topic, if you make the point that almost every Democrat governor currently in office has intentionally killed more people than the NY subway guy.

        • Xanthin,

          If your point is that politicians (Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Castro, Che, Pol Pot, Pinochet, Billy “Zipperpants” Clinton, Barry Soetoro, Xiao Bai-Den, are the biggest mass murderers of all?? Tell me something I DON’T know, chief. Anyone who trusts ANY politician will most assuredly receive their just desserts.

  9. I see the NYPD are patting themselves on the back for catching this guy, after he left his gun, his car keys, and his credit card at the scene, then called them from the McDonald’s he was hanging around to tell them where he was.

    <golf clap>

  10. Facebook won’t let me share this link in a Group Message! Not even trying to “post” it, just sharing in a MESSAGE!

      • About YOU, nameless, brainless, d***less troll??? Yeah, we’ve been trying to tell you that for lo, these many months. Didn’t think it would ever penetrate that granite skull of yours, into that tiny, empty cranial cavity. The nameless, brainless, d***less troll; when he’s told ya ‘howdy’, he’s told ya all he knows.

      • avatar Geoff "A day without an obsessed, obviously brain-damaged and mentally-ill demented troll (who deserves to live in New Jersey) PR

        “Well the good news is nobody cares”

        Correct, it’s proof that a nobody like you cares very deeply about it… 🤡 🤣

  11. Yeah, I’ve been listening to progressives calling me a racist, a fascist, a Nazi, and more for years now. I’m used to it. If the idiots understood the words they use, they would be embarrassed. Their grandparents would be embarrassed, if they could hear them.

    If they insist on pushing things to a race war, there is NOBODY going to like when the day of reckoning comes. Not “our side”, or their side, nor even the fence straddlers. It will be ugly, ugly, ugly.

    What’s that old Chinese curse? May you live in interesting times. Yeah – interesting times are coming. Speaking of the Chinese – that may be another day of reckoning that nobody enjoys. And, Russia . . .

    • Uncomfortable but increasingly likely outcomes. Up end (for us sucks for their people) China may be hitting a groupthink problem with their latest lockdown so we may have a bit more time before they stir up more issues.

  12. Q: Why You Won’t Be Hearing Much More About (Alleged) Subway Shooter Frank R. James?
    A: He was on a False Flag or failed sting opp mission from FBI

    • I don’t think so, or else he would have been tailored to the aforementioned shopping list… he’s actually a poster boy for what happens to a disarmed populace.

      • He’s also a poster boy for what happens to people who listen to the Democrat grievance industrial complex. How many BLM and Nation of Islam followers have killed in the name of racial justice in recent years?

    • I find the “False Flag” canard about mass shooters highly implausible. Mass shooters generally either die in a hail of gunfire or go to prison for life. For a functioning, mentally normal civil servant, that’s kind of a hard sell. You could get a complete lunatic to do it, but a complete lunatic might also do… well, just about anything else you can imagine. They’re almost impossible to direct, let alone control, with a hands-off, minimal contact approach. You could get a zealot to commit a suicide mission for a cause, but even a zealot generally wants to strike a decisive blow against the enemy/oppressor/infidels, and make sure they know who did it and why. They’re not going to go in under a false flag as part of an obscure PR campaign.

      Now, failed sting operations are another matter. We know the FBI monitors extremists – so far, so good. We know they often lose interest in the people they monitor for this purpose, which is pretty much inherent in the activity of screening for threats. But they also conduct sting operations, which raise the question of how much they actively incite and radicalize their targets versus simply monitoring them. And we know some of the targets that fall off the radar go on to commit terrorist acts. So the question is, do these sets intersect? Does the FBI ever radicalize a target and later lose interest? And if so, did any of these go on to commit terrorist acts? It’s an area I feel calls for a great deal more transparency.

      • A good example of a false flag is the Governor Gretchen kidnapping. The FBI lost in court, because they were so busy facilitating the conspiracy. You need useful idiots, and not just any useful idiots – they’ve got to be the right kind of useful idiots. Suggestible, but not too suggestible. Malleable, but not too malleable. They have to have some kind of grudge to start with, and it has to be something you can work with. And, they have to have some level of courage, but you don’t want them too brave, either. And, I suppose you have to find the right agent to work with the useful idiots, since there are thousands of ways of blowing it.

      • “But they also conduct sting operations“

        The perpetrator is reported to have purchased his Glock firearm in 2011, 11 years of sleeper agent status?

        Hilarious, just follow occam‘s razor.

        “The principle gives precedence to simplicity: of two competing theories, the simpler explanation of an entity is to be preferred”

        The guy was mentally ill and suffered a psychotic break.

        • Minor Miner49er So the perpetrator purchased his GLOCK in 2011. So you are claiming that for 11 years he planned his assault and was a “sleeper agent”. ROFLMAOBT!

          Was he mentally ill, probably, but we will never know for sure as he is deceased?

        • “So you are claiming that for 11 years he planned his assault and was a “sleeper agent”

          No Walt, I’m pointing out the hilarious bullshit of the poster above who is speculating that this was an FBI “false flag operation”.

          From the reporting, it seems clear he had had a mental illness issue for years and apparently had a psychotic break.

          And he is not deceased, he was taken into custody without incident.

        • Reading for context might help. I explicitly dismissed the notion of him being a sleeper agent. However, I pointed out that the FBI plays an active role in radicalizing people. Do they ever lure people down the rabbit hole, only to lost interest in them? It seems almost inevitable, unless 100% of sting operations successfully lead to the charging of 100% of contacted parties. Do any of those thus radicalized go on to commit terrorist acts? I don’t know. [b]You[/b] don’t know either. It all happens in secret.

        • Minor MINER49ER the False flag operation was the alleged “conspiracy to kidnap the Michigan Governor.”

          As to the one that DaveL alleges, he is correct in that the FBI has been caught repeatedly doing operations where they entrap people to commit a crime and then make an arrest.

          For an undercover agent to present viable admissible evidence, he has to not in any way encourage the furtherance of the conspiracy. If he violates this basic procedure, the entire case is tainted and should not be prosecuted as the undercover agent has engaged in entrapment.

          I have had three cases where I contacted the FBI to give them important information which they should have followed up on and which they admitted to me that they had done NOTHING. Sorry, but the FBI is not the great law enforcement agency you think it is.

  13. The reason we won’t hear much about him is because he wasn’t a white guy who wants to talk to people about Jesus.

  14. ALL illogical conjecture. The guy is obviously mentally disturbed and colour is nothing to do with it. Another mass shooting that defies logic, or at least the logic in the civilised world. THere is nothing on Earth thcan forestall maniacs -it just happens to be easier in the USA because of the number and availibility of firearms explosives etc. in circulation. Where in Gods name do you getr Military Smoke Grenades from ?? I see that some ignorant fool associates Smoke Grenades with Elfin DEER HUNTING for gods sake. Really. Another confglates this incident with some kind of RELIGIOUS connection and proceeds to get into a [kind of] s discussion as to whether or no god exists.
    On the balance of available eveidence I’d have to say it’s doubtful and to expect ‘god to dish out punishment for perceived sexual deviation is a tad hopeful to say the lea I’d also have to say that those who profess to know the mind of god have no bloody right to lecture the rest of us if the behaviour of CLERICS from every religion you care to name is anything to go by From perceived sexual deviance to paedophilia, to violence and mayhem to wholesale slaughter there is NOT a religion that has not indulged in them all at one time or another.

    • Good little lapdog, Albert Hall. You keep telling us what life is all about here in the US, because we aren’t smart enough to see for ourselves.

      And, where ever DID you get your education? The UK used to be proud of their education system.

    • Albert the PERENNIAL Subject,

      Don’t you EVER get tired of licking the @$$ of every “titled” nitwit that rules over you??? Child, we stopped giving a aerial fornication about the opinion of you subjects in 1776, and we aren’t likely to start up again. Keep your “civilised” fantasies about what you Euroweenies think next to your bed, for night time whacking material – no one here gives a shart.

  15. Color has nothing to do with it?? The freak said he wanted to kill WHITE people. Also he asked Black Jesus to kill all whiteys. Don’t tell us that crap, that he is misunderstood, or he was not racist. Go ahead and tell yourself and everyone else that B.S. So I guess the innocent people on the subway were all white racist supremacy people, that’s why he did what he did. The blind lead the blind, and all fall into a ditch.

    • “Also he asked Black Jesus to kill all whiteys“

      Clearly, he was delusional, there is no evidence for the existence of Jesus, black or white.

      No record in the Roman census, no record of execution, etc.

      • Minor Miner49er Bad news for you. For your edification there is proof that Jesus did in fact exist and was killed in Jerusalem by Roman soldiers and Jewish Pharisees.

        May God have mercy on your immortal soul.

        • Well alrighty, please share the evidence you have. I would be most interested in the evidence you speak of.

        • Minor MINER49er It seems you have not heard of the book called the Bible?

          May God have mercy on your immortal soul.

        • Easy, peasy, MajorStupidity,

          And, from a source that should be sufficiently Leftist/fascist for you:

          That is not, of course, anything CLOSE to “all” of the evidence of the existence of the man known as Jesus of Arimathea. As to His divinity, there is, of course, no proof EITHER WAY.

          Einstein should have expanded his definition of insanity to include those who insist on engaging in the skeevy practice of professing “intellectual” certainty as to matters which are, by definition, neither provable nor disprovable. You have a pathetically shallow intellect, MajorStupidity. Curiously, it seems to suit you, as you are a pathetically shallow person, generally. Your tiny brain obviously shrinks from ideas which are objectively unknowable. Even contemplating actual, advanced sub-atomic physics would make your head explode, you simpleton. You reinforce my belief that the human race is incapable of apotheosis. I may have to resort to efforts to immanentize the eschaton. SMOD, please help rid the world of dacians and MajorStupidity . . . the rest of us MIGHT have a chance, without them to weight us down.

      • He said it, I did not. It’s the fact that he used black against white in murdering them. How about asking black black Santa Claus to murder white people. Mayby he believes In Jesus, and mayby he believes Jesus is black, I don’t know, I’m not in his messed up head, but whatever, it’s the black murdering whitey thing that is the point here. If you don’t believe in Jesus, that’s you. Your grown, you have your own beliefs and disbelief. Don’t shove them down our throats. Believe and not believe what you will. Leave us others alone.

  16. Interesting to note Roman and Greek Historians contemporary to Jesus have written about his Life and the disruptions caused amongst the Jews, along with subsequent conversion of Caesars to Christianity. But you keep non-believing what you non-believe!

  17. I actually don’t know what Mr. Zimmerman is talking about, as I constantly see new stories about the New York subway shooter.

    As for the alleged perpetrator who mowed down a group of people at the Christmas parade in Waukesha Wisconsin, I live in Southeastern Wisconsin and this is always in the news. One of the items of importance is the alleged perpetrator had allegedly run over the mother of his child with the same SUV and was was released from custody on a very low bail. People have been calling for months to have the district attorney who’s office is responsible for the prosecution to resign.


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