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Yeah, that’s pretty much exactly how it went down.


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  1. That is the compromise the gun control people want. We get nothing and they get everything. We should consider ourselves lucky we have our lives, for now.

      • I personally have been done compromising for a long time,we get nothing in return.
        I will not capitulate. ,
        FJB F the leftists

      • strych9,

        And not even forced capitulation. A woman getting raped has no choice; Cornyn and Mitch the Bitch laid down, spread their legs, and said, “Hey, Sailor!”

        But that’s about what I expected from them.

        • That’s a terrible mental image that I will need to work to remove from my brain.

          It’s not wrong, just horrific.

  2. That’s the deep state paying us back for meddling in ” their ” business in D C and electing an outsider that screwed up their plans. Now they will teach us a lesson. Next thing will be to get the fake Jan. 6th investigation misinformation results and indict President Trump so he can’t run again.

        • Good point. I don’t know of a more incompetent president than “Dementia Joe” Biden. Along with his dementia, we get stuck with his cokehead son, Hunter, as well as other Biden family members who are seeking to become independently wealthy by hanging onto the coattails of “Dementia Joe”. Time for American citizens to wake up.

      • Hey Nathan, how’s denial of reality going? If ignorance is bliss you must be walking on sunshine.

      • Question young Nathan, is the average American better off financially with Joe Biden’s admin or Donald Trump’s.

        • I think Biden sucks, but I’d like to know who these ‘Deep State’ guys are. Do they have names? Where do they work and how long have they been in power?

        • Careful with that line of thinking.

          “We’ll all be millionaires (or billionaires or trillionaires) but unable to afford bread” is a saying for a reason. Zimbabwe proved you could struggle as a quadrillionaire provided your government was stupid enough.

      • You know, the sad part is that I suspect that “sounded good in your head”. I hear MinorIQ and dacian the stupid are having their regular circle jerk this afternoon. You should join them. Y’all can have a gay old time!!

    • “indict President Trump“

      Yep, stay tuned.

      And I’m impressed with Cassidy Hutchinson, a patriotic American with more courage than men twice her age.

      Trumps attempts at witness intimidation will just increase the number of indictments he and his co-conspirators will receive.

      • Not patriotic just a juvenile swamp creature in training. You will notice there is absolutely no ability for any cross examination of these “witnesses”.

        • You mean hearsay testimony isn’t good enough to bring charges?? But it sounds sooo believable….

        • “You will notice there is absolutely no ability for any cross examination of these “witnesses”.“

          This is not a trial, but rather an investigative hearing to gather evidence and testimony.

          The criminal trial will come later, I’m really looking forward to watching the first seditious conspiracy trials in my lifetime!

          And yes, there is plenty of opportunity for Republicans to ask questions, Republican Senator Elizabeth Cheney, daughter of Republican Vice President Dick Cheney, is cochair and has asked plenty of questions.

          Republican representative Adam Kinzinger, 18 year strategic air command pilot, served across the world flying KC135 zippos, has conducted much of the questioning.

          Former Republican representative Denver Riggleman, an experienced criminal investigator, assisted the committee gathering information and interviewing witnesses.

          And there have been plenty of Republicans testifying under oath.

          Attorney General of the United States of America, Trump appointee William Barr testified that he told Donald Trump that his stolen election theories were “Bullshit”.

          Republican secretary of state of Georgia Brad Raffensperger

          Chief operating officer of the Georgia Secretary of State’s office Gabe Stirling

          Republican speaker of the Arizona House of Representatives Rusty Bowers

          Republican Vice President Mike Pence’s lead counsel Greg Jacob testified
          “That’s rubber room stuff,” Mr. Pence told him, as Mr. Jacob recalled. In other words, Mr. Jacob said, “certifiably crazy.”

          And recently, Trump appointed department of justice leadership:

          Jeff Rosen, the former acting attorney general

          Richard Donoghue, the former acting deputy attorney general

          Steven Engel, the former assistant attorney general for the Office of Legal Counsel.

          Of course, Donald Trump and his co-conspirators have refused opportunities to testify under oath, and when they do appear they plead the fifth.

          And we know what that means.

          “You see the mob takes the Fifth,” he said during one rally in Iowa. “If you’re innocent, why are you taking the Fifth Amendment?”
          Donald J Trump 2016

        • The criminal trial will come later, I’m really looking forward to watching the first seditious conspiracy trials in my lifetime!

          Don’t hold your breath Miner, no wait on second thought yes, please do hold your breath until that “seditious conspiracy trial” starts. You are probably used to disappointment anyway, imagining how you feel every morning when you realize you are still you.

        • What do all those names have in common? All career swamp creatures. The quote about the 5th(newspeak what a joke), taken ot of context, this is my shocked face.

        • “All career swamp creatures“


          So the swamp extends clear to Arizona and Georgia?

          Republican secretary of state of Georgia Brad Raffensperger

          Chief operating officer of the Georgia Secretary of State’s office Gabe Stirling

          Republican speaker of the Arizona House of Representatives Rusty Bowers

          And you are maintaining that Rusty Bowers is a swamp creature, amazing.

        • We mean it this time! That’s why we didn’t ask for the source of the rumor to appear before us while we subpoena everyone else. This isn’t a show trial! It’s for realz!!

      • not surprised liars impress you.
        not at all.
        more than happy to introduce her to the real beast. speak into the mic.

      • Yep, stay tuned. And I’m impressed with Cassidy Hutchinson,

        Not surprised that a psychological liar would impress you

        • “psychological liar“

          I’m sure we would all enjoy learning more about what evidence you have to support your claim that she is a “psychological liar”, whatever that is.

        • Knew YOU would catch that, meant pathological and there is ample evidence from everyone who was ACTUALLY present when all of her fantasies allegedly occurred AND they have ALL volunteered to refute her BS (2nd and 3rd party) story that she related KNOWING it was not true (like the handwritten note that she claimed SHE wrote), but we all know that opportunity will not be offered up by the current clown show ringmasters. As far as historical proof, get off your lazy ass and look her up there is plenty of information on her “hiding in plain sight”.

        • “there is ample evidence from everyone who was ACTUALLY present”


          So you have testimony under oath that contradicts her? Or you have documents or other media evidence that contradicts her?

          No, the fact is, all the co-conspirators are unwilling to testify under oath because they know they will incriminate themselves.

          Hillary Clinton testified under oath before a congressional committee for nine hours, let’s have Trump come and be sworn in to speak the truth.

        • Again, jwm, “narrative over evidence”. The lying scrunt testtified to (i) 2d and 3rd hand hearsay, that the ACTUAL witnesses have already offered to rebut UNDER OATH, and (ii) made a plagiaristic claim about authoring a note (that SHE claimed “refreshed her recollection” that was ACTUALLY written by White House counsel (who has ALSO offered to present that testimony under oath). But, to MajorStupidity, she is “stunning and brave”, because her false testimony bolsters his TDS wet dream of a Trump persecution (pun intentional). Evidence and reality mean nothing to them in the face of a good, unicorn-fart-fueled, narrative.

          MinorIQ has never met a Leftist lie he wouldn’t cite as “evidence”. “Debating” with MinorIQ is like playing chess with a pigeon – he knocks over all the pieces, s***s all over the board, then struts around proudly clucking about how he “won the game”. But, then, you have to be pretty stupid to argue for Leftist/fascism in the first place.

        • Wrong guy, The handwritten note that Cassidy Hutchinson testified was written by her was in fact written by Eric Herschmann on January 6, 2021, but they won’t call him and they won’t ask anyone about it that might refute their “STAR” witness. OBTW: there is more than one White House Counsel… Braindead has a whole army of lawyers following him around to clean up after him.

        • Holy Baby Jeebus on a Nuclear-Powered Pogo Stick!!!

          MajorStupidity, MADMAXX has already put you in your place about this, but allow me to pile on – WRONG F***ING GUY, MORON. Eric Herschmann wrote the note, and HAS OFFERED TO TESTIFY as to that. Hasn’t been called as a witness. ALMOST as if this was a Joseph Stalin/Lavrenti Beria production of “The Truth is What We Want it to Be!”

          I am no fan of Teh Donald. Your obsessive-compulsive TDS is simply . . . pathetic. You and dacian the stupid keep alluding to how great Senile Joe, the Serial Child-Molester is as a “(P)resident”, and . . . we have:

          * the highest inflation in over 40 years
          * we abandoned BILLIONS of dollars of state-of-the art weaponry, and hundreds (if not thousands) of Americans, to the tender mercies of the Taliban
          * the stock market has tanked
          * mothers can’t buy freakin’ FORMULA FOR THEIR BABIES
          * women can’t buy pads or tampons, for love or money
          * the “border” is a sick joke – highest “undocumented” influx since the government began keeping statistics
          * DESPITE having the vaccines that DJT rammed through, AND improved treatments, more Americans have died under Senile Joe from COVID than under DJT
          * Fewer Presidential press conferences than ANY modern president
          * Highest gasoline prices IN HISTORY
          * food shortages, empty shelves EVERYWHERE

          and, yet, idiots like yourself and dacian the stupid continue to defend this senile, incompetent moron (who was incompetent BEFORE he became senile). And you expect us to take ANYTHING you say seriously?????

          MajorStupidity, you are so stupid, you require an homonculus to ride on your shoulder to remind you to breathe. You make a brain-damaged planaria look like Albert freakin’ Einstein.

          Tell me again about how Article I, Section 8 authorized universal federal gun control, you window-licking quarterwit.

        • “that was ACTUALLY written by White House counsel”

          “OBTW: there is more than one White House Counsel… “

          Hilarious, you are both wrong. There is only one ‘White House Counsel’, and at that point in time it was Pat Cippolone, who has indeed been subpoenaed by the January 6 investigative committee.

          Eric Hirschmann was a ‘Senior Advisor to the President’, just as Jared Kushner was. Political appointees (hacks).
          Hey, and good job with Jared getting $2 billion from the Saudi Arabians while he was a member of our government, no conflict of interest there!

          “Eric Herschmann is an American political advisor and attorney who served as a senior advisor to President Donald Trump.”

        • The White House counsel is a senior staff appointee of the president of the United States whose role is to advise the president on all legal issues concerning the president and their administration. The White House counsel ALSO OVERSEES THE “OFFICE OF THE WHITE HOUSE COUNSEL”, a TEAM (indicating MORE than one) of lawyers and support staff who provide legal guidance (AKA COUNSEL) for the president and the White House Office. Eric Herschmann, a former Trump White House attorney (counsel), claims he wrote the handwritten note Cassidy Hutchinson took responsibility for in her testimony to the Jan. 6 Committee.

        • “Eric Herschmann, a former Trump White House attorney (counsel)“

          No, you are still incorrect.

          Eric Hirschmann was not part of the White House Counsel‘s office, he occupied a separate political position, ‘Senior Advisor to the President’.

          “Senior Advisor to the President is a title used by high-ranking political advisors to the President of the United States. White House senior advisors are senior members of the White House Office. The title has been formally used since 1993.“

        • No, MajorStupidity, IF you had paid attention, I deliberately DID NOT capitalize White House “counsel”. THere is an office of the White House counsel. The head of that office is the “White House Counsel” – he has other lawyers working for him. The man (Herschman) who WROTE the letter, and offered to come TESTIFY that he wrote the letter, works for the “Office of the White House Counsel” . . . you complete, paint-chip-eating f***tard.

          I remain curious – does it cause you physical pain to be that abominably uneducated, generally stupid, and ridiculously indoctrinated, you purblind fool????

        • “Eric Herschmann, a former Trump White House attorney (counsel)“
          No, you are still incorrect.

          Jun 15, 2022 · Eric is a professional lawyer who joined the Trump White House in 2020, where he represented Donald Trump in his first impeachment trial.
          Former Trump “WHITE HOUSE LAWYER” Eric Herschmann is claiming that a handwritten note regarding a potential statement for then-President Donald Trump to release during the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol was written by him during a meeting at the White House that afternoon, and not by White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson, sources familiar with the matter tell “ABC News”.

  3. Hey Texas… what are you going to do about that traitorous son of a bitch Cornyn?

      • You think that’s funny?
        No doubt you’d just love to slap the ‘Horse’s Arse’ as well. The guys got a legitimate opinion that’s all. He’s not a lawmaker. I do not know why you are so frightened of his OPINION that you suggest that he should hang.
        Why is it that Americans have such hatred for those of a different opinion.
        If I could be described as having any poliytics at all here in the UK I’d have to describe myself as being somewhat a RIGHT of CENTRE CONSERVATIVE [TORY]. Most people of a LEFT leaniung inclinatiion I would describe as being to varying degrees LEFT OF CENTRE. Here in the UK we have no truck with any form of EXTREMISM, in the political sense, and never have had. That is why, whilst either side of the political divide such as it is may consider the other side to be wrong [ish] at worse and slightly delusional at best we very, very seldom hate them.

        The idea of actually going to a Civil War, as so many Americans seemingly cannot wait for, is to us beyond comprehension. WE live her in a Parliamentarty Democracy and whilst we my not like it the vasy majority go along with the Democratic descision knowing full well that it is within the ‘Power of the People’ to get rid of the buggers at least once every five years and much sooner, though unusual, if nessessary. We do not have to impeach anybody we let our MP’s, who put the Prime Minister in place get rid of the bugger as well. That’s one of the advantages of having an UNELECTED and NON-EXECUTIVE Head Of State in QUEEN ELIZABETH 11nd. A Head of State, by the way we share with a good few other INDEPENDENT NATIONS like Canada, New Zealand and Australia just for starters.
        For stupid rants like yours in the UK you would find yousrself in front of the magistate for incitement to MURDER and rightly so!

        • “..The guys got a legitimate opinion that’s all. He’s not a lawmaker.”

          He’s a US Senator that negotiated with the Democrats.

        • Your comment is awaiting moderation
          He’s not a lawmaker. I do not know why you are so frightened of his OPINION that you suggest that he should hang

          Are you actually contextually challenged OR are you just that intellectually challenged? You ARE literally the only one that read that post and even considered the possibility that Southern Cross was referring to the post by little faith. As for the rest of that “Limey ignorance on display” rambling, non-sensical word salad? WTF? No wonder you people are led around like sheep, meh just let them destroy our way of life for the next five years THEN maybe we can vote them out. Better yet let someone else do it for us, that attitude almost changed your national language to German (TWICE).. Wait til the Muslims get the majority in England, you already have one running London, good luck with that go along, get along cowardly attitude but, it’s just not our style.

        • “The idea of actually going to a Civil War, as so many Americans seemingly cannot wait for, is to us beyond comprehension.”

          1. “so many Americans” ARE NOT waiting for a civil war. That is a false statement. You have been drinking too much of the media cool aid.

          2. Its “beyond comprehension” to you because you don’t live here and you don’t have a suitable frame of reference for liberty.

          3. You claim to live in a “Parliamentarty Democracy”. Well, you don’t. The UK (where you have previously claimed to be from, which we doubt, and your post now and posts in the past say you don’t understand what the UK actually is), the UK is a Constitutional Monarchy form of government that has a Parliamentarty governing body. That body can make the rules and laws independent of the peoples will. Simply having elections does not mean you control your government, it just changes the people who can choose to govern contrary to the will of the people if they wish and because they may not do it all the time does not mean they can not and have not. A Constitutional Monarchy is the modern day equivalent of feudal tyranny. You actually live under tyranny, just a different flavor of it.

          4. Having a prime minister means nothing.

          5. The fact that you have “MP’s, who put the Prime Minister in place get rid of the bugger as well” is the political form of the feudal tyranny ‘off with his head’.

          There are many more false and incorrect assertions in your post. I’m not going to address each one. You don’t understand our country because you have no frame of reference for actual liberty. Your understanding comes from what you read in the media and that does not represent the true picture of liberty. Do not attempt to liken our desired for the inherent liberty granted us under our Constitution to that feudal tyranny you live in.

          You wonder why it seems, and you can not understand why, we complain about whats going on. Its because in our country, unlike yours, the people are suppose to control the government and we have an inherent liberty granted in our constitution. Sure, it may be said that “but you do that when you vote”. No, we don’t. When we vote its to put someone in office who is suppose to work for the people, ALL OF THE PEOPLE, and not special interest, and is suppose to govern only by the will of the people AT ALL TIMES. Unfortunately, our government over time has usurped more and more power from the people to the point where they believe and act as if its their right to do as they please without regard for the people and can only be stopped or curtailed by a decision of constitutionality by the SCOTUS or another federal court but are then allowed to continue their infringements of rights and usurpation of the peoples power by simply calling it different things or dodging through loop holes.

          You, in your country, your people, have never had a taste of the liberty we inherently have in the United States. Your country has only had the version your Monarchy (in days of old), and later and now your parliament, wanted to give you and that seems normal to you and the US does not seem normal to you because you have no frame of reference for inherent liberty.

          In the United States we are born into inherent liberty, or given that inherent liberty by citizenship. In your country your are born into being basically a subject with a “granted permission” by government to enjoy certain liberties that your government can control. Its a big difference, so don’t even try to liken what you have to inherent liberty because it isn’t.

          Our current government regime and president, the left (which includes the anti-gun), are attempting to turn our liberty into that of your countries version so that they, like your parliament and government structure, can decide how much of their flavor of liberty we can have and when. They are trying to re-write our history to keep one demographic at odds with another so they can exploit the divisions in an attempt to stay in power to continue their overall agenda which is to control the people though the a form of tyranny granted ‘permission based liberty’ controlled overall by the government like you have in your country – it is a form of tyranny. In other words, our government is waging a war against our constitution and our people by use of political power and power usurped from the people and self-granted power, powers they were never granted and not suppose to have and do not constitutionally have, to put in place a tyranny. And that is why we are, to put it mildly, “upset” and why you can’t understand it.

        • We need a law that allows us to hang foreigners who insert their unwanted opinions into our discussions.

        • “They are trying to re-write our history to keep one demographic at odds with another so they can exploit the divisions“

          Could you cite a few examples that support your assertion?

        • Albert the Subject,

          You incredibly ignorant dumb f***. John Cornyn is a SITTING U.S. SENATOR, you complete, drooling moron, who was a CO-AUTHOR of this unconstitutional POS. I know you’re unused to exercising independent thought, being a subject and all, but ignorance at that level is inexcusable, even for a lickspittle subject. I would suggest you try to do better, but you are obviously incapable.

          Sod off, you pathetic wanker.

        • 40 ounce, I looked at that thread but I couldn’t find anything specific to your claim”they are rewriting our history”.

          I’d be interested in what specific items support your claim, thanks!

        • #Miner…

          Then you are either blind or can’t read. It specifically points it out

        • OK, so you’re choosing not to post a specific reference to your claim, got it.

          In researching the issue, I found many instances when the conservatives attempted to rewrite history, here’s one of my favorites:

          “Conservatives have an uncanny ability to misremember when the September 11 attacks occurred. In July, Fox News host Eric Bolling said “we were certainly safe between 2000 and 2008 — I don’t remember any terrorist attacks on American soil during that period of time.”

        • Albert the deranged, ignorant, stupid subject,

          “No doubt you’d just love to slap the ‘Horse’s Arse’ as well.”

          Yes, yes I would. Were you here, I’d love to slap you. Since you are (supposedly) on your miserable little island of misfit toys, I’ll have to settle for mocking your pathetic ignorance and subjugation. But thanks for playing!!

  4. Quid pro nihil, this for NOTHING
    Roy Blunt is another sellout
    Where is national reciprocity and hearing protection?

        • Hey Brad, I don’t know if that’s true. Show me the last time the NRA did jack shit for us.

      • I would like to see your documentation. If NRA gave $43,000,000.00 to 15 RINOs they are in deep shet for violating campaign finance laws not to mention whatever trust the membership had left for them. If this is true, I will have my name removed from the Life Member rolls tomorrow.

  5. What you mean? They ain’t murdering da babies no more in half the country. You think Jesus cares more bout yo guns than his babies!

      • MinorIQ,

        Wow. I stand second to no one on this forum in my complete disdain for you, your idiot, uneducated opinions, or you anti-liberty narrative, but even I had no idea what a COMPLETE @$$clown bag of douche you really are. Apparently, you’ve never known a woman (and I could stop right there, and be accurate) who has suffered a miscarriage, have you, you disgusting troll???

        Way to go, attempting half-@$$ed, low-grade snark at the expense of the emotional pain of others. MinorIQ, if you spontaneously combusted, I wouldn’t micturate on you to douse the flames. Please go D I E in a hole, you worthless s***weasel.

        • I do know women who have had miscarriages.

          And tubal pregnancies as well as endometriosis.

          Isaiah 45:7 in the King James Version reads, “I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.”

        • @Miner49..

          Just being around you is enough to make women miscarry even if they aren’t pregnant any unborn fetus.

        • Plenty of ad hominem personal attacks…

          Nothing but empty speech.

          Come on, don’t you have any homo erotic insults to throw, it’s always so entertaining to hear your fear/fetish self confession.

        • And, once again, MajorStupidity proves his lack of even passing familiarity with Christian doctrine and apologetics. MajorStupidity, IF you have the ability, which I HIGHLY doubt, research “free will” and “intelligent design”. If you are so absurdly stupid that you believe that God personally reaches down and causes EACH, INDIVIDUAL miscarriage??? You’re even dumber than I thought . . . and I thought you were dumber than Balaam’s off ass.

          That you (supposedly) know women who have had miscarriages? (a) I don’t believe you, and (b) if you actually DID know such women, and still wrote that execrable piece of tripe, you are far more obscenely f***ed up in the head than I had credited you for in my weakest moments.

          “God wanted you to miscarry”???? AYFKMRN???? What a f***ing worthless bag of douche!!!

        • Lamprey, you must not read your Bible.

          According to the Bible, God is in control and everything happens according to his plan. According to the Bible, God God has preordained every single miscarriage that is to occur in all time.

          Are you trying to say that God doesn’t know that the miscarriage is going to happen? So you’re saying God doesn’t know the future, it will be a surprise to him?

          So his eye is not on the sparrow?

        • MajorStupidity,

          “. . . you must not read your Bible” Which version, @$$wipe??? I can quote you from the King James, the Revised Standard, and even parts of the Vulgate, you pathetic @$$clown. The Bible is clear that God “sees all and knows all” and is omniscient and omnipotent . . . there is not ONE F***ING WORD in the Bible that states that God directly controls everything that happens. Again, you pathetic catamite, research “free will”.

          I am struggling to decide which of your mental afflictions is more pathetic – your abject, unhinged TDS, or your pathetic insistence on showing your @$$ about your complete lack of understanding of the Bible, Christian doctrine, and Christian teaching. You’re so abjectly stupid, you would literally flunk a Sunday school class.

  6. That Texas senator seems to have developed a real taste for it. No wonder they are calling him Senaror Cornhole.

    • Or, Rusty, maybe it’s just, “Boy, you got a purty mouth.” Whatever his “talent”, Senator Cornholio obviously exercises it a lot.

  7. Law spelled backwards is -‘Wal’
    As in “Wal I reckon I dont give a sht about no laws.”

  8. Oh, I get this one, it’s about the NFA, right? Oh, no it’s about the GCA. Wait, maybe it’s about the Hughes Amendment which wasn’t actually passed and there is video of it. Oh, no I bet it’s about the Brady Bill in ’93, you know the one where we accepted a background check on all FFL purchases in exchange for an electronic check system based on specific factual criteria and not on human judgement. I remember that one well. For example I remember a promise that it would never be expanded to include juvenile records. Why am I thinking something came up about juvenile records recently? Eh, who knows. Oh, maybe the meme’s about the ’94 AWB, yeah that’s got to be it. /sarc

    Republicans; selling you out since at least 1934

    Hell with all of the non gun related anti constitutional bull$hit Lincoln did Republicans have been selling you out right from the foundation of the party. Republican party memebers, you need to flush.

    • No idea what the flock you are talking about.

      Calm down, calm down.

      Take the pills and get some clarity, [nay simplicity] into your scribblings or don’t bother don’t bother.

      In 1934 the political viewpoints of the two main American Political parties were mostly DIAMETTRICALLY the opposite of what the are to do. Both over the years have done pretty much a 180% turnaround.
      I purely HISTORIC terms the word REPUBLICAN is usually asscociated with the LEFT WING of POLITICS in that it indicates a wish to be rid of MONARCHIST [and CONSERVATIVE] political leanings.
      The word DEMOCRAT indicates, politically, a wish to follow the wishes of the people as demonstrated by a free and popular vote. Just saying!

      • “Take the pills and get some clarity, [nay simplicity] into your scribblings or don’t bother don’t bother.”

        Al, you should take a healthy dose of your own advice.

      • Wow, Albert the Subject,

        Tell us you know f***-all about American history or politics, without SAYING you know f***-all about American history or politics. Ah, I see you just did.

        Literally not a single word you vomited up in that illiterate rant bore even a slight relationship to reality. I am impelled to the theory that continued subjection rots the brain (it would also explain the abject idiocy of MinorIQ and dacian the stupid); you are incapable of educated discourse, as you lack basic ability of ratiocination.

    • Pirate,

      Day-um!!! Pirate bringin’ the THUNDER!

      You tell ’em, Crimson!!

      Even on the heels of Bruen, these @$$clowns had to make ANOTHER assault on our inherent rights. If you’ve been tracking SCOTUS for the last 10 days, this is NOT going to end well for Cornyn and Murphy’s fascist wet dream. And if the idjits in Tejas want to keep sending this political whore back to the Senate, then that’s on them.

  9. The elites receive: gun control laws and private security.

    The politicians receive: a Gishlane Maxwell trial that finds her guilty of sex trafficking children to… absolutely nobody.

      • Dude,

        Just to get out ahead of the story, “Ghislane Maxwell did not kill herself.” I would not bet a wooden nickel on that skag’s continued existence beyond today.

        I’m sure Hillary has already arranged to “deal with it”.

  10. Well according to Mitch McConnell, we’re receiving support from the big city suburbanites for this. Apparently it’s too much to ask for them to work for their constituents.

  11. If the RINO traitors Cornyn, Mitchell & Co. think Red Flag Laws are so great, maybe they should be Red Flagged for infringing We The Little Peeps’ Freedoms, Liberties, and Rights. Sorry, Slo Joe. “….shall not be infringed” followed only by a PERIOD seems pretty damn ABSOLUTE……

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