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The Left still doesn’t get that the Second Amendment is for everyone. This [LA Times Op-Ed] proves it. Whatever the reason, you have a right to bear arms. Whatever the reason.

And yes, while the liberal media overstates the number of white supremacists and Christian nationalists—I can absolutely empathize with nonwhites wanting to pack heat in the wake of the Buffalo shooting.

Of course, this piece just glosses over the fact that nonwhites and women have been stocking up on arms for the better part of a decade. Women especially have been for obtaining carry permits and participating in shooting sports. And there was a retelling of the law that banned open carry in California in the late 1960s. The Black Panthers roaming the state capitol was cited as the reason.

Look, the whole point of concealed carry is to not draw that kind of attention. You do need to go through safety courses. You do need to go through a background check. This isn’t like signing up for a new credit card.

Blacks are owning guns at an increased rate because that’s their right. Who cares about the reasons behind it? It’s irrelevant.

I have no problems with more nonwhites and women carrying guns. The more gun owners the better—and that’s why the Left is worried. Their base of support for new gun control measures, specifically confiscation, which is their long-term goal, is eroding.

— Matt Vespa in La Times Op-ed: I Don’t Know About All These Blacks Owning Guns

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    • In the liberals mind they’re oblivious that many of the people they interact with daily are carrying concealed legally or not and so it doesn’t exist until the media tells them it exists then for a day or two, sometimes a week, in their mind everyone they meet is about to kill them for whatever they believe they are hated for.

      Then, back to carry obliviousness and obsessing on the next thing the media told them exists.

    • I wonder what will happen when armed Black Americans finally realize that most of them embarrassingly belong to the party of their former slave masters. Frankly a Black American belonging to the democRat Partry makes as much sense as a Jew belonging to the nazi party.

  1. Black men have been shooting 30-30 at deer in the south for at least 100 years. Who is really behind the times?

    • Democrats in the “blue” states that have to stop following Jim Crow laws and treat the plebs like humans, but you already knew that.

    • Mix of 1911 and Sig 320/365/Glock types up here but more recent additions compared to the south.

  2. I’m unsure why skin color would, should or even could matter.

    The “racialization” of everything these days seems to me to be a sign of significant mental pathology.

    • They used the magic of racism to gain support for Biden’s ’94 AWB so they think it will work again.

      • Exactly.

        At my range, we have Latinos, blacks, Asians, and more than a few gays.

        We all get along…

        • I got a buddy who’s gay. He and his husband joined my wife and I getting conceal carry permits back in Utah. He told me that he has an easier time “coming out” to other gun owners than he does telling other gay people he’s a gun owner

    • “I’m unsure why skin color would, should or even could matter.”

      Joy Behar on ‘The View’ not long back made a comment that was… how do I say this nicely…

      Shockingly racist.

      The gist was, “Once a bunch of blacks start carrying guns, the conservatives will demand gun control.”

      Yeah. She went *there*.

      Worse, she meant it… 🙁

      • Joy’s one of those people who’s look and general demeanor would be improved greatly by installing her head on a pike.

        • *BREAKING*

          6-3, the EPA gets their wings clipped!

          Chevron is DEAD!

          WE WON AGAIN!

        • Geoff:

          While WV v. EPA is a great victory, don’t overstate it. Chevron isn’t dead, at least not yet.

          WV v. EPA nuked it for “major cases” (like the EPA asserting the power to reorder the whole frickin economy in order to regulate greenhouse gas emissions). However, in the vast number of situations involving Chevron deference, it’s still more than arguably in place.

          There is clearly a majority for whittling down Chevron deference, and I suspect that will continue. But at least today, SCOTUS hasn’t eliminated it.

        • An optimist would assume the brain-dead audience just cheered when the studio sign told them to.

          A pessimist would assume the audience was a bunch of lefty, bigot, well-to-do suburban Karens.

          I’m leaning heavily pessimistic on this one.

      • Gravity has not been kind to Joy. When she turns her head too fast you can see the flab change position. Hence my nickname for her – Flabface.

      • No matter the job held politicians and the media (including talk show hosts) will do anything that will increase their visibility, i.e., ratings, constituents, etc. We’ve become a nation of who yells loudest (becoming controversial) wins. Controversy, no matter how damaging, can be seen by the perpetrator as a plus.

  3. Big, big, *BIG* day, today.

    ATF regulatory over-reach decision (WV v. EPA) at 10:30 AM, EST, and later, a wrap-up of all the other 2A cases put on ‘hold’ for the ‘Bruen’ decision.

    Today may be *sweet*… 🙂

    • And still my form 4 sits on someone’s desk 221 days after purchasing my product. Well, 145 if you don’t count when they decided to “receive” it.

      • My record is 689 days for approval, just shy of two years.

        But they cashed the check in the first week.

        • “My record is 689 days for approval, just shy of two years.”

          Did your pic have you sporting a green Mohawk? 😉

        • Or worse… are you black, native and/or a dog owner? Fed boi’s hate all those things.

      • That particular item was on a trust, no photo or fingerprints required. The submission was made a few months before the ATF promulgated 41F.

        I can’t prove but I generally suspect that they slow-walked the approval because it was done on a trust which they had retroactively decided was “bad”.

        Maybe the NFA branch just got confused by the rules changing in midstream, .gov employees not generally being the brightest bulbs, but I’m rather loath to extend the ATF the courtesy of assuming hat they’re just stupid and incompetent.

    • The EPA ruling is coming today? That’s going to be the biggest ruling of the last 50-75 years.

      • Yep, this will make Bruen and abortion small time stuff. Time to flush tha alphabet bs.

        • Today the term ends, one Leftist Scum ™ retires, a younger Leftist Scum ™ takes his place, and they wrap-up unfinished business, like the held decisions…

      • “The EPA ruling is coming today?”

        Chevron deference is now DEAD!

        Does this mean the BATF pistol brace ruling that is not in effect dead?

      • And, Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs, Inc. v. Bruck, U.S., No. 20-1507, Young v. Hawaii, U.S., No. 20-1639, Bianchi v. Frosh, U.S., No. 21-902, and Duncan v. Bonta, U.S., No. 21-1194. were just vacated, granted cert., and sent back to the court they came from.

        Could this mean assault weapon bans, magazine capacity limits were just declared un-constitutional?

        • Not yet. It sent the cases back for reconsideration under the Bruen test. The writing is on the wall, however . . . .

        • Geoff,

          They (SCOTUS) want to give the Circuit Courts of Appeal (9th Circus, primarily) a chance to redeem themselves. I would NOT want to be the Leftist/fascist idjit judge who sends Duncan back without a MAJOR rewrite. I think Thomas would relish the opportunity to b****-slap the 9th Circus again, REALLY hard.

          Still digesting it, but this may be the greatest 10-day period of constitutionalism in the HISTORY of SCOTUS – Bruen, Dobbs, Kennedy, the Maine school choice case, and now WV vs. EPA. That is a pretty impressive record for a court I had almost lost hope in. And Roberts the Windsock apparently got a little blanket party from the rest of the constitutionalists on SCOTUS, because even HE is acting like he almost has a spine. Good days to be a constitutionalist!!

      • Nope. As I read the opinion, unless it’s a situation involving a “major case” (“decisions of vast economic and political significance”), Chevron deference is still arguably still in play.

        Still a major decision, but nowhere near as sweeping as if they had come right out and abolished Chevron deference.

        • Was afraid that would be the case. Still, it is a powerful precedent established that can be used to gnaw away at the rest.

          Looking forward to a post analysis, are you planning on one LKB?

  4. A Right denied to any person…based on Race, Religion, Color, Creed, Sex, Age or National Origin… then becomes a limited privilege to be granted by those in power only to their sycophants. A black, brown, yellow, red..or, even, white citizen or LAPR in the USA who chooses to responsibly carry a firearm is exercising a specific, particular Right and more power to them.

    The Left is discovering that their Narrative: based on lies, deceit, misdirection and fear is crumbling like a wet sandcastle at the ocean’s edge and that their support within the demographics they have so long “controlled” is, likewise, dissolving as people realize how they have been used as pawns.

  5. It’s funny as hell that the Democrats think Republicans are racist and are like “wait till black people own guns you’ll be like zomg” and then the Republicans are like “blacks owning guns is the goal.”

    • I’m with you on this one. The more and better armed the minorities the less the need for police overreach into these communities. They now have the tools and the people who can keep them safe from violent crime. But alas, I fear that the liberal wing of the government is going to simply prosecute more and more minority people for self defense situations so as to incarcerate more black people and more easily curtail what self defense even means by court rulings by going after low hanging fruit (ie people who can’t afford a robust defense). This is why we need very strong stand your ground and defense of property laws on the books so that a poor black man defending the tomato plants in his backyard is given the same level of protection from over zealous prosecutors that a rich white guy takes for granted when he caps someone for stealing his rolex.

      • “But alas, I fear that the liberal wing of the government is going to simply prosecute more and more minority people for self defense situations…”

        Honestly, I *really* doubt that, now that ‘equity’ is the new game in town.

        You can bet your ass they will make examples out of ‘white supremacists’…

        • What’s missing here is that according to white progessive liberals, Larry Elder, Candace Owens, Clarence Thomas, Brandon Tatum, Jesse Peterson, Bo Snerdley and a whole host of other minority people are ‘white supremicists’. So who do they really want to put in jail and make an example of when needing to use their second amendment rights? If you redefine the word ‘white supremicts’ to include black people who disagree with them then what’s the difference?

    • It’s called “projection.” The Lib leadership are a bunch of racist elitists, and they think the Republicans are too. LBJ established minorities as a useful voting block that must keep placated. They have the soft racism of lower expectations– those pitiful minorities can’t take care of themselves without the government largess of social programs, lowered standards, exclusion from criminal penalties, and affirmative action. They need an underclass. You’ll hear cries of “who will mow our lawns?” and “who will pick our fruit?” when there’s talk of cracking down on illegal immigration and the thought of depriving them of below market priced labor. They label as racist those who say that minorities are just as capable as anyone else, but they’re being hobbled by a failed government education system, programs that destroy their family structure and discourage achievements, and refusal to remove the criminals from their neighborhoods. They push for abortion to keep their population down.

      Libs fear minorities for a couple reasons. First, there’s their general bigotry that minorities are underclass criminals that must be disarmed. That’s the crux of this article, but we know the criminals of any race already have guns, and the law abiding need them because the government isn’t stopping crime in their communities. Second, they’re afraid that minorities will wake up to the fact that they’ve systematically been held down and manipulated for half a century, and will revolt by switching parties (already started) or actual conflict.

      • I’ve actually had white progressive liberals in my home state of Massachusetts say to me “who will pick up my garbage”, “who is going to pick my fruit” as an actual serious question? As a society we owe it to ourselves to keep the magnifying glass hovering right over these left wing crypto-racists. I was in utter shock to see the massive use of the N word on twitter used against Clarence Thomas by people who lecture us all aout racism. So who are the real racists here?

  6. There are currently 25 States that would not agree to return to a mandatory permitting regimen of any description. We collectively refer to ourselves as Free States, and are generally known as Constitutional, or Permitless, Carry States by the rest of the country.

    For those who think there should be mandatory training, mandatory permitting, or mandatory anything else; Don’t push us. You won’t like the result.

    • Yep. Drowning in the irony. I recall the images of people marching through neighborhoods telling people that support their marches they are entitled for telling them how to protest as they are surrounding the person bold enough to come out on their lawn and ask “why here”. They don’t give a fuck about you, or their “cause”. One guy happened to be white and was basically begging them to hear his cries and they rode dirt bikes over his lawn. He said my family is inside trying to sleep like everyone else in the neighborhood and that he did in fact support them. They literally forced him to do the whole fist in the air and chant with them as they were telling him to admit his white privilege.

      And now, you have this confused black woman admitting to being scared and helpless when they come through only to be criticized by an actual white privileged liberal femnazi. The sad part is, this confused black woman still supports them and would rather blame a slow response time and lack of laws instead of admitting the truth to herself.

      Ironic af. Another gun locked away collecting dust. But at least she “feels” safe now… At home. 🙄

      • Your post reminded me of an old black woman we had here. She passed away several months ago at the age of 98.

        A dear soul. A stalwart strong woman that was kind and generous to all. I had spoken with her several times, a wise and seen it all type that could recount her own struggles with racism and life but who could look beyond race and the situation and be her own person and see people as who they really are.

        She carried a gun well into her 90’s, a spry and fast little woman who believed in God, family, and the constitution as if it was written just for her, she was not someone you wanted to mess with and she did not suffer fools.

        The local anti-gun were afraid of her, and it was “yes ma’am” and “no ma’am” when they spoke to her lest they incur her wrath of the most profound and soul crushing very public ass chewing anyone could ever imagine for them treating her consutution like a door mat. So they gave her a wide berth when they saw her coming. A regular at the range and around the area loved by all of us.

        • Spelling…

          consutution is supposed to be constitution.

          Damn little keys with big fingers on the phone

  7. My best shooting buddy is a black guy, folks here in the South are a lot less prejudiced than the Leftists in the New Slave States where Democrats can’t seem to resist the urge to control other peoples lives.

  8. Racism, they name is Gun Control. Thy servants are herr dacian, miner49er and joe burden.

    May you and they burn in hell, Amen.

    • We got the same howls of raciss nonsense when CC came to Illinois. As well as Chiraq. All the gun ranges & shops I frequent in ILL annoy and Indiana are filled with black folks…

  9. We are all gonna need weapons since the Supreme Court just betrayed our nation by ending our Border in Mexico…

  10. The degree of projection coming from the fascist Left is mindboggling. Most of my friends and acquaintances are gun owners; only about a third would reasonably be classified as “left of center”, and NONE of them have even the slightest problem with “blacks having guns”.

    I am in favor of ANY citizen exercising their inherent rights (including, but not limited to, RKBA). No, Joyless Behar, I have exactly ZERO problem with ANYONE exercising their RKBA, whether they agree with me politically or not. I could not give less of a s*** what color they are, what religion they are, or what political party they adhere to . . . that’s why we refer to them as “rights”, you complete, paint-chip-eating morons. Continue to beclown yourselves by claiming otherwise . . . it’s going to work out REALLY well for you, come November.

    • Considering the way you rant against “Black lives matter” it shows you are a liar and a hypocrite.

      • In the first instance, dacian the stupid, YOU even PRESUMING to accuse anyone else of hypocrisy is comedy gold. You are the biggest hypocrite and liar on this board. So there’s that.

        In the second instance, you pathetic POS, ever looked at an Antifa/BurnLootMurder rally, you lying tw*t??? Mostly white faces. No, my disgust for BurnLootMurder has NOTHING to do with race, and EVERYTHING to do with . . . all the burning, looting, and murdering, you pathetic, lying fool.

  11. I’ve mentioned before a friend and neighbor of mine is a retired Navy CPO who happens to be Black. Weather permitting, we are planning a little cook out and celebration here on the homestead this July 4th weekend. He, and many of his extended family have informed me they will be in attendance. Happy to have them come over. But I still maintain my BBQ’ed pork is better than his.
    Again, weather permitting, we will be making use of my shooting range set up. He says he has an anti gun DIL who is terrified of firearms he wants to introduce to shooting. I told him I or my wife would be happy to teach her the basics of gun safety and let her if she is willing to do so, shoot a couple small caliber weapons. Might include my wife’s AR. Her rifle has the adjustable stock and the young lady is of smaller stature, so my old AR15A2 may not be the best fit. Would love to see a young woman learn the gun is not the evil killing machine she has been taught to fear, but just another tool with several uses. Who knows, perhaps a little while down the road, she may become another armed, empowered Black woman. And not just another frightened, potential victim.

  12. Hmm, looks like my lengthy comment disappeared. It was simply this: if the proposed post-Bruen laws become law in August (as an emergency action), then not too many of us will be carrying at all. California, like New York, is attempting to draw “sensitive places” so broadly that about the only places you can carry are in your car or walking down the street. Merchants carrying large amounts of cash will be banned from entering banks armed. Housewives will be banned from supermarkets and any other business that does not display a “guns welcome here” sign. Airports are off limits, even the parking lots, although it will still be legal to ship a firearm on an airplane–if you can get there without being arrested. Parks and playgrounds where children are present are off limits. Arenas are off limits (but they already are anyway). Other people’s houses are presumed to be off limits absent express consent to allow you to enter armed.
    Issuing agencies, now charged with investigating “good moral character” will be able to collect from applicants the cost of the investigation, which now includes mandatory in person interviews of one’s significant other and two other references, as well as of the applicant. IAs will be encouraged but not required to have an applicant undergo a psych eval ($200), and will obtain and review your psych records. The investigation will include social media accounts, job histories, criminal histories including ALL arrests and citations, including traffic citations, irrespective of outcome, and whatever else they can think of to crawl up your…whatever. Being charged with a minor crime, even if found not guilty, may be enough to establish a lack of good moral character.
    Classes, now a minimum 8 hours, will be 16 hours, to include at least one hour on mental health resources, and a written exam. Fingerprints (LiveScan) will be required for every applicant–including for renewals ($70-100). (Licenses will still be limited to two years.)

    To put it simply, issuing agencies will STILL have discretion to deny a permit, Bruen notwithstanding, if the IA decides that the applicant does not have “good moral character.” And the costs of applying will at least double.

    • “To put it simply, issuing agencies will STILL have discretion to deny a permit, Bruen notwithstanding, if the IA decides that the applicant does not have “good moral character.””

      Wow. 🙁

      If they reacted that way on simple every day armed carry, I can imagine what they will cook up when told semi-auto rifles with detachable standard capacity magazines are expressly constitutional.

      “And the costs of applying will at least double.”

      I think Thomas, Alito, will have something unpleasant to say about that to the slave-masters of California trying to pull a poll tax… 🙁

  13. United we stand divided we fall.
    The system uses race to keep us divided.
    I hate you, you hate me
    That’s the way its gotta be
    With a nik nack paddy whack give a dog a bone
    Hate each other leave government alone.

    • “The system uses race to keep us divided.”

      No, one political party, the Democ-rat party, as the lovely and talented Miss Deborah reminds us on a near-daily basis… 🙂

  14. quote————I have no problems with more nonwhites and women carrying guns. The more gun owners the better—and that’s why the Left is worried. Their base of support for new gun control measures, specifically confiscation, which is their long-term goal, is eroding.——-quote

    Surveys show only 37% of the American population owns firearms and since in 2021 there were only 5.4 million new gun owners, that is roughly only an increase of 1 1/2 percent of the U.S. gun owning Population. In other words its rather insignificant politically.

    One must also realize that the gun owners political views are not homogenous either. Even among gun owners there is a wide disagreement on the value of assault rifles and high capacity magazines. This makes the 1 1/2% increase even less significant at voting time.

    And considering the number of Republican Congress people who voted anti-gun last week they seem to be well aware that the increase in gun ownership is not something they took into consideration or took seriously when they voted in the new anti-gun bill.

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