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Sometimes Texas problems require Texas solutions. Solid compromise suggestion from the folks at the Babylon Bee. For the full news article, visit “The Bee” HERE.


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    • Some of them, who had really poor parents, turn into violent criminals. Then, a good guy with a gun has to perform a very, very late term abortion.

      • Yet I bet those criminals prefer to live. The answer is to have a way of dealing with criminals. We’ve reduced violent crime before while abortion decreased in this country.

  1. I was 6 years old when my mother returned home from the hospital with my new-born brother. She placed him in the crib and proceeded to change his diaper. As soon as the diaper was off, my brother erupted with a fountain of pee that nearly caught Mom in the face. I laughed hysterically. “He’s gonna be fun”, I said to my self.

    And he was…and still is.

    • When my wife was going to have our second son I was home with the first. Got a call from the hospital, got my first sons stuff ready and said ” Let’s go.” The plan was to take him to my moms , a short walk, my son said , ” Dad are we walking all the way to the hospital?”
      That was 32 years ago and remember it like yesterday.

  2. I guess this brings up the question of “Defend itself from whom?”

    From the abortion doc or the “mother”?

    • Don’t use common sense. Obviously forcing someone to have a baby will mean they will love it and raise it.

      There was an image going around of a couple holding a sign that said “We will adopt your baby”. When they were asked why they have not already, they said because they are foreigners so there are more restrictions (not sure about that one), it’s expensive, and it’s a hard process. So in fact, what they actually meant was “No, we will not adopt your baby, but we’ll act like we want to”.

      • Should not the States decide this based on ‘The People’ voting who actually live there?
        Soo many issues should be decided by each State’s legislature, rather than the Fed gov, that it boggles the mind.

        • Nope. Nobody should decide this but the person doing it to themselves. Are we free or not? We already admit the war on drugs failed, now let’s admit the war on peoples bodies failed. If they want to sell themselves, then a red light it is. If they want to have abortions, nobody should be able to tell them no. It’s a much better solution than having them raise a child they don’t want, or dump it, or killing themselves. Imagine your daughter killing herself because she did what a majority of teens do. Prude bible thumpers need to heade separation of church and state and leave the hypocrisy and “what ifs” out of it. We can what if all day, doesn’t change the fact that it’s their choice, their body. Where you live shouldn’t matter at all. Are we not a nation of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? Life doesn’t mean the bibles version of safe sex. It means living your life as you see fit.

        • “Soo many issues should be decided by each State’s legislature… “

          Desegregation comes to mind…

          As before, a state could decide birth control including condoms is illegal once again.

          After all, the constitution does not include a right to birth control.

          We have that to look forward to.

        • miner. Maybe its time to stop trying to restrict others rights and find middle ground with those others to support all of our rights?

        • This is the problem with relying on Court Mandates to get the things you want. Instead of legislating them as the system allows for. Courts can at some future point reverse the previous decision. Even Liberal Supreme court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg spoke about the 1973 Mandate as being incorrect and should have been dealt with through legislation. Liberal/Progressive Democrats have for decades relied on the Courts to get those things they could not get or could not legislate. Now with there being an Ideological shift in ,many of the Courts. Those previous Courts decisions are being overturned. Not based on the ideology that mandated them, but simply on the Constitutional grounds that they were illegitimate.

      • Man, I’m not even trying to get into the abortion debate.

        I just want to know when the baby’s on target, off target and what the safe directions are here.

        • You’re fine.

          I’m just kind of thinking, rather sardonically, of the Gen. Anthony “Nuts” McAuliffe quote:

          “Men, we are surrounded by the enemy. We have the greatest opportunity ever presented an army. We can attack in any direction.”

          ― Anthony McAuliffe

  3. As a young man I lived through the years when most states prohibited abortion but it did not stop women from going to places like New York to get one. Often they did not even stay overnight when traveling there from Ohio. The sad fact is that the only people it hurt were the very poor who could not afford the drive or if necessary stay over for a day or two. The White suburbanites will continue to get all the abortions’ they want thereby decreasing the white population.

    Remember too that this is not the 60’s and abortion is far more acceptable than it was then. The majority of people in the U.S. support it and these days it will be far easier to get one than it was in the 60’s and early 70’s because liberal states will continue to allow it. The Neanderthal conservatives and religious nut cases once again proved that they are always their own worst enemies and the biggest of hypocrites as you will see none of the States that outlawed abortion helping the unwanted children that are born, none of the pro-life white people will be adopting black or brown babies, the pro life people will not give them child care, will not improve adoption procedures and most poor women will remain on welfare the rest of their lives with their unwanted, unskilled, uneducated children that end up raising taxes and of course sometimes breeding tomorrows unskilled workers, or killers, rapists, criminals, and of course mass murderers which again will propel the nation to ban more and more gun rights. Again the stingy and moronic and hypocritical far right who hate to pay any taxes to fund any programs to help such people end up paying higher taxes in welfare payments and end up having more and more gun rights curtailed. They are always their own worst enemies.

    No, not all people who grow up in poverty result to a life of crime but the majority fail to ever move up the economic ladder either because the Republican’s refuse to help such people out of poverty with better education for the poor in big cities or better training programs for the unskilled, as well as funding for child care for working mothers and of course abortion for unwanted pregnancies. Unwanted children many times do not grow up to be normal citizens because they had an unstable and or broken family life and a lack of an educational background to succeed in moving out of the never ending cycle of poverty and despair.

    And of course the last laugh is that the racist Tucker Carlson’s ” great replacement theory” may indeed come to pass simply because Far Right White racist hypocrites increased minority populations because of abortion bans which eventually will enable the now dominate minorities to run the government by kicking the whites out of power and then the poor will finally get a piece of the economic pie through better education and training. What was occurring at a much slower pace will now take place at lightening speed and in only one generation. Go back to Europe Whitey you are no longer wanted here in the U.S. I hope I live long enough to see that day as it will be poetic justice for sure.

  4. ‘I was born covered in someone else’s blood and screaming. I started crawling toward my grave that day.’

    • From the moment we are conceived we start dying.

      Imperceptible at first, and seemingly not as we go though our childhood even into a portion of our post-childhood lives but all the warning signs of our future death are there in some form or another be it childhood illnesses, diseases, or simply aging along, as our cellular structure begins to lose more and more in its battle against death naturally with each moment of passing time and each thing that affects our bodies, even if we have no real sense of our finality and mortality yet.

      But behind it all is the fact that from the moment of conception degradation of our cellular structure begins and continues through out our life, and then everything else along the way takes its toll also. Then at some point in our lives we start to accept the truth of our own finality and mortality and finally eventually we succumb to a death that started at the moment of conception.

      So celebrate life for life is but a fleeting thing.

  5. I was out walking with my girlfiend this evening.
    We came across a small group of male humans , 16-30 ish. As we passed they started giving cat calls and whistles. One nicevindividual even gave her a comment
    ” Yuor old lady looks like a dog!”
    I said ” Why thank you, however shes part chimpanzee, she does occasionally walk on her knuckles, but shes no dog, sorry.


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