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Um….so….like….if that’s a stockpile then what do I have?


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  1. LOL, we’ve all thought that.

    I bring that much to the range each time I go. I don’t shoot the entire quantity, but I want to be prepared in case I stay longer than expected. Heck, each of my ammo cans has about 1500 rds all by itself.

    • A 50 cal. ammo can holds about 5,000 rounds of .22lr.

      Discovered that when filling one with a case of bulk .22lr…

  2. I’d be embarrassed if that’s all I had.

    One mans stockpile is another mans afternoon at the range.

    • M, don’t be so quick to judge. If that Remington is a 1903A3 and that 1000 rds is M2 ball loaded in stripper clips w/bandoleers, he can cause a world of hurt for somebody.

  3. Yeah, 1,000 rounds is a . . . normal day at the range. 10,000 rounds is MAYBE a month’s supply. Leftists are stupid, and in other news, water is wet.

    • They left out language like “Terrifying” and “Shocking”. Those should have been added to shake up the stupid people.

  4. omg! Two fully semi-automatic deplorable racist scopes..OMG! OMG! and not part of the Militia! OMG! No one needs that!, the pilgrims could not have envisioned this! OMG!
    are they even vaccinated!?

  5. When I left CA, I left with over 100k rounds. When we arrived out here in the Dirty South, my buddy called me an amateur.

  6. Arghh OUR DEMOCRACY the threat the travesty the horror
    Good thing mine identified as skittles instead of rounds.
    I mean what even is a “stockpile” and the use of that horrible name that’s related to toxic masculinity. We can’t possibly describe it without homophobia xenophobia racism and gasp the possibility of using a pronoun.
    Good thing the media was here to tell us otherwise we might have had to go to a book reading to learn.
    Two scopes and one weapon? Is that like beer goggles and how they are used?

  7. Interesting to note how the media has consistently lowered the ball for “stockpile” and “arsenal” and faced very little pushback for doing so.

    And considering that they’ve openly stated that the next move for gun control is actually ammo control, it’s not shocking that they’re still mentioning 1000 rounds (seems to be a standard “OMG!” amount for a while now). Watch them start to lower that.

    Normalization by degrees.

    • There’s a simple way to make people feel grateful to pay 4 bucks a gallon for gas.

      Let the price creep up to 5 bucks a gallon for a little while, then slowly lower the price to 4 bucks a gallon.

      Instant gratitude for paying 25 percent more than it was before the price spike…

      • Gas in California was well over $6 for regular for a while there. Now it is under $4, and yes we are thankful for that. But we do not thank the government, since it had nothing to do with prices going down, despite what they would like you to believe.

    • Perhaps we can get the House to introduce an bill setting a standard for “stockpile” and “arsenal”.

      Would give the demtards fits which is enough reason to do it.

  8. The grasshopper hopped around, eating leaves, enjoying the fair weather, chirping away. He congratulated himself on having 1,000 rounds and a working rifle, thinking “I am well-prepared”.

    The ant toiled, building and buying guns, reloading, practicing, building his ammo stores.

    When the zombie apocalypse came, the grasshopper panicked, mishandling and breaking his rifle with ammo that had been improperly stored. He begged the ant for firearms and munitions, but, the ant said “You were complacent and comfortable. You thought you had plenty and refused to work carefully and with enthusiasm. Now, you want to take that which I have worked so hard to build. I will not help you; I have others I must protect.”

    So, the grasshopper went away to hide.

    Soon after, the grasshopper was bitten by a zombie and, he himself became a zombie.

    So the ant shot him in the head.

    • Did the ant eat the grasshopper? I’ve seen that happen before.
      Now a question, can you eat a zombie? I know a human can eat a rabid animal, you’ve just gotta take precautions when cleaning it,if you clean it, I dont, because after the fifth car theres not much cleaning left to do, and who’s to know if it was rabid before it got ran over anyway.
      possums dont get rabies, but I’ve never tried Zombie.
      Speaking of Zombies, I had a dream that I was in court and the judge was Nancy Pelosi, one of those dreams when your glad you woke up dreams.

      • You don’t want to eat a Zombie, possum. Those Zombie disease prions are spread throughout, and are very difficult to destroy. We don’t want to have to shoot you in the head.

        Can you guys imagine a Zombie possum? …shudder…

        • “Can you guys imagine a Zombie possum”

          well, we have dacian and Miner49er who are gun control zombies.

        • Does the zombie possum pretend to be dead to be left alone? Or pretend to be alive so that it can attack/bite you? So many questions.

      • Dunno about eating zombies but I recently became aware that you can buy Ophiocordyceps (the fungus that makes zombie ants) supplements online and, apparently, people ingest said fungus on purpose for the supposed health benefits.

  9. alright, that was good.

    but I’d be impressed if a majority of gun owners possessed over 300 rounds.

    • I personally have 73 firearms and millions of rounds of ammo in storage available just over 6.5 million rounds last inventory count. In different calibers carefully procured legally over many years mostly from factory lot buys at a few cents a round, so my family members and friends and extended family would have ammo when they needed it for our firearms hobby and self-defense uses if there was ever a time when ammo was ‘scarce’. So we have ammo for all the firearms we own and that common overall. During the pandemic when local police departments in the area had some troubles getting ammo for their qualifications, and the police academy in a neighboring city had trouble getting ammo for training, we supplied their ammo for free as ‘donation’.

      We, collectively, personally know at least 100 other people who did the same thing over the years for ammo and have millions of rounds, and a lot of the gun owners around here have tons of ammo. There was a time when one could get on the preferred buyers list of ammo manufacturers and get thousands of rounds lots of ammo for a penny a round.

      Estimated over 400 million guns in the United States between police, military, and citizens. 393 Million in ordinary law abiding citizen hands.

      32% of law abiding Americans own a firearm per the 2021 National Firearms Survey. Including family members in same household as gun owner and use one of those guns number of lawful firearms possessors increases to 41% of Americans. Gallup estimated at 44% of households. The average law abiding gun owning American has 5 firearms, nearly 22% of law abiding gun owners only have a single firearm.

      Nearly 40 million firearms legally purchased by Americans between Jan 2020 and Dec 2021, includes ~10 million first-time buyers. Since 2019, nearly half of first time gun buyers are women. In 2022 42.2% of gun owners are women and 57.8% of gun owners are men. In previous decades women made up 10-20% of gun owners. (note: Does not include legal personal sales/buys.)

      Overall, 45% of American men and 40% of American women live in a household with a gun.

      Based upon NSSF reporting, since 2001 these numbers have increased.

      So I’m not sure what ammo others have but I’d bet there are a lot of people with more than 300 rounds of ammo. Maybe its not a majority of gun owners, but there are probably a lot.

      • heck, I see hundreds of gun owners come to ranges locally through the year and go through more than 300 rounds of ammo just practicing.

        • The way we have it packed up in each of the distributed storage areas two people can load up a some pick up trucks and empty an entire single location contents in about 30 minutes and put it on the road to some place else. We actually did that when one of the storage areas roof started leaking and we had to empty the location to repair the roof due to the pre-fab nature of the explosive storage units we used – wasn’t an emergency but had it all moved out and on the road to another storage location in right at 30 minutes. Haven’t done all the areas though, but enough people and vehicles, all starting at the same time for all the areas – right at about 30 minutes for all.

  10. Well another nothing article from the window lickers that think they are journalists. Kind of like the woke automotive journalists that know nothing about trucks and cars, never turned a wrench and awarding the new Ford Ligtning electric truck as the “Truck of the year”. It may look like a truck but try using it like a truck and it can’t even tow a boat to the lake. I will see a lot of these new fords parked at the Mall. Sorry, went of on a rant, I will probably be red flagged now.

  11. Toss in pistol and a couple hundred more rounds, and that’s my range bag. Nevermind everything that remains at home.

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