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I mean, it’s something we can work toward!


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  1. Better throw the UN, WEF, IMF and a host of other all-world/one world tribes in the hole, too, or it won’t make much of a difference.

      • You are an ignoramus JWM you do not know the definition or the history of either the Antifa or the SS. You are our forum clown. You keep us all laughing.

        • Of course you deny your Fascist roots, dacian. Lying is built into your dna. But it does not change the fact that solely based on your comments and claims made here that you are an old school Not-Zee.

          Does any one, feel free to chime in, believe that dacian has ever told the truth here?

      • Antifaschistische Aktion (Antifascist Action) was the street fighting wing of the German Stalinist/communist party (KPD) just prior to WW2.

        The American version of the group has the same flag as them, only in English, and they added a black banner to the red ones on the original, to represent anarchy and communism.

        All antifa groups in the USA have strong Marxist influence. They praise an ideology that has killed far more people that the Nazis ever did.

    • I don’t know. I kind of like “Wait, Wait, don’t tell me” on the weekends on NPR. Also, as far as I can tell, NPR may lean a bit left but the news is pretty much honest. Personally, I like intellectually honest information…even if I don’t agree with it.

      …but the rest can go pound sand.

      • “NPR may lean a bit left but the news is pretty much honest”

        – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

        From NPR dot org 29 July 2021

        NPR rolled out a substantial update to its ethics policy earlier this month, expressly stating that journalists may participate in activities that advocate for “the freedom and dignity of human beings” on both social media and in real life.

        The new policy eliminates the blanket prohibition from participating in “marches, rallies and public events,” as well as vague language that directed NPR journalists to avoid personally advocating for “controversial” or “polarizing” issues.

        NPR’s current ethics policy was first drafted in the early 2000s, and then given an overhaul in 2010-2011.

        The new NPR policy reads, “NPR editorial staff may express support for democratic, civic values that are core to NPR’s work, such as, but not limited to: the freedom and dignity of human beings, the rights of a free and independent press, the right to thrive in society without facing discrimination on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual identity, disability, or religion.”

        Is it OK to march in a demonstration and say, ‘Black lives matter’? What about a Pride parade? In theory, the answer today is, “Yes.” But in practice, NPR journalists will have to discuss specific decisions with their bosses, who in turn will have to ask a lot of questions.
        – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

        NPR gave their “reporters” and “journalists” pretty much free rein to actively pursue their personal politics and agendas in their reports.
        Check their archives for 2022 and their “slant” on just about every political story leading up the the 2022 elections and tell me, with a straight face, that their “news is pretty much honest”.

      • Lies of omission are still lies, and NPR omits a hell of a lot. Let me know when they admit Hunter’s laptop isn’t a Russian forgery.

        • rosignol,
          They were the CNN and MSNBC of radio when it came to the Big Lie, also known as the Russia Hoax. When it was discovered the hoax was a Clinton/DNC/DOJ/CIA operation, did they continue the story, or did they drop it and move on to the next Big Lie? Hmm…

      • Not only is NPR a taxpayer-funded, left-wing activist outlet posing as a news organization, they went all-in on anti-whiteism about six or so years ago. I used to be a regular listener.

        • To Herr Hauptmann Dud Brain

          You quit listening because you could not stand to hear the truth.

          I might add Capitalvania spends the least Government money on public educational news media programs and the American people wallow in ignorance because of it compared to more advanced Socialist European and Asian Nations which spend 10 times the money despite being 50 times smaller countries. For them an educated populace leads to more prosperity and a more stable society which is anything but lately here in Capitalvania still suffering from the after affects of Trumpite racist Nazism which resulted in an explosion of right wing murderous attacks on minorities including Blacks, Jews and Asians. Shades of Hitler’s Germany in the 21st Century Capitalvania.

          The biggest enemy feared by the Far Right is educating a populous in regards on how to detect propaganda, prejudice, bigotry and racist hatreds so ingrained in the Far Right Mentality. Dud Brain is a master at spreading racist hate and bigotry, no wonder he quite listening to a civilized broadcast as it would be adkin to Nazi’s willing listening to educational programs about democracy and multiple political parties which were almost all destroyed on Jan 6th as Dud brain cheered on the Trumpite Nazi’s to victory and a one party state and Trumpite dictatorship.

          Dud brain is a poster boy for the FBI warning that the Far Right are the most dangerous people in the U.S. and its freedoms and its democracy. Dud bran is a modern day Julius Streicher.

        • On one hand you’re worried about propaganda, and on the other hand you’re begging for more state-run media. Now that’s funny! Then you call me racist because I have a problem with a radio network that promotes racism. The comedy never ends.

      • epic trolling.
        michael feldman’s “wha’dya know was fun. the magliozzi’s as well although some questionable advice.
        but when they stopped all music segments to spew pure drivel.

  2. In reality, they are putting Social Security on a tombstone, but ok… we’ll keep acting like they are representing us.

    • That was on borrowed time with the baby boomers retiring and outsourcing mixing with importing cheaper skilled labor. Politicians robbing the fund certainly didn’t help.

  3. If anyone really thinks the ATF, IRS, or NFA act or any of the Gun Control acts for that matter are going to be overturned they are living in La, La, Land. As on can see even after Bruen the States are still going full blast passing new gun control and they have shown how fast the can do it too.

      • Lmao!

        Good luck with that, new far ranging precedents are being set every day. Along with smack down’s prohibiting and invalidating those laws too.

        Chevron is hanging by it’s last threads, and BATFeces recent rule admitted publicly that AyR’s are common use. Say Buh-bye to another AWB, they just blew their own foot off.

        Despite your disinfo, we’re winning big where it counts.

  4. The physocopath met the girl of his dreams at a family funeral .
    He didnt ask for her address or name.
    How did he get to meet her again?

    • Yup, other states have done similar (Montana, Texas and Kansas at least have all tried the “Made in , Sold in , Used in , therefore not subject to commerce clause”). Also, in US v Miller, SCOTUS said arms that are useful to a militia cannot be regulated (the question at hand was whether Short-Barrel Shotguns could be regulated – the court found no evidence that SBS were useful to a military. They obviously didn’t look hard, as WWI had trench warfare and SBS were in use).

      At a minimum, the Hughes Amendment could/should be declared unconstitutional. It’s one thing to require registration, it’s another to prohibit. 1st Class Rights are subject to the least amount of regulation required to satisfy the burden, assuming it passes Strict Scrutiny in the first place.


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