Eric Swalwell
Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)
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“What if it were the other way around?” That’s a common refrain in politics. How would you treat this information were the parties reversed, or if the name of the country or religion or president were different? And while that can get tiresome, it’s sometimes important to bring up.

For example, if a person where you work said to you, “I’m really worried about coming to the office now that employees with badges can bypass the security line, because people who work on the left side of the office are unstable and might shoot me dead,” what would you take them to mean?

Would you think your colleague was suggesting a coworker might bring an outsider past security who might commit violence?

Would you think they were expressing general safety concerns about no one in particular?

Or would you think, as they said, they were accusing specific employees of being unhinged and set on violence?

A lot of my Republican colleagues glorify violence and proudly display the firearms they have in their offices, so it just makes me nervous that we could have a workplace violent event. They’re not the most stable people.

That’s what California Democrat Rep. Eric Swalwell said last week to Raw Story. He was asked very specifically about removal of the metal detectors that lawmakers walk through to go to the House floor.

He deliberately and explicitly referred to his “Republican colleagues” in his response, saying they have firearms and aren’t stable. Not their constituents or friends, but they themselves.

That’s a serious accusation. A sitting Democrat Representative said he is afraid that, without metal detectors, Republican Representatives may shoot him and others, might commit murder on the floor of the U.S. House.

— Caleb Howe in House Democrats Claimed Their Republican Colleagues Might Murder Them and No One Noticed

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    • But he has life figured out.
      You have to work, pay taxes, pay sucky sucky 20 bucky at the asian massage place.
      He has no qualifications, doesn’t work, gets a ton of money and chinese spies/hookers for free.

    • But he has life figured out.
      You have to work, pay taxes, pay sucky sucky 20 bucky at the as1an massage place.
      He has no qualifications, doesn’t work, gets a ton of money and ch1nese sp1es/h00kers for free.

    • The whole Democratic party is unstable. I can’t see voting for any of them…I mean the whole party. Any party that consistently violates the Constitution is a criminal organization and must be charged under the “Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations” act. RICO is there we just need a federal prosecutor who has guts.

  1. Take heart, Mr/Ms/Mrs/Him/Her/We/They/It/Them/XYZ, other objects aren’t likely to be used as a weapon; such as a hickory cane.

    • A Hickory cane can be a very effective weapon. And 150 years later, they are still teaching people how to use one. Only now is it called “a medical device.”

      And no authority can take away your medical device.

      • ^ “ And no authority can take away your medical device.”

        Somebody needs to tell that to the confiscation-holes at the TSA.

        • I would love to see these medical patients start suing the TSA for denying medical care to them.
          Because a cane is a medical device, provided medical care.

        • I’ve been able to bring a walking stick several times on a plane. I never had any issues. It’s for self-defense. Some of the places I’ve been wouldn’t allow me to bring a firearm. Hawaii, for instance.

        • to Colt Magnum

          Never, every, refer to your walking cane as a weapon. Always, always, call it your cane medical device.
          Just watch the first 10 minutes.

          “Cane Masters – Circle of Masters 10-16-2015”
          total video time 39 min long

        • Chris T,
          I’ve never said it was a weapon at any checkpoint. I tell security it’s a walking aid. My previous comment is the only place I have ever mentioned it could be used for self-defense.

      • “And no authority can take away your medical device.”

        Govt might be able to , if it was purchased through Medicare, or Medicaid.

        • I would love to see the government take back a medical device after it was completely paid for. Not just making payments. But totally paid for. When the users doctor recommended it’s use for the patient.

          The government in your bedroom. The government in your doctors exam room???

          Ya. I want to see all the media coverage of the government telling a disabled person, they can’t have a $35.00 medical device.

        • Here is Massad Ayoob on the 500 year old Cane Fighting defense. Video from over ten years ago. The story of Rex Applegate fighting off two attackers with just his walking cane. video 4 min long

        • “”

          There ya’ go. Was wondering if anyone would pick up on it.

    • What the sick drama queen eric swalwell describes is what he imagines doing to Republicans…Exactly like the finger pointing secretive murderous democRat who snapped and shot Republicans up at a baseball game.

  2. Just another case of projection at it’s finest. Gun owners are law abiding and peaceful folk who want to be left alone. Democrats though, have a long and vibrant history of oppression, slavery, and unprovoked violence. So I imagine a traitor to the US who has pledged his full allegiance to the Democrat party and his Marxist handlers would find the idea of armed patriots discomfiting. That’s how it’s supposed to work though. Criminals are supposed to be made uncomfortable by the presence of firearms in the hands of their would be victims.

    • Yep, De Facto. That’s exactly what it is. Lefties actually have a much more recent record on violence.

      Maxine Waters called for mobs to oust prominent conservatives whenever they see them out in public, which the mobs obediently did.

      Hillary Clinton said they couldn’t be civil with Republicans.

      Chuck Schumer told Kavanaugh and Gorsuch, “…you have released the whirlwind and you will pay the price. You won’t know what hit you if you go forward with these awful decisions.”
      That led to a crazy left winger flying from California with the intent to tie up and assassinate Kavanaugh. That received a big fat bored yawn from the propagandist media.

      And how can we forget prominent Democrats cheering on the mostly peaceful Summer of Fire, Death, and Destruction of 2020? They even bailed the criminals out of jail so they could keep it going.

    • It was a mostly peaceful protest the dems and lefties said as businesses and police stations burned. They look the other way when dems incite violence but claim that republicans are unstable.

  3. I’d like to see a hickory cane fight in the House of Representatives and in the Senate.

    The House on Friday night and the Senate on Saturday night.

    Make it pay per view and help pay down the debt.

  4. H’mm.

    If I were him, I’d suggest he not antagonize ‘those people’ in the first place…

    *Snicker* 😉

  5. hey democrat… republicans “proudly display the firearms they have in their offices” just to piss you off because they know what an emotionally knee jerk constitution hating closet racist American hating hypocrite you are and nothing passes off a hypocrite more than seeing the very thing they are hypocritical over being flaunted in front of them.

  6. A literal blood-bath is just what we need in DC. Lock the doors and don’t let anybody out. When the noise dies down set it on fire and we’ll “build back better.” A parking lot or landfill. Something people will actually use.

    • And brain dead morons that will continue to vote for him. He would have been dispatched by now if he were in the 1770’s as would Feinstein for collaborating with the enemy.

  7. It was a blessing in disguise that there was no. “red wave”. Because the 20 members of the freedom caucus now have tremendous power. In this case having fewer republicans is a good thing.

    • Good point. My wife asked me why they didn’t just vote someone in and be done with it. I told her that the real conservatives hooked a winch cable to the process and were yanking it to the right, which would likely be a good thing in the end. A republic, if we can keep it…

      • Now we need the senate and presidency so we can do more than obstruct. The first order of business needs to be rolling back ALL the raises given to the various alphabet agencies.

      • When my liberal daughter asked me about this I told her it was a great and wonderful thing. Were actually having a democratic debate for a change. The Republican Civil War is on. And it’s a good thing.

        • It’s a beautiful thing to witness. Some have gotten the message. We’re remaking the party. Everyone’s tired of the lies from the establishment.

        • At this point the turtle is one of our greatest enemies. Wonderful job with the courts but his time is done.

      • “Once elected most get very rich on legal insider trading.”

        What’s the point of obtaining power, if you can’t abuse it?

        If I were running for major office, and people put me through the hell of campainging….if I win, those people are absolutely going to pay for what they did to me.

    • This. According to the rhetoric of the freedom caucus, they want to reduce the power of DC. There will always be idealists, and there might indeed be some of those in Congress. But what incentive do congress critters have to reduce their own potential to gain influence and personal wealth?

  8. wasn’t it Swalwell who said the heck with the law and constitution and proposed sending the military to confiscate all firearms and shoot those who resisted the unlawful and unwarranted and unconstitutional hostile deadly home invasions to do it?

  9. If democrats get paralyzed with the “fear” of an opposition party and don’t show up to vote, then the American people are better off as a whole. Swalwell is a CHICOM asset and literally a traitorous scumbag.

    • Considering all the corrupt and treasonous things/deals Swalwell has made against We The People…..I’ll be satisfied when we can honestly call him Swellswell

  10. Hmmm…funny, I don’t recall the Left being all that concerned when one of their fellow travelers shot up a GOP softball game…you know, something involving guns that actually happened rather than Rep. Smallmind’s projected fever dream of going all “John Wicke” on his political opponents. Those tailored, bullet-resistant kevlar suits from the movies are made up Eric…

  11. I think Swalwell should be more concerned about his own Dem party members killing him. The Dem polis have a well known history of doing just that to their own.

  12. Swallowswell is a red Chinese asset, judging by the company he has kept. Talk of “shooting people” is serious and if he’s afraid he should be, otoh, it’s crazy talk meant to stir up emotions.. It appears he sold out his country for some slant split-tail..

    • I think killing through forced labor, malnutrition, and a lack of medical care is more Swallow-Well’s style. Best to gain some benefits from the unpeople.

  13. I would not worry to much, Swalwell. For one thing your a** isn’t worth the jail time. And two, you forget the Republicans aren’t known for standing up for anything, let alone fighting for what they may believe in. Which isn’t much of anything. You seriously think any one of them are going to shoot a worthless bag like you? They can’t find their butts with both hands as it is. You also seem to forget that, in the end, you D’s and R’s are all the same, anyway, and in the end, the two of you would rather just shoot the rest of us.

  14. fact:

    Swalwell is literally over 1,500 times more likely to trip and fall and incurr a fatal injury than to be shot by another politician in the capital building or any ordinary law abiding citizen gun carrier.

    Swalwell is literally more than 1,400 times more likely to be run over by a car than he is to be shot by another politician in the capital building or any ordinary law abiding citizen gun carrier.

    Swalwell is literally more than 3,300 times more likely to be stabbed to death by a criminal than he is to be shot by another politician in the capital building or any ordinary law abiding citizen gun carrier.

  15. “Eric Swalwell Is Worried Republicans Will Shoot Democrats on the Floor of the US House”

    Well, one can hope…

  16. Swalwell is a disgusting lying, fake liberatard traitor who will say anything for attention and sleep with spies and commit treason. He should be arrested and put on trial and found guilty.

  17. He’s just humiliated that he has a small dick, and had to find a Chinese spy to bed to get any use from it at all. You know, getting intimate with an agent of a foreign nuclear power, while threatening to use nukes on US citizens.

    What a choir boy. Him and Beto need to go to some remote island and form their own country. Take AOC with them.

  18. They should put Eric Swalwell’s picture in the dictionary next to the definition of ‘douche’. I can’t think of anyone who illustrates the term nearly as well.

    • Douche means to rinse/clean, douche bag is the leavings from the process. I think “douche bag” would be the term.

      • . I think “douche bag”

        “Douche bag” is actually the container/applicator for the cleansing agent of choice, the “leavings” are then flushed either in toilet/bidet or more likely down the shower drain… Nothing about the process of feminine hygiene is applicable to THAT scumbag (aka used condom)…

  19. That’s ridiculous, nobody is going to shoot him! Now spitting in his face is an interesting possibility along with a swift kick in his nuts, assuming girly-man has any.

    Eric Swallowswell, damn he’s got a face that would be fun to punch.

  20. I should hope it would be dealt with out back behind the barn so as not to make a mess on the Floor of Congress…

  21. Swalwell is correct. Nut cases like Boebart and Green are loose cannons. Firearms should be outlawed completely at the capitol. The Government has more than enough security personnel to protect Congressmen.

    The Far Right have been declared by the FBI as the greatest danger to American Democracy and the most dangerous people in the U.S. and the most violent. They came close on Jan 6th with their Hitlerite 1923 Beer Hall Style putsch to establishing a one party jack booted Nazi government with Herr Drumpf appointed dictator for life.

    The Far Right march lock step with all of the ideals of Nazism.

    The Far Right:

    Hate immigrants

    Hate refugees

    Hate all minorities

    Hate all other religions

    Want to establish an all white protestant utopian state outlawing all other religions.

    Want machine gun pits set up along the border ordered to shoot anyone crossing into no man’s land.

    Want to destroy democracy

    Want a one party far right jackbooted state

    Want a dictatorship with blind allegiance to authority.

    Want to destroy the 1st Amendment

    Want the News media controlled by their Jack Booted Government.

    Want the death penalty expanded to include anything the Government might fear such as freedom of the press.

    Want the internet and the news media controlled by their jack booted government.

    Want a state that spies on their own citizens.

    Believe that they are the master race and have the right to invade and occupy all the other countries of the world.

    Want all children indoctrinated to believe in blind allegiance to authority

    Want a sanitized version of American History Taught.

    Want critical thinking banned.

    Want women banned from the workplace

    Want women banned from driving

    Want to do away with all abortion even in saving the life of the mother or as the result of rape.

    Want Nazi style baby farms with forced impregnation of young women to breed a new army of brainwashed stormtroopers

    Want rape laws reduced to a misdemeanor.

    Want people executed for not belonging to a Christian Protestant Church.

    Want to do away with all laws against smoking in public buildings and in the workplace.

    Want to do away with all progress in stopping the greenhouse effect.

    Want to go back to a freewheeling rape the environment rule for all businesses.

    Want to do away with all laws against polluting the environment for blind greed and profit.

    Want to do away with the Dept. of Food and Drug Administration to save money.

    Want to do away with the right to form a Union

    Want to do away with sexual harassment laws in the workplace

    Want to do away with the Affordable Care Act

    Want to do away with Insurance caps

    Want to do away with insurance pre-existing conditions bans.

    Want complete deregulation of the Drug Industry with the ability to charge anything they want for life saving drugs.

    Believe in qualified immunity for thug killer cops.

    Want to use nuclear weapons on all Socialist Countries.

    Believe that taxes should be eliminated for all Corporations and only working troglodyte slaves should have to pay taxes.

    Believe all workers should work for minimum wages part time

    Want to destroy social security

    Want to destroy medicare

      • MB,

        There IS no medicine for what’s wrong with dacian the demented. Now, if someone could invent a pill to reverse ignorance, dementia, lack of education, and mental retardation, dacian will be all set . . . if the government will pay for it.

        • Yea, it’s 100% a repost from reddit.

          Also, apparently “reddit” is a safe word now that triggers the WordPress moderation lmfao.

        • Always has been re filter word. Would see the reposts constantly when the lefties started getting their assertions blown out by basic logic. But the rus/uki drama of late has limited actually interesting content lately.

    • Nazi, short for national socialist party. You started your list with that. Oh how the BS flows from there. Does your mom bring your pop tarts to the basement or do you eat them right out of the box?

      • dacian – last time I checked, the U.S. is a republic, NOT a direct democracy.
        What the far right wants(as you term it), is just crazy talk, just as what the far left wants. Yes, there are people that want a version of their own religion to be the law of the land, but any person that is an American patriot believes in at least the first 10 on the BORs, both those that are right or left leaning. The stressing of the differences instead of the similarities is just polarization designed to make us squabble. We are all alike more than we are different.
        When our leaders stress the far extreme, all they are doing is sidestepping the issues. Both sides do this, they are both profiting from insider trading(some legally, some, I suspect, illegally). We are being robbed by these politicians, who do NOT represent the issues. It seems they can care less about our lives and only care about themselves.

    • Wowzers. If you believe any of that why are you a jack booted thug in a black uniform? I know it’s hard for you to focus, dacian, but go to a mirror and look in. You will see a modern American Not-Z.

      The FBI? This is why I know you’re mentally ill. You condemn all .gov law enforcement repeatedly in you comments. But then you claim the fibbies statements are accurate. That’s schizo, right there.

    • And speaking of projection…

      If life is so cheap in Capitalvania, then the cost of liquidating a third of the population won’t be much.

    • The Far Right have been declared by the FBI as the greatest danger to American Democracy and the most dangerous people in the U.S.…

      Actually, the “Far Right” are the anarchists like ANTIFA, BLM and the FBI and I agree, they ARE the biggest threat to our Republic and the most dangerous people in America (until they bump heads with some REAL American patriots)… Your “Hitlerite” analogy is way off course, you can push YOUR truths all you like but the FACT is that the mostly peaceful demonstrations on Jan 6 were protected by the Constitution of the United States (Right to redress grievances in a peaceful manner) The right of the people peaceably to assemble for the purpose of petitioning Congress for a redress of grievances, or for anything else connected with the powers or duties of the National Government, is an attribute of national citizenship, and, as such, under protection of, and guaranteed by, the United States. The very idea of a government, republican in form, implies a right on the part of its citizens to meet peaceably for consultation in respect to public affairs and to petition for a redress of grievances… Those few that were coaxed into destructive and violent actions by government plants should be appropriately punished for their actions, but to be held in the DC Jail for two years for walking into the Capitol building and taking a selfie is absurd…

    • It is hilarious how a BRITISH SUBJECT, claims to know about The United States of America!!!

      Proves he is receiving his marching orders for the MARXIST Anti-Gun crowd!!!!

      Proves he doesn’t know the “REAL EVENTS” of 1-6!!!!!

    • dacian I would ask you to prove thee assertions, but we know you can’t provide proof to anything. When you do link proof, it is contradictory.

      No worries, you are just being you. You go girl!

    • The cut and paste troll strikes again. No doubt he gets an extra bowl of rice every month if he convinces someone to embrace communism.

    • Most of this is the usual upside down rhetoric, Orwellian “war is peace” nonsense, unstated redefinition of terms, and other fallacies, but one thing deserves comment since very few people seem to understand it:

      “Believe that taxes should be eliminated for all Corporations and only working troglodyte slaves should have to pay taxes.”

      Corporations ultimately don’t pay taxes. Consumers do. Every penny in corporate tax is ultimately paid by the people who buy the goods and services. Voting to increase corporate tax is voting to increase tax on the “working troglodyte slaves.”

      • Income taxes should be paid by those that produce. A worker that works for a factory helps to make the product. Taxing these workers is just paid by the corporations that hire them. The end result of their profits should be taxed. All this does is make companies/corporations that have more labor be unable to compete with companies/corporations in other countries.
        The point where income is generated is when the tax should be counted.
        This is only fair to all corporations and is the main reason that we don’t produce any more.

  22. dacian, the DUNDERHEAD, Sealwell is like you a DUNDERHEAD. He is not any more correct than you are. Which is a big fat ZERO.
    We do not want to do any of the things you have listed. What we do want is to make things realistic without breaking the back of the taxpayers. You people have already destroyed social security and medicare with your add ons and as your buds in Congress STOLE the FICA taxes and Medicare fees that were supposed to be invested to keep both programs solvent.
    As to your minimum wage nonsense, it is just that nonsense. For your edification part time jobs are “filler jobs” that make up for what the full timers don’t have time for.
    We have no intention of using “nuclear weapons” on anyone let alone your socialist buds.
    For your further edification, nukes are meant as a deterrent against aggressors like Putin, and your friend the ayatollah in Iran and your alQaeda buds.
    Any police officer who uses deadly physical force inappropriately is dealt with in accordance with the law, in spite of your protestations to the contrary. How about we use the same criteria against your ANTIFA and BLM thug stormtroopers. There is NO plan or proposal to deregulate the drug industry. Another bold faced lie. Nor doing away with the pre-existing conditions clauses in health insurance. Another one of your scare tactics? Insurance caps were already done away with. As to the “Affordable Care Act”? It’s a disaster. My premiums alone increased 250%.
    There is no way you could possibly do away with the “sexual harassment” laws in the workplace or any where else. We have always had those laws. Another Lefty scare tactic?
    Your “greenhouse effect” has been going on since the beginning of time. The question is how much of it is man produced and no one has been able to prove it except by conjecture. The rest is more of your propaganda nonsense.
    The people have woke up to your and your Leftist buddies chicanery.

  23. Why waste good gunpowder on a communist traitor like this Salwell. We tried in Korea and Vietnam. Only one venture has worked, S. Korea, at the cost of thousands of American lives. In the past, victory belonged to the strong. BJClinton, Bama, & Boden have weakened us. They would not be a waste of gunpowder or an area nuke (look it up).
    Now, we have an entire national capital full of the ones we would have killed. They would not be alive or elected in 1776. That was the day of Patriots, people the left have villainized in our day and time. For a free people, that have more firearms in history, and hopefully are trained in their lawful use, why are these people allowed to terrorize our country. I don’t find a lot to agree with national news and don’t watch it regularly. I was watching a documentary on Vietnam, narrated by Tom Brocaw, NBC news. He stated that all of the Real American men were killed during WWII. I don’t agree totally, because I am a real American man, with three honorable discharges from the US Military. At 70 years old, I will still fight and die for my country and for those loyal to the US and its Constitution, and kill those who are not. Swallower does not fit a loyal citizen and needs to be wacked (mob term). Any real American men still out there? Or do you just polish your firearms and show them to guests in your home? The news says we are in a civil war, the last one was in the 1860’s, but the racists and anarchists are back and bent on beginning another, and we will be the victims. We have to elect people loyal to the US and the Constitution. As far as the Republican Party, they replaced the Whigs as the opposing party to Demotraitors, in the 1860’s. Maybe it is time for the elephant in the room to be replaced by a new, loyal American party that will represent the American people and everything this country used to stand for. Especially the Constitution. Want to keep your firearms, think about it?

    • I would like to think, Patriot, that there are still a few out there in the country that are not merely arm chair and keyboard warriors, and would physically stand up and defend this country when the time came. I would gladly stand up, lock arms, and join them, because quite frankly, I have nothing left to lose (except freedom, privacy, and my rights), and have grown up where there was no freedom. This is it. If we lose it, we have nowhere else to run to be free.

    • You can’t trust the vote count anymore! I am almost 60 so I understand having nothing to lose. My father was a tank commander in Patton’s 3rd army. Served in North Africa all the way to the army of occupation. Stay ready, don’t know how it will all come together, just stay ready.

      • It would be most interesting having a conversation with your father, Redneck, and his time served in the army under Patton. It is one thing to read about the General, but entirely another to actually serve under him. Not that many of the WW2 vets were one for talking. But, the ones that I did talk to were walking encyclopedias, and I am sorry to see that not too many are around any more.

  24. @Chris T in KY
    “Ya. I want to see all the media coverage of the government telling a disabled person, they can’t have a $35.00 medical device.”

    Federal funds follow federal rules. So, if someone uses their federally paid medical device (cane) to attack, or otherwise harm someone else, yes, the media would have a field day reporting on how someone misused federal funds to, by harming another person. The cane would no longer be a medical device, but a weapon of war.

  25. Thanks Shadow. Yes, I live in an apartment complex with modern patriots. Many are deer hunters, but, I know if their lives are threatened, they will fight back. Political correctness will only cost us our lives. Live free or die. Patriot…..

    • Gary,

      Swallowswell is not a dick. A dick is part of a man. Swallowswell is NO PART of a man. He sports as much testosterone as dacian the demented, MinorLiar, and Prince Albert. Strictly soy milk, always.

  26. Now why would somebody want to shoot somebody if they wasn’t going to eat them?
    All this is is they want to pretend their English parliament and get in fist fights and shit over which party gets to fck over We The People the most.
    Those illegal immigrants better take a good hard look at the country they are invading because it’s not a whole hell of a lot better then the place they are coming from.
    Oh its going to get real fun world wide come June .

  27. A lot of those folks are QAnon nutjobs. Paul Gosar even shared a cartoon depicting him murdering another representative. I’d be worried about them too.


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