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Maybe ATF should switch its acronym to FAT, considering where its focus is.

As for the meme and how it relates to ATF’s focus, right about 2/3 of annual “gun deaths” are suicides and there’s effectively no evidence that gun bans or extremely strict gun control has an effect on a country’s (or state’s) suicide rate. Typically 9,000 to 12,000 of annual “gun deaths” are homicides. Did you know 65,773 people died by unintentional poisoning in 2019? Unintentional falls claimed 39,443. Meanwhile, defensive gun uses are estimated to occur 60,000 to 2.5 million times per year and prevent an estimated 400,000 violent crimes from happening each year. Just throwing that out there.


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  1. There is an agenda that the fascist left is pushing. They want their victims defenseless.

    Antifa/SS units need an edge. They aren’t very bright but they are vicious.

    • Lefties don’t fear an uprising of smokers, but this is largely because they have never seen Waterworld.

    • Let’s just not mention medical malpractice which kills more than tobacco every year.

      Perhaps it is NOT a good idea to have trainee doctors working 80-100 hours nonstop as some form of “tradition” and a hazing ritual to toughen them up. Anyone who’s been at work nonstop for more than 12-16 hours has the same mental impairment as someone who has consumed enough alcohol to be beyond the legal limit for driving.

      • That’s starting to change, thankfully, from what I’ve been hearing.

        And for all the reasons you mentioned…

  2. A Leftist government bent on domination isn’t affeared of tobacco being used to stop them. Or alcohol. Or accidental trip-and-falls.

  3. You left out the 250,000+ who die each year from medical mistakes/malpractice committed by so called medical professionals. Guess that’s why they call it a Practice.

    • No use o REAL PPE is a significant portion. A study of the last year with OR teams were more likely to be wearing PPE rather than worthless sillyass “surgical masks would be interesting.

    • Back in the ’90’s the AMA was getting really involved with gun bans, while purposefully ignoring the 300,000 annual malpractice deaths. We won’t even discuss things like sexual assault of patients, theft of patient property, fraud, etc. OR WILL WE? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  4. Cardiovascular Diseases were responsible for 841,000 deaths in 2016…. where’s the legislation to outlaw assault bacon? It’s socially acceptable to carry around an extra 25,50, maybe a hundred extra pounds of blubber, but don’t get caught with your edc. Fuck the ATFE – I still think it should be a convenience store chain.

    • “Cardiovascular Diseases were responsible for 841,000 deaths in 2016…. where’s the legislation to outlaw assault bacon?”

      If you look closely at some of their writings, they actually go into that.

      The way they do it pretty chilling – Their rationale is “Public Health”. They would like to keep track of what food-stuffs you buy and ration how much sugar and fats you should be ‘allowed’ to buy.

      It’s all a part of their “Agenda XX” 5-year Communist plans, like how the want to outlaw single-family homes for the little people and only build apartment buildings of concrete to warehouse you and I into…

      • Look up the Ushanka Show on YouTube. It is about life in the Soviet Union told by a former citizen who emigrated to the USA.

  5. Alcohol, tobacco and swimming pools do not help me resist your attempt to take my freedom

  6. Don’t forget the 420,000 abortions in recent years. This is down from over a million deaths per year a few decades ago.

  7. I going to put those death statistics on a card to reference in talks with Leftaroons.

    Baseball bats
    Motor vehicles
    All causes of death, rank by number of incidents.

    • My favorite is annual cases of autoerotic asphyxiation (people accidentally choking themselves to death when trying to choke themselves to get aroused) exceeding annual rifle deaths EVEN AFTER the first is often misreported/misIDed as suicide.

  8. I would not compare tobacco and alcohol the same as gunm deaths. Gunms are not addictive in the same way as tobacco, alcohol, and drugs. Those deaths are unintentional albeit chosen through addiction.
    A closer comparison would be vehicle fatalities and even that is not quite right as most vehicle fatalities are accidental.
    Accidental gunm homicides are probably low on the list of death by accident.
    So, conclusively we can say most gunm fatalities are not by accident, therefore gunm misuse falls to the individual using the gunm.
    For instance.
    I get drunk, smoke a pack and a half of cigarettes, a couple hits off the crack pipe , get in my car, drive down to the convenience store, shoot the attendant and take the cash and a carton of smokes and bottle of vodka.
    Our we to blame the gunm, the booze, the drugs , the car, or me? ,,,,,,,, has to be the gunm. Right.

    • “Gunms are not addictive in the same way as tobacco, alcohol, and drugs.”
      Tell that to my credit card statement and bank account, which are both suffering from a chronic case of firearms addiction! It’s hard to quit cold turkey, so I’ve been trying to cut back, but just like trying to cut back on cigarette smoking, it’s not easy.

      Fortunately (sarcasm alert), the state of New Jersey has been doing its best to cut back on gunm addiction by rationing gunms to one per month and making each purpose as inconvenient as humanly possible.

  9. Waiting for “Alfred E Neuman’s” response to the data presented. I’m sure there will be footnotes to CNN, MSNBC and other reliably leftist “sources” to refute…

  10. Considering the image used, there should have been a mention of the Backyard Death Lagoons that are the #1 cause of death for kids 4 and younger.. and #2 for 14 and younger, just after Urban Assault Vehicles.

  11. Nothing is more addictive, or leads to more loss of life, than the intellectual methamphetamine of leftist ideas.

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