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  1. As long as they keep voting LaPierre back in…

    I’d rather buy treats from Starbucks. Not a fan of that organization, either, but at least I know I’ll get something for the money I give them.

      • So, they were handed a ballot that was already filled in and told to put it in the box? They couldn’t look at whose name was on it because it was secret.

  2. Sad but true, I’m afraid! Spending too much time in the D.C. sewer can destroy anyone’s ideals and morals!

  3. You think any of our comments to our senators did any good?
    I would like to think so.
    I dont know about the rest of you but when I went to comment it had a list of category’s, blag ,blah, blah, and guns.
    I thought ” That’s strange Guns? Not firearms, guns. Somethings not right.” So I put my ,Chipmans bad ,on a different blah blah.
    I have a feeling it was sent, recieved, deleted.

    • Depends on the senators.

      In my state both of them are eager to eliminate the filibuster, for instance, because they think the good work the senate could do is being blocked out of spite … Need I say more?

  4. It isn’t that the NRA is bad. It is that the leadership has become bad. Kinda like churches. Not that God is bad. it’s the people and bricks ‘n’ mortar crowd that get in the way.


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