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If you haven’t seen Collateral, go do that. Fantastic movie in every way.


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  1. What’s good about it?

    After you are done watching it, you are like, “well, okay.” It’s not like it fills you with positive vibes or anything.

  2. There was a YouTube video about someone who got back a porch pirates by having a glitter bomb device in a box with cameras and mobile internet streaming to catch their reactions, and mobile GPS for recovery.

    The thieve’s reactions were priceless when glitter is scattered all over them and their house.

      • you both forgot that this meme was revealed to be a total hoax… never happened. but it WAS hilarious to wath. I laughed SO HARD!!! I did =n’t care when I found out it was not a real event. The guy who put it together is a real genius.

        • wut? Are you referring to the many videos that Mark Robber put out and calling them a hoax? Cuz that shit aint true at all. He actually assisted in the arrest of one idiot and the fart smell stuff was just a kicker for his bait packages. Some people have even gone so far as to use OC spray (which can get you sued so it’s not advised) but a smart person would use UV reactive stuff and a form of non toxic dye or paint to stain everything it touches. Not sure what “meme” you saw, but Mark Robber did the real deal and so have countless others.

    • “There was a YouTube video about someone who got back a porch pirates by having a glitter bomb device in a box with cameras and mobile internet streaming to catch their reactions, and mobile GPS for recovery.”

      Mark Rober, engineer.

      His YouTube channel is one of the better ones, like Destin Sandler’s ‘Smarter Every Day’ one is…

  3. Personally I think these memes are hard to follow and really don’t carry the intended meaning if people can’t even understand what the point is????? I don’t find them useful or entertaining at all.

      • I haven’t had commericial tv for years. I don’t pay for it. I don’t net flix or any of that stuff. I don’t pay for it.

        I buy dvds. Used. Mostly from thrift stores. I want to be entertained but fuck making hollywood rich.

        • slow nod.
          can’t claim to be as vigilant as you (family demands to be entertained and they don’t care much for my act); “they” send us two dvds per month, most are also for purchase at auction sites/ thrift/ pawn. never had any form of cable service (virtue signalled).
          tom cruise is a dweeb.
          the respectable performers are on a very short list.

        • If you buy DVD’s you are contributing, lol. Used or not. It’s been factored into their income from since before the release of the movie you just bought.

          Just learn to be a modern pirate. Same goes for guns… wtf is a registration? Download literally everything.

  4. Well movie is as movie does.
    Always the movie people talk, ,,”Do you want some of this?”,,” Did I fire 15 or was it 16″.
    And then walk forward??
    No they dont want some of this, and getting closer might get you kicked in the balls.

  5. We know a lady, 78 years old, that caught a porch pirate in the act. She grabbed an aluminum baseball bat and took out after him and beat the crap out of him in the front yard. His buddies had sped off in the car leaving him behind.

    The way the neighbor told it to me the next day was; he saw what was happening and called the cops and went across the street to help and mostly tried to pull her off the porch pirate and calm her down because he knew she had some cardiac medical issues and this was not good for her and he saw the porch pirate was done but she kept at it swinging that bat and screaming and cussing at the porch pirate for a little bit longer. By the time the cops arrived she had stopped beating on the porch pirate, he was screaming in pain and begging for help and cops called paramedics. They had to take him to the hospital, later they learned he had a broken rib, shattered knee cap, and busted jaw and his face had lacerations and was bruised and both eyes swollen shut.

    the way the victim lady told it to me was the same as the neighbor except she says she made sure to hit him in the crotch and when she tried she only hit the crotch one time because he had curled up in the fetal position before she could get any more hits on the area.

  6. Collateral is a great movie as are MOST of the ones directed by Michael Mann

    FACT the coyote that run through one shot in the film was not a trained animal it was one that just showed up during a take and Michael Mann swung the camera onto the critter and took the footage, then added it to the film. I shows the lead civilian as who is.


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