Texas School Shooting Arlington High School Mansfield
Families arrive at Mansfield ISD Center for the Performing Arts to be reunited with their children, Wednesday, Oct. 6, 2021 in Mansfield, Texas, following a shooting at the Timberview High School in Arlington. (AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez)
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By Jamie Stengle and Jill Bleed, AP

An 18-year-old student opened fire during a fight at his Dallas-area high school on Wednesday, injuring four people and then fleeing before being taken into custody hours later, authorities said.

Timothy George Simpkins was taken into custody without incident, the Arlington Police Department tweeted. He was booked in the Arlington jail on three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and was being held on $75,000 bail.

One person was in critical condition, another was in good condition and a third person was treated for minor abrasions and was scheduled to be released from the hospital Wednesday afternoon, police said. A fourth person was hurt but did not require treatment at a hospital. Police said earlier that three of the four injured were students.

The shooting at Timberview High School, which is in Arlington, but belongs to the school district in neighboring Mansfield, stemmed from a fight that broke out in a classroom, Arlington Assistant Police Chief Kevin Kolbye said at news conference before Simpkins’ arrest.

“This is not a random act of violence,” he said. “This is not somebody attacking our school.”

Timberview serves about 1,900 students in the ninth through 12th grades. The sprawling complex opened in 2004.

After news of the shooting spread, parents gathered at the Mansfield Independent School District Center for the Performing Arts about 5 miles (8 kilometers) from the high school to be reunified with their kids, who were bused over. Among them was Justin Rockhold, whose ninth-grade son had texted him to let him know he was OK.

Rockhold said he has served in the military and he drew on that experience to instruct his son, telling him to keep his head down and be still to stay safe. When asked whether he had thought a shooting could happen at the school, he said his military training is also a reminder of life’s dangerous realities.

“Obviously in America — in the world we live in today — it’s always something. … It’s in the back of your mind,” Rockhold said, adding that he was praying for the injured. “I’m just blessed today that my kid’s safe.”


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  1. Which branch of the military teaches you to keep your head down and stay motionless? That is what rabbits do when they see a predator.

  2. Some comments on the original tweet showing the fight say that the smaller kid getting beaten up was the one who had the gun, and shot his attacker.

    We’ll know if that’s the case if this story disappears from the media.

    • see how well that works? Its true.. ever since they passed that law banning guns at school, there haven’t been any schoo.l shooooooooooooo…….. oh, wait…….

    • As soon as it was said that a pistol was found I knew it was a black person. What surprised me then was that he was actually a student. It would be a good idea to have a locker and backpack search. If one black gangster is found with a gun in school, there will be many mo.

  3. This story will die in a hurry…young brown kid doesn’t fit the narrative. As an added + where’s the AR15?!?😟

    • I watched this event unfold live on CNN and FOX, and I switched back and forth between the two at least once a minute to compare their coverage. FOX had more on-scene footage due to a local affiliate being on-site. I watched the first press conference on CNN where the suspect information was released- and how immediately following the briefing local L.E. would be releasing the suspect’s photo and information. The press conference occurred shortly after 12pm EST.

      By approximately 12:45pm EST, FOX had the suspect’s full name, photo, and vehicle description displayed onscreen. CNN did not. In fact- CNN stopped on-scene coverage of the event shortly after the press conference where the suspect information was released. Not only did they not show the suspect’s photo- they stopped giving any physical description of him at all. They returned to covering Biden’s push to pass budget reconciliation and infrastructure bill from before 1pm EST onwards. FOX remained reporting with on-scene coverage and suspect photo/info onscreen.

      At the top of the hour at 2pm EST, CNN finally displayed the suspect’s photo and reported that it was no longer an active shooting event, and then returned to Biden worship.

      While not surprising, it was nauseating to seen in real-time how the MSM adjusts their coverage of a live event in order to fit their narrative. CNN chose to withhold the suspect’s description even while stating that he was considered armed and dangerous and on the loose somewhere in the vicinity of the school.

      CNN chose sticking to their narrative over promoting public safety.

      Evil, really.

      • It is. I used to watch CNN on a regular basis and think I was getting the news. Then I began reading more from different sources, and realized I was being fed their narrative. I stopped watching them a few years ago and dumped cable a couple of years ago.

  4. Saw a comment on Washington times article reporting this shooting. Some idiot replied that more guns equals more crime but we are too ignorant to see this. Shows who the real idiot is.

  5. Just so I’m clear on this and what the article says…

    The young adult brought a loaded gun onto a school campus, shot up several people, and was assigned a very low bail amount of only $75K?? Attempted murder and a family member only has to pony up $7500 to get him back out on the streets? Am I missing something here?

    A relative of mine was only accused of rape (it was later proven to be false testimony in court and dropped), and his bail was set at $100K!

    Something doesn’t compute with this article…

  6. Waiting for little d’s TLDR diatribe on how universal background checks would have prevented this and how other civilized countries don’t have this problem.

    He must have worn out the Ctrl, c, and v keys on the keyboard.

    • Many school districts forbid teachers from getting involved. Scared school boards. ‘If you touch a student they may claim you hurt them and the parents might sue.’ My wife works in education in Texas so I know.

  7. Why, he looks like such a nice young man! I wonder what happened to have him make such a negative choice in life?

    He’ll probably get kicked out of school for this I’m thinking.

    • Would love to see what the internal school discipline records of these folks involved.
      I’d lay down $100 saying that they all have been given numerous “second chances” (and 3rd,4th,5th,6th,etc….)

  8. “Independent School District Center for the Performing Arts” – what moron sends his kid to that school? Prepare the kid for a “career” and life of what – waiting tables in NYC/Hollyweird, making overpriced soy krapachino, Doober driver?

  9. I’d say the little guy decided he didn’yt like wearing an asswhipping. He decided not to get mad, but rather to get even. Looks like he got a whole can of asswhipping opened up on him too.

  10. So for all you gun nuts itching to play mall or school ninja ‘hero’ in one of these scenarios one day, let me ask you a question. If everyone was a ‘good guy with a gun’ and stood up during a mass shooting situation, how will the other good guys know who the ‘good guys’ are and how will the SWAT and cops know who not to shoot? Cops are trained to shoot anyone who is holding a gun and doesn’t drop it within a split second, especially if you’re a black male. In a very exciting situation such as this where the cops get to don their assault gear and bring out the big guns, they would love to have a chance to shoot. Think you’ll last one second being a “good guy with a gun” on scene? No. No guns should be allowed in public period. Guns can be used to protect yourself in your own home, sure. But people being allowed to carry it out in public is just asking for trouble and more needless deaths.

    • These incidents are over in seconds. It takes police minutes to respond. An armed person already on the scene will have plenty of time to put down the bad guy and get his gun back out of sight before anyone who might mistake him for a bad guy shows up.

    • I’ve carried weapons in public for over 20 years – not only can I defend myself, but I’m a lot harder to kill.

    • You are one deranged individual. Whataboutism, false equivalency, hell, a whole litany of logical fallacies issues from your pie hole.

      I’d suggest seeking help, but what you really need is to buy a gun and stick it in your mouth. I’m sure you can figure out the rest in the “doing a service to society” bent. In other words, GFY.

    • “No guns should be allowed in public period. Guns can be used to protect yourself in your own home, sure.”

      So, with permission, under your plan I would be able to protect myself in my home but if I, lets say, go to the grocery store my right to self-defense no longer applies.

      “But people being allowed to carry it out in public is just asking for trouble and more needless deaths.”

      I guess the two guys who attacked and were going to rape my wife was us “just asking for trouble” and their deaths were needless as I shot them while they were trying to drag her into a van at knife and gun point. I guess the three other women they had attacked and actually raped prior to that would have been sad to hear of the “needless” death of one and permanent paralysis and prison. I guess the women they would have tried to attack and rape in the future would have been “just asking for trouble” if these women had been armed with a firearm.

      It was, according to your plan, wrong for me to shoot those guys becaus I was not in my home at the time so I was “just asking for trouble” to cause “more needless deaths” and I should have let them continue their attack and go ahead and rape and possibly kill my wife. But, the guy that broke into our house a while back it was Ok to shoot.

      according to your plan I guess if i ever come across your girlfriend or wife being attacked and about to be raped by the same types, I’ll need to think “my goodness, I can only exact defense in my home. Good luck lady, bye bye” instead of being the type that would come to her aid and yes I would probably need to shoot her attackers.

      If all this upsets you, too bad so sad.

      Hmmmm….what kind of medication did you forget to take today?

      I tend to think you being allowed in society is “just asking for trouble and more needless deaths.”

      • that should have been : “…would have been sad to hear of the “needless” death of one and permanent paralysis and prison for the other.

  11. So where was the school resource officer? The school cop? Hanging back waiting for help? Doing investigation by way of video? Drinking coffee in the teachers lounge? Changing his shorts?
    How things have changed for the worse since I was the age of the kid doing the shooting. Guns were not outlawed on school property and depending on season, there would have been enough firepower in the student parking lot to outfit a platoon or 2 of Marines.
    We had our share of dust ups and fist fights. So, no we were no angels. Thing is, so long as it was a 1 on 1 fight, while discouraged by the staff, and broken up by teachers as quickly as possible, it was just that. A 1 on 1 fight. If a group jumped someone, many of us would have stepped in to stop it. Just not the way things were done in those days up in the North Woods. Pull out a weapon, knife, gun, belt with a heavy buckle, and you could expect a real asswhooping to be administered.
    And, if you won the fight, great, if you lost the fight, you were still respected for standing and for making the effort. But, when it was done, it was done. Chances were you would be if not friends, at least you didn’t have to worry about the loser coming back with a gun. You either kicked ass or got your ass beat.
    Many of these youngsters today won’t go knuckle and skull without a gang of their buddies. And payback or street cred is placed above honor or honesty.

  12. Wow, this is odd.

    Where’s whiner and derpian? 🤔

    Oh, I guess the “melatonin” level of the perp, combined with the gold toofusses and fake diamond ear stud pics don’t fit their narrative.

    Neither does the “melatonin” of at least one of the victims, and the weapon NOT being an AR.

    I’m waiting for the return of the losers so we can pound them about how Pfizer hid the use of fetal tissues in the vaxx development, AND how they subjected the scientists working on the vaxx to regular “seminars”. In a feeble attempt to have them believe the vaxx is BETTER then natural antibodies. 🤪
    ProVeritas has the vids to back this up.🤣


  13. It’s interesting that the image of the perp shown here is of someone who does not look like they’re 18. (Where have I seen that done before?)

    Now that he has been arrested, the mug shot is available. The difference between his current age and the original is clear. He is definitely the one handing out the beating in the video.

  14. I hate that its come to this, and that is: Its time to let our kids know what to do in a school shooting. It turns out that although schools have procedures in place, and sometimes even have drills, that all teachers don’t actually have the capability to remain level headed enough to carry out the actions needed to protect the kids.

    We had a false alarm here a few weeks ago. It was all a misunderstanding and some stupidity and lack of a brain power. Some work was being done in the building by a county maintenance crew. During this work, for some reason or another they used something I have not seen in a long time and that was an old fashion nail gun for concrete that used .22 cal blanks. One of the kids on a restroom trip saw the .22 cal blanks had spilled out on the floor, and then a few minutes later heard the nail gun go ‘bang’ right outside the classroom door after he got back to the classroom and said as a joke but in an alarmed urgently serious tone and kind of loud “they’re shooting at us”, everyone heard the bang. The teacher immediately ran out the classroom door, down the hall to a hall end door and left the school abandoning the kids.



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