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Hey don’t attack the messenger! There’s a few more Springfield memes in my quiver, though, I must admit. But not because I seek them out! Though obviously I agree with this one. Kidding! Kidding. Or am I?


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  1. Hey! My first firearm purchase was an XD-9 (way back when). When I was first learning to shoot, I liked the XD far more than the Glock.

    • I will say I wouldn’t own one except I got it used cheap before they were known to be tool bags. My XD .45 has a way better trigger than the Glocks I’ve shot. Nothing against the guns, just SA.

      • I prefer the Glock, but then I had it for 10 or 11 years before I got the Springfield’s (XDS, and XD Mod 2, both in 9mm). I also bought them used cheap from a guy who bought them before the tool baggery. They are in my carry rotation, though. In fact the XDS is the current carry gun.

  2. Had an XD-40 that was one of the very first imported into the country. Had it for a while, it was ok…until one day I locked the slide back, poked a mag in it, released the slide and BAM!, it went off. Got rid of it after Springfield essentially told me that was “impossible”. Told the guy who bought it and he seemed ok with it.

      • Is it possible to have the trigger pulled when you release the slide and have it fire? I’ve never even thought about trying that on my P229. You’d have to be a blithering idiot to actually do it other than on purpose for testing.

  3. Never owned a .40 cal of any make. Have run about 1500 rounds through an XD-45 with no problems or malfunctions.
    Still carry my 1911 officers model as my CCW.
    All I can say is try everything you can and find something you like and are comfortable using.

  4. First firearm purchase was an XDM in .40, because it was in between 9mm and 45. I figured go halfway. I didn’t know any better. Anywho many many years later, I don’t use it any more. I also don’t sell any of them…so…that is that. Has a fond place in my heart, but I don’t like it anymore.

  5. Second handgun was an XD-40 subcompact. Bought it in 2008 and still have it. Very reliable, ok accuracy but pretty snappy recoil. I know everyone now hates Springfield but the XD 40 is a reliable gun. Bonus, when all the ammo runs start you can still get .40 until people start buying “whatever is left”

  6. I don’t have a Springfield other than the Saint AR in .300 AAC I love that thing. As far as shooting .40, that’s what I carry is a Sig in .40. I’ve owned and shot .22 38 and .357 Mag, 9mm 44 mag and really the .40 is just fine. As others said, find something that works for you and shoot it. There are areas that are far more important than what caliber. Any modern cartridge and modern high quality firearm will serve a person nicely once they master the basics.

  7. An XD-40 is one of my neighbor’s CCW. She carries it all the time. I’ve shot it, and it’s about on par with a Glock.

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