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Hahaha so true, though! Now that the government has given me back some of the interest free loan I’ve overpaid them. Might I suggest a new grip for your AR?


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  1. Whut?!?? You mean you have to pay taxes? Whatta novel idea๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ™ƒ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. New grip for an AR? You must not live in California. Here, add a grip and go to jail for possessing a horrible, deadly “assault weapon.”

    Sadly, my refund is already spent (before I get it) on repairing the 200 feet of fence I lost in the winter’s storms.

  3. An income tax refund is nothing more than an interest free to the government. Perfect is breaking even. To many citizens treat income tax as government enforced savings. Or, they act like the refund is some they didn’t already own. I try to save 1/3 of my monthly income. At least 1/4. Of course, I’m trying to buy a Colt SAA, .44 Spl., 5 1/2″, factory ivory and a 5″ S&W 38/44 Heavy Duty in the factory box. Rather have guns in the safe than cash in the bank. The only reason that money has any value, is that we all agree to pretend it has value. Keep a little around. Things with intrinsic value? They always have value.

    • Sorry, but breaking even isn’t perfect. Perfect is owing $1 less than the threshold where you’re penalized for not withholding enough, and having invested the underpayment in something paying interest, even a savings account or CD.

      • I fine-tune my taxes to underpay just a skootch, so that I owe a little bit at Tax Time. The best year was when I was within $4 on my State and $10 on my Federal. I shake my head at those people who like to overpay as a “forced savings” method so they can receive it back at the end of the year. About a dozen years ago, CA was in a budget crisis and simply shrugged its shoulders and told Californians their refunds would be released 8 to 10 weeks after April 15, upon the State’s next fiscal quarter. You and I would pay fines if we’re late on paying, but CA can apparently hold your money and pay late with no consequence.

        I’d rather pay only what I owe, and not a penny more.

    • Of course they make it impossible to fine tune your withholding to owe or be owed next to nothing. I find that I can either be owed a little, or owe a bunch. YMMV but did me the little bit I give up to the government in interest I’d have earned otherwise is worth less than avoiding the aneurysm from writing a big check to the feds each new year, especially to Brandon and Yellen. If I could get what I owe down to the <$20 I typically owe my state each year (one whole buck this year), I'd feel differently.

  4. Lol… only in America can you dupe people into thinking they are getting free money when they’ve overpaid on their taxes all year long, but only if they properly fill out volumes of paperwork under the threat of potential criminal prosecution to maybe get a fraction of the overpayment back.

    This age old scam would fall apart like a house of cards if they’d actually teach basic financial literacy courses in grade school.

    • Tex, I regret to say that I’m old enough to remember being taught to balance a check book in the tenth grade. It was all theory and I didn’t have a bank account. I did have a summer job on Mr. Suber’s tobacco farm though. I understood what it was to earn a dollar.

      • I’m probably your age, Gadsden, or close to it, and my school in SoCal never offered any home econ or basic finances. I had to learn it myself, though I was in an engineering track and maff was easy for me.

        When I was in college, I used the old-school “cash and envelopes” method to keep everything straight. Didn’t even start using a PC for managing money until 2000.

  5. I haven’t had a refund in so long I’d be thrilled to get back enough for an AR grip.

    • Just wait ’till you see the “prolapsed anus” foregrip they are launching in a few weeks.

  6. I donโ€™t ever get a refund. I always end up breaking even or owing. But I donโ€™t care. Fuck the IRS.

  7. If I get any tax refunds I always buy a Hunter Biden reproduction. I cant afford the original painting, however his father has a buisness that sales reproductions at an affordable price.
    The last reproduction I got was an abstract of a Hooker, a Gunm, and a Laptop.
    Really cool it was mostly Red with white and blue and gold stars mixed in.

  8. Hey .40: Look on the bright side Hawkins probably was shooting sideway’s gangsta style (spray n prey w/ a sneer)…he chose the correct venue though, he did’n have far to go home after receiving just deserts (karma) when he was sent to H-E-double hockey sticks! ( it’s too early dealing w/ moderation BS this A.M.)

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