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Well, I mean, if we’re gonna nit pick I gotta say the iPhone pictured is quite a few generations outdated and the AR has no magazine in it. But, sure, point taken.


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  1. Yes, I would choose an M1 Abrams over a WW2 Panzer for actual combat use, but home defense choices are often not so glaringly obvious.

    AR15 or Ruger Mini 14 tactical? I chose the Ruger.

    Remington 870 or Mossberg 590? My buddy says I chose poorly when I purchased the Remington.

    AK47 or AR10? Leaning toward the AR, but might completely change direction in favor of the Bearcreek 10mm carbine. (this is for defense, not hunting).

    • But first, the priority is debt repayment. But, then again, if the monetary system is going to collapse, why worry about debt? (sarcastic smirk).

      • If you truly want to understand where Big Governments and the Uber rich want the monetary system and the economies of the world to go. simple Google/DuckDuckGo… Modern Monetary System. That has been the plan ever since Nixon… Behind Closed Doors
        The nation Debt and Deficit has taken a position of little or no relevance to the value of the $$$ or any other currency. The use of cash is becoming harder and harder, do to businesses coming on board with electronic payments. Making the monetary system even easier to manipulate. The numbers have become nothing more than a way of keeping score. Actual $$$ plays no part in the equation. All of this has been and continues to be a part of the plan for the New World Order. Where unless you toe the proper ideology their won’t be any ‘Credits’ in your account. Just as Orwell foretold and warned to the about.

    • The AK is overrated in my opinion. AR10, Daewoo, H&K (any model), vintage G3, FAL,
      All better guns.
      Indoors the Daewoo folding stock.

    • the AR-15 functions the same as M -16,..fires the same ammo….it’s exactly what the founding fathers had in mind when they envisioned a weapon suitable for “militia” use

      • “…founding fathers…”

        Given that they preferred a system of militia units instead of a standing army, I’d argue they would have us own actual military weapons, rather than lookalikes. Following your example, you and I would own M-16s, and we may also have a couple AR-15s for training purposes (like the .22LR Cricket you may buy for your young son).

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  2. It (the iPhone) also happens to be more effective at spying on you. But that’s all smart phones.

    Make the technology work for you…not the other way around.

    • Don’t install TikTok. It sends the CCP the contents of your email accounts, your contact list details, the details of what wifi you connect to, your phone number, SIM ID, browser history, and much more.

        • Yeah, but while the government is violating the 4th Amendment stealing my data, there is was only a 20 percent chance they were giving it to the CCP, before Biden anyway.

      • There’s no way it accesses the contents of your email. Where did you get that? Unless your phone is rooted and the app is granted root access, it can not access your actual emails.

        It does send all that other stuff, though, if you grant permissions to “device and app history” which TikTok probably requires to work at all.

  3. Oh no the iPhone is a few generations outdated! It’s barely removed from that old land line phone. Make sure you’re up to date on the latest iPhone. Kids in Asia need the work.

  4. The vintage cup and earpiece phone isn’t plugged into anything and the AR doesn’t have a rear sight.

  5. The flintlock can double as a boat oar, a pry bar, a club , or a gunm, and if you get enough of them even make a house. The flintlocks wouldn’t make very good houseboats though.
    So phooey on an AR , which by the way stands for Another Rifle, like throw this one down and get another rifle, preferably one you can make a house out of.
    Like Joe Biden said, “Think,,think about what it is your thinking about.”
    Words of advice right their.

    • I don’t really care what phone I have; I was a late adopter when my first flip phone died. My kids had phones before I finally broke down and stuck one in my pocket. I graduated to a refurbished I8 when i broke my I4 that I got as a hand me down from my wife. It takes pictures, sends texts, answers the phone when I don’t want to, keeps a grocery list and a few phone numbers. Shocking to think that the computing power in the thing is substantially greater than the computers on the Apollo space capsule.

  6. My wife would freak if I stood an M4gery in the corner as a home defense gun. So I have left the AR in the safe and stayed with pistols in various drawers around the house, What she doesn’t know doesn’t bother her.

    • we have several hidden compartments I had built into the walls of our home, located at points up and down stairs through the house. A touch of the hidden button opens the compartment. in each compartment are two AR’s, two shot guns, two pistols (glocks, except for one compartment that has Sig’s), with extra ammo/mags. one each for the wife and me,

      • things that sound made up.
        guns stuffed in couch cushions- no
        guns stuffed in superseekrit complartblents- yes

        • “guns stuffed in couch cushions- no
          guns stuffed in superseekrit complartblents- yes”

          For years I kept a crappy .38 Rossi snubbie (bobbed its hammer with a Dremel one evening) stuffed in the leather sofa’s seat cushions.

          To this day, I don’t answer the door without my carry gat in my pocket(s)…

  7. Making the 2nd amendment apply only to muskets is like applying the 1st amendment only to the Gutenberg printing press. But then the marxists are trying to redefine the 1st too, as long as it benefits them.

    • “Making the 2nd amendment apply only to muskets is like applying the 1st amendment only to the Gutenberg printing press.”

      Justice Thomas *thoroughly* dealt with that in last year’s ‘Bruen’ decision.

      If the 2A only applied to muskets, then the 4th amendment’s protection against search wouldn’t apply to data on your smart phone that tracks your travels and who you communicate with. Civil rights advance with advances in technology…

  8. Quite honestly, I have no further need to choose or even add to the collection. I’ve got the right tools for the each different job. Just like any good tradesmen does. I’ve also made sure they are well supplied and maintained. As well as my ability to operate them efficiently remains constant. Just like and tradesmen would do. The ability of the user properly operate that tool, is far more important than the tool itself.

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