Sheriff: The Media Blame the Guns, Not the Two Juveniles Who Committed a Triple Murder

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I know each of you in the media here and viewers out there probably heard us in law enforcement or even in community events talk about what is the problem. And I’m going to go ahead and address the first thing that I know is going to come up. Because there are individuals out there viewing and include some of you media that want to blame the one thing that has no ability or the capacity to commit the crime itself. And that’s the gun .

These individuals committed the crime. What’s the solution? I wish I could give you that answer. Cause this world would be a whole lot better.

But the fact is, society fails it. We do not hold our juveniles accountable. We minimize their actions. Lemme tell you why I say this.

Last night, I had to stare into the eyes of two mothers. It’s not their fault. Cause last night what I saw was two mothers who are willing to give their everything. Do everything for them and give them their own lives. Because just like you and I, no matter how much we teach them…because I am a father…I am a father and I cannot fathom what they were going through.

These mothers and mothers across this nation need all of your help. Because here’s what infuriates me. I’ve got a particular media who has a problem with putting photos of juveniles out.

Now we do what the law says we can do…put these photos out. I put myself in the shoes of those mothers because I heard one of them say it. ‘I wish I would have knows what this one was doing and who and who they were. Because my kid never would have hung out with them.’

And to think and believe and to minimize any action that is criminal of a juvenile is a disservice, and frankly stupid to think. We need to hold them accountable and then hope that we can change them.

— Marion County Florida Sheriff Billy Woods

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  1. “Retroactive abortion”!! Keep blaming guns for inability to keep their legs closed!!!

    • neiowa…Since what the Sheriff said wasn’t good enough for you and you know where the demographic is why don’t you go straighten the demographic out with your pompous pasty mouth backdoor bigotry?

  2. “Because there are individuals out there viewing and include some of you media that want to blame the one thing that has no ability or the capacity to commit the crime itself. And that’s the gun.”

    I think I like this sheriff as much as my sheriff, no other than Grady “Because they ran out of bullets” Judd… 🙂

  3. I’d say the parents of the juveniles failed them. But that’s only my opinion of course.

  4. Yup, the media should defend these fine looking upstanding model young citizens against evil full-semi-automatic killing weapons of war. NOT.

  5. “Even a child is known by his doings”. At my city owned health club on Wednesday a young dark complexioned fellow was chasing another similar young man with a knife. Cops came quite quickly. While I always have a gat in my vehicle I’ve never taken it into the club…yet! I do put a knife & a pepper gel thingy in my locker. Would that more cop’s & pols(nevermind clergy) would blame the real culprit and not the weapon🙄

      • Our local Planet Fatness is closing presumably because it’s a crime magnet.Including murder in the parking lot. And it’s a chit gym🙄

        • Three years ago someone was shot in the parking lot at night. Other than that there are usually no problems. I carry anyway.

      • Same here.

        Unless I need to pass through a metal detector to enter a building, I always carry.

        Concealed is concealed.

        • There is a chain of grocery stores where I live that restrict carry, both concealed and open. I rarely visit those stores as a result, but if I do, I carry anyway. Act like a civilized human and no one will know anything.

  6. Florida Sheriff Snaps At Reporter: ‘Don’t Ask Dumb— Questions’ | Ocklawaha Teen Murders.

    • I watched the entire press conference which ones between 15 and 20 minutes long. At Time stamp 2:30 in this video clip he mentions something that we have all discussed. The refusal of schools themselves, to hold their students accountable for their misbehavior. That is exactly what happened in Parkland with Nicholas Cruz. The school refused to hold him accountable and let him come back to school over and over again after all the rule breaking he committed on school property.

      • Also the news media and Society in general believes that juvenile criminals, that their faces should be hidden from the general public “to protect them”. That is such upside down thinking. A law-abiding Society deserves to know who the criminals are. And their age doesn’t matter. They are lawbreakers. They lost the privilege of anonymity.

      • They bend over backwards to protect repeat nuts like Cruz then they do things like suspend a kid for biting a Pop Tart into a gun shape.

        It’s like they’re intentionally doing the most stupid thing they can with any given scenario.

        • No child left behind was getting into full swing a bit after I graduated but even in the 90’s there was a noticeable reluctance to punish some demographics while harshly punishing others to balance out the discipline statistics (need that federal money and more grants). I know for a fact it is widely practiced in NY and it has predictable results in encouraging future criminals.

  7. Double-digit IQ’s and the glamorization of gangster life.
    If you’re rooting for Tony Montana you’ve missed the point entirely.

  8. If you want the truth, an elected Sheriff will usually give it to you. I can give him the answer to his first question. Make parents responsible for their children. Pass a law that says if a child misses or disrupts class a certain amount of times, that the parents have to stand in municipal court and explain why. The one thing even the most worthless parent does not want is to have their day interrupted by someone who can put them in jail. I guarantee you that if it happens once, it won’t happen again. Little Johnny will be in school the next day, possibly with a sore butt, and he’ll be polite!

  9. They don’t blame the “juveniles” because the “juveniles” are part of a protected class that is currently worshipped by the entire populace. Blacks can do no wrong whatsoever. Dare to suggest such a thing and you are banished as a “racist.” Ignore the reality of their criminality, we are told. It is our fault. They are victims. They have no agency, whatsoever.

    “The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.” — George Orwell, 1984.

    More will need to die before people will accept the truth, and the irony is, it is the blacks themselves that suffer the most, because we, collectively, will not face the truth.

    • The biggest problem with our society is the propaganda and lies. I miss the days of incompetence being the problem.

    • They don’t blame the “juveniles” because the “juveniles” are part of a protected class that is currently worshipped by the entire populace.

      Guarantee these assholes will tried as ADULTS…

      • In Florida yes it is possible, up here depending on the county they could already be back on the streets.

  10. lets be real
    like really real
    if you hated black people
    (and women)
    (and children)
    you would govern them
    * in the same exact manner *
    that democrat party inc does

    • That……….is a very unsettling thought and given how petty/vindictive/and generally nasty some of the lefties up here get I cannot dismiss that as a possibility despite all the resources devoted saying the contrary.

  11. Exactly. There was a murder of a juvenile in my state last week. The prime suspect (still at large) is another juvenile. The local PD won’t issue ANY identifying information. This is for a FIRST DEGREE MURDER suspect. It’s infuriating.

    “A juvenile, 16, is wanted on charges of first-degree murder and use of a firearm in the commission of a felony. Since the suspect is a juvenile, we cannot release identifying information.”

    I guess we should just report EVERY 16-year-old we know as a possible suspect?

    • Brain surgeons and rocket scientists. Just like all the the refuse streaming across the border.

  12. Was this the goal of the white Libertarians liberals and the left? To increase the number of juvenile murderers in our society. Sounds crazy doesn’t it???

    What’s also crazy are the white Libertarians, the white liberals, the white leftists, the white feminists, the white atheists, the white h0m0sexu@ls, who all disagreed with the Christians. When the Christians said a father is necessary in the home.
    What these kids needed was the love and discipline of a father. Who would give them a righteous ass kicking, and force them to straighten up and fly right.

    But in the perverted world that the above “enlightened people” would prefer the world to be. They think a single mother with five kids from five different men and never getting married, and living on welfare, is preferable to the traditional family. Of one man and one woman raising children the best they can.

    I hope they catch this third criminal. And they’re all given a fair trial, locked up, and then executed when they turn 18 years old. Because they will all eventually prey on other people’s children.

    • Liberators liberate. That’s what they do. They liberated the mother from marriage. They liberated the children from a father. They also liberated babies from ever knowing a mother (see Mayor Pete). Now they’re liberating yoots from being held accountable. What could go wrong?

  13. Seems that the Leftist anti-gun reporters haven’t caught on yet. Guns do not kill; people kill.

    • literally and factually there is no such thing as ‘gun violence’. its ‘people violence’ or if you prefer ‘human violence.

      • If one is searching for an inanimate adjective for violence, then there’s always gang, drug, and alcohol. We used to hear ‘gang violence’ quite a bit. I think losing that term was part of the corporate-sponsored cultural revolution we underwent during the 2020 St. George Summer of Love.

        • Conversely, use of the term ‘gun violence’ began increasing in November of 2012. Did something happen in November of 2012? Hmm…

  14. Well that was a mighty fine speech but dont you get in trouble for impersonating a law enforcement officer?

  15. until democrats
    start losing more and more elections
    black people
    and women
    and children
    and babies
    will continue to suffer the same horrific fate
    that we see on the news

    • Unfortunately, we actually have a long way to go before we get to a mid 90s style backlash. Think of the late 60s as our 2020, and work your projections from there. “Vote Blue no matter who!”

  16. I just got off PX with Mike. He grew up in Ocala/Marion County. I knew he has a couple of buddies at MCSO so I gave him a shout to ask if he had any inside 14. He didn’t, but it turns out he does know Sheriff Billy Woods. Mike says he’s no joke. Voted for him. I’ve known Mike a long time. Placed my life in his hands at least twice. That endorcement was enough for me.

  17. Here is another example of some “enlightened white people”. The problem with white liberal people like Jimmy Dore, is that for all the good things that they support, they eventually destroy them, because they don’t believe in the individual right to keep and bear arms.

    These white liberals can complain about the cops all they want. As Jimmy Dore does on his show. But he like all these other white liberals, don’t want law-abiding black people, or anyone else to have guns. As a white liberal, Jimmy Door believes the government can solve black people’s problems.

    If the “correct white liberal” was in charge.

    BREAKING: Everyone Can Now Carry A Gun In Florida!
    video 9 min long

    • BREAKING: Everyone Can Now Carry A Gun In Florida!

      No, not EVERYONE in FL can carry a gun, IF you are NOT a “prohibited” person you do not need a permit (after July 1) to carry a concealed weapon (includes ALL concealable weapons and pepper spray/other irritants)…

  18. If you watch the entire press conference which is about 20 minutes in length, a reporter asks the sheriff where did these children get their guns from???
    His answer was they stole them by breaking into cars.

    If you keeping your gun in your vehicle overnight, parked on the street, or in your driveway, you are wrong.

    If you have to leave your firearm in the vehicle during the day, then unload the weapon and take the ammunition with you.
    I suggest you get an eyeglass carry case, which is what I use. One that will hold a 15 round magazine. That way at least if the gun is stolen, there is no way for them to be able to load it, at least not easily.

    I’ve walked into courthouses carrying my ammunition with me. And the guards didn’t have any problem at all with it. In fact they said it was a good idea that I was at least leaving my sidearm unloaded in my vehicle. And I ran a lock through the magazine well just in case.


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