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Don’t be too hard on Franchi, though. They make fantastic, classic shotguns like these ones that run great. Just, you know, the post apocalyptic SPAS-12 just maybe wasn’t one of them. Meme from @therealgila on Instagram.


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  1. In fairness Dr. Grant was a very smart fellow that was a bit of a klutz. Facing hungry dino’s and his answer to a jammed gun was ditch it?

  2. This one’s pretty good.

    To be honest however, I’d love to be the first person in history to have a DVU.

    Defensive Velociraptor Use. Makes a hell of a mess but also a point and makes the coroner’s job easy.

    • “Defensive Velociraptor Use.”

      I know of several pawn and gun shops down here that let loose large dogs with bad attitudes to run free in their shops overnight…

  3. Just be really careful when cleaning the weapon.

    Palestinian Islamic Jihad Terrorist Dies After Accidental Discharge Of Weapon He Was Cleaning

    “Hey, accidents happen. Ahmed Adel Abu Ramadan joins many compatriots we have written about who have died or been injured in Palestinian “Work Accidents” —

    What’s the Pally word for “booger hook?”

  4. Well- if you can’t build it so that it’s reliable – style so it will be a movie star for years to come.

    The SPAS was a staple on Stargate well into the 2000s.

    Like the Laugo and the new KelTec 5.7 pistol. Doesn’t matter if they work…..they look weird.

  5. I wouldn’t have a SPAS 12 on a bet. Do know of one DGU with one. Interesting story. I’ll tell it one day.

  6. The Spas fires in both semi auto and pump for extra low pressure shells such riot shells which would not cycle the action on their own.

  7. Seeing how the SPAS-12’s enduring popularity is entirely due to its aesthetics, you’d think someone would start cranking out affordable pump guns that superficially resembled it without the dodgy reliability or excess weight.


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