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"Can I really get another doughnut for my gun?" (Shutterstock)
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Outside Manchester Police headquarters on Saturday, six members or sympathizers of the New Hampshire Libertarian Party gathered to protest what they call police violence, and the practice of qualified immunity for officers, with offers to buy back police firearms for a $25 gift card — plus free doughnuts.

One took still photographs. Two, with a microphone and a video camera, came to film a documentary about Ben Weir, a member of the party’s executive committee, who organized the event to buy back police pistols, revolvers, shotguns and rifles used in the line of duty, which the protesters said sometimes endanger the public.

No law enforcement officers came out of the building to take up their offer. Three passing cars honked between 2:15 and roughly 3 p.m. The libertarians’ signs read, “End Qualified Immunity,” “Save the Dogs,” and “Google Police 40%,” the latter which refers to an estimated percentage of officers who suffer from PTSD or mental illness.

Thirty is the number of New Hampshire dogs that have been killed purposely or accidentally by police on the job, according to the libertarians.

They were offering a lifetime membership in the N.H. Libertarian Party to any officer who surrendered his badge.

There were no takers.

— Manchester Union Leader in Libertarians offer to buy police firearms in exchange for gift cards and doughnuts


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  1. “…with offers to buy back police firearms for a $25 gift card — plus free doughnuts.”

    I’ll offer $100, but no doughnuts, for each blue-label LE ‘Glock’-brand Glock…

        • very clever. get one of your grandkids to help you think up some more sick burns after they show you how to get your remote to work again.

        • “Take your $100 and buy some balls.”

          That’s not very lady-like. Did your mom raise you to speak that way?

        • oldshtass…Try asking that question with a baseball bat in your mouth.

          Make it your last reply to me.

        • “…Try asking that question with a baseball bat in your mouth.”

          Threatening lethal assault, now?

          Any law enforcement reading this, yes, I will be *happy* sign a criminal complaint… 🙂

        • oldshtass…stfu and ask LE the same question you asked me…proceed ahole.

          Warning: Do Not Reply. Next one goes to DZ.

        • “Warning: Do Not Reply.”

          Number 1 – You don’t tell me what to do. EVER.

          Is that clear enough for you?

          Number 2 -“Next one goes to DZ.”

          Just like a typical bully. Pick a fight, then run crying to your mommy “I’m being picked on!”.

          Grow up, and act like the adult you think you are… 🙂

        • Max, I think she wants me, but that’s never gonna happen. I prefer women who act like proper ladies, not a foul-mouthed harletan…

    • It is Libertarian. It is a spoof showing that LE isn’t ready to turn in their guns, so why should the good people of the U.S.? They are opening the eyes of Americans to show that a higher percentage in LE are more mentally damaged than the average American.

      • In fact, Reason Magazine (libertarian ???) was actually terrified. And wrote articles about the large number of libertarians, who were Trump supporters.

        I watched many of them appear on fox news and other independent channels.

        But the libertarian gatekeepers. Yes, there are gatekeepers who are libertarians. And they hate Donald Trump. Just like the Republican and Democrat establishments hate Trump. And for the same and different reasons.

        Trump was America First. But and they are America Last. Trump saw his older brother destroyed by drugs and he would never legalize them. The price of gas was way under two dollars all over the united states. We became the leading exporter of oil passing saudi arabia.

        Even the enemies of the second amendment acknowledged publicly that Trump was very pro 2A. Which the libertarian haters couldn’t stand.

        Because all they care about is legal butt sex and drugs. And trump got half that right. Because he supported gay and interracial marriages before anyone else. He hosted those marriages on his private property in 1990.

        Unfortunately the drug legalization crowd only care about their drugs. They are content as democrats Slaves. As long as they get to smoke pot and urinate and defecate in public.

        • Reason is full of left wing libertarians. In other words, people that want drugs and prostitution.

          Senior drug addict, Jacob Sullum, was constantly attacking Trump.

          I guess he wanted Biden more, and he got it.

          They’ve teamed up with democrats to call Jan 6th an insurrection. Place is barely tolerable these days.

        • “Trump was America First. But and they are America Last.”

          Not exactly- Trump STILL is America First. He also truly loves this country and a very broad spectrum of diverse American people, regardless of their overall background and birth heritage.

          Is there any question in any intelligent person’s mind that DJT would be living his life happily without government threats and harassment had he just let 2020 go and never said another word? Seriously?

          These Leftist tyrants have had nearly 5 years to seek prosecution on some of these fake charges yet only got moving when it became obvious that he is in a good position to be the Republicrat candidate yet again. DJT may be far from perfect, but right now he is the poster boy of what the Uniparty will do to those who either put a spotlight on their crimes and revocation of the Constitution by the elites of both parties, as well as those who didn’t come up through the official political ranks where the real indoctrination occurs.

          Whether or not one likes him or hates him- the powers of government should not be allowed to do this to any citizen, nor be able to hold Jan 6 attendees in the slammer with no accountability. If we allow this, we have truly become a banana republic.

          Amerika! Hail Lenin!

      • “We’ll take the guns first and worry about due process later.” – Donald Trump

        Ignoring the 2nd, 4th and 5th Amendments in one statement is about as far from being Libertarian as it gets.

        Trump is no friend of Liberty.

        • Thank Trump for the recent 6-3 ‘Bruen’ decision requiring all 50 states to issue carry permits…

        • In 2020 the Libertarians supported cementing the doors closed in the federal court house in Portland. And having the crowd set it on fire with the staff still inside.

          You called them “trump’s secret police” when they try to stop these arsonist firebomb throwers.

          The Libertarian/socialist atheists are the enemies of the USA.
          As stated by President Eisenhower. In his final address to the nation. If you haven’t seen the speech from being to end???

          I suggest you go watch it.

          Even the enemies of the second amendment admit publicly, that Trump is a great supporter of the second amendment. His executive orders as unpopular as they are with some, back that up.

          The RINOs in Congress never sent him pro 2A legislation.

    • This is one of the few times I’ve seen some intellectual honesty coming from a libertarian. I’ve been saying for years on TTAG the police should be disarmed. issued nightsticks and the training to use them.

        • I’ve read American history. There was a time when there were no cops. And we did just fine. Everyone had guns. In fact the civilian population had more and better guns than the government.

          It was rightly called Liberty back then. And Justice was extremely swift as well. But today, the people who say they want liberty, don’t want the responsibility and the immediate consequences of it.

        • 6 inmates who escaped from an asylum are not Libertarians but they are sacks of crap who if confronted by a criminal would be peeing their pants and tripping over each other to call the police.

          Are there ahole cops? You betcha. Are there incompetent gun talking democRat Party lint lickers who are to the Second Amendment what drunk farting gasbags are to fine dining? You betcha.

          TRUMP 2024.

        • “I’ve read American history. There was a time when there were no cops. And we did just fine.”

          That was also the same time a kid didn’t *dare* to misbehave when out-n-about hanging out with their friends, out the very real FEAR another adult would see what’s happening, and call your parents.

          Tell me I’m wrong on that assessment, Christopher.

          I’m waiting… 🙂

        • to Geoff “I’m getting too old for this shit” PR

          Yes, indeed you are thinking like I am. Children were afraid to act out in public. Because they knew the strangers would tell their parents.

          The old time morality is really hated by the libertarians liberals and the left. They are happy to destroy it. So they can have their “good times” in public. In front of everyone.

        • “…don’t want the responsibility…”

          Yes, the Liberty coin has two sides, Freedom and Responsibility. Those who want only the Freedom part of it, are rightly described as libertines.

        • Chris,

          “I’ve read American history. There was a time when there were no cops. And we did just fine. Everyone had guns…”

          You just advocated for the police to be disarmed and you then say the above. How are they supposed to do their jobs if everyone has guns?

        • Chris- if you really want to return to those “golden years”, you’ll first have to implement the advice of Dick, The Butcher, in Henry VI.

        • to Craig in IA
          Sorry, but I was never a fan of reading shakespeare. So I will have to research Dick the Butcher.

        • Chris, the folks swinging serious meat don’t go around loudly advertising themselves like that.

          Word-of-mouth alone keeps them *very* occupied in their personal time… 🙂

        • to Geoff “I’m getting too old for this shit” PR

          There are many people who wish they were bigger than they actually are. If they were granted their wish, they wouldn’t find any sexual partner. Man or woman, they would be too terrified.

          Be careful what you wish for you just might get it.
          The people who supported defunding the police are now getting exactly what they wanted. In San Francisco. In Chiraq. In Minneapolis. In Portland, Seattle, and Denver.

          Yes. Their wish, was most certainly granted.

    • Stunts like this are why small l libertarians do not support the big L Libertarian party. Of course no cop was going to turn over his gun or quit his job. It’s a ludicrous publicity stunt.

    • I believe that the stunt was satirical. You know, showing the absurdity of “buy backs”.

      I’m sure that they expected no takers.

      I know one of those guys. He carries all the time. Not a banner or a moron.

      (Oh, Trump ain’t gonna win. Go DeSantis!)

      • DeSantis isn’t going to win!!

        He is going down the swirly drain!!!

        I see we have “NEVER TRUMPERS” on board!!!

  2. Cool, maybe a $250 Best Buy Gift Card should be about the right enticement for a squad car… and they think it’s the cops that are nuts?

  3. if the cops will not ‘sell’ their firearms in a ‘buy back’ …. that should be a clue to you idiots that ‘sell’ your guns in a ‘buy back’.

    hey… got an idea…let’s us 2A folks have a ‘buy back’ of ‘government guns’…or more like a repossession because in reality they already belong to us the people and not actually to the ‘government. but if the government will surrender all their guns to the people in ‘buy back’ we might be onto something.


    • Where I live the officers buy their own “guns”. I still have my firearms from when I retired. Someone would have to offer a helluvalot more than $25 and dognuts to pry em outta my hands. Two pump 12s, coupla Smiths, AR15- No officer would dream of “selling” their duty weapon for 25 bucks. Foolish grandstanding to gain attention to their flaccid, failing political party.

    • Stupid fucking statists. Enjoy the jack boot when it comes for you. With the current rate of Democrat power consolidation, it won’t be long before that boot is on your neck. Don’t forget that people you voted for accelerated this power consolidation when they were in office, too.

      • Helps when they are libertarian as opposed to subversives much like the watermelons in the green party.

  4. They might be on to something with the call to end qualified immunity, specifically as it applies to politicians who introduce stupid bills that are clearly unconstitutional.
    Unfortunately, those same politicians would have to introduce the bill themselves….

    However, the rest of their protest was a pretty good troll!

  5. go figure satire would fly over the comment section’s head. i miss the days when there were comments worth reading here.

    • You’ve made two comments on this thread and neither has any value.

      Pot, meet kettle.

      If you want to have “comments worth reading,” try writing a few yourself.

      • your forgot to call me a demcrap, or demonrat, or hillary hole, or some other magaboomer pejorative.

        anybody worth reading dipped out after the format change here. massive decline in the conversation. i tend not to argue much with yall because half of you are like characters from an andy griffith show or the beverly hillbillies and the other half are probably from a russian troll farm.

        • shitrod…Obviously you have a problem seeing TRUMP 2024, TRUMP 2024, TRUMP 2024.

          Cease acting like you are someone who happened to drop by after being paroled from a prison, been in a coma, etc.

        • “anybody worth reading dipped out after the format change here.”

          Screen door. Your ass. Assembly required.

    • shitrod…I hate to pee on you and your parade but your slander is no contribution.

      In other words ahole, debunk what I post or stfu.

      • it is evident that you do not know what slander means. also, you have to make an arguable point in order for someone to disprove it. thats one of the basics of educated discourse.

        what you manage to type with your index fingers doesnt rise to the occasion.

        • shitrod…Refer to your bozo reply to me for the definition of slander…If you can read it you can speak it.

          Educated Discourse? You blew that out of the water ahole.

          TRUMP 2024.

      • “I hate to pee on you and your parade but your slander is no contribution.”

        So says the one doing most of the slander here in TTAG.

        See, Deb. I replied to YOU.

        YOU don’t tell ME what I can or cannot do.

        (Unless you want to marry me. If that’s the case, present the signed divorce papers before offering to marry me… 🙂 )

        Is that clear, sweetie? 🙂

    • “go figure satire would fly over the comment section’s head.”

      Re-read my response with an emphasis on comprehension –

      I responded to satire with satire of my own, but you were too stupid to understand that…

        • Uh…One ahole plus One ahole equals One ahole having a conversation with themselves.

          If you cannot debunk what someone says then stfu and move along.

        • “Uh…One ahole plus One ahole equals…”

          So says the only one in the (*cough*) ‘conversation’ with *two* holes… 🙂

  6. The 40% is how many get involved in DV.
    30% of first responders have substance abuse issues.
    PTSD is about 15% but that’s self-reported so it could he higher. I’m guessing the reporter decided to go with PTSD because it can be spun as: “it’s our (gun) fault the cops have such a hard job. They’re the real victims.”

    • ” …an estimated percentage of officers who suffer from PTSD or mental illness.”

      They’re saying that the police shouldn’t have guns because nearly half of them have mental problems and can’t be trusted with a weapon. If you dive deeper, I’ll bet they’re trying to connect the dots between several of the incidents and the mental incompetency of the officers involved.

  7. It’s pure genius, turn the gun buyback on its head but instead disarming the state instead of the people.

  8. lol
    This kind of ridiculousness reminds me of David Hogg trying to strong arm Smith&Wesson.

    But seriously, it would make more sense for any cop to just quit the force rather than do this. It isn’t like police departments wouldn’t already have plenty of guns to replace them in minutes with a signature and the ability to order a ton more. This is essentially a tiny group of people that want to transfer firearms from cops to criminals. In a sane world, the FBI really should be looking into this on possible money laundering and gun running activity.

  9. As a Republican-voting Libertarian I see the political world broadly divided into stark opposites: statists (big government, enforced social justice) at one political boundary and libertarians (small government, individual rights and liberties) at the opposite boundary. Each of these two politically polar positions can have members holding ultra-liberal and ultra-conservative positions. Bill Maher perhaps is an example of an ultra-liberal Libertarian. Mark Levin could be considered an ultra-conservative Libertarian. Then there are the extreme wackos at either boundary. Wacko statists are on display everywhere. Wacko Libertarians are scarcer, but apparently New Hampshire collects a few.

  10. People just do not get SATIRE and how it is used to illustrate major social problems by putting forward s “stupid” or ridiculous idea and pretending to be serious about it.

    Nobody ever wrote a HIT song called “F the Fire Department.” But somone actually did write a satirical version set in an alternate universe where their fire fighters act like the cops in ours.

    Nobody actually believes “buying back” cops’s guns will actually work any more than the grabber’s programs to buy them back from the criminals to “get them off of the street.” .We all know the fire department doesn’t go around kicking in doors and stomping on citizens while destroying their houses. But holding that mirror up to the REAL abuses going on is the whole point of the exercise.

    • You assume the libertarian ilk know what satire IS. Think National Lampoon circa 1973. Now they tilt profoundly leftard. BTW in Chiraq officer friendly generally has to buy his/her own service weapon🙄

  11. Libertarian is Comanche for “Can’t decide” I prefer Jeffersonian Constitutionalism. Follow the Constitution, the framers of the Constitution were geniuses, we are now ruled by idiots.

  12. One should never surrender Firearms to desperately mentally ill people, even if they are offering free donuts.

  13. Today’s Libertarians are Leftists with extra cheese and soy milk.

    They are NOT Ron & Rand Paul Libertarians, but closet leftists more aligned with Soros, Giffords, Bloomberg, Watts, Schwab, and the DNC.

    These six are have more in common with Soy Moms Demand Action that with Liberty and Freedom!

    • In time libertarians will be victims of dacian’s Great Purge. Their demise will be postponed because there are higher priority groups to be dealt with before them.

  14. By the way. The song “try that in a small town”.
    That is a protest song. Just others from the past.

    And “try that” in a small town 100 years ago and see what happens to you.

        • I watched the video at lunch. Very powerful. But you won’t see him on the “Democracy Now” broadcast.

    • There are those that live and die by the polls.

      Polls mean nothing. The problem though isn’t the poll, it’s the way people treat them. When your dealing with someone that truly believes these things, your dealing with the easily fooled.

        • I would be less than honest if I said I still believed but I’m going to cast a ballot anyway. This time around I’ll likely vote early though.

  15. When I was working we had to buy our own duty weapons from an approved list. I liked the idea. It gave flexibility. Twenty five dollars for my duty weapon? That wouldn’t buy the ammunition in the magazines.

  16. They need to offer gift certificates to local brothels. That will entice the worst to turn in their guns.

  17. to anonymous

    “How are they supposed to do their jobs if everyone has guns?”

    Well, the police will soon be unemployed. So I guess they will have to learn to code.

    Meanwhile, the rest of us with guns can start killing criminals and eliminate the crime in our neighborhoods. And not have to worry about civil or criminal charges. That’s my utopia.

  18. Fun fact, a recent Manchester Police Chief was nominated and made a Federal Marshal by President Trump and Senate approval. It’s a strong, dedicated force. I suppose the always unreliable “Libertarians” are making a point. But this is probably not the PD to.make it with. Also, you’ll never see “Libertarians” make the same point outside of, say, a known, local crackhouse where there might be actual repurcussions.

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