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It’s all about equity, really. Even though gun control takes away the one tool that truly provides self-defense equity to women (and to the elderly, disabled, and otherwise small-of-stature/physicality, etc.). Or equality. Whatever…who even knows anymore. Let’s call it the democratization of violence.


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  1. I found a nice big pile of cat puke, guess they couldn’t stomach what was in the dumpster. It’s nice to get a warm meal once in awhile.

  2. Wow what a bunch of insecure men hang out on this list, are you that frightened by an aggressive woman?

    Frankly, I’ve always enjoyed women who are confident in their sexuality and unequivocal about their desires.

    I know a fella who was at the 19th SFG camp in Kingwood, had a 19-year-old college girl sneaking up to lay it on him while they were on bivouac.

    Of course, most on this list have nothing to fear because they’re apparently not all that attracted to confident women so it’s very unlikely any hot college chicks are sneaking into their tent.

    And that is just great, more babes for us men who are confident with our masculinity and not threatened by a woman who is openly expressive about their need to get laid.

    You know, if you’re that frightened by self-assured women, you might reconsider your personal sexual identity.

        • Interesting, I mentioned young attractive college girls and you guys all start talking about little boys…

          What I found more interesting is the fact that fake miner’s ‘chick chick chick’ post offers some insight to his origins.

          Click on the fake ‘Miner49er’ name in that post and see where it leads you…


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