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Posting a meme is not an endorsement of said meme! I don’t make ’em, I just share ’em. But a not-at-all-made-up friend of mine once totally agreed with this sentiment.


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    • I need to put possum traps around my stash. Possum is better than nothing when you’re hungry.

      Not much. But better than nothing.

      • Possum was a popular menu item for the old timers that were booted from Shenandoah National Park. They kept possums in wooden boxes for about a week or so feeding them table scraps in an effort to clean them out.

        • Is that what the book said, probably didn’t want to say they didn’t feed them for about a week to clean them out . Or they fed them a week to fatten them up. I can’t see why youd need to clean out a possum?
          Did this happen in Texas?

        • Possum,
          No, it’s word of mouth. Married a woman who’s grandfather was booted from Shenandoah National park(Virginia) as a kid. I’d imagine the effect is more what you said, fatten them up.

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  1. As the old saying goes:

    If you are a prepper, but you have no weapons, you are actually prepping for someone else.
    Those who beat their swords and spears into plowshares will plow for those who don’t.

    • Anyone who hasn’t thought far enough ahead to prepare for basic consumer goods shortages isn’t prepared to liberate from anyone else who actually was ready.

      • I have at least 8 months worth of toilet paper in storage. I use about 2 rolls per week. I just occasionally top up what I’ve been using.

        • 1000 sheets 2ply
          I’ve still got 645 sheets left from the roll I bought last year.
          How many sheets to shits does a human need?
          Damn straw choppers, you ever walked a corn field? Not one whole cob out there. Little pieces, but that’s about as shitty fingered as using one sheet per shit.
          Another reason to ban clothes, nobody would make fun of that brown stain in your Levi’s.
          Theres ways around these world problems.

        • “Damn straw choppers, you ever walked a corn field?”

          Stay ahead of the machine. You can lay in a year’s supply of husks in no time, better than cobs. Machine gets too close, cut loose with your belly gun. Couple slugs to the radiator will buy you some time. And, for your lady friend, some of the velvet leaf is still green, nice & soft, likely to be in the same field.

        • @Southern,

          Same here. I have months of TP in my emergency stash (over 200 rolls). But it won’t last as long as yours would. I once set aside a separate roll to see how long it takes me to consume it…11 days. Mrs. Haz literally goes through one all by herself every single day. I’m not joking, and we use those blasted too-large-for-the-spindle Mega rolls. One each day! So for every 12-pack we buy, one is for me and pretty much the rest is for her. I tell her if the S ever truly HTF, she’d better make it last.

        • I guess that investment in that bidet is going to pay off after all.
          I don’t need no stinking toilet paper.

  2. Funny. ….I always think about the first marauders to come down my road……for the additional guns, ammo, and vehicles…….if I win.

  3. Just got back from the grocery store. Lot of gaps in the shelf’s. The stockers try to hide it by plugging the holes with other products, mostly stuff you don’t want. Meat prices are insane. Especially Beef and bacon. Hunger breeds revolution.

  4. A good supply of the things we don’t or can’t produce on the homestead. Meat, milk, eggs, veggies from the gardens, we have. Coffee, Sugar, TP, Salt, Distilled Spirits, all stocked up for a couple years worth. Several miles from town and more miles from any town or city of any size. Anyone comes looking had best pay attention, driveway looks like any other field access road.
    Just selected some wheat seed to try out. Supposed to grow well in this part of the country. If it works out, being a open pollenated, non hybrid, we can save seed and plant again. Same with the corn we have for both corn meal and stock feed. Use Heritage seed in the gardens as well.
    Also have a small stock of Sulfur and Saltpeter for making gunpowder for the flintlocks. Hope it doesn’t come to that, but still want to have it available.

  5. Actually, this is Satan watching you murder your innocent neighbor for some paper and a bit of food.

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