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Springfield Armory is proud to announce the release of the new XD-M Elite 3.8″ Compact OSP 10mm. It combines potent ballistics with cutting-edge performance to provide concealed carry users with an extraordinary defensive pistol option.

Compact yet powerful, the pistol packs in 11+1 rounds of the popular 10mm round. Featuring fully ambidextrous controls, the excellent META trigger, removable short flared magwell and much more, the new XD-M® Elite 3.8″ Compact OSP 10mm harnesses fight-stopping performance in an extremely capable CCW-sized package. With its extended magwell removed, the pistol can also accept full-size 15-round magazines with backstrap-compatible grip sleeves.

The 10mm chambering of the new pistol offers magnum-level performance in a compact semi-auto package. Delivering flat trajectories and impressive velocity, the 10mm makes for an extremely capable CCW pistol with remarkable ballistic capabilities.

Springfield XD-M Elite 3.8" Compact 10mm

In addition, the fact it is an OSP variant (which stands for “Optical Sight Pistol”) means it can accept the red dot optic of your choice using available interchangeable optics mounting plates. Additionally, the pistol is available from the factory packaged with a HEX™ Dragonfly™ 3.5 MOA red dot optic. MSRP on the pistol alone is $633, while the pistol packed with the HEX Dragonfly red dot optic has an MSRP of $818.

“The new XD-M® Elite 3.8″ Compact OSP 10mm stands apart in the CCW world with its combination of impressive power, compact size and optics-mounting capability,” says Steve Kramer, Vice President of Marketing for Springfield Armory. “Additionally, with its 11+1 capacity and the ability to accept full-size 15-round magazines available as an accessory, this is an outstanding choice for EDC and self-defense use.”

Springfield XD-M Elite 3.8" Compact 10mm

If you need a capable and powerful 10mm pistol that combines exceptional performance with concealable dimensions, look no further than the new XD-M Elite 3.8″ Compact OSP 10mm.

XD-M Elite 3.8″ Compact OSP 10mm | XDME93810CBHCOSP
XD-M Elite 3.8″ Compact OSP 10mm w/HEX™ Dragonfly™ | XDME93810CBHCOSPD

To see the XD-M Elite 3.8″ Compact OSP 10mm, visit https://www.spr-ar.com/r/4836

To see the XD-M Elite 3.8″ Compact OSP 10mm with HEX Dragonfly, visit https://www.spr-ar.com/r/4835

To see the XD-M Elite 3.8″ Compact OSP 10mm video, visit https://www.spr-ar.com/r/4837

To see the entire XD-M Elite line, visit https://www.spr-ar.com/r/4648



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    • Until the liars/traitors at Springfield are gone:

      Do not forget.
      Do not forgive.
      Do not buy from them.
      Continue to spread the word.

      If/when the traitors are gone, then we can talk.

    • why ? not being a smart azz- but seems like I missed something about Springfield
      Why all the hate for Springfield ?

      • Covered extensively here at TTAG a few years ago:


        Long and short: Springfield and Rock River Arms set up a lobbying organization in Illinois (Illinois Firearms Manufacturers Association) that they controlled and directed. When the anti-gunners proposed an onerous state licensing bill that could have been killed, thru the IFMA Springfield traded a carve-out from that law (that benefited pretty much just Springfield and RRA) for the IFMA going on record as being “not opposed” to the bill. This gave enough cover to waivering legislators (“hey, even the IFMA isn’t opposed to this bill”) that the bill squeaked by — thus screwing all the other firearms sellers in the state. Further investigation revealed that the IMFA also contributed to various anti-gun politicians.

        After John Boch blew the whistle on all this treachery, Springfield repeatedly lied about its role and involvement in all this (and tried to slime John and TTAG for having the temerity to expose them). After those lies were also exposed, Springfield and RRA started getting serious blowback from retailers across the country.

        Both Springfield and RRA then belatedly apologized (dismantling the IFMA and throwing the IFMA’s lobbiest under the bus), but the damage was done. More importantly, unlike Ruger and S&W (which similarly took anti-2A positions under previous management), the individuals at Springfield who were responsible for this fiasco remain in charge at that company.

        Some people are willing to forgive Springfield. That’s their decision. I for one am not.

        When push came to shove, Springfield showed their true colors by selling us out, and then lied about it when caught. Why support such people?

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  1. The 10 is so dependent on barrel length to generate velocity and ballistic performance that Springfield’s piece is a wasted effort. Ten mil is a formidable round but only out of the correct gun.

        • I appreciate the compactness of the package for the LCR and I’m willing to give up the loss of the FPM for that smaller size.

          EDIT – And besides, Mr. Ralph successfully carries a .357 snubbie…

    • So true. Most 10mm ammo is loaded WAYYYY lighter then the original Norma 10mm specs. I wouldn’t be surprised if a 4″ barrel shooting 40S&W P comes close to matching the performance of this 10mm.

      I considered 10mm, passed on it.

      Purchased a HK Mark 23, SureFire X400U, and several HK 17rd mags. Grabbed a few cases of Buffalo Bore 185gr 45 Super. Over 700 ft/lbs of muzzle energy.

      Never looked at 10mm again. 😉

      SA/RRA is dead to me. 👍

  2. “The 10mm chambering of the new pistol offers flamethrower-level performance in a compact semi-auto package.”

  3. No. In fact, “Heck no”. Little guns have their purposes, rationale. But in 10mm I want a full size firearm. And if my house would just stop breaking for a while, I will purchase one….after I purchase a rifle. Yup…and I do most of the home improvements my self. Next up, $6k on gear to remove mold and then put a new floor and ceiling in the back porch.

    • Would absolutely prefer the 6in barrel range for 10mm but I was surprised by how handy the compact Glock in 10mm was.

    • Been there.
      Just finished installing hardwood floors in the entire 1st floor of the house.
      Pipes for the master bath froze behind the main kitchen wall back in February.
      Didn’t get water in the master bath until July, new backsplash and cabinets in August, flooring in September.
      Only took seven months to fix Texas freeze/power outage damage. 🤪

      Look into 45 Super before taking the 10mm plunge. I bought Buffalo Bore out of all their 185gr & 200gr 45 Super back in January (it was inexpensive). Then bought an HK Mark 23 to shoot it. 👍

  4. To put a positive spin on this post…

    The game-changer will be when a manufacturer introduces a handgun with a red dot optic mounted integrally within the slide. That would be a real “this changes everything” kind of moment.

    While looking at the pics of this pistol, I imagined a slide that looked like a conventional slide- but with just the hood and lens of a red dot optic protruding above the top of the slide between the rear sight and the ejection port. Being integrally mounted within the slide it would co-witness absolutely- providing an unobstructed sight picture whether turned on or off. The controls, battery, and electronics would all be housed within the slide itself. This just seems to be the most axiomatic solution to mounting an electronic optic sight on a handgun.

    I’m actually kind of surprised that I haven’t seen this yet. Someone needs to get on it. A.S.A.P.

    • “The game-changer will be when a manufacturer introduces a handgun with a red dot optic mounted integrally within the slide. That would be a real “this changes everything” kind of moment.”

      As in, the height off-the-top of the slide is no higher than what a standard height sight would be?

      That would be interesting, especially if that was co-witnessed with standard sights, as a backup…

    • The Leupold Deltapoint Micro comes pretty close to what you are describing. I have one on my EDC G26 (it installs in the rear sight dovetail), and it is small enough for me to pocket carry. It’s a “shake to awake” system that is essentially “always on,” so no real need to futz with the button. If the electronics crap out, you can use it with the front sight like a ghost ring sight (good enough for most SD situations, assuming you are not point shooting anyway).

      PS: Springfieldus delenda est.

  5. I love me some 10mm goodness, but not in a sub 4 inch barrel…

  6. Cool – now all the traitor Boomers who actually buy Springfields can pretend they’re operators while supporting a company that hates the Second Amendment.

  7. This would be sweet if it didn’t say Springfield Armory on it. Bill Ruger was unapologetically a fudd, and he’s been gone for decades. The upper management at Springfield are just weasely businessmen who tried to pull a fast one on us, and they’re still there.

    • 👍
      Picked up my first handgun (Ruger P89) in the summer of 1988.

      Bill Ruger spoke to Congress in favor of imposing mag limits in spring of ’89.

      I sold that “like new” P89 a few weeks later.
      NO Ruger has not entered my collection since.

      Funding Fudds will lead to more restrictions on the 2nd A.

  8. That looks like a lot of muzzle flash with a fair amount of flinch inducing ouch to the palm. Who the hell was asking for this pistol to be made?

  9. Too many hyper-opinionated armchair wannabe shootists on this site.
    I don’t know what attracts these types but it sure does get old after awhile.
    Wish they’d stick to Facefock and Twatter instead of dragging their inadequacies,
    groundless biases and negativity in here but what ya gonna do …

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