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Protect the doggo!


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  1. Dogs are the best people ever. We humans certainly don’t deserve them.

    Now, cats……….,,

  2. There is nothing funny about having to shoot a dog. I only had to do it once. Jihad had already mauled three people. One child nearly lost an eye. Ever see that scene from Green Mile? Yeah. The owner liked to turn him out on UPS, the mail carrier, anyone. It was his entertainment. I guess the cable was off. Then one day I had to accompany Animal Control to the house. UPS didn’t carry a 1911. I did. I’d have rather shot the owner.

  3. Unfortunately, some dogs need to be shot. In the last 3 months, I’ve had my horses chased thru our gates twice, and had the dogs kill two of my daughters cats. Now mind you, our property is fenced and cross fenced with gates. People out here just don’t give a shit about keeping their dogs fenced in or tethered. Unfortunately, the dogs figure a way in and it’s always during the night. Our horses were not seriously injured, thank God. It could have been disastrous. I called the sheriffs office, and when I told them I was going to shoot the dogs, they responded immediately. I showed them photos of the $300.00 gates destroyed due to the actions of the dogs. They advised me Utah State law allows me to shoot the dogs and I would be completely within the law. I love dogs and have owned them for 55+ years. However, they have their own yard, 1/2 acre and the yard is fully fenced with 5 foot chain lenk, and they are never outside their yard. I’m not out to murder dogs, just protect my animals and my property. So yes, some dogs need to be shot and killed.

    • Entirely different situation. You’re not going to the dogs residence to enforce unconstitutional laws and killing the dogs there for sport.

      Yes. Some dogs need to be killed and I’ve done it myself. But I never liked it. I still think about it and that was 50+ years ago.

    • The saddest part of this is the dog is only doing what it’s been taught is ok behavior by an irresponsible human.

    • Marty,

      Let me start by stating the obvious – I am NOT recommending this course of action. You do what’s best for you.

      Having gotten the legal s*** out of the way, one of my law school study group members was born and grew up on a ranch in Colorado. The subject of ‘uncontrolled dogs’ came up, and he very calmly said, “Yeah, we had a few @$$holes move out of the city to places near us, and bring their dogs. We started losing the barn cats, young calves, broke in to our hen house, and other stuff. We went and talked to the neighbors, told them about the problem, and they laughed at us. The next night, I stayed up late watching, and when the dogs came, I gut shot them with a .22, so they’d die in pain, but be able to get home, so they could die in front of their owners. We never had a problem with dogs again.”

      Anyone who would knowingly allow their dog to do that, or even just run loose without supervision, is no dog owner; their just @$$holes.

      • Lamp, I agree with this person up until they “gut shot” the dogs. The dogs are only doing what they are allowed to do. My intentions are to kill the dogs. If I know where the owners are, I will load them into my back hoe and take them to the owners and dump them on their property. If I don’t know where they belong, I will simply bury them on my property. I never want to see an animal suffer, and will never be the cause of it.

        • Marty,

          I agree (which I thought I made clear with my “I am NOT recommending” comment), but . . . you sure as hell couldn’t legally shoot the owners (who even MinorLiar agrees are the real culprits), so . . . what are you going to do? Those cattle and chickens were their livelihood. They couldn’t just let the dogs continue to kill them. They TRIED getting the owners to control them, and that failed.

          What is YOUR solution??????

        • You may not have had to deal with nuisance pitbulls (or mixes of) and their owners. I don’t agree with it being a good course of action but I can see how it could be the best shitty option available as some owners don’t get the message from a corpse. Also the hell with the ones that abandon their violent fur babies to the “wild” (nearby parks).

        • Less cowardly, or more cowardly, than letting your “pets” run feral, destroy livestock, and refuse to take responsibility??

          Just askin’, for a friend.

        • I’m sorry, MinorLiar, weren’t you the same commenter, upthread, who agreed that the owners of the dogs were the REAL culprits???

          My study partner, AND his family, depended on those cows and chickens for their livelihood. They asked the owners to control them. The owners refused. So the dogs are exempt? Then legalize shooting the owners (which I’m OK with).

          Your abject ignorance also obviously extends to raising and training dogs, but just to put you some knowledge, once a dog learns to kill, particularly kill for sport (most of the livestock carcasses my friends’ family found were severely mauled, but not eaten), the behavior is difficult, if not impossible, to untrain.

          Now, being a BRILLIANT political theorist and policy maven, what is YOUR SOLUTION to that problem? I’ll wait while you pull your tiny little foot out of your GIGANTIC mouth.

      • I was thinking Gamo Whisper, but head shot not gut shot. I would never intentionally gut shoot anything. The more stories I hear about people and their rogue animals the more I think I would handle it without talking to anyone so they would have no idea what happened.

        • And I started out the post by saying I did not recommend the process, but . . . what were their alternatives?? They were losing cattle and chickens on a regular basis, and that ranch WAS their livelihood. They’d tried to get the owners to control the dogs. Once dogs learn to kill, untraining them is difficult if not impossible.

          Was that my preferred solution? No. But I understand their dilemma. The real alternative was to shoot the owners of the dogs, but that’s not legal, either.

  4. The only dogs I’ve had to kill, were one’s who had been hit by a car and which I was I was directed to as a patrol officer. It was a horrible decision and not what I wished to do. But for the animal, it was certainly the right thing to do .

  5. Absolutely. I would rather shoot the owners of these dogs. Shooting a dog is the last thing I would wish to do. However it would be illegal to shoot the owners, and since they refuse to control their dogs, it’s the dogs who have to be eliminated. And they probably don’t give a shit. Without a doubt, the owners should be criminally charged for allowing their dogs to be a criminal nuisance. However, once a dog gets the taste of blood, it will continue it’s murderous antics. They must be eliminated. Such a shame.

    • visiting my aunt outside toledo when i was ten, her shep got some hen blood and was put down in the morning. she said exactly that about the pooch tasting blood.
      i watched my folks closely, trying to read them. they shrugged teutonically; foregone conclusion. the rose tint lightened one shade.

  6. My womenfolk are cat people. We always have cats. I am allergic to cats. But we have them. We have rescued many cats. Fostered others. Had them as long term pets. Fed them. Given them medical care. Showered them with attention. Even bought them presents

    Did I mention I am allergic to cats?

    I place.

    • Children and pregnant women should never live with cats.

      “Toxoplasmosis is considered to be a leading cause of death attributed to foodborne illness in the United States. More than 40 million men, women, and children in the U.S. carry the Toxoplasma parasite, but very few have symptoms because the immune system usually keeps the parasite from causing illness. However, women newly infected with Toxoplasma during or shortly before pregnancy and anyone with a compromised immune system should be aware that toxoplasmosis can have severe consequences.“

      It is virtually impossible to ‘house train’ felines, in 99% of the domesticated cat situations, they will be shitting in a box in your home somewhere. You will be breathing in fecal matter, it will be vapor deposited onto the food you eat and the surfaces your children encounter within your home.

      “Toxoplasmosis is an infection caused by a tiny parasite called Toxoplasma gondii. This one-celled parasite is most common in cats, but humans and other animals also can get infected.

      Toxoplasmosis is most serious for:

      Pregnant women, who may pass the infection to their babies. When a child is infected before birth, it is called congenital toxoplasmosis.
      People with weakened immune systems. This can include people with HIV/AIDS or cancer. It also includes people who take medicines that weaken the immune system, such as steroids or medicines taken after organ transplants.

      Babies with congenital toxoplasmosis often don’t have any symptoms at birth. But problems might show up months or years later. They can range from mild to severe:

      vision problems and even blindness from injury to the retina (back of the eye)
      brain damage leading to developmental delay, seizures, hearing loss, limp muscle tone, or an unusually large or small head
      swollen glands
      jaundice (yellowed skin and eyes)
      problems with blood cells, such as anemia or thrombocytopenia
      a large liver or spleen
      The most severe cases of congenital toxoplasmosis happen when the mom is infected early in the pregnancy. This can lead to miscarriage or the baby might be born early or very small.“

      What is most interesting is the suspected connection between toxoplasmosis and mental illness in humans, particularly schizophrenia.

      The question is, was the crazy cat lady crazy before she started hoarding cats or did they make her crazy?

      • I love that your EVERY approach, to EVERY “perceived” social risk or issue is to . . . proscribe freedom. Yes, cats can carry and transmit diseases (as can dogs, FWIW), so YOU (the self-appointed ultimate arbiter of what is right) must tell someone else what they should do in response to a risk. What the “right” way to behave is. You are SO f***ing smart that the entire world should ask you, before they do anything, what they should do.

        People are fully capable of recognizing and evaluating risk for themselves. If they prove inept at that, you need to “correct” them, amirite????

        Go f*** yourself, MinorLiar, right up the arse, with a barb wire wrapped telephone pole lubricated with battery acid.

        • Ouch! Lamp, Give the guy a break, he is only doing the job (S**T Stirring) ! that he is paid to do by some leftist on this and probably other sites too where he pontificates from “on high” on every matter that comes across his monitor. The ‘acid’ was a bit much but the whole (razor wire, my addition to the punishment) T-pole deal was pretty fair. give it to him raw w/o the lube!…OTOH, he’d probably like it. Minoe/dacian probably the same guy……

    • ugh. sounds like life. a little cat goes a long way, handwash after petting or it goes even longer.
      we’ve got a program here to yard house spayed or neutered feral cats to help control the rodent problem. good morning, nice to see you, keep your distance.

  7. LifeSavor, we are also cat people. We love our cats as well as our dogs. At one time we had 26 cats, not by choice, they just showed up here. My daughter trapped every one and we took them in to be fixed. For the first time in our lives, we had no feed damage in our barn. The cats took care of all the mice and rats. Yes, we feed them all and it’s a small price to pay for not having feed damage. We lost 5 cats to Tularemia, a very lethal disease to not only cats, but also humans. When it was Tularemia was suspected, our vet put all his staff on a super Anti Bacteria med. He also directed my family do do the same. Not being a fan of antibiotics, we refused until it came back confirmed, and by that time the gestation period had passed, so we were safe. The disease is carried by Jack Rabbits, and yes these 5 cats were in on the killing and eating of the rabbit. We have recently lost several of the feral cats to old age, but we still have about 13 left, and continue to feed them. As you can tell, we are animal lovers. We even have many deer, both bucks and doe which we help thru the hard winters. My wife and daughter even are able to hand feed some of them. Yea, not legal, but what the horses don’t eat, we throw out of the barn. We can’t help it if the deer partake in it???

  8. Yup, cats definitely have staff, at least our indoor cats do. But we only have 5 of them. The feral cats don’t expect anything from us except for the food. They don’t want us to pet them or handle them. No biggie, they take care of the little critters for us.

    • “The feral cats don’t expect anything from us except for the food“

      The common house cat is non-native to the United States and an invasive species, similar to kudzu, cane toads and Russian olive.

      “Predation by domestic cats is the number-one direct, human-caused threat to birds in the United States and Canada.

      In the United States alone, outdoor cats kill approximately 2.4 billion birds every year. Although this number may seem unbelievable, it represents the combined impact of tens of millions of outdoor cats. Each outdoor cat plays a part.“

  9. FPC posted a slightly nastier meme version of this, this version is easier to read (see link below).

    “More than half of our enforcement personnel is either obese, and/or have begun using agency benefits as of the 2019 audit… This is harming our agency both in regards to tactical operations (last year we have suffered more injuries relating to obesity, cardiovascular diseases, and parallel conditions) that we did from violent encounters, and in regards to our appearance as an agency… circulating imagery of obese ATF officers looking very ocntradictory [sic] to what law enforcement standards dictate in their agency issued tactical gear…”

    -leaked ATF/DOJ memo

    Fat, stupid (judging from how well this memo is written), unconstitutional dog killers.

    Disband this agency because it’s only a matter of time until these fat shitbags really step in it with a public who’s patience is wearing thin with overreach and lies, which the public is waking up to now (thanks in no small part to Elon Musk, oddly enough).

    • 225+ is a dumb policy. There are only so many people that size. Most of them aren’t fit. Chuck Liddell walked around at 220 between fights. He wouldn’t have been good enough?

      • The problem is 225 at >5’9″ if you dig further. BMI was often above 35 and Chuck Liddell was how tall again(6’2″+)? And as a person that had this be an issue for years “what about muscle mass” ok cool let’s get the tape measure and see if they pass the Army tape test (lol nope). They have issues and they were getting worse last I heard.

  10. I’ve had to have a Vet put down a couple pets and it was rough. I was amazed how quick they went after the shot but to this day I am still really shook when I think about it. Hell, I almost passed out giving my dog a Parvo shot! Having to shoot one would be difficult (for me). I agree a lot of “people” should not have pets (other than head lice) especially when they move away and ditch them. Those are the worst.

  11. Cats are the four legged animal version of the human species violent criminal, overall; Both have very high opinions of themselves viewing themselves as superior to their prey. Both roam freely in their prey environment unless ‘incarcerated’ away from the prey environment (e.g. cats in the house, violent criminal in prison). Both prefer to prey on the weaker or defenseless members of a mammal species just for the fun of it (e.g. cats on smaller mammals and violent criminals on human mammal). Both choose to attack when their prey is unaware or the prey guard is down. Both like to attack quickly and overwhelm their prey as quickly as possible. Neither one will ever be different in their nature, both will always be that predator at heart.

    • nice.
      although i’ve known murderers that completely mellowed with age. come to think of it, i witnessed the same in old toms. so i think the nature can shift but the analogy is solid.

    • We had one of those cats who would occasionally leave her trophy at the doorstep. One night she scratched on the door, so my mom opened it. She said the cat was just sitting there with a rabbit in her mouth, looking up like are you proud of me?

      • Some cats are ok, but many are not. We had a gray tiger some time ago that was a cool cat. We lived at the edge of a small town back then, and he once ran off a Great Dane that was nosing around the front yard, while my young daughter was on the porch. Another time, we had gone off to “Parador” for a week to visit the wife’s kinfolk, and we arranged with a young man to keep an eye on the place and feed the cat and beagle while we were gone. When we got home, we found 4 squirrel tails lined up on the back steps waiting for us. It was a sad day when I had to put him down after he got sick and wasn’t going to make it. He was one of a few cool cats that I’ve had over the years.

  12. This was covered in a recent Yellowstone episode. A Presidential advance team came to the reservation and started shooting unleashed dogs with silenced rifles for no reason other than they were pets running loose.

    • “A Presidential advance team came to the reservation and started shooting unleashed dogs with silenced rifles for no reason other than they were pets running loose“

      So that’s the message Hollywood was sending, but is there any evidence that this has ever actually happened? It’s difficult to believe, but I don’t put anything past overzealous law-enforcement.

      • But if it’s in pursuit of your narrative, it’s OK, right, MinorLiar???

        You frickin’ WORSHIP government power, you lying s***bag; you just want to ensure that the “right” people exercise it. Don’t pretend you don’t advocate for government control on every issue – so long as that control suits your preferences. PRETENDING to hate authoritarian government, because they SOMETIMES do things you disapprove of??? Yeah, that’s classic Leftist/fascist lying. Your flavor of fascism isn’t exactly subtle, MinorLiar – you have no problem with jackbooted authoritarianism . . . as long as you get to wear the jackboots.

        Consume excrement and expire, troll.

    • i thought chocolate but now i notice the coat.
      blacks, yellows, chocs and goldens… really never met one with any bad bones, rare.
      my brother raised chessies for a stint (between springers). they are much more aggressive temperamentally than other labs.
      i’ve never met a mean newfy or ridgeback either.

  13. All you pussy ass boomers that are too sentimentally attached to dogs and act like shooting them is a big deal are part of the problem. It’s because your soft and spineless asses care about nothing but your own comfort that Society is the mess it is. You being degenerate and then subsequently tolerating even more degenerate behavior from your own kids has led us to this upside down clown world of groomers and 49 genders. And let’s not get started on the economy. Literally the only generation to leave their children in worse shape than when they inherited the country. And this “me me me” attitude common to the boomer collective is seen
    in their Gen Z grand children, only it’s a much more severe and dangers form than even what the boomers displayed.

  14. Umm, yea while I applaud you exercising your First Amendment rights, I’m pretty sure a majority of boomers believe in fiscal responsibility and planning for their kid’s future. Individualism is a survival instinct that today seems to be frowned upon by the woke culture. The only boomers you should be worried about are “Checkbook Chuck and fellow spender non-stop Nancy” who are driving this economy down the fuckin drain.

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