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My home defense strategy? Shock and awe.


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  1. Damn, I was eating dinner and just the thought of you nekkid ruined my meal. Though that does look a bit like me on the tricycle….

  2. A few years ago, a top shelf comedian from Australia (I don’t recall his full name; I think it was “Jeff” something…) had his own recorded show and included a skit on American gun owners. He started with “I respect your 2nd Amendment, blah blah blah…but…” and went on to completely mock the entire idea of needing a gun when an intruder breaks in through your window at 2am.

    His punchline was that his idea of the stereotypical American gun owner defending his family and home was a naked man staring down the sights of his shotgun as the intruder looks up from the floor upon entry.

    ‘Murica. Because we prefer to be naked over dead.

  3. Benelli hahahaha. You mean those shot guns that wear out after 500+ – rounds? I’ll take a good ole made in USA Remington any day.

    • Mine’s going strong after many years and much more than 500 rounds. You won’t find a semiauto shotgun that cycles faster than their inertia operated guns.

      Are you talking Remington from the 60’s, the 21st century stuff that had poor fit and finish that contributed to their bankruptcy, or what the new owners are turning out now?

  4. Hell I don’t even want to see my self naked. That’s the definitive deterrent. I’m pretty sure i could subdue anyone as they would be laughing so hard the wouldn’t see my bat smacking them upside their head.

  5. Lets see, picture a Santa Claus looking old fart in boxer shorts holding a .45 cal. revolver. Or just hearing the sound of my old Mossberg pump shotgun in the dark. Would depend on what I had time to grab. Of course, that would mean someone found my house and the dog didn’t raise enough hell to send them on down the road. There are reasons I live well out of town. 1 of which is few people come out here. And yes, part of the directions to find my farm are, “Turn off the paved road.”

  6. That evil little girl, shes some kind of spectre.
    I’m sure that’s the same one I shot in the grocery store two weeks ago for stealing a candybar?


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