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Let’s take a look at how well Joe Biden is doing with his gun safety agenda.

We call this gun safety, people, because “gun control” makes a lot of politicians nervous. And really, what the heck? I’m going to go out on a limb and say that eliminating the sale of semiautomatic rifles would make the country more … gun safe.

Banning assault weapons was on Biden’s to-do list, along with universal background checks and a stronger, more forward-looking Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives under the leadership of David Chipman.

Well, here we are, less than a year into the administration, and Chipman’s nomination is kaput. Biden hasn’t yet come up with a new name. This is not all that unusual, since congressional gun politics has limited the A.T.F. to only one actual confirmed chief in the last 15 years.

If anyone ever does get to officially head the bureau, perhaps he or she could do something about its weapons-tracing system, which is basically a vast mountain of paperwork, thousands of boxes high. Congress has made it illegal to put the records into a searchable computer database — a change that would make the whole process either efficient or a nefarious “gun registry,” depending on who you’re talking to.

Gail Collins in Why Are We Still Going Great Guns?

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  1. I posted a reply on the Times website. “Yeah, yeah, yeah, yada, yada, yada… who cares what Gail Collins thinks? No one who values the entire Bill of Rights. You know, the one that has that pesky 1st Amendment. The one that guarantees the freedom to speak or write freely without fear of government censorship or oppression. Perhaps you might ask the holocaust survivors, if any still live, what happened to them when the legally elected government disarmed them. Oh and they were also forced into ghettos for “health” reasons. Sort of like what is happening here, now, in the formerly free United States. Grow up!”

    • Perhaps pasty mouth democRat gail needs to safely pull her head out of her behind. With Jim Crow Gun Control joe biden and the democRat Party at the helm the only thing America has protecting it from the takeover of insane newsome voters and taliban terrorists is The Second Amendment.

      The recall election proves what closet bigots CA voters are. A highly qualified Black America lost to a self-serving lily white Jim Crow Gun Control pos. All while the sneaky rewrite history democRat Party continues to cleanse its history of coast to coast racism by pointing fingers at the South.

      It takes politically inept history illiterates not to see racism lives on in the democRat Party especially through Gun Control. There is no nice Gun Control. There is no fair Gun Control. There is no Gun Control lite. There is only the long confirmed history of racism and genocide deeply rooted in Gun Control. Therefore the only good Gun Control is dead Gun Control.

      • Newsom stayed in power due to the same fraud that got biden into the White house. As long as these machines are used in voting nobody but socialist / communists will be put into office. And they definatley know that the Second Amendment is in their way. I don’t live in Commiefornia but if i did, my vote would have been for Larry Elder. So for now they have to be content with the eugenics operations like Planned Parenthood and the fraudulent vaccine to kill us off.

        • All votes are equal. Except when Dominion voting machines are used.

          Who controls the votes controls the elections.

  2. Well at least she acknowledges that some would see a searchable database of gun transfer records for what it is, a de facto gun registry. Efficient, yes, but efficient at what? Cracking down on your supposedly constitutionally protected rights.

    • I don’t think it’s just about disarmament for the sake of disarming, and we know it isn’t about fighting crime. For some people on the Left, I think it’s vindictive behavior directed toward their rival tribe.

      • I often say that 90% of politics is Red Sox vs Yankees.

        Democrats are power hungry (which makes them the worst kind of people to be given power). If they could simply punch your name into a search engine and find exactly what firearms you own that would be orgasmic for them. Of course there’s no point in doing that unless you intend to abuse your power, but then what fun is having power if you’re not going to abuse it?

      • Ironically the Nazis were not very efficient. Hitler had a thing for survival of the fittest and would have different groups competing for the same goal. Some government functions were handled by both bureaucrats and the party organizations. Not as bad as Japan’s Army versus Navy conflict where the two sides were even assassinating each others officers.

  3. This many people couldn’t be this ignorant about how to counter criminal behavior involving guns could they? If they aren’t really trying to stop criminal behavior, then what are they doing?

  4. Yep, another big government liberal is demanding more big government in order to destroy someone else’s rights.. That’s not exactly a shock; why should any of us care what this protocommunist thinks?

  5. “F” the New York Times and their paywall!

    That said, a brief survey of Ms. Collins Op-Eds indicates that she is a raging Elitist…no Left / Socialist / Communist idea is too far for her imaginary Utopian world…hence her loathing and distrust of the U.S. Constitution. The only things that seems to elude her rantings are facts, honesty, humbleness, integrity, ethics…you know, those annoying Conservative values.

    • She started as a concerned Karen, who went through the Sharon phase, and is now a full on Michelle.

      She’ll throw a temper tantrum that would even embarrass her children until she gets what she wants.

    • Really simple.

      Chicago criminals=totally armed up.
      Chicago law abiding citizenry=totally disarmed.

      This is the leftard dream.

  6. There may be a law preventing the ATF from compiling a searchable database on the federal level, but here in CA we have the DROS (Dealer Record of Sale) that does that very thing.

    • I’ve spoken with a few FFL dealers in Texas who actually found ATF agents taking digital pictures of documents during routine audits.
      Some FFL dealers actually shut down and keep their FULL staff on site, just to “watch the watchmen”. 🤔
      I would bet the ATF already has more data stored then anyone could ever imagine.

      • If you think that the ATF actually destroys the approval records, required by law, I’ve got a bridge for sale, etc, ocean front property etc.

        • Exactly.
          The 4473s filled out by Texas LTC holders are not run thru the NICS system. These are filed (if paper) or stored in a searchable database (if electronic) ON SITE by the FFL.
          The alphabet boiz (during routine audits) take digital pics of the unsubmitted paper 4473s , and download (to thumb drives) the unsubmitted searchable 4473 database when they’re not watched closely.

        • My slight familiarity with what the law *was* some decades ago says that at that time, those agents were subject to prison time for doing that, specifically prohibited by Congress, a felony.

      • In my industry, auditors and inspectors are NEVER left unattended except in the restroom. No pictures allowed. No opening closed doors or desk drawers. nothing. They request information, we relay that request to a “runner” who retrieves the documents, the auditor sits at the desk and we make small talk until the documents arrive – small talk fills in the time where the runner inspects the records and corrects them as needed before handing them over. No copies are made without approval.

        If I were running a gun shop, I’d shut down the business for the inspection if i didn’t have enough staff to watch for shady behavior. you can’t afford not to, and i think every gun customer would understand an unexpectedly locked door if you put an “atf audit in progress – sorry” sign up.

      • Happens everywhere. ATF auditors travel from FFL to FFL with their handheld scanners. This is precisely why the firearm information was moved to the first page just above the name. Quick scan and, bingo. You have the guns purchased, name, address, birth date, SSN (if provided). The only thing missing is the driver’s license number from page 2.

  7. Just coming right out and saying we should ban semi-automatic firearms . . . . they’re not even hiding their agenda anymore.

    • For some, it’s just complete ignorance on a topic they’re passionate about. Some truly believe that semi-autos and “assault weapons” are the same thing. Years ago, one commenter on Daily Kos made the naive suggestion that people could make progress on gun policies by “starting with the common ground everyone agrees on, like banning semi-autos”.

      • I have a laugh when I hear about “semi-automatic machine guns”. I have tried to correct them but I think the explanation runs into a solid wall of ignorance and cognitive dissonance.

  8. Every dem that gets in the WH has promised more gun control (among other things) and the voters that make that their hot button issue get all wet and foamy and vote for him or her. And guess what, It aint like snappin’ your fingers. The Hill just doesnt work that way (thank god).

  9. They can come to me with their list. In my state,ohio there is no registry so any list they have is illegal for them to have. Most that I have i didn’t buy new anyway. F them.

  10. I found it interesting that she separated suicides-by-firearm from her “Gun violence” statistics. A small point, but an interesting concession all the same.

    • Exactly.
      She squandered her life in the Elephant graveyard called NYC, working for the partisan rag called the New York Times.
      She now spends her days polishing the journalism awards she received for spewing leftarded propaganda.
      Wonder if those awards will miss her when she passes, or visit her grave on her birthday each year. 🤔
      A childless life has little worth, and almost all women who don’t want children are bitter, selfish, and morally deficient.
      Her existence checks all the boxes……worthless, bitter, selfish, morally deficient.

  11. Who is Gail Collins and why should I care what it thinks, feels or believes? Is this person some far flung relative of Billy Cobin?

    Would this person even get that reference?

  12. Assualt weapons are already banned.
    Go back to 1994 and what the BATFE determined what an assault weapon is.
    An AR is not an assault rifle.

  13. I’m going to go out on a limb fire and say, eliminating Leftard Journalists would make the country – more safe.

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