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I do not think that ad means what you think it means. Bonus Princess Bride-themed meme: I made this one just ahead of the 2020 election:


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      • China seems pretty happy. Wait until they annex Taiwan and we have to beg for chips. (We’ll see what their Monday morning market crash brings) Good thing those smart guns haven’t caught on yet. Sorry about your new truck or computer though. Carburetors and pencils might be coming back in style

  1. We’re fcked if theBiden dies.
    He sux but between him and Kamela,,????
    We’re fcked anyway you look at it .
    Good lord America what’s happened. Even the pygmies in the jungle are laughing at the U. S. of A.

    • Well, it’s your fault, you know. You didn’t vote early, and you didn’t vote often. You weren’t even smart enough to reset the voting machines in six states in the middle of the night to discard 10% of your opponent’s votes. Get your act together before 2024!

      • Voting machines from a company whose owner is on the DNC. Obviously not a conflict of interest to them. Just sensible planning.

        • It’s not even the voting machines as much as the democrat operates using the WuHan Flu as an excuse to loosen basic ballot security laws in critical states and then flooding the election with same day ballots in the middle of the night. Most of which were obviously direct photo-copies.

    • “We’re fcked anyway you look at it .”

      Listen to the advise of Bluto Blutarsky :

      “My advise to you, is to drink heavily”…

    • We just need to cheat as good as they do. I know it won’t be easy, and many of you may die, but that’s a chance I’m willing to take.

    • At first I thought the creepy joe stuff was just political mudslinging, after watching him whispering, whispering , and the gaze, that was a little creepy.
      As a matter of fact, if I was locked up in a nuthouse and he was there, I’d keep my eye on that guy. Slingblade man slingblade, shhhhh, whisper softly.

      • And he’s still feeling up young girls. He just did it again the other day. You can tell how uncomfortable she is in the picture. Then she mentioned it afterwards.

  2. The Kidsniffer is mostly dead and also mostly retarded. Never go mostly retarded. You’ll end up like the Kidsniffer, free shit Bernie, or granny boxwine piglosi.


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