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Not exactly a funny one, but it felt like a nice send-off into the weekend.


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    • The 2A is ridiculous nonsense that doesn’t hold water. It is so vague that over and over, anti-gun legislation has been upholded by the supreme court. Except for Universal Fantastic Background Checks (UFBC) and My Business In Your Home Safe Storage Laws (MBIYHSSL). These don’t seem to ever get passed through legislation, because life is cheap in America, and losses can never be to high for Steel Phallic Worshipers. Who you should be worshiping, is Democracy, aka, the majority. The majority is to be worshipped. The Social Group. The Collective. Worship the Collective. Think collectively. Get rid of individualism. Get rid of freedumb! Get rid of thinking individually. Everyone should embrace the collective and think what the collective thinks. Vote. Worship the process of voting. And nothing should be off the table, when it comes to voting. If your speech is not liked by the majority, we should vote on it. If you own something, that the majority thinks you shouldn’t own, we should vote on it. If you are worshiping a god that the majority doesn’t support, we should get a vote going. And if you are working really hard and making lots of money, and the majority wants some of it, for nothing, we should vote. The Collective Voting – IS GOD. Worship it, and be a good citizen. And ban guns. We should vote on guns, and ban them. And never, ever, think, that if your guns are banned, the collective would vote to hurt you. That just isn’t going to happen. You don’t need guns for protection, from the collective, or criminals, or anything else. Be social. Share. Vote. Vote for sharing. Vote for safety. Embrace collective existence.

  1. 7:05 PM, EST, and TTAG is calling it a day/week?

    Where’s your commitment to the cause, newly-single Jeremy? (Who may, or may not, have spoken in class today.)

    Why aren’t you ‘Down with the Struggle’? 🙂

      • Paw! Dragline was one of my favorite albums of the 90s. As one reviewer put it, Paw was grunge for those of us who grew up angry in the cornfields.

        BTW, Dairy Queen sounds good to me…

    • It’s too bad that the one time I saw Pearl Jam in concert they sucked donkey balls. Entirely unimpressive across the board.

      I actually walked out with a friend of mine and we went across town to a smaller venue where STS9 was playing with Umphrey’s McGee and had a blast. That ticket was like 1/3rd the cost of the Jam ticket too, fortunately we got the Pearl Jam tickets for free.

      The second concert was essentially run by the Nitrous Mafia due to a lack of serious security at the venue, much more interesting crowd in the pit, that’s for sure. My buddy and I ended up smoking a joint with the Hell’s Angels that were there for Umphrey’s because we were afraid to insult them. Ended up being a cool group of guys.

      If you want a really cool concert, STS9 throws an amazing show. On par with older Rob Zombie shows. Gov’t Mule is still probably the best for pure music, especially if you like rock.

      • This is the first I’ve heard of STS9, it’s decent stuff, a jazz-fusion kinda thing.

        It’s lots better than the rap stuff you usually put here…

        • Most music doesn’t talk about guns and freedom as much as rap does.

          STS9’s culture is more in line with The Grateful Dead and Phish than anything serious. But they usually play with another band that’s very, very different. Umphrey’s opening for Sound Tribe doesn’t even seem like it should work.

          But that’s how you end up with with Hell’s Angels at the concert where a lot of people come to eat shrooms or doses, huff nitrous and watch the light show for an electronic band, STS9 tends to bring out a very eclectic crowd because of who they tour with.

          I listen to a very wide variety of music. I can often be found blasting something like this:

      • “It’s too bad that the one time I saw Pearl Jam in concert they sucked donkey balls. Entirely unimpressive across the board.”

        Had a similar experience in 1985 or so. Girl I was with at the time wanted to see the abomination that once was ‘Jefferson Airplane’.

        Yeah, she wanted to see them do ‘We Built This City’. *Gag* 🙁

        Since I wanted a taste of what she had, I swallowed my pride and we went to the show. The opening act was ‘Night Ranger’, and they kicked ass. Hard, fast and tight. They were there to rock, and they did.

        ‘Jefferson Starship’ exceeded every expectation I had for how bad it was gonna be. Donkey Balls times a billion. 🙁

        This is Night Ranger live back then :

        • “…the abomination that once was ‘Jefferson Airplane’.”

          This might be the best concise description of Starship I’ve ever heard.

    • “It is striking to see how much of the USA is desert.”

      When it comes to Faith, sadly, true… 🙁

        • “Is it hard being a closeted gay man in today’s world?”

          I don’t know, tell us from your apparently vast personal experience.

          You seem oddly knowledgeable of the subject for a guy who claims he’s married with kids. 😎

          There’s no shame in it, but I’m still not going to have sex with you… 🙂

    • Desert is creeping east.
      More people work for government then private enterprise. Gov gets money from taxpayers.
      I don’t know how that works?
      Fake money I guess.

      • Yep, that is where the real tax on the poor and the middle class comes in. Most people call it inflation, but that is just another name for a tax that comes from grossly expanding the money supply. Supply and demand also applies to the currency and the US Dollar is suffering from a massive over supply in relation to the goods and services that are available.

    • Strange how those idiot Libertarians were basically right until the party got hijacked by the Left, huh?

      Oh well, the Left hijacked the Republican Party too.

      • Uh, in case you’ve been sleeping, that’s been changing over the past 6 years or so and will continue.

        We got to this point over a course of say, 70 years or so. To think it’ll change radically, all at once and overnight or in one election cycle merely shows one’s ignorance to human nature.

        Instead of complaining about what’s been going wrong it might make sense to start bringing forth what’s going right. In Iowa, for example, we’ve made sweeping improvements in personal liberties and wealth and the democrats/leftists are becoming demoralized. The primary reason is our Republican-controlled House, Senate and Governor. And these aren’t Mitt Romney or Bush- type Republicans.

        BTW- if you haven’t checked US 1st Dit House Rep Ashley Hinson, you’re missing another great example of a conservative not afraid to hold the line and not apologize.

        Fix your own digs, folks.

        • If they’re not tearing handfuls of pages out of the lawbooks and tossing them on a fire, I wouldn’t call all that busywork “sweeping improvements”. Also, if corrupt officials (and FORMER officials) and their non-official cronies aren’t in shackles and stripes by the busload, there’s no improvements at all. I see no such buses anywhere. Never have. Solid indicator of zero improvement, at best.

        • [Craig, don’t take any of this the wrong way, I generally like you, but for the benefit of others this might have a little spice. But you’re an adult who I suspect can handle this and not take it personally, which it’s not meant to be.]

          What’s been changing? (I mean, other than the ever leftward drift of the GOP? ‘Cause it sure as Hell isn’t the ability of unorganized grassroots conservatives to get shit done. Because the truth is Loudoun County, for all the attention it gets, is about 20 years too late to matter. The time limit to accomplish the rate limiting step has long passed here.)

          Also, wait, it’s been going on for 70 years? My God… that means… it’s not just those filthy kids with their godless weed/Elvis/hip gyrations/rap music/Tik Tok/sense of entitlement? That nearly everyone alive at this point is culpable?

          HFS! I’ve only been saying this and getting shit on for saying it here on TTAG for years!

          Sarcasm aside, It’s cute that you think you’re going to vote your way out of this at this point. I honestly admire the optimism, since I’m generally an optimist, but… damn dude, thinking that you’ll be voting your way out of the collapse of the country isn’t optimistic at this point, it’s blind. It’s… so January or February 2020.

          But, just in case there’s something I’m missing, please lay out the plan to have the American public vote consistently for decades to actually pay off $30T in debt and $110T-$230T in unfunded liabilities and do so without printing the dollar into oblivion or taxing the economy out of existence. Is there a great groundswell of retirees renouncing Social Security and Medicare of which I’m unaware? A massive number of them renouncing overly generous pensions? Buying American, damn the cost, because young people need better jobs than retail slave wages can provide?

          Or is the whole plan homeschooling and screaming about Disney while using cutsie hashtags like “Ok, Groomer” while virtue signalling about Russia and Taiwan while ignoring half a dozen crises barreling towards us in the next nine months?

          Adding in how to keep world-reserve currency status at the same time would be nice too since if we lose that (which it looks like might be later this year or early next) the above becomes impossible nearly almost instantly.

          Oh, not to be repetitive… and it would be nice to avoid all the things coming down the pike in the next year or so that, nearly literally, threaten to burn the country to the ground, that would be epic.

          If there are people with workable plans for that, I’m all ears. Unfortunately, unless someone’s got one Hell of plan, there are a lot of needles to thread here and this is the real Mission: Impossible.

          Honestly, where’s the serious plan with significant support to cut government at every level by 50% starting next year and calling that the starting point? Anything less is unserious given the current situation. So, please, show me the people who are 1. talking about the real world and 2. have the pull to actually fix the really big shit that’s about to screw all of us.

          In fact, just show me the GOPers who are going to get elected and then actually play hardball with the Left for the first time ever instead of blathering about civility and order while the country burns down around them and the Left laughs like the maniacs they are?

        • strych9,

          I empathize with your sentiment: I see all manner of bad stuff on the near-term horizon as well.

          The sad reality is that in general: people suck. They are seriously flawed–lazy, selfish, egotistical, deceitful, impulsive, whimsical, irrational, hysterical, etc.

          The unfortunate natural result of the above simple fact is that there will always be a LOT of unnecessary strife in our world and that strife could lead to anyone’s untimely demise when they least expect it. It also means that mankind will rarely find any significant lasting meaning, peace, or joy in this world. Plan accordingly.

    • They float around randomly, see past posts from possum, who was first to point it out. Off meandering and didn’t make the screenshot.

      • Oh, yeah… I forgot about that. They probably tip over too, like Guam, if you give them weighty stuff like “rights”.

        Unlike Rep. Johnson I never did well at geography or oceanography. Sad, really, but one day I’ll catch up to Greta’s level of wisdom.

        • “Sad, really, but one day I’ll catch up to Greta’s level of wisdom.”

          It shouldn’t be long until ‘St.Greta’ pisses a guy off and he releases the video of their ‘intimate moment’.

          And, I. Can’t. Wait… 🙂

  2. Its infelicitous that we live in a country where the government, and especially the president, can’t understand the Constitution.

    It should have been a big clue during the campaign prior election when Biden botched it with …

    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, All men and women created … by the — you know — you know the thing.

    Joe Biden 2020”

    Even the most uninformed voter should have recognized that when a presidential candidate can’t correctly quote one of the most quoted, and most simple to quote, parts of the constitution that something is wrong and maybe they should not vote for the candidate.

    And now today we have an an imbecilic president who comes up with every way he can to further infringe constitutional rights, not only for the second amendment but others as well.

    One of Bidens first attacks upon the Constitution was to attempt to create an infringement exception of the 4th amendment in the SCOTUS case of Caniglia v. Strom. Biden sent the DOJ in to interject in the case to attempt to make the “community caretaking exception” to the 4th apply for firearms in the home.

    But it was more than about firearms. Had the government succeeded in that case and precedent set it would have given the government carte blanch to seize anything from anyone’s home without warrant as a “community caretaking exception” with the simple excuse of “we believe…” or “we thought…” or “its a public safety risk…” or any number of excuses that seem “reasonable” in the views of the government. Had the precedent been set the government would have been able to treat the 4th Amendment as though it just flat out permits searches and seizures that seem ‘reasonable’ in the eyes of government with no need for a warrant.

    People don’t realize how close they came to loosing their 4th amendment rights with Biden’s attack upon the Constitution in Caniglia v. Strom.

    And that boys and girls is the person that got elected President.

    For those who missed it, a pretty important case, some references:

    • “I like taking guns away early,” Trump said. “Take the guns first, go through due process second.”

      Donald Trump 2018

      It’s one thing to have a stuttering problem and experience difficulty speaking specific words.

      It’s a whole ‘nother thing for the President of the United States to speak specifically of his intention to take constitutional rights from American citizens.


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