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So why, if California’s much-vaunted gun control laws have failed to choke off the supply of legal and illegal weapons, do politicians continue to claim that enacting even more will have an effect? …

The newest effort at gun control in California, backed by Gov. Gavin Newsom, would authorize personal lawsuits against the manufacturers and sellers of illegal assault rifles or ghost guns, mirroring a new Texas law allowing suits against those who perform abortions.

The legislation, Senate Bill 1327, is just a stunt — one of Newsom’s periodic jabs at a rival state. Those who could be sued under the bill are already committing criminal acts in California and a federal law prohibits suits against manufacturers of legal firearms, including the “assault weapons” that California and a few other states purport — but fail — to outlaw.

The bottom line is this: Actor Alec Baldwin’s claims notwithstanding, guns don’t fire on their own. Someone must accidentally or purposely pull the trigger and that should be the focus of efforts to reduce violence — such as more vigorous enforcement of laws banning gun possession by felons and those under court order.

— Dan Walters in Mass Shooting in Sacramento Shows California’s Gun Control Laws Have Failed

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  1. C’mon man! Everyone knows by now the goal is NOT to reduce crime….the goal is disarming normal conservative Americans! Stop dancin around the issue!!

  2. Based on the theory Cars/Trucks kill many more people than guns in America, so should we be able to sue all car manufacturers for those accidents when it is actually the fault of the driver??? Guns are merely tools operated by humans. Sue the humans and if it is a crime put them in prison or execute them!

  3. They will not do the one thing they need to do to fix the problem. The only reasonable conclusion is that they do not want to fix the problem.

    • Prndll,

      That is the only reasonable conclusion. But what is the purpose? Looking at trends, these leftards also promote:

      Killing babies even after they are born.
      Transgenderism as the new normal.
      Replacing parental control with state parenting.
      Race-based (bigoted) school curriculums.
      Replacing educational standards with celebration of failure.
      Replacing health freedom with state mandates.
      Grooming children to be weak, dependent, compliant, and to hate this country.
      [Your list of items, here].

      So, what is the grand purpose? Chaos, the dissolution of our society, the weakening of our economy, the vulnerability of our military. But why? It is not for our benefit, so it must be for the benefit of someone else.

      • While it will probably be called a grand conspiracy theory I would just point to the history of Russia, eastern Europe, Weimar Germany (that’s pre actual Nazis for the historically deficient) and all of 20th century south and central America and allow the pattern recognition to function in the way it tends to be intended.

      • We taught the kids to think for themselves and it backfired on the government, so now we are keeping the majority from true learning, we want them to believe the propaganda.

        • “We taught the kids to think for themselves”

          You don’t let kids think for themselves, per se. That’s why we have age limits. It isn’t just life experience that will help them make wise choices as they get older; it’s knowing the difference between right and wrong. How will they know the difference? We have to teach them what to think. They should view everything through a proper moral lens, not some upside down world Leftist lens. The Left are crafty. They’re teaching kids what to think so they can instill their values in them. Notice the freakout over the recent Florida bill.

    • Prndll,

      My detailed reply, in agreement, has been censored by WordPress. Nothing rude in it, but, the censorious engine has been triggered.

      Let’s Go Brandon!

  4. At this point in the downward spiral their partys base is effectively an amalgamation of mental patients, felons, diddlers and run-of-the-mill degenerates so going “hard on crime” is a non-starter. It would expel the last dozen or so suburban women who are still rationalizing their Biden vote.

    • Unfortunately, those folks are out-breeding decent folks.
      And, lots of soccer moms think Magoo is doing a “Great Job”.

  5. I keep trying to tell this is what happened to my Great Grandfather Jack Miller in US v Miller. He was murdered to finally solidify the NFA. Jack NEVER committed a crime. He was taken from the house and forced to drive over the Stateline into Arkansas the night of April 18th 1938. I have soooo much evidence and David Hardy is co-authoring the story with me. Jack was murdered to keep him silent and this is the week He was buried 83 years ago…A case teed up by the FDR administration and my grandmother kept so much evidence…it’s time Jack has a say…

    • Karen,

      Sorry to hear about your great-grandfather’s murder.

      I applaud your efforts to share the truth with the public.

    • Karen,

      Assuming that your portrayal is accurate, it demonstrates what I have been saying lately about politicians–that their intense focus is increasing their wealth, power, and control. And sadly, often by any means necessary.

      • Thank you. It means a lot to me. And yes, it is completely accurate as I have statements as well from my grandmother who was 18 years old at the time. She kept in the hope chest Jack bought her for her high school graduation boxes of legal papers, personal letters and original newspaper clippings from that time. I’ve been working with Brian L Frye who in 2008 authored the Peculiar Story of US v Miller. He currently co- authoring a new follow up now that he knows the truth. Jack never committed a crime. His wife, my great grandmother was dying of cancer and he never would have left her side. There was a knock at the door and my grandmother answered. It was a police officer and Frank Layton who was also arrested with Jack that night. Jack never got to see his wife again as she died soon after. I have absolutely heartbreaking letters my grandmother wrote Jack in jail in Arkansas telling him Bessie, her mother was ready to go…

        So, yes…you are absolutely right about your thoughts on tbe subject and since David Hardy was a Senior atty for the NRA and 2nd amendment historian, I think this story will finally be heard. Spread the word for us…well…for Jack and Bessie Miller.

        • Condolences to you and yours…You need to go public and speak on the Mark Levin Radio Show: 1-877-381-3811.

        • I hope that you will continues to tell the story and please let us know when the book is published.

  6. Shows how sleazy Gun Control zealots are using criminals as a means to justify the end. Not only is such a sleazy tactic inherent with marxism it is the kind of sleaze inherent with their racist and nazi based Gun Control agenda. What Filth.

  7. Myth One: Bad guys to to Nevada to get their guns. Fact: It is illegal to accept delivery of firearms outside of the resident’s home state.
    Myth Two: Bad guys have access to automatic weapons. Fact: Automatic weapons were banned for the general public in the 30s and existing automatic weapons can only be transferred through a rigorous permitting process.
    Myth Three: Concealed Carry Permits are required to carry a concealed weapon. Fact: Criminals don’t care.
    Myth Four: Magazine capacity limits save lives. Fact: Magazine capacity limits put a defender in danger since criminals get any weapon they want.
    Myth Five: Gun control works. Fact: Sacramento was not shielded by any gun control law.
    Myth Six: Politicians are ignorant, pandering, power hungry puppets of gun grabbing elites. Fact: Not a myth

  8. So why … do politicians continue to claim that enacting even more [laws] will have an effect?

    Because it has not dawned on the populace that many/most politicians are acting to increase their wealth, power, and control over the masses rather than attempting to better the lives of the masses.

    • “So why … do politicians continue to claim that enacting even more [laws] will have an effect?”

      Simple answer: Because Gun Owners have not properly defined Gun Control by its history for spoon fed America…Mention the word “noose” to spoon-fed America and they automatically react to its racist connection. Mention Gun control to the same bunch and the reaction is the opposite even though slave shacks, nooses, cross burning and all the like go hand in hand with, drum roll…Gun Control.

  9. Until AI takes over an armed Bot and executes attacks on humans, you still have to assign the responsibility to the trigger puller! Tools don’t attack, evil or stupid people wielding tools attack!

    • An AI would need to be self aware (Skynet) for the responsibility not to fall on the human that programmed it. We are much much further away from very limited self aware AI than we are from flying cars.

  10. Wasn’t Smiley McDindoonuffin ‘denied’ parole just months before mowing down a dozen people in Sacramento?

    Why was he on the street? Oh yeah, Crapifornia.

    • I guess it’s time to sue Smiley for 10 grand. Did he order his parts online? Does that implicate tech companies in distributing? Who delivered the parts? We can sue the manufacturer even if they’re in China, right? Anyone know a good attorney? If anyone has a problem with it, they can thank Newsome. He isn’t the only person in the world that knows how to play games.

  11. It’s a shame that the big earth quake doesn’t just happen and take California and dump it in the Pacific.

    • Because that would also affect the many millions of conservatives who live here and constantly fighting to take our State back, bit by bit. My own District here in northern L.A. County is an historical pro-2A stronghold and full of families and churches. Yes, such places exist, and we continue to fight the good fight.

      I really hate it when ignorami like you make broad statements and assume everyone here is a fruit or nut. If a room full of 100 people vote closely down the middle of the group 51/49 on a topic and you don’t like the outcome, do you condemn the entire 100, including all those who voted the same way you would have?


      • It’s easy to forget that California is home to more conservatives than any other state. On the other hand, they allowed the nutty lib situation to get out of hand. (What were they thinking?) Now, California won’t be going red again in our lifetime.

        It would only take a tiny percentage of those conservatives moving to purple states to completely remake state and national politics. The only thing fighting a losing battle does in politics is enrich the political and consultant class. I suggest leaving that political s_hole state and doing something that will actually make a difference.

        • Answer: voter election fraud. We experienced it first-hand here in my Congressional District back in 2018 before America saw it nationwide in 2020. Katie Hill (D) was behind incumbent Steve Knight (R) on the eve of Election Day by about 1000 votes, as our District has been Republican for decades. But the next day, she was suddenly ahead by 4000 votes, meaning she had to have won (by the straight math) at least 80% of all the remaining ballots to be counted. Not probable at all, but she was declared the victor.

          Of course, as is often the case with people of low moral character, she quickly found herself embroiled in a sex scandal, and resigned. We now have Mike Garcia (R) in her place.

        • A member of Congress involved in a sex scandal?? Was there an orgy? So it’s true? Wait, I thought it was just the Republicans doing this. Has anyone told Miner about this revelation?

        • A “throuple” situation with Katie, her husband, and a younger female member of Katie’s campaign staff. The female was the one who “outed” Katie via a harassment complaint.

        • Dude, the sex party would only be scandal to Democrats if some of the participants were underage.

          But they are working on eliminating that hurdle.

      • That’s right Haz is ‘fighting to take [his] state back’! And by ‘fighting’, he means impotently banging away on his keyboard, at least when he’s not at the local constable’s office begging for the government’s permission to exercise a God given right. The only bigger coward and loser in TTAG’s comment section is Walter E. Beverly.

        • It’s been way over a year now since you started pounding that mound of sand, Hail. Even the best comedians know when it’s time to retire an old joke and try to find something new to talk about. You’re losing your edge, and your audience.

  12. It isn’t just conservative Californians that want our state back. We have many here that are socially liberal in their views and are also gun owners. The problem here is the polarization of the country. This is what the powers that be want. They keep us fighting over issues that they care little about(they do NOT want guns in the hands of a normal citizen, though). The keep us squabbling over scraps and they take the cake.

    Many conservatives do not want guns in the hands of all citizens, either. Even the California conservatives actor god, RRR, pushed for anti gun laws when he was governor. Many of these same conservatives are so far right that most Republicans won’t support them.

    • “We have many here that are socially liberal in their views and are also gun owners.”

      I think you just answered my question to Haz.

    • Agreed, though I would add that the polarization is more cleanly dividing lines between one camp and the other. To whit, right to life, self defense, taxation/socialism, individual liberty vs. the Hive, et al. I know of a few conservatives who are not in support of widespread gun ownership, to your point above, but a good 90% of all in my conservative social circle (relatives, neighbors, friends) do.

      It’s never a simple conversation, lol, but we try. 😉

  13. Anyone who claims any sort of restrictions or controls of who can have, or what type of firearm is allowed will somehow prevent crime is flat out lying to themselves and everyone else.
    Murder, robbery, rape, and a variety of other actions have been deemed as unacceptable, immoral, or inexcusable for a very long time. Being illegal has not stopped those who would commit those actions. We as a society have put in place laws against such actions. With what we have decided as a society to be appropriate punishments. However, threat of punishment does not seem to stop those who cannot live within the rules and laws of society. So, I have to ask just how and why do those who demand more laws and restrictions believe more such laws will somehow have any more effect on crime than those already in place?

    • Because its easier to pass a law and hope for the best then solve the root problem.
      America is becoming a country with no morals.

  14. This isn’t an effort to reduce violence. It isn’t some sort of anti-crime bill. It’s a pro-abortion bill. More than that, it’s an anti-conservative bill. They aren’t at war with criminals. They’re at war with their political rivals. That’s what they care about above all else.

    22949.71. This chapter shall become inoperative upon invalidation of Subchapter H (commencing with Section 171.201) of Chapter 171 of the Texas Health and Safety Code in its entirety by a final decision of the United States Supreme Court or Texas Supreme Court, and is repealed on January 1 of the following year.

  15. Libertarians Liberals and the Left are against having more people in prison. That is why they have been demanding the criminals be released early. They’re the ones who have complained that we have “the largest prison population in the western world”.

    They have never been serious about reducing crime. And they have never supported the concept of private property rights. Because they totally support stealing. Unless you are stealing from a rich person. Then they’re okay with a criminal being arrested. But stealing from poor people or stealing from a small mom-and-pop business is okay with them. Or stealing from a business that serves middle and lower-income people. They are okay with stealing from that business as well.


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