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That’s funny, usually when he speaks all I hear is a quacking noise.


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  1. If your wife or girlfriend, or in dacians case an inflated doll, are not 100% on board with your gun hobby they are not right for you.

    Life is too short to marry a b*tch.

    • He’s still looking for a puncture repair kit. Real-Dolls are too expensive for his welfare cheque (but still cheaper than a divorce).

    • Lmao, jwm.
      I got to ” in dacian’s case an inflatable doll ” and spit my coffee all over the table.

  2. I never admit how many I have. Just a couple of rifles and a shotgun. But, however many it is, it is not enough. The only thing that’s stopping me is paying to feed them. Or in the case of my .45-70, finding ammo that isn’t $3 round or substantially more. (Last night I saw someone asking $8 a round. I could get .50 cal for that much!)

    • Loading my own 45-70 costs me a minimum of $0.48 each ($0.25 for 405 gr lead bullet, $0.08 primer, $0.15 for powder). Jacketed bullets drive up the cost to around $0.70 (more or less) depending on which bullet I choose. Time and labor are my own. Cheap enough that taking 20 rounds to the range is about the price of 100 .22LR’s…a fair trade in my book.

      • @Old Guy in Montana

        “Jacketed bullets drive up the cost to around $0.70 (more or less) depending on which bullet I choose.”

        Yes, and the ones with tuxedos drive the cost up even more.

        • Yes Sir. Gotta pay for that level of style…them all-copper tuxes are ‘espensive.

  3. Not a problem if you can honestly answer “I don’t know”.

    Now, if the reply you get to that is “Well, let’s go count them and see if you have anything cool!” you might have a keeper.

    • The meme reminded me how they like to ask how many people you’ve slept with. So I’m thinking about that as I scroll through the comments. With that in mind, your comment made me laugh.

    • Tee shirt says…….Can’t understand a word you’re saying. I’m just gonna’ smile, shake my head, and hope for the best.

      Follow me for more great relationship advice.

      • I’m so good at tuning people out, that sometimes I unconsciously do it. I would just do the smile and hope for the best thing. She caught on and started asking me what she just said.

    • Well, the super cool keeper GF/wifey would say, “Let’s go inventory your guns so I know where to fill in for your Christmas and birthdays.” That would also be termed a Queen Unicorn.

  4. How many firearms do I own?

    Happy to say that I can’t answer that question with any precision.

    • I can, as of yesterday I have 47.

      My numbers are frequently in a state of flux though. I trade, sell, and buy frequently. But since 1995 I’ve not had below 30.

      • .40, 52 that I can remember just sitting here. Might remember a couple more if I looked. 24 handguns, 22 rifles, 1/2 dozen shotguns. The “Geek Powers That Be” have ruled that three of the rifles are non-FUDD, six rifles are circumspect and the remainder are irredeemably FUDD. All handguns are FUDD, except for five that are half plastic. The shotguns were so FUDD the Geeks would not touch them. One of the Geeks actually wretched when he saw my Browning Citori 20 w/Prince of Wales grip. It was amusing

        • Wait fudd pistols? Must be my having to deal with NY laws but what would be a fudd pistol? Single action, black powder, muzzle loader….. doesn’t matter up here the moment you own powder and shot for it it needs to go on the license next to the Glock.

    • I’ve got a kuhnife like that, but I live in a spider trap.
      Groozichkneeanevska, – – ? , ,,,them Russians talk funny.
      I’m half possum, so I can speak just about any human language on earth because I substitute what you said with what I thought I heard and it works.
      that Russians language is a hard one.
      Might take longer then an A-rab in a viking camp, but I’ll get it figured out.

  5. Been married for too many years for this to ever be an issue. And at my age, I doubt I would get married again. As for an answer to how many guns I own, the stock answer is always “More than I absolutely need. And fewer than I really want.”

    • That’s a good comment. I will have to remember it, especially the want part. So many desirable guns so little money.

      On my 80th birthday I actually won a gun that I had been eyeing for a long time and wondering how I could convince (spell check changed convince to “connive” perhaps a better choice) my better half that our battery actually needed another 12 ga.

  6. Ketanji Brown Jackson was confirmed to the SCOTUS, a lifetime appointment. Biden got a dissenting anti-gun voice on the court.

    Anyone want to take bets on what she’s gonna do for the 2A cases that come to the court?

    • FCK- the “SUPREME COURT”
      9 hand picked bullsht robes of power that wouldn’t know a bill of rights if you shoved it up there ass and set fire to it Ain’t Supreme.
      Supreme Court of Regulators is what it aughta be called.
      To uphold the Constitution of the United States of America to the best of my ability. beep bah bah beep beep, brain fry.
      Shall Not Be Infringed,
      – fck the supreme court I’m making my whiskey send the revenuers.

  7. Her stack of shoe boxes is twice the size of my stack of gun boxes, and even though women don’t fight fairly, she knows it’s true and so doesn’t say much. I scored a good price on some ammo couple days ago. She started to give me a look when the packages arrived, but nodded with approval when I told her what the deal was. But then, this morning she told me about some house in town that just came on the market, so there’s that.

  8. Girlfriend asks you “How many guns do you have”? If she is an adult and does not own guns or does not hunt, well you need to dump her before she makes your life a living hell. If she ask’s “Do you think a compact Glock would be good self protection for when I go on my next Bear hunt?” Well, in that case she might be a keeper.
    Just make sure she isn’t a Zombie, You know, the type that is constantly looking at their cell phone, I call them the “New Zombies”. Another key indicator of a New Zombie is a woman who goes out in public in Flip Flops. How lazy could they be?. Put on some frikken shoes, loser.

  9. If one knows how many guns one has, one does not have nearly enough.

    If your wifey knows or suspects how many guns you have, she will divorce you, inflate the number by 3 times, their value by 20 times for the asset statement. Don’t ask me how I acquired this wisdom. I will share her contact info should you ever need an appraiser for an firearm insurance claim.

    Happy old geezer without any clue how many guns he has, without any adult supervision in his life once again.

    Follow me for effective relationship advice.

  10. Seriously though why would anyone listen to anything that guy has to say?

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