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If nobody should own them, then I identify as a nobody.


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  1. Them telling ypu what you need is their way of telling you what they don’t want you to have.

    No one needs a car that can go up to 100 mph but ill bet plenty of anti-gun people have one, and one is a lot more likely to be killed or injured in a car accident than being shot. All those anti-gun people endangering the public by driving their cars, they don’t need one.

  2. Guess I need a history refresher cause I would have sworn the first ten amendments to the US Constitution were called the Bill of RIGHTS! Silly me, next thing ya know they will be trying to send me off to the re-education camps, iffn I were willing to cooperate that is.

  3. “No body needs an AR-15…” He misspoke. He meant, “No body should have to buy an AR-15…” Really good rifles should be available again at reasonable prices every day, every where.

    • Gadsen the Fudd Flag has spoken. Again. Still. Gee, with the 50k rounds or (way) more my few buddies n I (I won’t name them all or repeatedly mention all the guns and knives I keep giving them because that’s even more ridiculous, tedious and suspect than constantly calling ARs garbage) have put thru our various ARs with ZERO malfunctions worth noting I damn near forgot how terrible they are. This was outside too! Thanks, Gad, always refreshing to hear your valued opinion. And yeah, I know, you’ve been everywhere n done everything and have all the t-shirts. We all know.

      • Well Rider, if you know it already, there’s no need for you to waste your time reading my posts.

        • canadian man announces his preferred pronoun is “eh.”
          fudds, florida man, pencil necks and possum belly stew.
          nobody needs to use superlatives.

  4. Hello. My name is Nobody. Yes, Nobody is answering your call. Please, do not bother to leave a message because Nobody will hear it.

      • Ugh. ‘Silvia’.

        The recent movie ‘Nobody’ I found to be entertaining escapism.

        Bob Odenkirk, from ‘Breaking Bad’ is not having a very nice day :

  5. I don’t need an AR-15 or 30-round magazine, I already have ten(?) ARs, five stripped lowers sitting in boxes, and 50 or so 30-round STANAGs and PMAGs (and a 60-round PMAG for fun). And my CMMG RDB bolt and barrel with four more 30-round 9mm mags will be here on Wednesday.

    Oh wait…I don’t think that’s what they mean.

  6. When I still make private transactions of firearms after even owning one, let alone buying one is illegal… My name is Nobody.

  7. Makes me kind of wonder if that case in the 9th about magazine restrictions when anywhere. I guess we’re. Since WA just pasted their own version of it we’ll get another chance, I suppose. :/

    • Duncan v. Becerra

      After being declared unconstitutional three previous times, including by the Ninth itself in 2018, the Ninth’s Chief Justice accepted the case en banc last year, which resulted in a 7-4 decision (completely down party lines) that California’s AB63 is actually constitutional. The entire premise of the original challenge to AB63 was the fact that it criminalized mere possession, and the State demanded surrender of existing property without remuneration. Apparently the Democrat Justices all believed it’s okay for Government to take your property without compensation.

      The case is pending the Plaintiff’s petition for Writ of Certiorari to SCOTUS, filed six weeks ago.

  8. Nobody needs a 400 or more HP vehicle. We could all get by with 37HP VW bugs, or model T Fords. Nobody needs a 1500SQ FT 3 bed, 2 bath home. We could all get by with a thatched roof cottage with 2 rooms. Nobody needs a 40 Ft or longer yacht. They could get by with a 12 Ft row boat.
    Sorry, but it isn’t the Bill of Needs, or the Bill of what’s approved by government.
    The idiots just don’t get it. Whether it be a single shot smooth bore musket, or a fully automatic heavy machine gun, no gun has fired a shot without human intervention.
    Funny thing is, the so called “Weapons of War” the idiots want to ban, that I own, have never been issued to any military. But, several of the antique, or collectable firearms I own, may very well have actually been used in combat. But, since they aren’t 1 of those scary black guns, etc. They are acceptable.
    Strange how my Glock is scary, but was purchased new, while my Colt 1911 was military surplus with the government marking on it, is fine. My AR 15 was purchased new, while my Springfield ’03A3 was an issued military rifle.

  9. That’s a pun that goes back at least to ancient Greece. Odysseus tells Polyphemus the cyclops his name was Nobody. When Odysseus blinds Polyphemus and the cyclops shouts for help, when his friends ask him what’s wrong, he replies “Nobody is killing me.” Because of this, they think he’s fine, and leave him alone.

  10. Rider, I’m sorry. I had to cut my response to you short. I didn’t mean to be rude, but I had an incoming call I had to take. Tresspasser in one of the ponds at the farm. Had to find him and ask him to leave. Anyway, at the risk of repeating myself. Again. (Did you see what I did there?) Calling me a FUDD is not an insult. Not any more than calling me a Cracker is an insult. It’s only an insult if I’m insulted by it. I’m not. In fact, I’m proud to be both. We’ll set aside Cracker for now. FUDD. First, I like guns. All kinds of guns. Always have. Well, at least since I was a child. A special fondness for military weapons. I guess you could say my acquaintance with the AR began then. I got a Matel Marauder M-16 for Christmas one year. The I got my first real one in 1979. It didn’t work as well as the Matel one. I have continued to be issued and/or own ARs since. Yes, I own an AR today. It’s still not the best rifle I own. Oh, every malfunction with a weapon you intend to bet your life on is “worth noting.” Understand me Rider, I like guns. All kinds of guns. I almost have to. I carried them professionally almost all of my adult life and used them recreationally longer. Still do. BTW I consider recreational and defensive carry the same thing. My gifts to my friends. Why would you even bring that up? Or doubt it? Some time ago I posted my PX here and invited anyone to call me (still waiting dacian) only one person did. We became friends. He posts here regularly, but will remain unnamed. One day he found a new Randall knife on his doorstep one day. So, Fuck you!, on that one. As far as this forum goes. I thought that these sites were to share knowledge, experience and opinion. No one always hears what they like to hear. Especially, when it’s about a weapon they like. But, it happens. And old farts like me, that have decades of experience we didn’t really want, can be opinionated. And assholes. I don’t apologize for it. I earned it. Finally, I offer you a wager. I will meet you at the range of your choice (within the United States and east of the Rockies. Some notable locations excluded) I will bring my FUDD Galil ARM, an unopened can (1000 rds., seal intact) of IMI 55 gr. ball ammunition. Twenty spare 35 rd magazines to be used at random. You will bring the AR of your choice. (It really should be one you already own. Not a ringer. Let your conscious guide you.) 1000 rds of ammunition and one or a hundred mags. I don’t care we will each have $1000 cash. (I prefer new S100 bills) and a bottle of bouborn of the other’s choice. We will begin with clean rifles. No one is allowed to clean or lube their rifle for duration. The first rifle to malfunction, for any reason, is forfeited, as well as the $1000 and the bouborn. If your AR finishes the 1000 rds without malfunction/cleaning/lube I will but you a steak dinner and give you your bouborn anyway. I think that’s fair. Disclaimer: this is a sucker bet for me. I have been through a 1000+ with this rifle many times without cleaning, breakage or malfunction. Even those not worth mentioning. Made this offer to many AR enthusiasts over the last three +/- decades. None have ever accepted. What about you Rider? I’ve thrown down the gauntlet. Pick it up. Please.

    • Gadsen, I myself have prob given near a dozen quality (and middling) knives to good friends and a couple of rifles and one very nice shotgun over the years along with many other goodies. The difference is I don’t take pains to put that out there every third comment. You say you own an AR and won’t (or haven’t yet) even shoot it? Are you concerned it will be unreliable like one of the first/early runs issued 80 fucking years ago or something? C’mon. I’ve owned an older Colt A2 HBar for over two decades and after who knows how many thousands of rounds I doubt it’s failed to feed/eject more than 4 or 5 times (it runs just fine all dirtied up) which likely wasn’t the rifles fault. For the record my favourite is my M1A and then maybe my XCR over the HBar, much as I like it, so I ain’t no fan boy. Three friends with another Colt, a Daniel Defense and even a bloody Norinco can say about the same. And yes I know possum has contacted you. Good for him, I like possum, who doesn’t? I’m sure you’re one of the ‘good guys’ Gadsen and with lots of experience (I ain’t no spring chicken either, ya know) but you just have this manner about you, or rather in your writing, that rubs the wrong way. If it wasn’t for the constant, tedious and frankly ridiculous AR bashing I would never say anything. Stupid words, stupid prizes I guess. And I’m sure a Galil runs great, why the hell wouldn’t it? Sorta like a properly turned out AR, or another all time favorite, my many(ish) 1911s. I’m prob about as ‘fudd’ as you are in that same particular way, but I don’t paste it on my forehead like it’s some gospel truth backed by supposedly (according to your oft stated breadth of experience) knowing more than others. Millions of others at this point. Do it enough and some asshole like me is gonna say “really, dude?”. I don’t “pick up gauntlets” cause I got nuthin to prove, it’s YOU who are repeatedly making pedantic and unfactual claims. Pick up your own gloves, put em on yer hands and put yer new AR thru the wringer/gauntlet. Then write an article on it for ttag. I’ll certainly read it because I want to read what you write, as long as it’s insightful and especially if/as it relates to your previous experiences and current conceptions. I’m sure it would be interesting. In real life I suspect we would prob like each other (because anything by Jimmy Lile rocks) but then this ain’t exactly real life.

      • Jimmy Lyle is real life. I recently lost an opportunity at one. My friend Randy, has two Jimmy Lyle knives. From way back when Jimmy Lyle used an electric pencil to scribe his name. You remember Randy. He’s my friend that gave me a Winchester Stainless Model 70 in .375 H&H Magnum for Christmas. He had it cut back to 22″ and concave crowned. XS ghost ring sights installed. He knows I like short, handy rifles. I may never go to Africa, but the dream is in my safe. My friends and I enjoy giving each other these kind of gifts. I’m sorry you don’t have any you care about that much.

        • Gadsen, it’s spelled Lile. A collector such as yourself should know that. And you read poorly, I’m fortunate enough to have lifelong friends that I consider family. In fact more than family. And they feel the same.

      • Rider, I know how Jimmy spelled his name. These smartphones are sometimes just a little too smart. But, Rider, I’m still waiting for your call. I know i posted my PX for everyone and God to see. At least twice. Do I need to buy you a few minutes on your phone so we can talk?

  11. Mattel Marauder? I remember those, we had a brace of them. Wore out the rattle mechanisms, repaired, and wore them out again. Then, graduated to a M19-A Annihilator, which is a freon powered BB hose made by Larc International. That’s R12 freon, long since outlawed for consumer purchase. We painted the cans flat black to boost the pressure a bit, and make them go longer before freezing up. Still have it with original box, don’t know why I kept it but probably worth something today. Poured a 5 gallon bucket of BBs through that thing over a couple summers, and the parts counter guy thought we had an awful big leak, kept trying to sell me AC system parts.

    Gadsden, as for your bet, it would be entertaining to see Rider take you up on it, or at least discuss it over a couple snifters of that bourbon.

  12. Hawkeye, (a nod to F. Cooper) I won’t hear from him. The blowhards never do reply. I’ll tell Rider what. I’ll pay his transportation to Tallahassee, put him up in the Comfort Inn next door to Talon I will speak to J.D. to secure a rifle range for the day. He’d probably be interested to see the outcome also.

    • Especially the part where we open Rider’s bourbon at the end of the day over ribeyes. I’m a good sport though. Rider is invited to stay and receive words of wisdom from those that know.

      • Ha! You entirely miss the point Gadsen, it’s not I who is being a blowhard, it’s you with the AR nonsense. I’m sure you’ll see my wordy reply above (got that wrong too, did you?) and I would like to take you up on your (generous) offer but I’d much sooner ride down there as I’ve always wanted to ride through Kentucky, Tennessee and the Appalachians so why not duck down into Florida? I can use your AR if you’re willing (but like you I would prob prefer the Galil) or whatever. And as much as I like (quality) bourbon I would insist a very fine Single Malt, Speyside (not that Islay crap) be included in the deal. One bottle is never enough. Two more things for the record Gadsen; 1) J. F. Cooper ranks right up there with J. Lile and 2) I’m about as far from a “blowhard” as one can get. I can be loudly argumentative, in a good way, but I don’t put up with any crap (like cheap whiskey or… blowhards) cause I’m half Irish and half German (so I’m also always sure I’m always right). My friends tell me this explains much but is still no excuse.

        • Scotts/Irish myself. Settled in North Carolina pre War for Independence. The Cold Mountain area. Block’s Cove were us. Migrated South after. And it’s you that missed the point of my original comment. It was not to the degrade the AR. It was to point out that it is a shame that it is the only readily available, affordable military style rifle available to the general public is an AR. If you don’t believe there are superior rifles out there; I can only conclude you are naive. But, call me. We’ll talk about it. BTW. I’m not the least bit concerned about settling that wager. Would you like to make it 2000 rds? No lube/cleaning. First failure to fire looses. 850-694-9405. At your disposal.

        • What? Did I read that right? You want to use my AR in a wager against me? Or my Galil? I’m confused. You bring your AR. I bring my Galil. I’ll bring what ever you like to drink. I don’t care how much it costs. I’ll be the one drinking it. As well as what I select. You can watch. I’ll take it easy on you. Buffalo Trace will be fine.

      • Again, you read poorly Gadsen. I made a point of deliberately stating I’m no AR fan boy, I just appreciate it for its design, modularity and yes, it’s reliability. Not a big fan of the .556 itself but you sure can pack a shitpile of em around. And no, I didn’t miss your ‘point’; as you’ve done often times before you intentionally meant to disparage or denigrate (pick one, just don’t pick “degrade”) the rifle. That’s the bullshit I’m calling you out on, not wether the AR is ultimately ‘superior’ to a Galil, HK, FN or whatever. Given enough rounds (of ammo 😁) I would place my Usquebaugh on the Galil. That your words can be read either way is a thing of hindsight, convenience or a lack of writing skills. Not an insult Gadsen, just a fact. I’ve noted your number, thank you, and I would be up for the challenge more for fun, interest and companionship than winning or losing so if I feel like taking yet another epic journey south then you can count on hearing from me but I’m gonna need a rifle buddy, doubt I’ll get far with a muzzle sticking up from my backrest, not in this brave new world. And speaking of gauntlets and challenges; how about that ttag article I suggested you write? That’s much closer to home and you would be putting yer money where yer mouth is, so to speak. I’m sure possum would be happy to load mags and provide insightful commentary on the gunms as well as the selection of roadkill along the way.

  13. Damn, Rider! I didn’t expect to hear from you. I began to respond, but it was getting long. Even for me. Give me a call. 850-694-9405. Well talk about it.

    • Wow. You just excel in being not only wrong but in being both arrogantly and annoyingly wrong. Thanks for further proving my point. Gadsen, my slightly more pleasant and even more long winded reply just above here is “currently awaiting moderation”. Because Freedom. And Liberty. You’ll have to check back if your interested.

  14. Nobody needs an AR15 and a 30 round magazine, nobody needs a whinny ass bitch yet here your are!

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