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I mean, if those are the only two options…


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  1. Big foot likes the thick cover so the range is likely to be short. Give me a lever gun in .45-70.

    I’ll practice on possums until I find a Bigfoot.

      • jwm is a real asshole, but no better then he can shoot possums ain’t got much to worry about. What we’re all wondering tho, is he gonna run out of bullets or money first?

        • speaking of possum… one of our dogs nailed one last night. Played with the corpse for about 20 minutes before she came up to the door with her ‘gift’ for us and let me dispose of it. That’s one possum, two squirrels, a raccoon, a rabbit, and a mole this week. If we let her out of the yard she would probably drag a deer home.

        • .40cal booger
          What kinda dog,its takes a pretty cagey dog to catch a mole.
          We had a dachshund mix that could get them.

        • We used to have a cat that caught moles and snakes. He would bring them into the house as a gift to the Mrs. which didn’t really bother her too much until he came in with a dead bay rattler.

  2. I literally was having this exact thought last night. I have several good .308 rifles but a really hot 45-70 would do the trick on sasquatch if necessary. A new marlin 1895 sbl is in my very near future.

  3. Call me far more worried about zombies; word is they are spreading in the cities and now lots of them are infected with CoviMonkey, not just that, but they have a habit of starting fires and breaking into businesses to grab shiny objects that they trade among themselves. I am expecting a huge flare-up of them during the hotter months.

    • Not sure what the deal with monkeypox is, but the word going around is that it’s primarily spread the way HIV is or used to be (man-on-man “action”).

    • They scatter at sight of a job application that isn’t for Soros inc. an AR and a standard capacity mag should work too.

      • Well, this guy was using an AR 15 with a standard capacity magazine, it didn’t help him…

        “From Staff Reports
        Apr 7, 2022
        WEST UNION, W.Va. (WV News) — One man is dead after exchanging gunfire with police at his Doddridge County home on a road near Chipps Run.

        The Doddridge County Sheriff’s Department responded to a “shots fired” incident around 7:15 a.m. Thursday, authorities said.

        Upon arriving on scene, police say they were fired on multiple times. The man was believed to be using both a 9 mm handgun and an AR-15-style assault rifle.

        Police returned fire, with the suspect then exiting the home and firing on the officers. In the exchange, the man suffered mortal wounds, police said.

        Police also found a woman seriously injured from gunfire inside the home. Authorities said she was transported to Ruby Memorial Hospital by helicopter, where she is said to be in stable condition.“

  4. Did an article get pulled due to comments?

    Anyway, I’ll say it. 45.70 and if you don’t have, it’s Creedmoor Time!

  5. Something without a front sight. It’ll hurt less when Sasquatch stuffs the rifle up yer ass.

  6. Definitely a 45-70. 308 are great for battle rifles and ranges but a 45-70 is light and easy to point and hits hard in the brush.

    • I don’t know bro, 405 grain Core Lokt’s have always done great for me. Here lately I’ve switched to the 325 grain Hornady rounds because my Marlin LOVES them. Like, 5 round 2 inch groups at 150 yards loves them. And it turns out, they’ll shoot into an engine block on a car, just in case you were curious. God that was a fun day. As my dearest friend said so eloquently to mark the occasion “What are ya’ll doing today? Redneck shit.”

      • 2″ at 150 is certainly respectable with a round that looks like a hot water tank. If there’s something that has vitals smaller than that it will be a blown apart anyway.

  7. Hey, I live in the northwest and there are actually morons that believe Sasquatch exists. How stupid could you be. Usually, the types who confess they saw a Sasquatch are the same ones out in the woods taking magic mushrooms and dope smokers. You know, the type that also believe that magic crystals are the key to better health! So,I spend a lot more time in the woods than most. There would have been a game camera photo or a hunter shot one, or a semi truck hit one by now. How stupid are people. Well I digress, Biden is president, so that answer that. Where I live we have bears, I have already seen a black bear and her cub this spring. Looking forward to bear season in August. My choice is a 45-70.

    • The legend of the sasquatch has its origin in the native tribal folklore of the Pacific northwest. The original ‘squatch was essentially a hermit. Large-bodied, unkempt, reclusive, speaking only in grunts, but completely human. Only much later did the “ape-man” and “big feet” parts start to be added.

      • Well, there is a type of Sasquatch that does exist, but it lives on the streets of Seattle, I drive to Seattle about 2 to 3 times a week for work and I see the downtown Sasquatch’s all the time. They are usually holding a sign wanting money. Filthy and stink and look like an adaptation of a human, however do not have any motivation to get a job. So, I digress, they actually exist. I hope they starve to death!

      • Late reply but I’ll tell you what; if your spouse is actually an anthropologist and knows her/his stuff, then he/she should actually be on board if she/he truly (and honestly) looked into the whole deal. And I mean from a scientific and hominid/hominin history standpoint; an anthropological standpoint. My interest stems from these two areas. Suggest this to him/her if they/it have the time, but it ain’t gonna become a thing of compelling interest over a weekend. Lotsa weeds in the lake, lotsa fish too though. The Patterson footage; Bill Munns, Greenwave2010, Professor Jeffrey Meldrum, Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization (RMSO), Bob Gimlin (both the current u-toob channel and, separately, Patterson’s partner from 1967), the collection of accounts by now deceased Barbara/Bunny ?? (can’t recall), etc, etc. Way, way more to it than most people are willing to think. Trust me, I’m a super owner… 👀.

    • A slingshot is all I’d need for hunting Sasquatch. Maybe come home with a rabbit or something–would be nothing else to shoot. Now, for the other four- and two-legged varmints that may be out in the woods, a lever gun in 45-70 would be the ticket. Or maybe an AR in the 45-70’s little brother, 450 BM.

      There were stories about Lake Erie Larry, making the rounds when I was a kid, a Nessie sort of critter that was reported to be hanging around in Lake Erie. The believers were mostly blue collar steel and auto workers who tended to lubricate their fishing trips with excessive amounts of beer. We spent countless hours on that lake, both soft water and hard, hauling in perch, walleye, and smallmouth, and have lots of good stories, but not about that. Dad always opined that the only time anybody ever saw Larry was while looking through the bottom of a bottle of Ripple.

    • Always refreshing to hear someone hold forth so strongly on a topic they quite obviously know absolutely nothing about. First time or is that just how you roll?

  8. Totally coincidental. So I’m currently reading a Capstick book, “Death in the Dark Continent,” and just hit this sentence, pertinent to our hypothetical caption here. “The choice of gun and load a professional hunter elects is not a trivial one, as the wrong guess can turn you in amazingly short order into something that would clog a drain disposal.” (Capstick, 1983. Page 163)

    • First one than the other I would imagine. That said it keeps Shumer away from my region and the windigo up in Canada so there are worse neighbors.

    • With a predator I’m not sure one isn’t equal to another. Or at least one can’t be far from another if it runs faster than you can get on target.

    • … kinda “depends” – you’ll need those if you meet up face to face with a ‘squatch. Maybe in the XXL capacity size like Brandon wears.

  9. I heard tales of the “Tall Man” and the “Hairy Man” from the native tribes growing up in Wisc. So the stories of a big hairy man of the woods is not just from the PNW.
    Guess I would choose the 45-70 lever gun backed up with my S&W 500.
    While it might be a case like Mongo from Blazing Saddles, “Oh, Don’t shoot him. You’ll only piss him off.” At least he’ll know I was there.
    As for Sasquatch, all I can say is I have run into sounds and smells, and glimpses of something in the north woods and in the mountains in Wyoming and Montana I can’t explain. But, I do not claim it was bigfoot or any other monster. Just things I can’t explain.

  10. saw a pre teen ‘yote on a wilmette sidewalk this afternoon.
    close to defenseless.
    no way i’m shootin’ a samskwatch.

  11. I’m going to buck the trend and say .308. Samskwatch (as Bubbles would say) walks upright and therefor deep penetration isn’t a priority. I do love me some lever action (don’t tell Miss Stein) though. If I’m in Bigfoot territory I’d feel pretty comfortable with my Marlin 336BL and some 150gr. bullets. As a compromise.

      • Slow heavy slugs penetrate deeper than faster lighter ones. Of course bullet construction makes a big difference as well. But the guides in Alaska don’t carry .308s in case they run into an angry brown bear, some of them carry .45-70s though.


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