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Guilty as charged 😳


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  1. In MA, new Glocks are banned for sale by dealer to citizen because they’re too dangerous. Only cops, retired cops, military and retired military can have them. However you can buy them from private sellers at about a $200-350 markup. Dealers sometimes have vintage gen 2 Glocks they would sell for $800. More often than not, when a customer asks for a Glock, the dealer directs their attention to how awesome the S&W M n’ Pee is with the special MA safe 30 pound trigger. Cringe.

  2. Salesman: “No no they just be’n silly. This is actually what you need in that there purse is a Colt 45.”
    90 pound Grandma: *nodding head not knowing she’s about to grab a boat anchor.

  3. My opinions may be unsolicited but are NEVER irrelevant. And I’ve heard so much bullshit salesmanship at gun counters that it’s hard not to weigh in at times.

    • Yeah I’m guilty. But I’ve been thanked by folk’s being mislead(duped?!?) Haven’t been banned from a Gunshop…yet🙄

  4. I don’t give unsolicited opinions in gun stores.

    But I do occasionally offer minor unsolicited disassembly/reassembly/inspection services for used items without asking permission.

    Don’t like it? Fine, I won’t buy it and you can reassemble it. Weird how that has a lot of “gun guys” shitting their pants. Almost like they have no business working in a gun store.

    • I can’t bear not to correct blatant misinformation, which is a chronic problem in PA gun shops. Gun shop employees are the 2nd worst people for information about guns and gun laws here. Only cops are worse. Hunters are right behind gun shop employees.

      There are exceptions. 911 Rapid Response in Annville is pretty good, as is 717 Armory in Harrisburg.

      • Targetmaster was pretty good for the south of Philly region but yeah glad to see home hasn’t changed in the last decade. Wonder if Delaware and Maryland are still that way as well.

      • Oh come now, Crimson. Of course the best CCW gun for a 95lb old lady with arthritis is a Mossberg Shockwave and 1oz slugs.

        Gun shop folk would never give the ol’ lady a tall tale on something so important!

  5. Guilty. Like the time in Cabela’s when the kiddie clerk told the customer that the 147 grain 9mm had more powder and power than the 115 grain…

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