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So true 🤦‍♂️


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  1. Say, that Autumn of Autumns Armory (u tube) is something to see.
    Don’t know who her parents are but they’ve got it going on.
    I’m a pistol barrel?
    I’d rather be a shotgunm barrel with a squab in front of me.

  2. I’ve seen a couple of squib loads when I was running a range. It usually ended with the shooter looking at his/her handgun curiously and me yelling, “Keep the muzzle down range and don’t do anything else except surrender your weapon to me.” Nothing bad ever happened.

    • Are we confusing a squib with a hang fire? I dont tend to look down the barrel of my gun when I’m cleaning it but Im not sure why “looking” down the barrel of a squid is any more inherently dangerous than looking down the barrel any other time.

      • is it possible for a squib to fully cycle the slide and chamber another round? that would be a good reason not to look.
        my pals daughter inspected a paintball gun that misfired, caught it full on orbital. no permanent damage, thought retina for sure.

        • Oh, thats very possible. The bullet is fired, so the laws of physics is in play. You absolutely want your finger off that trigger, you pull it now and your in for a world of hurt as you have a very good chance of turning your firearm into a hand grenade. You need to disassemble the firearm and get your squip rod and hammer out, no doubt.

      • it was past tense, i know that’s tricky and all time machiney.
        it would probably be the safest range to utilize.

        • Half the mouthy RSOs I’ve encountered were hyper-vigilant to the point hey were the most dangerous person on the line.

      • One of my State’s Senators is Dianne Feinstein, one of the vanguards of gun control. Oiy.

        By the looks of her nowadays, she appears to be almost ready for a dirt nap.

    • Yeah there’s a few Rinos that could turncoat soon. The gun grabbers might be able to get to 60 votes this time. This one has got me pretty concerned.

      They claim they have 12 republicans in secret who say they are to “compromise” on gun control.

      If that happens it’ll be a real shitshow. Not only will the democrats take this opportunity to ram through some ridiculous level of gun control but the GOP will then fracture and the democrats will in fact grow during the midterms, and then they’ll have their “assault weapons ban” return.

      • Prevent the shitshow as best you can. Mobilize whoever you can. Republicans MUST know that a cave is a grave.

      • “They claim they have 12 republicans in secret who say they are to “compromise” on gun control”.

        Making those statements is a pretty desperate political tactic to try and suppress GOP Voter Turnout. I expect the Dems to go all in on that “Federal Firearms Owner License Act” or something else so nuts that draws hectic backlash to their potentialgun-grab.

        Economy is in the s****er. Biden has Sewage Bucket Poll Numbers with 95% Media Support. People are already tired of the War in Ukraine. Inflation and Cost Of Living are Skyrocketing.

        If the GOP loses 2022, then the Country needs to break up because an “Assault Weapon Ban” will pale in comparison to the Democrat Party’s COURT PACKING Agenda.

        • That’s why we have to keep the R’s in line BEFORE such chicanery is attempted.

          I contacted my senators, and also donated to SAF and GOA today. (Maybe speaking of the latter is a bit inappropriate oversharing in some ways, but if it gives some chance of motivating others I’ll say it.)

        • “…then the Country needs to break up because…”

          “Will have a civil war” is a lot less to type out.

          I’m honestly not sure where this outright delusion of an “amicable divorce” comes from. You guys know that in a lot of ways an attempt at such is what started the first Civil War, right?

          “Territorial integrity” is a tenet of law cherished by all levels of government. They’re not going to give it up just to keep thinks peaceful. They’re more than willing to, and if it comes to it, will send you and yours to die over it.

          We talk this out politically or we fight it out. There’s no third option here. And even if there was, the Lefties will never let you realize it.

        • There will not be amicable split. Civil war in the US at this point is inevitable. Not only due to guns, due just about everything. As to who will “win” is always up for grabs. Anyone left or right who thinks they know that answer is wrong. A lot of people, including the US intelligence community thought Russia would steam roll Ukraine and have Kiev in 72 hours. Most people in Europe thought the war to end all wars would be over by Christmas.

          My opinion is it promises to be a very long and bloody affair, and any side achieving victory will likely deal with decades of insurgency and terrorism. There will likely be genocide. Possibly even use of NBC weapons. The United States as a cohesive powerhouse will be over with.

          I would prefer this not occur. But the forces of history driving this train wreck aren’t going to stop.

  3. I don’t get it. I quit watching cartoons when I was like 13, and I don’t let my kids watch this new age, brainwashing crap. And no, I’m not some old fudd, I’m in my mid thirties.

    • Watch Black Lagoon and Gunslinger Girl anime. Lots of gun pr0n there.

      Also GATE Thus the JSDF fought there is a good watch. A modern military faces off against a fantasy dimension army. The trope plays straight. Dragons are useless against SPAAGs. Military and gun pr0n of JSDF hardware.

      • “Lots of gun pr0n there“

        There’s your problem, fetishizing the worship of guns.

        Don’t be surprised when folks with squishy heads get the wrong idea and fixate on guns as the answer to their persecution complex.

        One should not be able to buy an AR15 to get their ‘Man Card’(TM), they should earn respect by facing adversity.

        • Here’s your problem whiner, fetishizing the worship of tyranny. Lil’d, all hail, and your trollfarm buddies all suffer from the same delusion.

          Besides, if anyone here wants to hear from a steaming pile of excrement, they can just fart.

    • “I don’t get it.”

      The idea is that you’re seeing a person’s face from the pistol’s point of view when a newbie gun owner gets a squib and then looks down the barrel.

    • A bullet that fails to fully exit the barrel, usually due to insufficient powder or mismatched caliber.

      • My only experience of a squib was using reloads that another person loaded. Case was empty of powder. Just a primer and the bullet. Primer had enough umpa to push the .357 bullet into the barrel. Sound and felt totally wrong.

        • I had an almost-squib once with some Tula brass 9mm. The bullet barely exited and fell on the ground. The inside of my slide was covered in green crap which I guess was supposed to be powder. iirc I got a stovepipe jam. I’ve shunned that stuff ever since, but I haven’t had anything weird like that with the Tula steel.

        • I had a couple near squibs long time ago. I purchased a pile of 12 ga reloading gear & components from the widow of an old trap shooter. Included was a couple boxes of reloaded paper hulled shotshells. I figured I’d use them up wingshooting starlings that homed in on the mulberry tree behind the barn. “Thoonk” and I watched the shot cloud land in the grass about 25 yards out. A bit unnerving. After the second one, I dismantled the rest of them.

  4. so, “i’m” hoping he touches off another round that will cause me to explode?
    do loaded cigars look forward to their fate as well?

  5. Democrats are always saying they have enough votes, but can never quite get their tyranny over the finish line. Mostly I think because they keep inspiring us to write and call our Congresscritters.


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