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If you don’t explain why you’re asking, it didn’t happen. (gentle relationship advice, that)


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    • I’ve vacuumed up powder spills in the past. Had no problems. But the vacuum cleaner in question does not pass the in-flowing air over the motor before going to the bag. The air goes to the bag first.

      And it is a vacuum cleaner I don’t particularly care about.

      • So would need a bag failure before ignition.
        In the video they needed a cigarette.

        • So I go looking and a few guys deliberately tried vacuuming gas and nothing.
          I guess the better designs avoid passing the air near the brushes? Or it’s too lean ?
          Then this Lady blew a commercial rig.

      • Shop vacs generally have a motor filter in addition to the bag, so are safe(r) for use on hazardous media.

        • Except solvents and fine powder will pass through any last chance commutator filter. About 50 years ago I saw the commutator area of a vintage Electrolux household vac all packed with dust after the bag broke. But now I want to look at a shop vac.
          Better, I want a new you tube of vacuum cleaner vs solvent experiment! Naphta, stArter fluid, all of it!
          I remember we had an explosion proof vacuum cleaner in our fuel lab back in the day. It used compressed air and was very weak despite using enormous amounts of air.

  1. I keep telling Mrs. Haz to obey the ‘No Gurlz Allowd’ sign outside my treehouse, but she keeps telling me that’s to keep the other gurlz away. So she keeps coming in and moving things around…

    • My wife is quite handy. Designs,paints,refurbishes and decorates a huge volume of furniture to sell. I doubt she’ll ever reload! Me either…

    • Your comment brought to mind the opening of the Little Rascals 1994 movie (4+ minute length):

    • I have a floormat outside my pleasure room.
      Frog holding a double barrel that says “Hippity Hoppity Get Off My Property.”

  2. That happened to the vacuum I supercharged using the instructions I got from Tim (The Tool Man) Taylor.

    It was fun while it lasted.

  3. I was told a tale of a man who spilled Naphta in the garage and discovered that vacuums blow mist right across the sparking brushes and demonstrated a fuel air weapon.
    I suspect that if those Norwegians tried that with their setup they would have died.

  4. One of Bidens at-gun picks seems to be heading to SCOTUS > Ketanji Brown Jackson is about to be confirmed >

    “She is all but guaranteed to win confirmation, with 53 senators having indicated their support in a procedural vote this week. The total included all 50 Democratic-voting senators, along with Republicans Susan Collins of Maine, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Mitt Romney of Utah.”

        • menh. it saves us the trouble of resorting to the vp tie breaker. the last few (doubt filled) senate races standout here.

  5. I’ve heard of primers destroying vacuums. Never had it happen. Primers these days are too rapacious to lose, and lifetime looking for springs and detentes in carpet has prepared me for the task.

    I also once stopped us vacuuming one corner of the living room for several years after a .22 LR round went missing down in the couch and could never be located. When we got rid of that couch I cut the fabric off the bottom looking for it and still couldn’t find it.

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