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But just think about how much safer Sacramento would have been if that prohibited person felon was even more not legally able to possess any firearm, let alone his apparent unregistered machine gun. The literal dozens of state and federal firearm laws that he broke didn’t stop him from commiting murder (which I have on good authority is also illegal, incidentally), but probably the next one will.


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  1. It will be such a relief when the gop take back the house and senate in November. As bad as they are they look like saints compared to the dims. Then we just have two more years for Trumps second term to begin.

    I don’t know if he can uncluster the fuck that biden has created. But he can get the cure started.

    • I’m with you on a Trump Presidency (let the hating begin) but I have no misgivings about the ability of the GOP to completely screw things up.

    • Republicans aren’t called the stupid party for nothing. They regularly snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

      • Any political party wants control. None of them want freedom for the masses. The reps have much in common with the dems here. Neither party is your perfect fit.
        Social Security, medicare, public schools for all, food stamps for minimum wage employees’ families, the list goes on and on. Unless you are willing to see people starve, you are not a true republican.
        I like to consider myself a JFK Democrat – bullish on The USA, lead the world and use American workers to do it. I also like his stance on firearms.
        We must remember Nixon and Reagan’s ideas about firearms for all the citizens of this country.

      • The GOP aren’t stupid, they’re cowards. Most of them are old A.F. and they’ve let themselves be propagandized into thinking that being a racist is the worst thing in the world. Most of them really do think being a racist is a bad thing, but they’re so afraid of being called racists that they just retreat if some leftoid FREAK starts screeching. Which is why the leftoid leads with that to shut-down any discussion so none of their insane non-sense can be challenged.

        This is exactly why the entire left side of politics is absolutely TERRIFIED of Donald Trump. You’ve got a man that’s never been legitimately accused of any sort of racism in his very public life… right up to the point where he decided to run against one of the most corrupt neo-liberal oligarchs this nation has yet to produce. And to the man’s credit he didn’t shrivel up like your normal member of the GOP. The mad-man actually turned around and gave them the proverbial finger and kept right on pushing his policy decisions. And perhaps even more importantly Trump has turned around and inspired a new generation of young GOP politics that are willing to stand and fight back when the leftoids start to try and scream racist when they’re challenged. That, more than anything else, is why Trump is probably the best president we’ve had in a generation. At best Trump is only a 6.5 outta 10 POTUS, maybe 7/10 when it comes to some foreign policy work. But he shook up the entire establishment. And that’s something this nation REALLY needed.

        • Dog of War,

          “The GOP aren’t stupid, they’re cowards.”

          Embrace the healing power of “and”. “The GOP are stupid cowards.” See how easy that was??

        • Trump is a terrible president and suffers from a number of psychological issues, but you’re not wrong that he shook things up when he stood his ground.

      • “Republicans aren’t called the stupid party for nothing. They regularly snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.”

        I dunno, but when they do score, they score *Big*.

        Example, Trump in 2016, leading to 3 conservative SCotUS seats being filled.

        That alone was massive. The Leftist Scum literally could have run anyone else but the HildaBeast and they would have won. We screwed them royally on that one for gun rights alone. Had they won, modern sporting rifles and large-capacity magazines would be in grave danger. The right to carry outside the home would be in a precarious place.

        Don’t underestimate how badly they screwed themselves with that one thing… 😉

    • Loved Trumps policies (most of them anyway) best President we have had in at least half a century, that said I don’t want him to run again. He would start out as a lame duck since he can’t have a 3rd term and we need someone that can push through all the stuff we want and that might take more than just 4 years. So far I like DeSantis, but that could change.

      • I liked Trump too, but he wasted half of every day in Twitter pissing matches with that stooge puke Acosta. He should have spent that time with DOJ management demanding results from the investigators of Obama, Hillary, Biden, Vote Fraud, Ballot Harvesting, BATFE and other problems.

        • “demanding results from the investigators of Obama, Hillary, Biden, Vote Fraud, Ballot Harvesting“

          You guys are always good for a laugh!

        • MinorIQ,

          “You guys are always good for a laugh!” Too bad you’re not, except a laugh of mockery. What’s the latest from the Durham investigation?? Hillary’s lying felon of a lawyer about to go down?? Take your partisan s*** and pack it back where it came from, while you’re pounding salt. Your pathetic attempts at condescension (to people who are FAR smarter than you) are noted . . . and ignored. You are too stupid to insult. Go rejoin your circle jerk.

      • He has had his fifteen minutes. And he accomplished quite s lot even with the Dems attempting to undermine him at every turn. But the stuff out of his mouth as of late have soured a lot of people, and I don’t know that he can even get the nomination.

        • “…and I don’t know that he can even get the nomination.”

          If he runs, he gets the nomination. His base is that rabid. As for winning, I agree, probably not…

        • “His base is that rabid“

          With this I agree, Perfectly appropriate term to describe most of his cult members.

        • MinorIQ,

          You would know about being rabid, wouldn’t you, being the rabid Leftist/fascist partisan @$$hole that you are. Tell us again how “competent” Senile Joe is, and how Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution CLEARLY authorizes universal gun control. I need a laugh.

      • He could do more good as Speaker. And not just because Pelosi having to give up the Speaker’s chair to him would be perfect poetic comeuppance.

        • Oh yeah, big surprise! Seriously, ‘man, nobody wants a greasy, limp dicked land whale like you at their orgy, 🤡.

        • nameless, brainless, d***less troll,

          ” . . . nobody wants a greasy, limp dicked whale . . . at their orgy . . .” Which is why you’ve never been invited to one (except your daily circle jerk with dacian the stupid and MinorIQ), and never will be. You will die without knowing the touch of a woman, and I find that to be poetic justice. Enjoy that circle jerk, useless one.

      • The trick will be to get DeSantis on the ticket. That would win against whoever the Leftist Scum runs.

        People are sick and tired of the hard-left politics they push…

      • One of the main problems is a sitting Republican member of the House of Representatives has finally told the truth about the drug-fueled orgies and sexual perversions (his words) the Republican congressional delegations routinely stage in DC.

        Scratch a republican, find a pervert.

        I understand, sometimes accepting your truth can be painful, but you may find it leads to more self-awareness about your own particular proclivities…

        • Just to be clear, you’re against teaching children the GayBC’s, as well as other sexual/gender indoctrination nonsense, correct?

          Which matters more, how adults spend their free time with other consenting adults or what we teach our children?

        • “teaching children the GayBC’s”

          Are you suggesting this book is a textbook?

          And what school/class is using this book in the classroom.

          Just to be clear, are you suggesting this book, and others like it, should be censored and unavailable for public purchase?

          Have I somehow missed the exemption in the first amendment for books that make people feel uncomfortable?

        • “Just to be clear, are you suggesting this book, and others like it, should be censored and unavailable for public purchase?”

          Dream on. Censorship is your thing. I’m talking about children. There are some things that young minds shouldn’t be exposed to. I realize that’s a foreign concept for you.

          Do you think textbooks are the only books used in school? Did you not attend school? This book, and others like it, HAVE been used in schools. Did you miss the part above where I talked about teaching children, or are you just a disingenuous slimeball? This book, and others like it, have no place in schools, not even in the library. If you choose to abuse your own children by feeding them alternative, adult sexual concepts, as they’re learning their ABC’s, then have at it Pedo Groomer, but don’t try to corrupt every other child as well. Do you even have children?

        • MinorIQ,

          “Have I somehow missed the exemption in the first amendment for books that make people feel uncomfortable?”

          No, you idiot, but you clearly missed the part of “being a government employee” that requires you to teach what the taxpayers – who are paying the salaries, benefits, and ridiculously inflated pensions of these entitled idiots who claim that being teachers gives them some exalted status. I don’t think ANY book should be banned – not even your beloved “Das Kapital”. Equally, I don’t believe any child should be required to read books to which their parents object. Since you’ve never known the touch of a woman, I know you are childless, so you wouldn’t understand, but I have the right to control what indoctrination teachers get to attempt with my children. F*** off, MinorIQ. Your partisan bulls*** has become tedious. MOST people on this forum are honest enough to admit that ALL politicians lie, cheat, and steal. Few on here are big Trump supporters. Most of us have little or no use for Kevin McCarthy. MTG is a nutjob pain in the @$$. See? You can be MORE in favor of one side vs. the other, and still maintain some intellectual consistency.

          Oh, I get it!! Maintaining “intellectual consistency” would require that you have intellect! Sucks to be you, dunnit, MinorIQ.

          Go pound salt in your @$$, you Leftist/fascist turd.

  2. Almost got the problem solved, just one more law should do the trick. Yep, its a sure thing…the criminal is sure to obey this new law and not harm the now further disarmed populace.

    If it doesn’t work, its because of that darn other state and the republicans and the law-abiding gun owners and a magazine that holds more than 10 rounds and a scary black rifle. But not to worry, we have a fix for that too, just one more law should do the trick, a sure thing.

  3. You know there are still people who believe they actually want all these new laws passed to “protect” us!!?

  4. If your trying to make fun of our beloved Pestident Joe theBiden it didn’t work.
    Joe knows what he’s doing. 99.9% of American voters proved that.

    • 155.4 million votes total. 81.2 for a clown that rarely left the basement. Nothing to see here move along.

      • Like the most transparent and scandal free obozo administration that did drone strikes on citizens and spied on journalists. Obviously everything is above board and entirely legit comrade.

      • Not quite, Jimmy Beam,

        While he supposedly “got” 81 million votes, he didn’t win by 90%, like most dictators do. Apparently, SOMEONE in the DNC had SOME level of sanity, and chose to make the margin of fraud not quite so obvious.

    • “Come on man”. I thought he got 81 million votes?!? His approval must be at least 75% by those numbers… Unless it was never above 30% to begin with.

  5. I’ll do my job and take responsibility. I won’t blame other. And I’ll never forget that the job isn’t about me – it’s about you.

    • “Russia, if you’re listening — I hope you are able to find the 7 hours & 37 minutes on Jan 6th White House call logs that are missing. I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press. Let’s see if that happens.”

      • MinorIQ,

        You’re posting this s*** AFTER this was proved to be a lie??? Not partisan, much, are ya, MajorStupidity???

        Go micturate up the cable, Leftist/fascist idiot.

    • Creepy Joe is something all right. I’m not sure who lives the most in their own hero fantasies. Him, or “there I was knee deep in grenade pins, taking sniper fire, low crawling all the way” Hillary.

    • I learned my values at the dinner table in Scranton. I used to drive a truck. I swear to God. It’s a long story. Anyway… Where do I go?

  6. You’re not gonna get a solution if you refuse to acknowledge the problem.
    Check out Table 43 of the FBI’s uniform crime report.
    You’ll notice one particular demographic that way outperforms their share of the population when it comes to violent crime.
    This same group makes up the majority of mass shooters.

      • Let me take a stab at this, miner. He believes that groups, not individuals, are responsible for the actions of the individual. He blames all members of a group for what the individual does and believes they all need controlled and punished.

        Basically he believes as all supporters of gun control do. All are guilty and the group must suffer.

        • You missed the point:
          Nowhere did I impute guilt or suggest collective responsibility or punishment.
          What I’m saying is that,if you want to reduce crime and save lives, we need to live in the real world and tackle this problem like adults.
          And the fact is that we have a demographic that seems to have a violence problem. We should figure out why that’s the case and what solutions are available.

          Let me ask you something:
          Let’s say you’re a police chief and you look at a crime map of your city and you notice one particular area that seems to have a higher crime rate than the rest of the city. Would it be assigning collective guilt or be considered a punishment if you decided to commit more patrols to that area?


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