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President Joe Biden (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)
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From the CCRKBA . . .

The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms today blasted President Joe Biden for shamelessly exploiting the tragic mass killing in Sacramento to further his gun prohibition agenda by calling for bans on so-called “ghost guns” and demanding background checks for all gun sales.

Six people died and a dozen more were wounded in the attack, which occurred just after 2 a.m. Sunday. Two brothers, one of whom was injured, are now in custody.

“Biden’s response to the Sacramento killings is little more than a shell game,” said CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb. “He wants to ban ‘ghost guns’ without any evidence such a gun was involved. He wants to require background checks for all gun sales, but the individuals now in custody were prohibited persons who would never have undergone a background check in the first place. Biden wants to ban so-called ‘assault weapons and high-capacity magazines’ but police reports say they recovered an illegally-altered stolen handgun that fires like a machine gun, which is already illegal. He wants to repeal gun manufacturers’ protection from liability, which would have had no impact on stopping this violent act, and the president knows it.

“The suspects already in custody in this case are brothers,” he added, “and one had an outstanding warrant for his arrest on a charge of misdemeanor domestic violence. Both have been described as prohibited persons with criminal records, which means neither can legally possess a firearm. There are existing laws that already address this situation, yet Biden and many of his cronies are callously using this tragedy to advance an anti-gun-rights agenda with absolutely no relationship to the crime.

“While the rest of us are wondering why such people are out on the streets, possessing guns they shouldn’t have under existing laws,” Gottlieb said, “the president is promoting an agenda he knows would not have made a difference. That isn’t being disingenuous, it’s simply dishonest.

“The president needs to reload his brain before shooting off his mouth,” Gottlieb stated.


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  1. Biden’s “magazine” is “missing a spring” (his ‘elevator’ is missing a motor). He’s just parroting what Obama feeds him.

    • To put it it’s scariest terms, if your parents were in his condition you’d be taking their car keys away, but this walking zombie is in control of the most powerful country on the face of the earth. That oughta keep you awake in bed all night.

  2. “illegally-altered stolen handgun that fires like a machine gun”

    and there it is. It really wasn’t a machine gun but rather a gun supposedly “modified” to fire “like” a “machine gun”. But what does “like” mean here and was the “modification” simply a legal trigger but much smoother so that trigger pulls could be more rapid or was it one of those “Glock Switch” things? Firing “like” a “machine gun” does not make a semi-auto firearm a true machine gun.

    The fire rate in the video was lower than a true machine gun. I could duplicate the same fire rate with one of my semi-auto AR-15’s with a legal after market trigger. Haven’t tried it with a handgun though, I’ll have to try that on one of mine also with a legal after market trigger and see. I’ve seen a “Glock Switch” in action in various videos but its been a while and I don’t remember if the fire rate on the Glock was that fast or not.

    • wait… upon further research its indicated (but not stated) that it wasn’t a legal trigger but much smoother used to modify the gun.

      • Listening to the audio, it sounds like a machine gun. And since the police called it a machine gun before they’d tested it, and with the high rate of fire, I have to assume it was a Glock with the auto sear conversion from China. That’s why so many people got shot. The individual firing it (based on its recovery at the scene) was Smiley Martin, who was also shot. The question then is, who shot Smiley? We know it was not the other guy arrested (who was seen leaving with a handgun, but apparently fired no shots) since he was a friend of the Martins (busted because he is a prohibited person also). Did Smiley shoot first, or are we about to hear a self defense claim being asserted? Who fired shots from the passing car? Questions, always more questions.

        • dunno, the fire rate sounds lower to me than what a true machine gun does.

          I’ve tried, I can match the fire rate I heard in the video with a semi-auto AR-15 and now as of a few minutes ago a semi-auto Glock but both those have legal but customized after market triggers so more rapid trigger pulls are a thing with them.

          Personally, I don’t care who shot Smiley. But I see your point, and it would be good to know who fired shots from the passing car. I’m wondering about that self-defense claim too – and – even though he is a prohibited person for firearms it still does not remove his right to legal self-defense but doing it with a gun as a prohibited person is a tough hill to climb but it has been done.

        • A bunch of Ca affirmative action extraspecialdudes fresh out of the joint – good bet they were totting glucks POS with auto modification.

    • Also, there is talk of multiple shooters and if this is true it is possible that multiple guns firing could make one think a full auto gun was being fired.

  3. What his handlers are doing to biden constitutes elder abuse. And they’re looting the country in the process.

  4. Looking at the big picture view, I have never understood why some want guns banned. If that happens, as it has in many Democratic run cities, the physically strong and young always win against smaller or older people. It becomes about genetics at this point. I have come to see that many don’t think an assault or attack could happen to them. That they are above all of that.

    unserious people similar to Creepy Joe

    • Particularly when the physically strong and young are also armed to the teeth with any firearms they may desire, completely unaffected by any stupid rules.

  5. One would think, he would have to have a brain to reload. Even back when he was in the senate he was pretty stupid to the point of being mentally challenged and it’s just gotten progressively worse over the years.

    • John Locke (like the handle, BTW),

      And don’t forget the words of his former boss, Black Chicago Jesus, “Never underestimate Joe’s ability to f*** things up.” On THAT point, I finally found something on which I can agree with the SCOAMF (or, nowadays, “SCOAMF #1”).

    • Mrs. Biden is certainly guilty of that, but she is an “educator”, and these days, those folks abuse for a living.

  6. It doesn’t do any good to blast Biden on his deception if the public at large doesn’t see it explained.

    I mean, the left liberal democrat voters (the majority) only see what MSM feeds them and the government tells them and they are not really that swift at recognizing when they are being lied to by the government and MSM so they just go along happy being fed some more of what they have been made to believe. They are warm and fuzzy thinking that the government has it all under control and “those dam guns are the reason its why it is.”, so it feeds what they have already been hood winked into believing mostly ’cause it plucks the right ‘heart strings’ and gives them someone and something to blame.

    Some of them are now buying guns and starting to get up to speed and seeing Biden and their democratic state and local governments for what they really are. But for the majority they do not read gun blogs and they never heard of the ‘CCRKBA’ or any of the other pro-gun groups. So the majority of them are unlikely to ever see an article like this laying it out for them.

    • The left liberal Democrat voters are NOT the majority, they are just to loudest. Many are Union workers and just can not find it within themselves to vote Republican. Many just don’t vote or they vote third party.
      Yes, people that do not carry guns or those that do not trust themselves(a wise decision in most cases)don’t always vote pro 2nd. They look around at the people they know and feel that many should not carry. I agree that many people are not together enough to carry. I would hope that they are wise enough not to carry, but I don’t think there should be laws against it, I believe in personal responsibility. If they misuse a firearm, they should get some time and then get banned from carrying ever again.
      Remember that Republicans have been the authors of many anti gun bills, do not think they are on your side, they just pay lip service to get your vote.

      • didn’t say they were the majority, only that the majority of them won’t see this type of stuff.

  7. Calling down Biden on anything is pointless. He only regurgitates what he’s been fed. And can’t do that very well.
    While those arrested can and should be charged with the crimes they’ve committed, it seems there are more suspects outstanding. Looks like the detectives have more work to do.
    This whole incident just proves how useless gun control really is. All the things the disarmament crowd are demanding would have done nothing to prevent this or any other crime involving firearms.

    • yes, his loads and reloads are not his own. it’s all installed with a taco bell sour cream caulk gun, which can be replaced with horseysauce if need be.

  8. Few people are actually listening to anything that brain-dead old f—- actually says and those that are listening to him are skeptical of anything that drips off is lip be it words or lunch even if they say they aren’t, they are.

  9. Just when you thought no one could be ore corrupt than Hillary Clinton.

    Ladies & gentlemen, I give you Joe Biden. What a scumbag.

  10. quote————There are existing laws that already address this situation————-quote

    quote—————“While the rest of us are wondering why such people are out on the streets, possessing guns they shouldn’t have under existing laws,”————quote

    There ARE NO FEDEREAL LAWS that keep states with lax gun laws from flooding states with second hand guns that have tough laws that is why Biden Wants a FEDEREAL UNIVERSAL BACKGROUND CHECK and Safe Storage Laws. Its not rocket science on how criminals and nut cases get all the firepower they want.

    storage laws.

      • Wrong again Booger nose. Two separate Chicago studies proved the average age of a gun used in a crime was 13 years old and had been through numerous hands and many WERE NOT STOLEN EITHER. In other words they all were UNVETTED SECOND HAND GUNS.

        • Chicago is the most corrupt city in America. Possibly the world. Only a total moron would trust any ‘studies’ done there.

        • It is illegal to sell guns across state lines without going through an FFL and a background check. If I as a Texan want to sell a gun to someone else who’s an Oklahoman…. I MUST have the buyer go through an FFL and background check. It is a felony to peddle guns across state lines. Your claim that there is no Federal law regulating interstate firearm sales is a lie. You are a liar

    • dacian, the Dunderhead. Such laws are not needed. No one is flooding any market with “second hand guns”. If someone owns a firearm for self defense, they aren’t going to sell it at all. Compared to what is on the market today, second hand guns sales are a minuscule part of the market.

      Again, with the “Universal Background Checks’ scheme? Your “Universal Background Checks” are at best FLAWED. A) There are not at all “universal”. The system called NICs is flawed. First, the system is NOT a background check at all. All it is, is a computer check to see if someone has a “record”. Much of the system is inaccurate and/or incomplete. Many police agencies and courts do not report the dispositions on cases adjudicated. Then of course there is the FACT that mentally deficient persons are not and cannot be listed due to HIPPA. The only mentally ill persons that can be listed are those who were adjudicated in a COURT of law and committed to a mental institution. FACT.

      You anti-gun radicals use that phrase” common sense” as an attempt to appeal to people’s emotional level rather than their minds and real common sense.

      • To Walter

        Your own post proved yourself wrong but this is way over your head. I could rake you over the coals but why bother, people suffering from advanced paranoia are incapable of understanding even simple subjects such as this one.

        Your post is lets throw the baby out with the bath water. And since a law is not yet perfect lets do ways with it altogether. Did it ever occur to you that the Brandy Bill could be improved by better governmental reporting, adding in mandatory mental health checks before buying a gun, interviewing neighbors and co-workers on your past history and requiring safe storage. This is the way the Japanese do it and they do not have the stolen guns and crime with guns we have and yes they do indeed own rifles and shotguns and they do not have the road rage incidents and mass murder with guns we have. Every wonder why??? Its not rocket science.

        • dacian, the Dunderhead. The only way my post would prove me wrong would be if you read it arse backwards. My post throws nothing out. It states SPECIFIALLY that your “Universal Background Checks” scheme just doesn’t work. First criminals selling guns don’t bother with such things as a “background check”. Second, I the defects in your scheme and you tell us that you can do it anyway? HIPPA prohibits adding mentally deficient people to the system. You are going to try to make it “mandatory” to have a “mental health check?” Now just how are you going to pay for that? Out of the buyer’s pocket? To do the kind of in depth investigations to be able to buy a gun would require a whole brand new investigative department. It’s just not going to happen in this or our next life time. The true depth of your “Universal Background Checks” is finally coming out.

          First this is not Japan. Japan has never had a large population which has owned firearms. So instituting such a regime is not so far fetched. The US has had a LONG tradition of people having access to firearms dating back to long before the Revolution. Second, the number of people who are mentally deficient who have obtained and used firearms is tiny compared to the entire population that owns firearms. You are using a hammer to kill a flea. Third, you want to “better government reporting? ” We can’t seem to get people to obey the laws already on the books regarding reporting and you want “better government reporting”? Just how would you go about that? Fourth, the number of “stolen guns” used in a crime is a problem that can be resolved with education. Your proposal to make it a crime to leave a gun unsecured is not going to fly. I pointed out that your self defense firearm can’t be “secured” the way you want it to be and still be accessible in case of an emergency. As long as there are people, you are going to find people making mistakes about securing their firearms. We have laws already on the books that are not being enforced and your solution is more unenforceable laws? How about getting your Leftist Judges who are hearing criminal cases to follow the law and put the criminal in jail as prescribed by law.

          The Japanese don’t have “road rage” with firearms. No, they use knives and swords instead. You are right. It’s not “rocket science” but your scheme lacks basic common sense.

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