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Hey, chonky bois can operate, too.


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  1. Right the fuk over MY head… Maybe Miner or dacian gets it, they know EVERYTHING about everything…

  2. For the confused commenters gen x and older, the meme is ridiculing overweight people who think they can fight in a war like the navy seals if we ever go red dawn in the is country. “Bois” is the latest stupid way to misspell “boys” that our degenerate popular culture has come up with because they think it’s edgy or something. NODS are slang for night vision.

    • Phew. That ‘splains it, being Gen-X.

      Thank God above! 😉

        • Ever since Ebonics became a thing. as well as it not being taught in many schools, because it is racist (sic).

        • Americans have not spoken English in 300 years.
          “Groovy” “Shine on it” “COOL” “Sweet mama” “WOW”

        • Well, there is that pesky Key5c0re and others problems to attempt to evade, and who knows what else they’ve developed since.

          Look up the particulars on n0 such’s Ut4h Data Center. No one should be damned fool enough to believe the claims they ‘stopped’ hoovering up mass metadata, despite what was claimed in Congressional testimony.

          Who needs conspiracy theories when reality is so much worse?

        • Who needs conspiracy theories

          Unfortunately MOST recent “conspiracy theories” have been Factual accusations just waiting for corroborating evidence…

        • MAXX,

          If “right wing conspiracy theories” had a batting average, they’d be batting damned near 1.000 – at least .950.

        • No disputing that Maxx. Only alluding to the more fantastical fantasy ones.

          That said, there’s plenty of real conspiracies afoot, we see them daily.

    • Millennial old codger:
      I must be a way older codger than you, because that one really went WAY over my head.

  3. The term NODs an acronym for Night Observation Devises, or sometimes Night Optical Devise.

    If the item you are carrying or wearing GLOWS when an enemy wearing night vision equipment (NODs) is looking your way, it makes you stand out as a target.

    The joke is that a fat guy is suggesting he operates operationally enough for that shit to matter.

    • Thank you for explaining, I wasn’t ever going to get it. I don’t keep up with tacticool lingo.
      I can say I remain very surprised that the primitive type of fighting I trained for so long ago seems to be relevant again. I think in the first gulf war about 50 people were killed by small arms fire and now in Ukraine maybe a full 5% are. The rest being killed by artillery etc. I had assumed that wars tgat were not insurgency would be fought with stand off weapons. I forgot how bad Russia was at fighting wars.

      • Russians killed more Nazis then any other country and did it with supposedly inferior weapons.

        • Russians killed more Russians than anyone. Mao killed more Chinese than anyone.

        • Survey; which would you rather carry into battle, MP-40 or PPSH?
          Which would you rather look at ?
          Me; PPSH, MP-40.
          I love the 7.62 X25 round and crazy robustness. Love the appearance of the MP-40.

        • Zerg rush is only viable as a hail Mary or when fighting for a totalitarian despot who values life not.

          China will probably try it in WWIII.

        • Yea how many people did they throw at those Nazis to get rid of them, 7:1 ratio probably? And thats not counting the Russians who were shot in the back by their own team for not fighting aggressively enough

    • For the other part many textile bits of gear has a coating to reduce reflectivity (glow) in the near infrared spectrum and is part of the increased cost of “mil spec” gear. Some detergents also glow under nods so uniforms washed with the wrong detergent can glow very brightly.

      • I’ve seen that!
        Old school NVG (1992 Russian Aviator goggles), a white T shirt washed I assume with phosphorus detergent reflecting stray light.
        I know UV fluoresces phosphorus but here it seemed to make the white T shirt reflective.

        • Admittedly it is more noticeable when you use an illuminator but yeah made for fun night trainings in seeing who read the manual on both the pvs 14 and the care/washing of uniforms. Also about the only time ucp would blend with anything that wasn’t a highway, stone wall, or bombed out building.

      • Didn’t the U.S. military drop that detergent requirement for uniforms? I know there was a whole bruhaha a while ago regarding optical brightened but I think they relaxed it

        • No idea on that one just knew a few common commercial laundry detergents glow/reflect brightly (or did as of 2011 or so) under nods especially when the ir illuminator was used.

        • I think the fix for UV glow is a final rinse with some white vinegar. But I see commercial UV not products. I wonder about iR reflection. If it’s a soap residue then the vinegar should help.

        • Richard you are probably right, personally I just made sure I had one uniform that was hand was only for night stuff just in case. Putting this on the list of things to look up when bored though.

      • Reportedly also a concern for deer hunters, as deer vision extends a bit beyond the spectrum visible to humans.

  4. Fat bodies hate to hear it, but it’s truth. All you fatwads out there are basically useless, stop buying more piles of guns/gear. Fitness should be #1 priority.

    If you cant do three pull-ups but have 9 “fighting rifles” you need to reevaluate your life.

        • When shtf it will take all kinds to help you live through it. Lone wolves will die quickly and most gym rats are lone wolves.

          Nobody can stand to be near the smug bastards for any length of time.

        • elroy I guess you ain’t that smart. ever hear the saying never underestimate any opponent? some day a fat boy just might show you the error in your thinking

        • Fat boys with hurt feelings? I’m 5′ 11″ and 190 pounds. Should my feelings be hurt? I’ll let them know.

        • cousin f***er,

          I’m not fat, but I AM damn near 70, with arthritic knees. I couldn’t “run and gun” if I wanted to, no matter WHAT my BMI was, I just object to nonsense from self-important @$$holes with big mouths, no class, and a bad attitude. Oh, and “old age and treachery will always defeat youth and skill” – and I’m a sneaky sumbitch.

        • Lamp:
          “Oh, and ‘old age and treachery will always defeat youth and skill’ – and I’m a sneaky sumbitch.”
          That’s the second laugh you’ve given me this morning. (First was Bud Lite close to water in another thread.) Thanks again! And… I’ve got a few years on you, so what does that make me?

    • Still knocking out around 100 miles a week on the (new) bike, after being nearly killed on the old one 5 years back. Fuck off… 🙂

      • Lol you fatasses with 10 “fighting rifles” but cant do a couple pullups are worthless. Might as well dye your hair blue and join antifa. Get off your fat asses and train, hit some weights and cardio, you will become a better version of yourself.

        Funny how fragile you fat fucks’ egos are, you all get butthurt when someone points out your bmi is 35. You can continue to be a fatass bitch in denial, or you could man up and start improving yourself.

        • Hey, Buff,

          Maybe you are in great shape, maybe you are a fraud, but you do not know each person’s starting point, you do not know the challenges life has thrown at each person. Your accusations smack of false pride and even of insecurity. Do some soul searching.

        • We don’t have time for the gym. We’re too busy working to support you welfare fcks.

          For the record, I don’t think I can fight in anything like the way the military does, and I don’t own anything “tactical” or “tacticool”.

          But I can fight in the way the local civilian population in every occupied country does. Go ahead and dismiss me at your check point because I’m fat, soldier boy. I’ll get you in the back of the head later on, or you’ll find an IED the hard way.

        • I’m 6 ft 5″, 220 lbs, BMI 18, run five miles daily (2.5 in early morning and 2.5 late afternoon or mid evening, rain shine hot cold – work and other stuff schedule sometimes prevents it though). I’m called ‘fat’ because its not the ideal weight for my height. I have over 90 firearms now (varies depending on personal sales/purchases sometimes or trades or if I want to build another one and sometimes gifts), 47 (right now) of which are termed or categorized generally as ‘fighting rifles’. Have stockpiled over many years literal tons of ammo. Been though all sorts of training, had to employ it in real life several times with no other choice and I’m still here and the bad guys aren’t.

          So i’m a fat boy too in that sense of not ideal weight for height … but….

          Some of the people (most) you are assuming are fat in your trolling comments, will be able to out last you, out do you, out pace you, and/or beat your ass, before you can say ‘wheres my liberal left wing back up’ …. and (most) will be able to ‘reach out and touch you’ in a very ‘stopping and abrupt manner’ before you get close … no matter how much you bench or how fit you think you are compared to them … and a lot of those you think are fat in your trolling comments have more training and experience in employing firearms than most military or law enforcement and a lot of those you are assuming are fat are combat experienced military veterans and could put you down before you can blink.

          Don’t underestimate people you don’t know.
          Don’t underestimate people you do know.
          Don’t underestimate anonymous people on the internet.

          Take your trolling elsewhere child.

        • I guess cousin-f***er just can’t shut his stupid mouth, no matter how many clues we try to give him. You be you, cousin-f***er; just do it somewhere else.

        • Reminded me of a guy in my basic training with, for real, family name “Hank”. He had been rejected from Airborne due to being “overweight “. He was a square person, no neck, giant chest, arms,thighs. Endless endurance running but not the fastest. I saw him dig a hole with a spade and he was throwing 14” rocks well clear like they were pebbles. I would say his digging power was equal to 5 men.He did pushups with a guy sitting on him. He was maybe 12% body fat? That BMI thing is silly.

    • Elroy, never tell anyone to stop stockpiling weapons. When SHTF, some of us are going to be inconvenienced, by being in the air, or being in the wrong state, or our homes burn down, or the ATF went straight to my home, office, cabin, and ranch, or – just anything. If I find myself in that position, I hope to hell I can find a well stocked fatbois home, so I can take what I need!

      • I hope to hell I can find a well stocked fatbois home, so I can take what I need!

        You better ask nicely… That fatboi might take exception to you TAKING what you need…

        • Problems go on long enough fatboys may be the only ones still functional if substantially less fat.

        • SAFE, the biggest factor in winning in the TV show Alone seems to be entering the contest with more weight than anyone else. Factor 2 would be avoiding injury/illness/major mistakes (don’t eat the beaver, don’t set your own shelter on fire), and will power is factor 3.

        • Probably should watch a season of that show at some point but yeah there would be several survival “filters” be it accidents, avoidable conflict, infection, and whatever else before terminal starvation comes into play by which point whatever is left could resemble what you described.

    • Sorry Elroy, I couldn’t make it to the gym today. I was too busy doing your wife all afternoon.

    • Some of us are way over the hill, but will be there for our family and loved ones no matter what shape we are in. If you are as out of shape as I am and do nothing, you might as well blow your brains out now as to wait for someone else to do it.

    • I feel like people who comment this way are overweight and can’t do 3 pull ups…

    • What about us who are just a bit on the tubby side, especially in the gut area…can i still have 9 rifles?

      • My “ideal” body weight is 165 lbs. (I might have been there briefly when I was 16)… Now at 73 years old I’m at 240 with a 40-inch waist, 52 chest, 19-inch biceps and 14-inch forearms… Powerlifted for years, muscle mass weighs more than fat… I have a shitload more firearms than the average gun owner… YOU do you AQ, get out there and grab up all the guns you want/need/desire/can afford while it’s STILL a reasonable facsimile of a free country… Get a life Elroy…

    • OK, I’ll bite. I’m in fairly good shape. I try to get to the gym most days and I watch what I eat. Cancer and heart disease run in my family, so I’m trying to stack the deck as best I can.

      That said, a .308 round to the head doesn’t give one whit how many pushups you can do. War is a hell of an equalizer fat bodies and hard bodies all splatter about the same.

  5. Was this written by Strych9? A guy with massive medical problems that required medical intervention to keep him alive was always ragging on fat guys.

    Speaking of, has anybody heard from him lately?

  6. Dunno but this oid codger is getting buffed. Not my glory days but a lot better. Seriouslylame meme🙄

  7. Notes from Vegas:

    If the folk I am seeing on my daily exercise walks exploring the Venetian represent a cross section of the USA population, we are in big trouble. Aside from the ever popular obesity and sloppy physical condition, even the muscle-y guys seem more concerned with their ear rings and clothing than with actual readiness. A few fist-bumped me this evening when they read my “These Colors Don’t Run’ shirt; one guy stopped to talk about the importance of patriotism, but It seem the general population is living in fantasy. They are not prepared for hardship or to defend themselves, nevertheless the country.

    So, I train almost every day and I pray.

    And I read TTAG for some re-assurance.

    • Farther from cities are better prepared mentally and generally physically but may not be in areas strategically beneficial to them (read unlikely to be resupplied or repaired so be ready to be on your own re food and power if it goes really bad).

        • Only downside is they can run into some hard limits of what they can produce to support their own let alone other populations so keep an eye on population density in nearby regions and how easily they can get to the region……..not that I ever had to map such things out or anything.

      • Anyone remember the long ago NYC black out?? Much rape, robbery, mayhem.
        Then compare a town of 25,000 with no power, people share resources.
        Unless you are equipped for a long term Korean Rooftop situation, you want to be away from rough cities

        • Studied it but Katrina was the more immediate subject. But honestly expecting a small but big enough portion of the population to act up until they get shot at is probably a good assumption.

  8. I’m too damn old to go out and play commando. However, I’ve found many of these buff, young gym rats might think they’re something special, but when it comes down to real work, they play out quick. At 50 years old I regularly worked 20 something buff boys into the ground. Even today at 75 I doubt many of the pretty boys could do what I do every day.
    And that is after admitting I’m not what I was as a young man. Of course, age, experience and treachery will defeat youth and enthusiasm every time.
    And even with my eyesight and age, I can still put five out of five rounds into a head sized target at 1000 meters all day long. Still wanna play kids?

    • That is good shooting.
      I am assuming you have a spectacular scope and have good eyes. As I age I see more tremor and only sometimes I think I can still it, but mostly eyesight with iron sights has become issue.

  9. I watched a Bullsnake catch and eat a Garter snake.
    I seen dad take a little stick and kept pecking at the back of a small rattlesnake, it kept striking itself until it shivered flopped and died.
    Have you ever heard of a Hoop snake? They say they ain’t real but I’ve seen one.
    Blue Racers will chase you.
    I’ve been around Copperheads but I never smelled cucumbers.
    Once I thought I smelled a Cottonmouth but it was just a wet turkey in a tree.
    If you kill a snake and it dies on it’s back that’s a sign that it will rain in a day or two.
    Nods is what Joe Bidens head does when he sleeps through honoring our fallen soldiers.
    My goodness look at the time, my ice cream is going to melt.
    How can he not be impeached?

    • hoop snake bite its’ tail and roll downhill.
      cottonmouth pinned under rock indiana quarry can’t swim to surface, i laughed he really wanted some air.

  10. I am not slim, and I’m not fat. I’m 6′ and 190. But I know some overweight dudes that, cardio aside, will definitely survive better than I would. That said, there is definitely a line and that plate carrier on someone 200 pounds overweight being able to do much is pretty spot on. Run drills with them if you don’t believe me. If you can’t lift yourself off the ground in full gear with a rifle without rolling over and using the rifle as a crutch, it’s a problem… And obesity in the US is definitely a problem.

    But for the most part, don’t be so quick to judge… unless it’s someone driving a charger with tinted windows…

    “oh no he dih-ent”

  11. History has proven it’s never about the size of the dog in the fight. It’s the size of the fight in the dog. Never underestimate an opponent based on physique. Big, small, young, old. I’ve seen many a fool do so, and wind up in a bad place. People like buff cousin Elroy can be characterized as my Ol’Man used to say. all mouth and azz, just like a baby Jay bird.

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