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You gotta have priorities!


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      • Eating one big meal per day in the evening is easier than people think it is. It’s also convenient. I do it about half the time. Breakfast is not the most important meal of the day. That was a lie designed to get us to eat more cereal. Depending on your breakfast, it can actually slow you down before you start your day. The cereal mafia probably helped demonize eggs too. Remember when eggs were terrible for you because of the cholesterol? I do like my morning caffeine though.

        • regardless whether or not there was a “dis sho’ am good” uncle remus conspiracy,
          you can eat pretty much anything you want before noon.
          lunch should be the big meal.
          light supper.

        • Big lunches slow me down. Carb-filled breakfasts slow me down physically and mentally. In general, you’ll lose weight if you burn more calories than you take in. With that strategy, it doesn’t matter when you eat. However, your body burns through carbs first before it uses stored fat as a fuel source. That means, if you have a carb-heavy breakfast and lunch, you’ll never use stored fat as a fuel source. Then there’s the issue of glucose spikes throughout the day instead of just one time.

          By the time you finally have that big meal, the glucose spike won’t matter because your body will actually be hungry for fuel. This works even better if you lift before you eat. Once you have your metabolism cranked up, you can have the occasional massive splurge (like say way too many Oreos) without gaining any weight.

  1. Indomin noodles for the next month?

    Add Sriracha sauce to the hot and spicy flavor.

  2. Haven’t bought a dang thing since ILLannoy made everything verboten…at least I don’t have a brace😧

  3. I’m doing my part — the last two weapons that I bought and sold were from/to private individuals. Got a couple more transactions to make. (dacian, I hope this pisses you off.)

    Keeps me out of the gun stores and bingo parlors.

    • no name,

      Yeah, I have to admit, KKKalifornia warped me a little bit, and I tend to orient my purchases to private transactions (where YES, dacian, you babbling idiot, I frequently have to provide ID, and sometimes even background checks – but, then, I don’t buy guns from the trunks of cars in sketchy neighborhoods).

      SCOTUS needs to get this crap cleaned up, but relying on SCOTUS is grasping at straws.

      • ” … but, then, I don’t buy guns from the trunks of cars in sketchy neighborhoods”

        How about the back seat of a sedan in the “Bob Evans” parking lot?
        I plead “guilty.”

        • That’s how lil’d’s antifa troop got their guns. Something to do with being on the state’s s3x offender list prohibits normal sales.

        • You had me at Bob Evans…

          Homestead breakfast, sausage patties, biscuits and gravy, home fries…

        • Fried cornmeal mush. No one feels “meh” about cornmeal mush.
          You either love it, or hate it.

        • …fried in real butter, or bacon fat, then drizzle some buckwheat or sourwood honey over it, oh man…or a sprinkle of salt, pepper, and shredded cheddar, I’m an equal opportunity cornmeal mush eater.

        • “How about the back seat of a sedan in the “Bob Evans” parking lot?”

          Or a ‘Cracker Barrel’?

          I love me some chicken-fried steak smothered in thick white sausage gravy seasoned with fresh-ground black pepper… 🙂

        • when we were kids my buddy slick’s dad bob (and kitty) sold gats out of the trunk of his car. he worked at the last station that sold ethyl; you’d pump, then enter a boxcar where he’d read the gallons with bino’s and make change out of a cigar box.

        • no name,

          OK, you killed me with that one. I didn’t think anyone else even KNEW about fried mush. I’ve asked for it in (southern) restaurants, and gotten blank stares. One of the best foods in existence.

  4. Bought guns or gun parts? Since I’m out here on the backside of nowhere, my guns get used to put food on the table. Either through harvesting game, or protecting crops or livestock from predators and varmints.
    Seldom any questions about guns or groceries.

  5. S&W’s PC 5.6″ 10mm was announced yesterday. I noticed it came with suppressor/optic height tritium sights which I’ve never seen offered before by anyone. I called S&W this morning and ordered a set.

    • Suppressor/optic height tritium sights are slowly getting more common on new guns, but the after-market pretty much has all the major makes semi-autos covered by now.

      And yeah, without a can threaded on, they do look a little odd…

    • Gee Whiz…. its almost like the government never heard of the Constitution before.

      • The Bolshevik’s knows of it…it just doesn’t feel the need to abide by it. Simply because they have no fear of repercussions for not doing so. Either legal or civil, because the ‘People’ fear the government far more than the government fears the ‘People’. Which is by definition… Tyranny.

      • .40 cal,

        Oh, they’re HEARD of it . . . they just hate it, and are working as hard as they can to eliminate it, or at least make it irrelevant. The government hates the very concept of individual rights. Mao thought all political power came from the barrel of a gun; our government thinks all political power derives from exalting them (oh, and they want all the guns, too).

  6. Things are not what they used to be.

    As more companies go woke, the more money I end up with. The math is pretty easy really. I wont be wasting to much with nonsense like Amazon, Nike, and now…Adidas. I’m already not a beer drinker so no money gets put to Bud Light or Miller. Sony was part of this list a very long time ago for their craziness. It all just means I have more money to pay off debt, buy more guns and ammo, and generally enjoy life. It comes with peace of mind knowing that Dicks isn’t going to prosper from my hard work. Not to mention how much is saved from NOT buying sports stuff.

      • yep
        It sets things up for healthier eating too.

        Making a switch to drinking more water and no softdrinks at all has not only saved me quite a bit of money but is a healthy choice at the same time.

      • i bought a dozen eggs yesterday for .99cents. the eighteen pack was $1.99… math is hard.

    • Yea my wife showed me a pic of that Adidas guy girl thing in a bathing suit yesterday. Yuck. I Wont be sporting any Adidas in the future, not that i ever have anyway

  7. I am in Las Vegas…industry convention…the Venetian…spent time over the past few days wandering the casino floor…Yogi Bera said you can see a lot just by looking…very few smiles…intense tension…does not seem like a.good time…they should be out at the range…much better investment…I do not like it here…un-natural…uncomfortable…shining lights, noise, noise, lights, and noise…lots of attractive women but the environment feels like a constant assault on the senses…closed several big deals on handshakes…so, I guess it is worth it…but I would rather be out in the desert shooting. So I pray as I walk about…so many people need it…so do I.

    Yes, I am a bore, a stick in the mud…proud of that.

    • I noticed the same look on most people’s faces who were on the gaming floors when I attended SHOT. A look best described as – desperation – liberally [sic] mixed with ennui.

      Just be grateful that you do not have to live and work there on a full-time basis.

    • LifeSavor, I see myself doing the same thing, were I ever to find myself in Vegas. Nothing there to attract me, except perhaps the fishing…

      • “Nothing there to attract me, except perhaps the fishing…”

        Not even ‘Machine Gun Vegas’? or that place where you can drive and shoot a tank?

  8. Get your kid interested in building black powder weapons and he will never have time… or money… for drugs.

    • My first build was a Hawken rifle kit that I bought as soon as I turned 18. Dad helped with the plum brown finish, but I did the rest myself. Burned a lot of powder, and never did drugs.

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