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Well, they sure killed a few thumbs in their day.


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  1. “You have died of left side charging handle”

    “Well, they sure killed a few thumbs in their day.”

    Sheeet, that’s nothing compared to the vicious bite of Garand thumb… 😉

    • Yup, that Ole M1 Thumb. I must have created a few new four letter words in my day, usually right upon getting my piece back in the arms inspection process. I think I got er figured out now, I use my match Armalite Rifle instead for matches. Anyone out there able to suggest a good gas conversion kit for a 20″ military profiled barreled Armalite Rifle? Lookin to do a conversion when I rebarrel my competition piece.

    • I love Oregon. I was born in Oregon and moved back from 91-97, Depoe Bay then Portland. Beautiful and fun, rains a bit. I dont think I’d recognize Portlandia now. It was pretty progressive(?) back then. Looks like it’s gone full mao maddness now.

  2. I don’t get it? If you are right handed, you keep your dominant hand on the grip and near the trigger with a left side charging handle. Magazine reloads should be faster.

  3. I don’t get it. I’m a righty, and had a FAL, and never had a problem operating it. I did regret that I sold it however. I still have a G3 which I guess could also qualify as left side charging and haven’t had an issue either.

    • IIRC those are both non-reciprocating charging handles. The meme doesn’t explicitly state it, but it’s talking about getting smacked by reciprocating ones.

    • Ah, makes sense now. Honestly was having a hard time trying to think of a gun that had a left side reciprocating charging handle. From what I know the SCAR is the only one.

  4. Just going from the picture( I do like the green on black, eye catching) just going from the picture, I can see how. Who would put a charging handle on the sight?

  5. Left side charging handle?…. WTF?…. we do dominant / weak hand drills on purpose !….If you cannot shoot with either hand, you simply cannot shoot…. if you cannot reload with either hand , you simply cannot shoot…. and if you bought a weapon you are not comfortable with ? you are an Idiot ! and in all the cases are in severe need of retraining, maybe a cook or latrine keeper are more in your range of qualifications…. or Motor maintenance Technician, Everyone cannot all be Alvin C ! or Bonnie parker, or audey

  6. lol, Oregon Trail, eh? Someone found their Commodore 64 in the attic. How about some Lords of Conquest “Left side charging handle prevents production.” Maybe some Heart of Africa “10 charging handles per man!”

    • My daughter loved to play this on our first PC, a Leading Edge 386, in all its 16 color glory. “It says I died from dysentery. What’s dysentery?”

    • Rogue!

      “Do you want your possessions identified?” y
      “A cursed reciprocating left-sided -1 charging handle (weapon in hand)”

      • Oh you guys are all bringing back some old memories. How about Lunar Lander on the trash 80?

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