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Can you see the sights on your pistol? That question is an important one for those of us who carry handguns. When you begin to consider all the repercussions of a defensive encounter, from legal to moral, it makes an even bigger difference if the answer is ‘no.’

With poor vision plaguing many of us as we get older, it becomes more and more important to focus on finding EDC sights we can see. Our goal is to have a front sight that’s visible in all lights and large enough to catch your eye if your adrenaline spikes and that unfortunate series of events begins to unfold.

Enter XS Sights. Our big dots are the best night sights for defensive shooting. The bright glowing front is impossible not to see, especially when under stress! The Big Dots measure 0.188″ wide. Sight pictures and front sight width preferences are very personal, but XS DXT2 front sight options are the largest on the market today.

Big Dot

The large surface area and the convex dot reflect the most light to a shooter’s eye. The large surface allows the photoluminescent properties to absorb more ambient light, which will help the dot glow longer in low-light in conjunction with the tritium lamp. As carry guns get smaller, they become harder to shoot and control. A prominent sight on a small gun makes it easier to shoot accurately at defensive distances.

An unintended benefit of the Big Dot’s size is that it helps people with poor eyesight. A common symptom of aging is decreasing vision. Ask yourself if you struggle to see your sights with both eyes open? Can you see your front sight without wearing glasses? If things go bump in the night, you may not have time or remember to put on your glasses and will need a large, easy-to-see front sight.

XS makes night sights for defensive shooting

Typical defensive altercations take place at short to moderate distances. We become threat-focused during a defensive situation, tend to experience an adrenaline rush, and typically both parties will be moving. Everything besides your attacker is out of focus. At this moment, combat accuracy is critical.

We consider combat accuracy to be a 6″ to 8″ area known as the cardiovascular triangle. Big Dots are the way to go for defensive shooting because the large, bright golf ball will appear fuzzy but will still be in your field of view. Put two to three rounds in this area, and you will stop the threat.

Shooting is a skill that takes practice, especially defensive-focused shooting. Internet folklore and bad shooting fundamentals are not erased by gear. Though these tools provide a benefit, you still need to get out to the range and train! XS Sights makes big, easy-to-see sights day or night; that aid in low light sight alignment, maintain visibility when under stress, and helps overcome vision issues. With consistent training and the proper tools in your belt, you will have the confidence you need should a defensive altercation occur.

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